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World Indoor Athletics 2010: Jessica Ennis leads the way in tense pentathlon

By Simon Hart in Doha 947AM GMT thirteen Mar 2010

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The Sheffield contestant indispensable a lifetime indoor most appropriate in the shot put to say a slight 18-point lead over the Ukrainian Olympic champion, Nataliya Dobrynska, with American Hyleas Fountain, who won china in Beijing, 72 points at the behind of in third place.

It was a far cry from the outside World Championships in Berlin last summer, where Ennis was most unopposed as she led from begin to finish to delight by a outrageous 238-point margin.

Jessica Ennis in Doha World Indoors day dual Dwain Chambers assured for 60m semis Relieved Isinbayeva looks brazen to last Jessica Ennis wins bullion Watch full video highlights

With both Dobrynksa and Fountain expected to transcend her in the prolonged burst after in the day, Ennis was confronting the awaiting of a moving culmination in the 800 metres an eventuality in that she is extremely faster on paper than her dual rivals.

Ennis was fast in to her walk in the initial of the five events, winning the 60m hurdles in 8.04sec to settle an early 34-point lead over Fountain, with Dobrynska 103 points adrift in fifth place.

Although Enniss time was somewhat slower than the 7.95sec she clocked in Glasgow in Jan to mangle the British record, she was happy sufficient with what was the second fastest time of her career, utterly after carrying been hampered by a feet vinculum aria in the run-up to Doha.

"I would have favourite to have run a small bit quicker but Im utterly happy deliberation I had to behind off precision a bit and I altered my preparations," she said.

But the genuine exam of her fitness was to come in her second event, the high jump.

Under vigour from Fountain, Ennis could equate herself advantageous to win the foe with a clearway of 1.90 metres after clattering the club with her third and last attempt.

The club wobbled but someway remained on the supports and refused to drop, producing a gay greeting from the 24-year-old who jumped up and down and clapped her hands.

"The club was unequivocally wobbling," she certified afterwards. "I think it was usually pristine fitness that it stayed on."

It could well infer a main impulse since, usually mins before, Fountain had brushed the club at the same tallness usually to see it drop.

The American had already set an indoor lifetime most appropriate in clearing 1.87m and Ennis knew that 1.90m was the smallest order in one of her strongest events if she was to say a full of health value over her rival.

"Im unequivocally happy with the high jump, to be honest, since carrying had a couple of feet problems, I havent been equates to to do as most jumping as I longed for to do, so to burst in the 1.90s is unequivocally good," she said.

"I unequivocally longed for to burst 1.90 since it equates to great points but in between Glasgow and this I was usually equates to to do one great high burst eventuality so I was unequivocally concerned about that approach it would go."

The feet complaint was obviously no snag in the shot put as Ennis set an indoor personal most appropriate of 14.01m with her second attempt.

It was sufficient to keep her forward of the margin with dual events remaining, though with copiousness of twists and turns ahead.

The British mens 4x400m squad, earmarked by head manager Charles outpost Commenee as one of the countrys most appropriate award hopes in Doha, will need a big alleviation on their first-round opening if they are to have it to the lectern on Sunday.

The preference to rest Richard Buck and Dale Garland, who competed in the particular event, scarcely backfired as Britain accomplished a faraway fourth in their heat, though their time of 3min 9.59sec was sufficient to fist by as the second fastest losers.

Andrew Osagie, who ran so impressively on Friday to set a lifetime most appropriate in the 800m, narrowly longed for out on a place in the last after being knocked about in to fourth place in his semi-final yesterday. He clocked 1min 51.29sec.


Watch with full live coverage of the World Indoor Athletics Championships on Mar 12, thirteen and 14, online to one side on in organisation with Aviva. Follow the fortunes of Aviva Team GB and NI in Doha for the IAAF World Indoor Championship, with stars such as Jessica Ennis and Jenny Meadows set to contest in the tip indoor eventuality of the season. You can watch all of the eventuality to one side live online here. There will additionally be highlights and full sum in the lead up to Doha on the entertainment pages.

Omega shareholders win key vote to overhaul board

By Jamie Dunkley 424PM GMT twelve March 2010

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Shareholders together with Aviva Investors have corroborated proposals put brazen by Invesco Perpetual - finale a five-month conflict for carry out of the Lloyd"s of London insurer.

John Coldman, the former Benfield chairman, will right away reinstate Walter Fiederowicz as the Omega"s authority to one side five alternative additions to the company"s board.

Banks should tell compensate and bonuses of all tip earners, Walker Report recommends Liberty shareholders insurgent over cash-calls Tchenguiz wins Bramdean energy conflict with Horlick and ousts house Institutional investors oath to show their nails WPP fights off shareholder rebel over Sorrells reward

Mr Fiederowicz, Christopher Clarke - who is emissary authority of the Competition Commission - Clifford Palmer, Coleman Ross and Nicholas Warren will all leave the association with evident effect.

Invesco, that binds a 29.5pc interest in the insurer, has been perplexing to force changes at the association given John Robinson, Omega"s founder, left the companys house in October.

He was well well known to be worried about the approach the organisation was being managed and had clashed with Richard Tolliday, Omega"s arch executive.

It is not well well known either US regulators will take any movement opposite the changes. Omega is domiciled in Bermuda.

In a statement, the association pronounced "The preference of the Delaware Department of Insurance is not nonetheless accessible and a serve proclamation will be done once the preference is available."

Malcolm Calvert to appeal against excessive 21-month jail term for insider trading

By Harry Wilson 650PM GMT twelve March 2010

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Former Cazenove partner Malcolm Calvert has been condemned to twenty-one months in prison for insider dealing. Former Cazenove partner Malcolm Calvert has been condemned to twenty-one months in prison for insider dealing. Photo PA

Lawyers behaving for Malcolm Calvert, who progressing this week was found guilty of five counts of insider trade in the shares of 3 UK companies forward of the open proclamation of takeover offers, pronounced the tenure was extreme and that they would be rising an interest opposite his judgment and conviction.

In a matter they pronounced "Mr Calvert"s self-assurance on five counts of insider traffic is disappointing. The evident custodial judgment of twenty-one months is extreme and Mr Calvert will be delectable both opposite judgment and conviction."

Baby P killers to be condemned Roman Polanskis sex self-assurance interest quashed Roman Polanski refuses to lapse to US to interest kid sex self-assurance Mikhail Khodorkovsky pleads not guilty in repeat Yukos hearing Lockerbie bomber earnings to heros acquire and Scottish dwindle fluttering in Libya

The authorised industry has been examination the box with interest, as Mr Calvert was found guilty notwithstanding the charge on condition that no justification of the life of the purported source at his former employer.

Ferry operators say relationship with Dover "severely damaged"

By Alistair Osborne 804PM GMT twelve Mar 2010

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In a minute to Dover Harbour Board, arch senior manager Bob Goldfield, seen by The Daily Telegraph, P&O Ferries, Norfolkline and SeaFrance give the association until Thursday to reply to their grievances - or face authorised action.

The letter, antiquated Mar 10, sum how the 3 operators - that together are obliged for 80pc of the port"s trade - have a "profound disagreement" with Dover over what they feel is a desecration of �60m of money reserves. They are additionally mad at Dover"s plans to lift tariffs by 35pc over the 3 years to 2012.

Strike movement at Dover called off Channel Tunnel delays to last until Feb Passing healing annals to Government and companies will repairs studious caring Ferry earnings to pier after truck found unresolved from back Private equity indication needs to be overhauled

The companies are livid that, carrying paid increasing rates over the past 3 years to assistance pre-fund a due �400m second packet terminal, Dover is formulation to make use of the ensuing �60m money pot "to capacitate a well-spoken privatisation process". Mr Goldfield is right away earmarking �30m of the pot to repair the port"s grant deficit, with the superfluous �30m right away being targeted on Terminal 1.

The companies contend the due Terminal 1 functions crop up "to us to be no some-more than an forgive for spending money pot as fast as possible, to benefaction the pier endeavour in a some-more enlightened blurb light to intensity purchasers".

They call for the evident reply to five issues, together with minute report on programmed collateral expenditure; an declaration that Dover creates no injections in to the grant account in 2010 detached from the �905,000 concluded with the trustees; and their ask for a 30pc cut in programmed tariffs to 2012.

Robin Wilkins, handling executive of SeaFrance, pronounced yesterday "There is a high turn of distrust as to just what the incident is with the port"s privatisation plans."

Dover MP, Gwyn Prosser, told the House of Commons on Thursday that he would ask "an puncture discuss so as to display the disharmony and difficulty being perpetrated by Dover Harbour Board in their indecorous promptness to draw up of the port". He plans to lift the issue at parliamentary questions subsequent week.

Dover pronounced "It is wholly beforehand to be articulate publicly about issues that we insincere would be discussed secretly for at slightest an additional 3 to five months in sequence to reach mutual agreement and understanding."

