Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: Aaron Ramseys injury will not end his career

Bystaff and agencies Published: 5:16PM GMT 04 March 2010

Arsene Wenger Title hope: Arsenal physical education instructor Arsene Wenger has called on his group to win the Premier League pretension for harmed midfielder Aaron Ramsey Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The 19-year-old Wales general suffered the offensive damage at Stoke City last week finish after a plunge into by defender Ryan Shawcross, who was shown a true red label prior to withdrawal the margin in tears.

Ramsey, whose damage was suggestive of the one suffered by Croatia striker Eduardo dual years ago, had surgery on Saturday and will not fool around again this season.

Wenger key to success Shawcross"s "intent" is not the point Aaron Ramsey faces hilly highway to liberation Stoke urge Shawcross firmness Ramsey"s damage does not infer Arsenal are targeted Sport on radio

"It is as well far afar to set any picturesque deadline [on his recovery]," Wenger said. "Let"s let him heal. The great headlines is the surgery went well and it is not a career-threatening injury.

"But it is dual breaks and to get behind to your majority appropriate you need not usually to use again but you need time to redeem your co-ordination. He is a immature child and he will redeem from this but it is a bad injury."

Wenger did not discuss Shawcross, whose plunge into was noticed by majority observers to be not malicious.

"We were all really unhappy and really down after what happened to him," Wenger said. "The one thing we can do right away is give him all the await it takes. Also this gives us one some-more reason to quarrel [for the title] until the end. We wish to do it for him."

Stoke physical education instructor Tony Pulis shielded Shawcross on Thursday whilst again expressing his magnetism for Ramsey.

"We have been in hold with Aaron," he said. "We were as ravaged as anybody could be and nobody wants to see that happen.

"There was no malice, no revenge [in the tackle]. It was an ungainly plea but he could have only as well harm himself."