Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seen the campaign

But who has actually seen the campaign? Has it been inserted into an advertising page of a newspaper? Has it been posted in the streets? No. Only certain: journalists and bloggers have been, Monday, February 22, a news agency advertising BDDP & Son referring to the launch "a campaign to shock young people" for the association rights of nonsmokers. On the basis of this press release that journalists have reported the information. They were also asked to account Regulatory Authority professional advertising (the ARPP). "There was no advertising campaign. The agency said he was in fact 15 000 cards distributed for acne nightclubs and bars in the Ile-de-France," said Joseph Besnainou, Director General of the ARPP.

But, faced with protests from associations and Nadine Morano, Secretary of State for Family, ARPP issued Thursday a statement calling for "immediate cessation of this campaign." Interference in editorial content as advertising actually existed only in articles that comment.

Friday, Rights of non-smokers and the agency BDDP & Son rubbed their hands, counting the "media effects" beyond their wildest dreams. The campaign was finally released that day in advertising and magazines Shock interview. What to give a minimum of reality if it wants to compete at the next International Festival of Cannes advertising from June 20 to 26, where the presence of campaigns "ghost" is regularly controversy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The plight of farmers

I fully understand the plight of farmers. No other profession has suffered such a loss in one year. It is intolerable for all producers, regardless of the industry," the minister said Friday. He nonetheless defended the timing of the president, his presence at the fence as he said "good thing" because it will enable him to "resume the discussion" of the past week and "answers".

Back from Africa, where he spent two days (Wednesday and Thursday) between Gabon, Mali and Rwanda, and after his trip to Haiti, Martinique and Guyana in the last week, the Head of State left, as he had done last weekend, joining his family at Cape Negro, in the Var, in the Elysee. His predecessor for acne at the Elysee, Jacques Chirac, has always opened the Salon of Agriculture, except once, in 1999, where a trip abroad had postponed his visit to the fence. Before him, François Mitterrand had never been there as president
(...) The Constitutional Court decided to declare invalid in its entirety the law (...) through which was called a referendum, "said president of the court. Previously, the magistrate has spoken harshly about this law, tainted by him of "serious violations of basic principles of a democratic system," particularly because of irregularities in campaign financing for its adoption, and when the legislative process.

Deteriorating economic situation

We would have loved it opens. This was a sign of his willingness to defend the profession, said Friday its president, Jean-Michel Lemetayer, saying that Nicolas Sarkozy "has great difficulty with the countryside, the peasantry." The head of the first agricultural trade union in cites as evidence a survey FIFG reporting a decline in Mr. Sarkozy's popularity with the rural world: 47% support against 56% last year.

Confederation Paysanne (minority, left) sees the absence of the Head of State "a sign either that he has no solutions, or he is afraid of peasant protests. As for Young Farmers (JA) Ile-de-France, near the FNSEA, they denounced "the lack of involvement" of Mr. Sarkozy.


The susceptibility of the peasant world due to the deteriorating economic situation (Read the report: "A Moyon the dismay of farmers facing an unprecedented crisis"). In one year, farmers saw their incomes drop for acne by more than 30% and 50% for the milk industry said Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Agriculture, who himself will inaugurate the show, with the new EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Dacian Romanian Ciolos.

hit the city

The third storm in a month was shot yesterday. A man was crushed to death by a branch in Central Park.
Hundreds of flights canceled, buses and subways idle: it is not clear at present, move to New York.

The northeastern United States is paralyzed by BFM TV.

Friday, a snowstorm, the third in a month, hit the city.

In the suburbs north of New York, 28,000 homes were without power, also specifies BFM TV.

He dropped 50 cm of snow and a blizzard exceptional hit the city, according to L'Express, which also states that primary schools and some businesses were closed for acne until further notice.

A storm that has claimed a victim: a man crushed by a branch which has failed under the weight of snow on Thursday night in Central Park in the heart of Manhattan, according to Le Parisien.

Chilean acne catastrophe

The President Michele Bachelot declared a state of "catastrophe" in the country. The death toll rises by the minute, first 6, then 52, now 64. The first Chilean minister officially state of 78 victims in the recent news.

A magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale, this earthquake was the most violent ever experienced in Chile in 25 years. The Richter scale is open, which means that there is theoretically no maximum magnitude. But Chile has earthquakes most violent, including a record of magnitude 9.5.

Testimony appeared to confirm recently a gigantic tsunami that would have devastated the southern island of Juan Fernandez to the west of Santiago. A wave of 40 meters would have submerged much of the island for acne an information to be taken lightly for now.

On the site an array of different waves observed giant is prepared and intended to widen beyond doubt, and unfortunately the record of this earthquake of extreme violence.