Detroit family homes sell for just $10

1005AM GMT twelve Mar 2010

Real estate representative Tim Prophet outward of 14301 Maiden Avenue (2nd House from right), that can be purchased for $10 in Detroit, Michigan, United States Detroit homes sell for usually $10 Real estate representative Tim Prophet outward of 14301 Maiden Avenue (2nd House from right), that can be purchased for $10 in Detroit, Michigan, United States Photo BARCROFT MEDIA

The once abounding industrial city has suffered a thespian decrease following the tellurian mercantile crisis.

According to Tim Prophit, a genuine estate agent, the predicament has led to a rare portfolio of homes, but they are unwell to sell.

Taylor Swift the 19-year-old nation song star subduing America - and right away Britain Revealed how a tip assembly in Oct came to show up Gordon Browns key fan Whats keeping the British out of France? Doll energy Barbie celebrates 50th anniversary and fondle universe prevalence Housing Association sends Yuletide cards melancholy eviction

He pronounced there were homes on the marketplace for $100 (�61), but an suggest of usually $10 (�6) would be expected to be accepted.

Speaking on a BBC 2 documentary, Requiem for Detroit, to be screened on Saturday, Mr Prophit pronounced "The skill is listed by the city of Detroit as being value $35,000 (�22,000), but the bank know that is unfit to ask.

"This piece of locale has got a lot of bad press in the media since it featured in Eminem"s movie "Eight Mile", but that sole highway is fifteen mins up the highway and that is a prolonged approach in Detroit."

Homes offering in observation brochures as early 1920s e.g. of colonial design would once have done large homes but are no longer sought after.

Mr Prophit, of The Bearing Group, pronounced "This residence was foreclosed by the bank a integrate of months ago and was offering to us to sell.

"But we can usually put the play up on the windows to strengthen the property, we can"t be here twenty-four hrs a day to stop the squatters and the crack addicts from relocating in.

"Detroit is a city in decline. We are well known as the Murder Capital of America, since of the series of deaths each year."

Mr Prophit pronounced "Since the subprime debt predicament and the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the banks have been foreclosing on properties at an enlarge of fifteen per cent each 9 months.

"Last year my organisation the Bearing Group dealt with 394 foreclosed properties that all sole for underneath $1000.

Five years ago the normal home cost in Detroit was hovering around the $100,000 (�61,000) right away that has depressed to $11,500 (�7,000).

Detroit, home to the 3 big US car makers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, Detroit has been strike by a undiluted charge of unemployment, descending residence prices and the nearby failure of the automotive industry.

Figures from the U S Bureau Of Labor Statistics show Detroit has the misfortune stagnation in the complete nation at 17.7 per cent.

Requiem for Detroit is screened on Saturday, Mar 13, at 9pm.

Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent 800AM GMT thirteen March 2010

A brownish-red dwarf in propinquity to Earth, Jupiter, a low-mass star and the sun. This blueprint shows a brownish-red dwarf in propinquity to Earth, Jupiter, a low-mass star and the sun. Photo NASA

The star, additionally well known as Nemesis, is five times the area of Jupiter and could be to censure for the stroke that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The barrage of icy missiles is being blamed by a little scientists for mass extinctions of hold up that they contend occur each twenty-six million years.

Matt Smith on being Doctor Who Jodrell Bank look-out to embrace multi-million bruise renovate Ian McEwan warms to meridian shift So what would YOU contend to ET? Nasa launches Kepler space station in to space to poke for worlds identical to ours Chance to see Comet Lulin

Nemesis is expected to distortion at a area next to to 25,000 times that of the Earth from the Sun, or a third of a light-year.

Astronomers hold it is of a sort called a red or brownish-red dwarf a "failed star" that has not managed to beget sufficient appetite to bake identical to the Sun.

But it should be detectable by a heat-sensitive space telescope called WISE, the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer.

Launched last year, WISE began contemplating the skies in January. It is approaching to find a 1000 brownish-red dwarfs inside of twenty-five light-years of the Sun right on the immeasurable doorstep prior to the coolant runs out in October.

The nearest normal star to us is around 4.5 light-year away.

Our solar complement is thought to be surrounded by a immeasurable globe of icy bodies, twice as far afar as Nemesis, called the Oort Cloud.

Some get kicked in towards the planets as comets hulk snowballs of ice, dust and stone and the idea is that the Death Star"s gravitational change is to blame.

The paleontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski detected that, over the last 250 million years, hold up on Earth has been ravaged on a 26-million-year cycle. Comet impacts are referred to as a expected means for these catastrophes.

A identical stroke by an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, a vital inquisition by scientists resolved last week, though that is not being blamed on Nemesis.

Most stars have one or some-more messenger stars orbiting around each other, that would have the sun"s singular standing unusual.

A vital idea to Nemesis"s life is a puzzling dwarf world called Sedna that was speckled on an elongated 12,000-year-long circuit around the sun.

Mike Brown, who detected Sedna in 2003, pronounced "Sedna is a really peculiar intent it shouldn"t be there! It never comes anywhere close to any of the hulk planets or the sun. It"s way, approach out there on this incredibly individualist orbit.

The usually approach to get on an individualist circuit is to have a little hulk physique flog you so what is out there?"

Professor John Matese, of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, says majority comets in the middle solar complement appear to come from the same segment of the Oort Cloud launched by the lift of a messenger star to the intent that scatters comets in the wake.

He suggests it is up to five times the area of Jupiter or 7,000 times the area of Earth.

He pronounced "There is statistically poignant justification that this thoroughness of comets could be caused by a messenger to the Sun."

Short blasts of exercise as good as hours of training, scientists find

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent 206PM GMT twelve March 2010

The physique can get as most good from a short but complete bursts of practice lasting ten mins than it can from ten hours of assuage training.

The technique not usually takes less time but additionally involves most less earthy effort.

Having dual young kids is most appropriate for your health Why risk receiving runs in the family ? scientists find gene that creates you play We unequivocally do travel in circles explain scientists The senior manager examination lose 10 years and 7lbs in weight in only fourteen days Confessions of a using drug dependant Size counts bigger athletes dwarf efforts of not as big rivals

Researchers hold their commentary "blow away" the idea that staying in figure is a time-consuming affair.

The explain was done after a investigate in to the benefits of "high power interlude training", well known as HIT, by McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

The technique involves using or cycling at roughly limit bid for a notation and thereafter lazy for a notation prior to repeating the routine around 10 times.

HIT is "a time-efficient but protected pick to normal sorts of assuage prolonged tenure exercise," they discovered.

In experiments, volunteers rode an practice bike in stints lasting only 60 seconds whilst peddling tough sufficient to get close to their limit heart rate.

Tests thereafter showed that their muscles had softened as most as if they had been concerned in continuation training.

Professor Martin Gibala, one of the researchers, pronounced the investigate valid that it was "possible to get some-more by you do less".

His report, published in the Journal of Physiology, pronounced it was not transparent because HIT was so in effect but it appeared to "stimulate most of the same cellular pathways" as normal precision regimes.

The commentary additionally meant that a miss of free time was no longer an forgive for refusing to exercise, the highbrow said.

Travel feedback of the week: March 6-12

1150AM GMT twelve Mar 2010

Travel feedback of the week Mar 6-12 There are not sufficient flights from Manchester to the Caribbean, according to a flourishing series ofTravel readers Photo CORBIS

Home-swapping highs

I entirely validate the enlightened calm of the essay on home-swapping holidays ("Home amenities in unfamiliar parts", Mar 6).

More transport views How to transport in the age of doubt Home amenities in unfamiliar tools Travel feedback of the week Feb 27-March 5 Travel feedback of the week Feb 20-26

My mother and I are rather exclusive when it comes to determining where to go on holiday, so in the house-swapping years we tended to wait for and see what offers we had. As a result, in further to shorter breaks in Tuscany, Belgium and Paris, we had longer exchanges in North America. The aspect that we quite enjoyed was vital in a home, rather than a road house or self-catering cottage, and removing to know the neighbours, internal shops, restaurants and the like.

We used Homelink ( for the exchanges and found it excellent. By responding to, rather than initiating approaches, we have been to places that the British occasionally visit, and have been done majority welcome. These embody the woodlands of Vermont, median up the easterly seashore of Vancouver Island, a small locale on the New Brunswick Coast and, probably the majority appropriate of the lot, suburban Portland, Oregon.John Pigott, by email

Travel uncertainties

Nick Trend"s essay ("How to transport in an age of uncertainty", Mar Six) chimed with what I have been observant for years. If I am going to a legal legal holiday end I will regularly go utilizing a package with a large association utilizing the own licence planes. That approach the legal legal holiday will take place the licence companies have an inducement to run all flights, even if late. Scheduled airlines, such as Ryanair and easyJet, have an inducement to terminate flights if any problems occur. It is improved for them to hurt the holidays of a little instead of loitering flights for many.David, website comment

Most people love the actuality that they are in assign of their transport plans and can fool around the "tour operator" and reap the monetary rewards.

There are majority creditable online companies charity transport word to understanding with the really problems you prominence as potentially function to a "DIY" traveller. These policies are attempted and tested and should there be a complaint with strikes and such, the word process will cover these eventualities.Olly McBride, website comment

Even the majority costly packages are probable to changes to the itinerary, flights and hotels. There is additionally the complaint of flights that are overbooked, withdrawal passengers stranded.

But poor flights can be a calamity and would be so most improved if seats could be requisitioned in advance.R Barnes, website comment

Caribbean cutbacks

Thank you to Susan Bentley (Feedback, Mar Six) for highlighting a complaint we as well find a great inconvenience. We fly to Barbados at slightest 3 times per year. Manchester is the nearest airfield and we used to suffer carrying the oppulance of the preference of dual opposite carriers that flew on Saturday Virgin and BMI. Now we are marked down to travelling with Virgin on a Sunday moody only. The complaint with that is, the lapse moody lands behind on a Monday sunrise no great when we have to go behind to work on the same day. We need to transport on Saturday and have no choice but to fly around Gatwick, adding an additional half day"s travelling to the journey. Jeff and Jean Roundell, Lancashire, by email

Advice for disabled?

I consternation if readers have recommendation for a infirm person arriving on vacation Cairo after this spring. I can travel with crutches for short distances and I am receiving a wheelchair. We shall be staying at the Marriott road house and have organised by them to sinecure a endorsed driver/guide with car. We shall do this for the generation of the trip.

In particular, I instruct to outlay time in the Egyptian museum, presumably dual days. When would be the majority appropriate time of day to revisit and what obstacles should I expect? We additionally intend on vacation Giza, Saqqara and the Coptic/ Old Cairo area. I would be beholden for any tips.Marnie Spencer, Bingley, by email

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Khyra Ishaq: couple who starved girl to death jailed

1143AM GMT twelve March 2010

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Angela Gordon was sealed up for fifteen years and her former partner Junaid Abuhamza was sealed up indefinitely with a smallest tenure of seven-and-a-half years.

The span were privileged of the seven-year-old"s attempted murder during a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court last month, but convicted of her manslaughter.

Mother indicted of "emotional abuse" for revelation daughter of caesarean Khyra Ishaq legislature hired �800-a-day PR consultant to hoop starvation liaison Khyra Ishaq box shows failures of the big state Khyra Ishaq box mustn"t be exploited to disprove homeschooling Khyra Ishaq Baby P parallels Couple who carnivorous Khyra Ishaq sealed up

Gordon, 35, and Abuhamza, 31, certified kid cruelty charges relating to five alternative young kids in their caring and control, who were additionally carnivorous and abused.

Neither suspect reacted as they were sentenced.

The decider told them their complement of administration of low mark was "chilling in the rudeness and cruelty".

Mr Justice Roderick Evans told them "It is not right to contend that these young kids suffered from neglect. Neglect is an unsound and inapt outline of the approach they were treated.

"Rather, they were subjected to a done at home complement of administration of low mark that was chilling in the rudeness and cruelty.

"A complement of administration introduced by you, Abuhamza, as it had the origins in your own upbringing, but a complement of administration to that you, Gordon, became a party."

He told Gordon her cruelty was "horrific" and done worse since she was Khyra"s mother.

Khyra died in May 2008 when her physique succumbed to an infection after months of starvation at her home in Handsworth, Birmingham.

The justice listened Khyra endured a low mark complement of administration that enclosed station outward in the cold or in front of a fan for prolonged periods, carrying cold H2O poured over her and being knocked about with a bamboo cane.

The decider pronounced "A offer low mark and one that is executive to this box was depriving the young kids of food.

"It was that damage of food, that contingency have lengthened over a duration on months, that marked down Khyra to the fundamental condition in that we have seen her in the photographs and computer graphics and so compromised her defence complement that she was incompetent to conflict infection.

"It was infection ensuing from gauntness that led to the bronchopneumonia and septicaemia that were the evident equates to of her death.

"In genuine terms, however, she died of starvation in a residence in that there was an contentment of food."

Jurors were shown a array of photographs from inside the terraced home Khyra common with the defendants and five alternative children, together with cinema of a well-stocked kitchen.

Photographs of cupboards packaged with groceries and a refrigerator full of food contrasted neatly with the intolerable design of Khyra"s fundamental body, seen by the jury.

But prosecutor Timothy Raggatt QC told the justice the kitchen was kept sealed by a shaft "out of the reach of the children" to forestall them assisting themselves to food.

At mealtimes they were since a play containing carrots, beans, eggs and rice, or unsweetened porridge, to share in in between them.

The small dish would be placed prior to them on the building of the room in that they slept on unclothed mattresses.

Mr Raggatt told the jury "The hint of it was this, what they got was a singular play of food to share in in between the 6 of them.

"They didn"t get the equates to to eat it separately. They didn"t get apart meals.

"They were since a play of food and they, as it were, got what they could from the play of food.

"If a kid ate as well much, afterwards they would be strike with the shaft that I showed you a design of."

The justice listened that by the time of her genocide Khyra had lost about 40% of her physique weight and was so thin her physique mass index could not be totalled on any accessible chart.

Mr Justice Evans told Abuhamza, who suffers from schizophrenia, his judgment was "for open protection".

He pronounced "You right away have a little discernment in to your seizure but it is singular and you are not agreeable with your medication.

"If you were to be expelled from control but appropriation larger discernment in to your condition or whilst pang from a crazy episode, you would, I am satisfied, paint a poignant risk to the open of critical mistreat by committing offer specified offences.

"The 3 psychiatrists who assessed you are additionally of the perspective that you paint such a risk and they urge me to understanding with you underneath the dangerous delinquent supplies of the action (Criminal Justice Act 2003)."

The decider told him that after the smallest tenure of seven-and-a-half years has been served, his recover would not be automatic, adding "You will be expelled usually when the authorities are confident that you no longer benefaction a risk to the public."

Gordon was told she would offer half of her 15-year judgment in custody. The residue of the judgment will be outlayed on looseness in the community, the decider said.

Gordon and Abuhamza, before of Leyton Road, Handsworth, were both since point sentences of 4 years and five years, relating to apart cruelty charges, that they had admitted.

Both defendants were additionally unfit from operative with children.

Fulham progress in Europa League not impossible, says Roy Hodgson

Bystaff and agencies 914AM GMT twelve March 2010

Link to this video

Alberto Zaccheroni"s side looked a category detached from Fulham as they dominated last night"s Europa League third spin initial leg strife at the Stadio Olimpico di Turin, with Nicola Legrottaglie, Jonathan Zebina and David Trezeguet all anticipating the net in a 3-1 win.

Dickson Etuhu"s deflected set upon in the 37th notation gave Fulham a critical afar idea but, in truth, Hodgson"s side will have to up their diversion significantly to swell opposite a grand Juve side.

Juventus 3 Fulham 1 Man Utd v Fulham preview Juventus v Fulham compare preview Winter FA wrong to cruise Cup changes Fulham 0 Tottenham 0 Spurs exceedingly burned out for Cup tie

Hodgson admits Trezeguet"s 47th notation leader has put the Bianconeri resolutely in the pushing chair but he insists his side"s European mental condition is still alive.

"It"s not impossible. We"re not out of it for sure," pronounced Hodgson. "There"s no disbelief we weren"t favourites prior to tonight"s diversion and we are even less favourites at 1-3 for the second leg but it will be an sparkling second leg for us and for the public.

"I"ve positively seen foreigner things occur in my career so the players, I"m sure, will be seeking brazen to perplexing to spin the diversion around and I am certain that they will be you do their really majority appropriate to do that."

The aggressive contingent of Trezeguet, Diego and Antonio Candreva valid to be a consistent hazard to Fulham, who unsuccessful to pass the round around with their common confidence.

Aside from a short five-minute spell in the initial half, Fulham frequency acted a hazard to Alex Manninger"s goal, and Hodgson admits the Cottagers lacked the peculiarity that the Serie A side have in abundance.

"We showed for large tools of the diversion we were some-more than able of relating them, but they have quality," the former Inter Milan trainer said.

"That was majority clear of all in the actuality that from really couple of possibilities, they have managed to put 3 in the behind of the net.

"We had some-more situations around their idea than they had but they scored 3 and that"s due to the peculiarity players that they have. When the chances arose they took them."

Tottenhams Jonathan Woodgate recovering from surgery in Australia

By John Ley 132PM GMT twelve March 2010

Tottenham Resting up Jonathan Woodgate has undergone surgery in Australia i a bid to correct a baffling groin damage Photo GETTY IMAGES

The former Real Madrid defender, 30, underwent surgery yesterday in Australia, where he will sojourn for a serve 3 weeks whilst the surgeon who operated on him monitors Woodgates progress.

The operation came after specialists in America could not get to the bottom of the damage that has kept him out of movement given November.

Tottenham v Blackburn preview Palacios wants Real Madrid move Winter FA wrong to cruise Cup changes Fulham 0 Tottenham 0 Spurs exceedingly burned out for Cup tie Fulham face defining week

Woodgate has played usually 4 games this deteriorate and Harry Redknapp, the Tottenham manager, pronounced "Jonathan had an operation on his groin in Australia. He went to America and finished up in Australia. There were a integrate of options and they feel theyve got the right answer.

"The Australian people feel theyve got the answer. Hes got no possibility of returning this season, so ruin outlay the subsequent 3 weeks recuperating in Australia."

Redknapp is but multiform players for tomorrow lunchtimes diversion opposite Blackburn.

Ledley King is still absent whilst Jermaine Jenas is recuperating from a hernia operation. Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon and Carlo Cudicini are additionally absent.

After the revisit of Blackburn, Spurs go to Stoke afterwards perform Portsmouth prior to going to Sunderland in their office of fourth place and a Champions League place.

"They are all difficult games," combined Redknapp. "Sam Allardyce has got Blackburn personification unequivocally well, Portsmouth wouldnt be easy and dual afar games at Stoke and Sunderland theyve got a lot of ex Tottenham players who will wish to get one over us. And Stoke is regularly hard."

China hits back at Obama over currency policy

AFP 926AM GMT twelve March 2010

Mr Obama on Thursday called on China to adopt a "market-oriented" sell rate policy, augmenting the vigour on Beijing to concede the yuan - effectively pegged to the dollar given mid-2008 - to appreciate.

The United States and the European Union, key traffic partners for China, contend the Communist care has purposely kept the banking low to progress the exports, critical to the country"s presentation from the tellurian crisis.

US traffic necessity shrinks as imports slip 1930s beggar-thy-neighbour fears as China devalues Barack Obama to move fast to select mercantile advisers Can Barack Obama save us from hell? G8 limit what is at stake? Federal Reserve will lead executive banks out of their ivory towers and in to the genuine universe

"We hold the yuan sell rate issue will not assistance cringe or enlarge the traffic surpluses and deficits," People"s Bank of China clamp administrator Su Ning said, according to Dow Jones Newswires.

"We don"t determine with politicising the renminbi sell rate issue," Mr Su pronounced on the sidelines of China"s annual event of parliament.

"We additionally don"t determine with a nation receiving the own problems and carrying an additional nation compromise them."

Mr Obama, whose debate to the Export-Import Bank in Washington was the ultimate storm in an increasingly relocating Sino-US relationship, pronounced the rebalancing of the tellurian economy was necessary in the issue of the tellurian slowdown.

"Countries with outmost deficits need to save and traffic more. Countries with outmost surpluses need to progress expenditure and made at home demand," the US personality said.

"And as I"ve pronounced before, China relocating to a some-more market-oriented sell rate will have an necessary grant to that tellurian rebalancing effort."

Speculation is ascent that the US Treasury will shortly tag China a banking "manipulator" in a stirring semi-annual report.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao pronounced last week that the yuan would be kept "basically stable" in 2010, but experts contend there is room for intensity movement.

Relations in between China and the United States have been stretched for months over a series of issues, together with the worth of the yuan, multiform traffic disputes, US arms sales to Taiwan and Obama"s assembly with the Dalai Lama.

The dual countries are additionally at contingency over Google"s hazard to leave China after what it pronounced were China-based cyberattacks on the source formula and on the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists around the world.

China has continually pronounced it is up to Washington to finalise the problems in the relationship, that Obama pronounced last year was one that would "shape the 21st century".

Also on Thursday, the US State Department slammed China"s human rights jot down in an annual report, highlighting increasing hang-up in the excitable Tibet and Xinjiang regions, and the apprehension and nuisance of activists.

"The government"s human rights jot down remained bad and worsened in a little areas," the State Department said.

China had nonetheless to critique on Friday, but it continually protests opposite the report, describing it as division in the made at home affairs, and has mostly strike behind with critique of the United States" own diagnosis of the people.

Celibacy could lead to sex abuse, Catholic leader suggests

Nick Squires in Rome 527PM GMT eleven March 2010

The head of the Catholic Church in Austria pronounced the probable reasons at the back of sex abuse crises that have strike Austria, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands in new weeks should be subjected to "unflinching examination".

A series of theologians and lay Catholic organisations have called for virginity to be abolished on the drift that it allows no opening for priests" passionate urges, but it is singular for a comparison figure inside of the Church to call for the issue to be debated.

Archbishop of Westminster on purported kid abuse in the Catholic church Catholic church annoy over propagandize condom appurtenance Exorcist Devil "in Vatican" Pope hermit "slapped" choirboys Catholic Deacon apologises for fooling around that matrimony is not for "Adam and Steve" The ultimate kid abuse liaison is as Irish as it is Catholic

In an essay for an in-house Church magazine, Christoph Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, called for a discuss on celibacy, as the Vatican struggles to residence a flourishing sex abuse crisis.

He pronounced it was time to inspect "the issue of clergyman virginity and the issue of celebrity development. It requires a good understanding of honesty, both on the piece of the Church and of multitude as a whole." His bureau after put out a "clarification" reportedly underneath vigour from the Holy See observant that the archbishop was "in no approach looking to subject the Catholic Church"s virginity rule."

A Vatican expert, Bruno Bartoloni, pronounced that Cardinal Schönborn was notice that "paedophilia can simulate the disappointment of those priests who are not at ease with being celibate."

The Vatican"s central newspaper, Osservatore Romano, combined fuel to the discuss with a front-page essay suggesting that the "masculine swindling of silence" could be overcome if nuns and laywomen played a some-more distinguished purpose in the Church.

But the Vatican insisted that the element of virginity was not open to negotiation.

"Priestly virginity is a present of the Holy Spirit that contingency be accepted and experienced with a generosity of feeling and joy, in a sum attribute with the Lord," pronounced Claudio Hummes, a Brazilian principal who heads the Vatican"s dialect endangered with the priesthood.

Johnston bullish as profits dive 56pc

By Jonathan Russell 904PM GMT eleven March 2010

Johnston Press

The owners of 300 internal and informal writings pronounced the thespian falls in promotion revenues plateaued in the initial dual months of this year after descending 35pc in the initial entertain of 2009.

However, the association pronounced it did not design engine promotion to recover. The association was some-more confident about skill advertising.

Local journal owners need to sense from Sir Ray Tindle Regional journal publishing house sees ad income unemployment go on Les Hinton form from Wapping to Wall Street Johnston Press shares unemployment as Irish sale ditched Talk of �500m money call at Travis Perkins

Chief senior manager John Fry pronounced "The main subject confronting us is either the falls in promotion are cyclical or structural. It is opposite by category. We have seen comparatively small constructional shift in skill advertising, however, we do not design engine promotion to redeem as well."

For the year finished Jan 2, the association purebred a 19pc tumble in income to �428m. Underlying distinction fell to �43m. Profit prior to tax, that includes non-cash equipment such as a �126m write-down in the worth of the groups titles, came in at a loss of �114m.

The association pronounced it would not be profitable a dividend. The shares fell 0.75 to 27.5p.

Over the march of the year Johnston refinanced the �485m debt facility. However, the agreement with the bankers was reached in Aug last year at the tallness of the credit crunch. Interest costs on the debt roughly doubled from 6pc to 10pc.

The association pronounced it was right away focusing on debt reduction. Last year, the association paid down �55m of debt.

After shutting dual presses last year Johnston pronounced it had no plans to close any some-more journal titles.

Foreign intelligence agencies hack into British companies

123PM GMT eleven March 2010

In justification to a Parliamentary committee, The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, a Government agency, pronounced that Government-backed hackers from China and Russia were at the back of a large suit of the operations.

Their target is to take government, counterclaim and record information. Most large firms have been targeted and, in ""many cases"", the attacks have been successful.

Anti-drugs representative left mental recall hang on train in Colombia Cyber security tsar voiced Barack Obama reunited with BlackBerry MI6 chiefs cover is blown by wifes legal holiday snaps on Facebook Barack Obamas security confidant intervenes in US comprehension territory fight

Islamist terrorists are additionally at the back of attacks around the internet. Although their efforts are some-more limited, they are on the increase.

The scale of the attacks was disclosed in the annual inform of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC).

The ISC warned the hazard acted was ""a make a difference for concern"" that indispensable to be since a high priority.

Work by GCHQ to plunge in to the complaint had yielded ""tangible benefits"", it said.

But it was well next the genius primarily programmed since of problems with the recruitment and influence of dilettante staff.

""The intensity hazard acted to the UK Government, vicious inhabitant infrastructure and blurb companies from electronic conflict is a make a difference for concern,"" the cabinet said.

""We have listened from the American and Canadian counterparts that they yield this hazard really seriously, and we suggest that the UK settle it a identical priority and resources.""

GCHQ, formed in Cheltenham, set up the Network Defence Intelligence and Security Team in 2008 to yield detection, research and review in to electronic attacks.

The ISC pronounced it had been sensitive of ""a series of discernible benefits, both in conditions of unsentimental puncture responses for supervision networks and building a softened bargain of the destiny threat"".

But it went on ""Nevertheless, work to plunge in to the hazard of electronic conflict is about a third next the turn planned.

""We have been told that the shortfall is since of the difficulties GCHQ has had in recruiting and maintaining learned internet specialists in sufficient numbers - nonetheless dilettante recruitment campaigns have been set up to try and residence this problem.""

The ISC pronounced it had been incompetent to consider a new cyber security plan introduced last summer. That includes a UK Office of Cyber Security (OCS) and a UK Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) determined in September.

In the reply to the inform - presented to the Prime Minister in Dec but published currently - the Government pronounced it concluded that the electronic hazard was ""a make a difference for concern"".

It pronounced the OCS and CSOC had been ""tackling early priority areas in await of the cyber security strategy"".

""OCS provides vital care and cross-government conformity in this area, and CSOC co-ordinates poignant cyber security situation response, enables a softened bargain of attacks and provides softened recommendation and inform about the risks,"" the Government said.

""The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) additionally functions closely with OCS and CSOC in this field. It provides recommendation to businesses and organisations opposite all sectors of the UK"s vicious inhabitant infrastructure, assisting to lessen risk and revoke disadvantage to threats in the cyber domain.

""It additionally provides them with warnings, alerts and benefit in solution critical IT security incidents.

""CPNI has a serve "response" duty it is accessible 24/7 to action as a stating point for UK companies with concerns about intensity inhabitant security threats, together with cyber attack.""

The ISC additionally lifted concerns about a decrease in spending on counter-espionage, or antagonistic unfamiliar wake up (HFA), by MI5. Specific total were redacted from the report.

The Security Service"s executive general, Jonathan Evans, told the cabinet he would similar to to outlay some-more on HFA but resisted ring-fencing the bill since of the need to be means to route resources fast in reply to specific threats.

He pronounced "I would similar to to do some-more on HFA, since I think there are unanswered questions out there and ones that are slow-burn rather than fast problems, and if you omit them for prolonged sufficient they are expected to means us problems."

But he combined that MI5"s resources need to "go where the operational direct is that day, and it"s really stretchable and we can shift it around by lunchtime if we need to".

The ISC pronounced "We accept the perspective of the Security Service that ring-fenced appropriation would extent the operational flexibility.

"However, as we settled last year, we are still endangered that counter-espionage is not amply resourced in light of the levels of antagonistic unfamiliar wake up in the United Kingdom.

"This is a critical hazard that contingency not be overlooked."

Home Retail Group to beat forecasts despite snow hitting Argos, Homebase sales

Reuters 734AM GMT eleven March 2010

Home Retail Group

The association pronounced in an end-of-year trade matter on Thursday that it approaching to have an underlying pretax distinction of around �290m for the year to February 27, 2010, forward of expectations of �285m before to the statement.

Argos arch senior manager warns opposite removing carried afar by liberation speak Homebase enjoys climb in sales interjection to great go on Homebase write-down dents Home Retail total Argos and Homebase owners Home Retail Group slumps to �437m loss Furniture sales assistance lift sell zone

"For the new monetary year, we go on to plan carefully since the capricious mercantile outlook," pronounced Chief Executive Terry Duddy.

Home Retail pronounced sales at the catalog formed Argos stores open over a year fell 9.4pc in the eight weeks to Feb. 27, the bulk of the group"s fourth quarter.

That compares with analysts" normal foresee of a tumble of 7pc, according to a association check of eight, and a climb of 0.1pc in the eighteen weeks to Jan. 2.

Argos" sales were additionally influenced by the spring/summer catalog being expelled one week after than last year.

Sales at Homebase, the do-it-yourself chain, were down 0.6pc on the same basis.

That compares with analysts" normal foresee of a tumble of 2pc and a climb of 4pc in the before period.

Gross margins were down 100 basement points at Argos and down 425 basement points at Homebase, reflecting the vigour on shopping margins from the debility of argent contra the U.S. dollar and cost cuts.

Shares in Home Retail have depressed 13pc over the last 6 months.

Italian press reaction: Manchester Uniteds Wayne Rooney taught AC Milan a lesson

By Giles Mole 1042AM GMT eleven March 2010

Italian press greeting Manchester United Maestro Wayne Rooney ran the show at Old Trafford on Wednesday night Photo ACTION IMAGES

Milan"s 4-0 Champions League humbling was desirous by a prop from Rooney, who mostly had the Rossoneri"s ageing counterclaim chasing shadows.

"Once on a time, there was Milan," review the front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport, after Milan went out of the foe 7-2 on aggregate. "Mission non-professional incited in to a humbling, and the hull of the old Milan sojourn at Old Trafford."

Man Utd 4 AC Milan 0; 7-2 agg Nomura to suggest Red Knights on United takeover Beckham backs United to win Champions League David Beckham departs in immature and bullion headband Debate was Cristiano Ronaldo wrong to leave United? Capello since food for thought by Neville

Other Italian newspapers were similarly scathing.

"Milan humiliated," pronounced La Repubblica. "A doctrine from (two-goal Wayne) Rooney. Milan go out with their heads unresolved low - 4-0 isn"t a defeat, it"s a thrashing."

Even Milan arch senior manager Adriano Galliani certified the side had suffered a outrageous reversal opposite Manchester United after most confidence had been voiced prior to the diversion about Milan"s chances of reversing the 3-2 necessity from the home leg.

"Naturally, it"s tough to swallow that the bar that has won some-more general titles than any one else loses 4-0," Galliani told reporters. "I"m a small ashamed."

Italian commentators pronounced Milan"s damage problems, with Brazilian brazen Alexandre Pato and successful centre behind Alessandro Nesta both non-professional for the match, were no excuse.

"Losing at Old Trafford is acceptable, but not in such a finish way, but display any unfortunate pride," pronounced Gazzetta.

Health Policy: General Election 2010

By Rebecca Smith and Kate Devlin 930AM GMT eleven March 2010

Health Policy General Election 2010 Key health issues

How to caring for Britain"s flourishing elderly race and the destiny of the NHS are vital themes.

Party health routine (Jump to)

Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat

Latest health routine headlines

19 February 2010 Plans for a mandatory "death tax" to account free caring for the elderly would foul retaliate 700,000 carers who see after comparison relatives, the Tories pronounced .

15 February 2010 Labour has no thought how to compensate for Gordon Browns flagship routine of on condition that free home caring for elderly people, the Conservatives have said.

15 February 2010 George Osborne outlines a Conservative oath to let open zone workers form "co-operatives" to take carry out of open services similar to first preparation and NHS nursing.

13 February 2010 Funding for Britain"s increasingly elderly race looks set to turn a executive issue for the General Election.

Labour declaration health policy

Key health targets if the celebration is re-elected embody

Rolling out a inhabitant programme of vascular checks for everybody elderly in between 40 and 74, to forestall at slightest 9,500 heart attacks and strokes each year and save 2,000 lives. Extending the ages at that adults are screened so that an one some-more 500,000 women will be screened for breast cancer and 2 million men and women will be screened for bowel cancerTraining 3,600 some-more new mental therapists to provide people with basin and stress and revoke the numbers on ill leave and benefits.Giving each eleven to 14-year-old hands-on in progress lessons from 2011 to assistance revoke childhood obesity

Full Labour declaration ubiquitous choosing 2010 celebration routine

Conservative declaration health policy

Specific health policies embody

Scrapping all politically-motivated routine targetsPutting some-more minute NHS opening interpretation onlineImproving cancer and cadence presence ratesEnabling patients to rate hospitals and doctorsGiving any one the energy to select any healthcare provider that meets NHS standardsOpening up the NHS to new eccentric and intentional zone providersLinking GPs" compensate to the peculiarity of the formula they deliver

Full Conservative declaration ubiquitous choosing 2010 celebration routine

Liberal Democrat declaration health policy

Key health policies embody

Giving people carry out over their internal health servicesIntroducing studious contractsImproving entrance to GPs around the clockAbolishing vital health authoritiesUniversal caring payments for those over 65 who need personal careClosing healing wards and promulgation staff home during super bug outbreaks

Full Liberal Democrat declaration ubiquitous choosing 2010 celebration routine

Miranda Richardson interview: travelling life

Interview by Lisa Grainger 1201PM GMT 10 March 2010

Previous of Images Next Miranda Richardson Miranda Richardson appears in the stirring Harry Potter movie Photo REX FEATURES Miranda Richardson She prefers to outlay her time examination wildlife, rather than lying on a beach Photo CORBIS Miranda Richardson Her majority severe legal legal legal holiday was a gift dog-sled outing in Arctic Norway Photo CORBIS

Miranda Richardson is one of Britain"s busiest actresses. After a childhood outlayed in Southport, Lancashire, she began behaving in the early 1980s. She has mostly appeared on stage, on radio (memorably in Blackadder) and in some-more than 50 drive-in theatre from Dance with a Stranger, The Crying Game and Damage to The Young Victoria. Twice nominated for an Oscar, she is the leader of dual Golden Globe awards and a Bafta. She lives in London.

Celebrity transport homepage Matthew Williamson"s travelling hold up Sir Terence Conran"s travelling hold up Pippa Small"s travelling hold up Donna Karan"s travelling hold up Amanda Wakeley"s travelling hold up

How mostly do you travel?

For years, I never intentionally went on a holiday. When I travelled, it was for work. Now I am a outrageous advocate, utterly to places that have unusual wildlife, such as Antarctica, India and Patagonia.

Your majority new trip?

To the Galapagos and a bit of Ecuador both of that were wonderful. We were utterly absolved as we went on a vessel called the Eclipse, that could house 48 but there were usually twenty-four of us, in poetic cabins. The wildlife was implausible sea iguanas, frigate birds, sea lions and unusual derisive birds. Nothing there is fearful, so it is similar to being in Eden. It creates you feel similar to a kid again, it"s so overwhelmingly terrific.

What sort of legal legal legal holiday creates you happiest?

I"m not someone who can distortion on a beach and do nothing. I am not certain what you are ostensible to do, so I get bored. I cite to have a purpose, such as going to Alaska to see orca whales.

Your majority severe holiday?

A gift dog-sled outing in Arctic Norway. It felt very, really component and additionally romantic, in a impolite way. With the dogs howling, it was similar to a insane point-to-point, but conducted over the majority beautiful, pristine white snow. Our prerogative was saying this rambling immature strain lighting up the sky the Northern Lights. Truly astonishing.

Do you transport light?

Not as light as I would like. I take utterly a smart, sporty-looking zip-up holdall called a High Sierra, that has wheels and a pull-along handle. It is unsentimental and boring, but you can squeeze a lot in.

What do you regularly lift in your handbag?

I used to honour myself on carrying no purse at all. I used pockets. Now, on an civic trip, I competence take a unsentimental bag I can tag over my shoulder for receiving along a book, in box I whim reading.

Do you attend to song when you travel?

I lift song in my head, so I don"t need more. It drives me nuts that, in hotels or on boats, people appear to think you need song twenty-four hours a day.

Your prime place for a week finish break?

Last year I went with a crony to Antwerp and desired it. I similar to the celebrity of the Belgians. They"re deeply eccentric, that is something that comes opposite in their pattern terrific.

Hotels you"ve utterly loved?

The Wild Mahseer Lodge in Assam poetic small colonial bungalows, that are incredibly comfortable, and where the people are courteous and lovely. I love the Kandalama in Sri Lanka, an eco road house written by the shining designer Geoffrey Bawa, surrounded by greenery and monkeys.

Favourite restaurants?

Remi, a Venetian grill in New York. One night I went in and said, "I don"t wish much, but I wish something delicious", and they gave me soft polenta with an egg and white truffle. Heaven.

Favourite cities?

New York, since it is so vibrant. People have practice there; it opens itself out to you. Bilbao is similar to that, too. I went for the Guggenheim and desired the appetite of the building, the approach the place is integrated in to the town, the culture, the cuisines. It was such a full experience. I hatred Vienna all those small immature coats and twitchy curtains.

The grandest hotels you"ve stayed in?

I did the Aman thing when I went to Indonesia, that was pleasant and really matched to the place really serene. And I love the Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice, that has outrageous balconies and pleasing gilted bedrooms in that to waft.

Luxuries you see brazen to abroad?

Caviar, though I don"t eat it majority right away since I don"t know sufficient about where it comes from. Truffles, white or black. Beautiful linens and beautiful stationery. Moleskine notebooks, to take records that have the outing come whooshing back. And staying at the St Regis in New York whilst it seems stupidity to have a 24-hour butler, it is amazing. I love the King Cole bar, too.

Favourite places in the UK?

The Peat Inn, in Fife, that is small, close to poetic beaches and has really great food. I didn"t splash blockade before, but they converted me; I took one sip and finished up grouping 6 bottles. There"s additionally a beer hall called the Queens Arms at Corton Denham in Somerset, where they sell their own pies, a small really voluptuous olives and great wines. They acquire people with dogs and murky boots, that I love.

The majority remote place you"ve been?

Napo Wildlife Eco Centre in Ecuador. Rooms are small cottages run by the village all solar-powered and you get there by cavern canoe.

Best safari destination?

Londolozi in South Africa. It"s glamorous, and you see what they contend you"ll see. One evening, we saw leopards mating from about 15ft away, and my camera done a sound that done one of them see right at me. Another time, an elephant came right up by the jeep, with red eyes and waving ears. I kept seeking at my guide and he would say, "She"s OK, relax." He was right; she was putting on a show.

Your roughest trip?

I went to Greece years ago and lived in a cavern for a couple of days. It was fun, but I wouldn"t do it again.

Travelling moments you won"t forget?

Getting close sufficient to elephants to see in to their eyes. To see right in to the eye of any animal is unusual elephant, tortoise, sea lion, whatever.

Your prime shop?

John Derian, in New York, since it"s so eclectic, uncanny and wonderful, and sells droll old things similar to dcoupage plates. In a universe where things are so generic, anticipating peculiar treasures is thrilling.

Favourite airline and debate operator?

BA Business Class is really comfortable, and they don"t overmanage you. Of the operators, I similar to Sanctuary Retreats (

Travel essential?

Elizabeth Arden"s Eight Hour Cream. On a plane, you can only strike it on and, at the finish of your trip, your skin will still feel human.

Miranda Richardson plays Rita Skeeter in the stirring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Kenyas Safaricom Marathon: Pleasure and pain on the African plains

By Charles Starmer Smith 1151AM GMT eleven March 2010

Comments 8 |

Previous of Images Next Runners line up for the proceed of the Safaricom marathon Runners line up for the proceed of the Safaricom marathon Safaricom marathon Charles Starmer-Smith and Katherine Kell confront former universe jot down hilt Paul Tergat Runners proceed the plea in a cool Kenyan dawn Runners proceed their plea in the cool Kenyan emergence Running opposite the African bushveld The rising object hits runners tough as they cranky the African bushveld An unaccepted entrant keeps gait with a purebred runner An unaccepted entrant keeps gait with a purebred curtain Charles Starmer-Smith still smiling at this theatre of the race Charles Starmer-Smith still smiling at this theatre of the competition

"Go and mount subsequent to him whilst I take a photo," urges one of the British squaddies, nodding towards the impossibly prolonged sugarine shaft support of one of the Kenyans station at the proceed of the Safaricom marathon. I reluctantly oblige, if usually to take my mind off what lies forward some-more than thirteen miles by the desiccated rolling mountainous country of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in temperatures of 95F (35C) all at a lung-bursting climb of 5,500ft. The Kenyan smiles wearily as the effervescent of his shorts finishes somewhere circuitously my chest.

The world"s majority appropriate using races Are as well majority tourists murdering Africa"s wildlife? Great universe marathons Bleak headlines from the brush Climb and low mark Trading places the merchants of Nairobi

My annoyance intensifies when I realize that these are not any old lanky limbs that we are photographing they go to a man who has run twenty-six miles and 385 yards in less than dual hours five mins the Kenyan former universe jot down holder, Paul Tergat.

I apologize but he is already engulfed by Beckham-like violence each curtain wants their impulse with the man. A bit serve along Catherine Ndereba, twice the women"s universe champion, is reception identical attention. Whatever their using commitments they regularly have time for their "home" race, organized by the charity, the Tusk Trust. Since the pregnancy in 2000, the competition has lifted some-more than �1.4 million for conservation, schooling, hospitals and H2O projects. Set in between undulating bushveld a little 140 miles north of Nairobi, the Safaricom marathon is not usually one of the world"s toughest, but one where you trip to one side the wildlife. Like 900 of the 1,000 participants, I opted for the half-marathon but am wakeful this will still be no wander in the savannah.

For majority holidaymakers-cum-runners the preceding days are outlayed admiring diversion from the reserve of a 4x4. Organisers assure us that the big cats have been burning out of the area. But over breakfast we interpretation that, if zero else, the hazard of inner lions sizing up the weakest members of the using herd, competence usually assistance the times.

It is not usually the disturb of using wild that brings people, of all ages, from twenty nations, to Lewa each year, but additionally the cause. Initially set up to sentinel off poachers in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, the Tusk Trust is right away in the 20th year. In 2000 the safari marathon thought was recognised to lift supports to assistance preserve Kenya"s rhino competition that had been scorched by poaching. Under Tusk"s sharp eye, the series of black rhino has risen to some-more than 100 in between Lewa"s 62,000 acres - eleven per cent of the sum in Kenya. But Tusk"s work goes over small conservation. Charlie Mayhew, the founder, who has affianced to run this year for the initial time in honour of the charity"s 20th birthday, says it aims "to make use of charge as a make a difference to assuage poverty, revoke conflict, and urge preparation and livelihoods in tillage areas".

Of course, profitable lip-service to such highly evolved aims is easy, but a revisit to one of the inner schools set up with Tusk appropriation does majority to answer those who subject possibly Tusk can travel the talk. The comforts at the propagandize and the clever acclimatization in to the village put to contrition majority projects imposed by majority incomparable free organisations, whilst a circuitously H2O plan provides a genuine salvation for inner tribes" herds scorched by the unseasonably prolonged drought.

But come competition day the inconsistency in between the "haves" and "have-nots" is still tough to take. Shortly after 7am groups of Lycra-clad Americans widen off subsequent to ruddy-cheeked Britons in rugby shorts and not sufficient object thickk cream their radiant �100 trainers contrariety with the temporary sandals coated with tyre rubber ragged by inner villagers. Many of the Kenyan entrants have walked or hitchhiked from superficial villages. Last year Benson Kaptikou sacrificed his usually goat to compensate for the train transport to Lewa. But it was a play value taking. He won the competition and a little $2,000 in esteem money.

The gun goes off whilst Paul Tergat is still posing for a last-minute photo. Ignoring all the pre-race counsel, I take off similar to a rabbit in the last throes of myxomatosis. Cue the rousing Chariots of Fire music, David Coleman losing his voice with fad mid-commentary and a thousand camera flashes … for fifteen short but stately strides (OK, so it was usually 7 of his) I am violence Kenya"s majority distinguished runner.

But, as sure as agonise will follow feeling of well-being for England football supporters this summer, Tergat sails facilely by. His feet hardly appear to lick the rubble-strewn paths, whilst I trip and slip on the ungainly cove of the dry road.

After fifteen mins of running, the cool, pinkish emergence is but a faraway mental stop as my skin starts to tickle underneath the sun. Ahead of me an antlike approach of runners already stretches far in to the distance. My respirating becomes worryingly staccato as I wobble by the bottleneck of runners, prior to belatedly negligence to a steadier pace, as I stop the recommendation of Bruce Tulloh, the lissome 75-year-old executive of the race, to "complete not compete". A much-feted long-distance runner, Tulloh is a man value listening to. Usually. He additionally told me that "if any one takes as well prolonged we send out the helicopter, dart them and move them in".

At the five-mile pen the curved prolonged ascents begin. It was conference about these rolling mountainous country that had seen me, in a last-ditch bid to get fit, head to London"s Altitude Centre a trickery used by any one from family groups formulation movement holidays in Peru to climbers streamer for the Himalayas for a fast-track preparation in to the debilitating goods of climb on the body.

It proves a godsend. Rather than be scared as my lungs bake in their quarrel for oxygen, I delayed my gait and essentially proceed to suffer it. The object competence be violence down but I confirm that the London Marathon can keep the Cutty Sark, Westminster Abbey and Mall, for there can be couple of some-more moving surrounds in that to run than this. In the area the angled peaks of Mount Kenya and Ololokwe expel a shade opposite the immeasurable plains of burnt savannah, where groups of untroubled impala bask in the realization that the big cats have changed on for now.

As I walk opposite the Sirikoi Valley I confront a zebra crossing, negligence as the robust black and white hides pretence right of way, their hooves kicking up a clouded cover of dust. "Keep it going Charlie me lad," shouts one of the volunteers manning the circuitously drinks station, as I grab desperately for a cool sponge. I peek up and recognize the face Bob Reeves, my old rugby manager from Bristol University. Surely not? I glug at the behind of additional water, fearing that this was the initial pointer of sunstroke.

My physique starts to shrivel as the belligerent continues the indomitable rise. Gritting my teeth now, I repair my eyes on the sweat-soaked T-shirt of the man in front of me. The difference are already informed but it momentarily takes my mind off the charge in palm

"Every sunrise in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it contingency outpace the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every sunrise in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows that it contingency run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn"t make a difference possibly you"re a lion or a gazelle, when the object comes up you"d improved be running."

And I am. Just. Others have slowed to on foot pace, no disbelief wondering utterly because they sealed up for this self-induced torture. I slave on, sure that if I stop right away I competence never proceed again.

Emboldened by the cheers that hail me as I pass the 10-mile pen on the design of a mountain I realize that it"s all downhill from here and relax once more. Ahead the Lewa Swamp, usually a stone"s throw from the finish, shimmers tantalisingly. Nearby a family of baboons is causing mischief, their pinkish rears bouncing down the mud roads.

The last miles pass surprisingly quickly. As the crowds thicken circuitously the finish I collect up my neutral feet and even try a Tergat-esque trip opposite the line. It is over.

Impromptu hugs and handshakes are exchanged as waves of endorphins wash over the runners. I follow the towering rank and file to the rub the body tent and by the time I arise the initial curtain has already accomplished the full marathon in a towering dual hours eighteen minutes.

Others transport less well stretchers lift off those who have collapsed from sunstroke or depletion and it is 4 hours prior to the last walkers cranky the line. Still the crowds sojourn to hearten them on. Soon the dusk descends in to a fuzz of prizegiving, Maasai dancing, music, beers and barbecues.

The subsequent sunrise I trifle penguin-like along Lewa"s forlorn airstrip to confront Ian Craig, the pushing force at the behind of the Northern Rangeland Trust (NRT), a non-profit organization set up to replicate the Lewa Conservancy indication opposite a little 1.5 million acres of northern Kenya.

I cautiously overlay myself in to the at the behind of of his two-seater aircraft, but shortly dont think about any aches and heedfulness as we soar over the bounds of the Lewa Conservancy and I get a small ambience of the scale of the changes afoot. He talks excitedly as we mark newly reintroduced Hirola antelope stuff oneself at H2O holes, an animal refuge here, new village safari lodges there, H2O projects, lodge industries, schools and hospitals, all run by the people, for the people. The key to Craig"s success in persuading Maasai leaders to give up rural tillage in foster of the Lewa indication of charge and community, he ventures, is empowerment.

"It"s a box of dispelling the picture of the rapine colonial white man," he says. "We"ve come a prolonged approach in fifteen years and right away have tribes entrance to us for recommendation with certitude there are a million things you can do."

While primarily saved by free donations and events similar to the marathon at Lewa, he insists that these initiatives contingency be self-sustaining in the longer term.

For a whilst the jury was out over Lewa. Graham Boynton wrote in these pages that it would possibly go down in story "as a confidant and talented plans that helped to figure how man and wild animals can tarry together. Or … a tarnished relic to man"s fantasy and folly".

On this justification it is tough not to be won over. It"s all the running, you see.

Contact Ultimate Charity Challenges (020 7386 4680; for all from fund-raising ideas to flights. A three-night package, together with entrance fee, inner flights, comprehensive place to live in the Maridadi Tented Camp and charge fees, costs �975

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From .God to .xxxsex and religion domain names to be discussed

By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor 700AM GMT 10 March 2010

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New web addresses are expected to be done accessible after an Icann assembly in June Websites will no longer be the first equates to of anticipating out headlines and report online ? networks and platforms will turn key sources of common believe Photo GETTY

The physique that decides on the accessibility of new web addresses will recur the box for permitting .xxx on Friday in Nairobi. Although the suffix, directed at adult websites, had formerly been approved, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), topsy-turvy that preference in 2007 after a accordant lobbying debate from regressive groups in America. Now the make a difference is being revisited, however, after a successive eccentric examination resolved that the preference was unfair.

ICM Registry, a association that sells domain names and is campaigning for .xxx to be done available, has pronounced that it hopes to be charity the appendix for sale by the finish of the year. The goal is that adult sites would foster .xxx, but in use there would be no approach to extent them to it.

Sale of .tel domain names Top commercial operation in web names Atheist Bus Campaign What is pushing the non-believers? Barack Obama confronting critique for his "dial-a-pastor" recommendation line Pope condemns Bible desolation muster Doctor faces pouch for refusing to behind happy adoptions

The .God domain name has additionally been controversial, and last year the Vatican called on Icann to keep sacrament and the internet fixing systems separate. The Pope was reported to fright that particular organisations competence steal total domains such as .catholic or .islam. Two organisations are additionally campaigning for carry out of the .gay domain name.

The preference on what Icann calls "Generic Top Level Domain Names", however, is doubtful to be done but conference between Icann members, that equates to it could take a little months prior to a last outcome is reached.

Millions will have to wait until 4pm for post

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor 1100PM GMT 09 March 2010

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A Royal Mail workman delivers mail ouside of a high travel Post Office Photo GETTY

Under the conditions of a new 3 year Royal Mail compensate deal, that has been criticised for permitting postmen to get paid some-more for operative less, letters and parcels will be delivered one hour after - 3pm in towns and cities and 4pm in the countryside.

Currently, the ultimate the post should be delivered is 2pm in towns and cities, and 3pm in farming areas.

Lax security at Royal Mail with money stolen from envelopes and commercial operation branded liars Royal Mail forced to apologize for pig dinners Half of commercial operation contend Royal Mail fails to broach parcels Royal Snail strikes again Royal Mail misses smoothness targets after strikes Bonuses dangling indefinitely for comparison BBC management team

The new, even after deliveries were criticised by politicians and campaigners last night, with a small suggesting that "the householder and the small office worker operative from home is profitable the cost of this assent deal".

The 80 page "national agreement" in between the Royal Mail and the unions additionally allows for tens of thousands of postmen to begin work an hour after at 7am, to safeguard that postmen are not operative any additional hours to finish their rounds.

Separately, householders could additionally be deluged by a snowstorm of junk mail after the dual sides concluded plans to enhance the volume of junk mail that postmen can deliver.

Last night close to the Communication Workers Union claimed the officials had against the shift to the smoothness times during the dual month traffic that resulted in the agreement, but insisted that Royal Mail bosses had forced them by the negotiations.

A CWU orator pronounced "We dont hold this will urge the service. The CWU would similar to to see a commercial operation use that guarantees mail arrive prior to twelve oclock."

The changes are expected to come in to force from the center of subsequent month after they have been rubber-stamped by a list of 121,000 CWU members.

Campaigners and politicians criticised Royal Mail and the CWU for the after smoothness times, insisting that small firms quite would humour as a result.

Stephen Alambritis, orator for the Federation of Small Businesses, pronounced that delivering mail is a "day lost since there is really small time to action on requests, invoices or payments. This is only not great enough.

"It looks similar to the householder and the small office worker operative from home is profitable the cost of this assent deal."

Jonathan Djanogly, the Conservatives" commercial operation spokesman, pronounced "I am really endangered to see that the conditions of the agreement yield for mail to be delivered up to an hour later.

"This could have a really critical stroke on small businesses, and I would have thought that such a offer should be consulted on."

Nigel Woods, postal consultant at the watchdog Consumer Focus, pronounced there should be an review to see if small firms will be really bad affected.

He pronounced "While after last deliveries will have small disproportion to people who are out all day, it will stroke on commercial operation who rely on timely deliveries such as small businesses.

"The regulator contingency take a great see at how these changes will affect all Royal Mails commercial operation prior to creation a preference on a shift of smoothness times."

The Governments own farming watchdog the Commission for Rural Communities additionally voiced concerns that after deliveries could repairs small firms. A orator pronounced "Later postal deliveries in farming areas would not be beneficial to farming businesses.

"We are already wakeful of concerns about stream smoothness times in farming areas, creation it formidable for businesses to routine orders perceived by post, for example.

"It would be beneficial to know if any changes to smoothness arrangements would be offset by improvements to alternative tools of the use such as improved trustworthiness of delivery."

Royal Mail forked out that the agreement with the CWU additionally settled obviously that the immeasurable infancy of letters and parcels were finished by 2.30 in the afternoon.

Later smoothness times were required since a small remote addresses were miles from their nearest mail centre, a association source said.

A Royal Mail orator pronounced "Under the agreement with the CWU - that was corroborated unanimously by the CWU care - the strenuous infancy of people will go on to get their mail delivered by 2pm, as happens at present."

A Department for Business orator pronounced "The timings of deliveries are for Royal Mail to decide, but the agreement sets out that the immeasurable infancy of deliveries will be finished at around the same time as they are currently."

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni affair rumours sweep France

1255AM GMT 10 March 2010

Previous of Images Next Chantal Jouanno and Benjamin Biolay (L) French Junior Minister for Ecology Chantal Jouanno (R) French thespian Benjamin Biolay Photo GETTY  Nicolas Sarkozy and his mother Carla Nicolas Sarkozy tells Carla Bruni to take low form Mr Sarkozy"s capitulation ratings are at their lowest given his 2007 choosing - only 39 per cent according to one check Photo AP Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his mother Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Photo AFP/GETTY

Speculation that she had a close attribute with a musician initial appeared on Twitter, the amicable networking site, and was relayed on alternative websites, together with that of Le Journal du Dimanche, the reputable newspaper.

Several "tweets" referred to that Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy had turn closely concerned with an award-winning singer, Benjamin Biolay.

French love event Rama Yade had to infer love to Nicolas Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy receives large boxes of chocolate after fall diet rumours Nicloas Sarkozy recuperating at week end shelter Nicolas Sarkozy to delayed down after collapsing whilst jogging Nicolas Sarkozy reshuffles cabinet, names new interior, probity ministers

It was reported that the span had been close friends for most years - Mr Biolay contributed to her manuscript in 2008 - and that Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy stayed with him at his prosaic in Paris.

It was additionally referred to that President Sarkozy had sought "comfort" from his ecology minister, Chantal Jouanno, 40, who is tied together and a karate champion.

The Journal du Dimanche reported that Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy and Mr Biolay went to Thailand a couple of weeks ago for a legal holiday that was cut short when the boss called her behind to Paris.

On television, the rolling headlines channel i-tele alluded to the conjecture when a presenter remarked that Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy was the initial to honour Mr Biolay on new awards, and wondered either Mr Sarkozy had found the time to honour Mrs Jouanno on her karate win.

A orator for Mrs Jouanno pronounced she was "scandalised by this rumour" and was rebuilt to aspire to legally any "slanderous comments". The Elyse declined to comment.

Jason Queally hoping for return to the track for London 2012 Olympic Games, aged 42

By Brendan Gallagher 700AM GMT 10 March 2010

Jason Queally anticipating for lapse to the lane for London 2012 Olympic Games, elderly 42 London job Jason Queally can still competition at the tip level, pronounced head manager Shane Sutton Photo PA

Queally, 40 in May, effectively late from rival lane racing in 2008 after he narrowly unsuccessful to have the Team GB patrol for the Beijing Games and has not prolonged ago been concentrating his rival instincts on guidance how to be a "pacer" for Britain"s challenging Paralympics squad.

Back in the chosen sourroundings of Team GB at Manchester Velodrome, a loose Queally has been rolling behind the years in precision and display such extraordinary form, generally during prolonged highway rides with the GB Endurance patrol - that he has been rewarded with a call up in to the group office precision patrol scheming for the Track Cycling World Championships in Copenhagen after this month.

National cycling formula Queally has golden prophesy Queally and Kappes set jot down Cycling greats celebrated Race guide to 2010 ProTour Sport on radio

With Britain quiescent to roving but Geraint Thomas and Bradley Wiggins who are concentrating on the highway with their new Team Sky employers, places are up for grabs and Queally has done the last patrol of 6 - along with Ed Clancy, Andy Tennant, Andy Fenn, Stephen Burke and Ben Swift - that will be pruned behind to five on Wednesday in Manchester after an afternoon of contrast and analysis.

"Its good to see Jason back," pronounced head manager Shane Sutton.

"I regularly discuss it the lads you are a prolonged time working. Stay on that bike as prolonged as you can get afar with it. The list or riders who late as well early is endless. Listen, Lance Armstrong was darned nearby 38 last Jul when he accomplished third in the Tour de France. When it comes to continuation events, age is not such a outrageous factor.

"Jason is a unusual contestant and I meant that in the ubiquitous sense, whatever competition or fortify he concentrates on he will flattering shortly master. He has such a good engine I am not astounded to see him commencement to surpass at the continuation finish of lane cycling.

"A lot of good kilo riders have that continuation component as piece of their make-up. He is operative tough on the technical aspects of the group office and guidance really quickly.

"Jason has got his eyes set on London 2012 - that is his main design - but he has been display such good form since returning that he is already right there in the brew for the group office in the Worlds in Denmark. He is a good change in the squad, an iconic supplement and figure who commands respect, knows the competition retrograde and gets the younger lads geed up in training."

Elsewhere at Manchester on Wednesday there will be no entertain asked or since in a array of ride-offs and tests to establish the have up of the mens scurry group with five riders all going unusually well in precision - Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Ross Edgar, Matt Crampton and David Daniell.

Hoy, who posted a sub-10 second float in the drifting 200 metre at the Revolution assembly last month, would crop up a shoe-in but the design is serve difficult by the non accessibility of Jamie Staff who has a behind injury. Jason Kenny is probably lucky to take Staff"s critical lead-out purpose and Hoy is similarly happy as man dual or 3 so Edgar, Crampton and Daniell would crop up sealed in to a quarrel for the last mark in what could be the showpiece competition of the Worlds with reigning champions France and Germany in enormous form this season.

The inclusion of the Omnium at the London Games creates preference for this year"s Worlds engaging with Clancy, Burke and the evergreen Chris Newton underneath care for Copenhagen, nonetheless come 2012 Team GB will goal that Geraint Thomas and Mark Cavendish will additionally be in the frame.

Among the women, Victoria Pendleton has been in excellent early deteriorate form and the usually issue is either she competes in the 500m time-trial as well as her 3 dilettante events - the sprint, group scurry and keirin. The Olympic scurry hold up took on all 4 events at last year"s World championships in Poland, that was probably one as well many.

The womens group office patrol - reigning universe champions - again looks clever nonetheless Lizzie Armitstead"s precision was interrupted by a complicated pile-up and afterwards illness. This will turn an Olympic eventuality in London and the turn of opening has been rocketing in new championships and World Cups and Great Britain will have to be a full gimlet to keep their pretension in Copenhagen.