Sunday, June 27, 2010

Failing schools double under Ofsted reforms

By Graeme Paton, Education Editor Published: 3:06PM GMT 05 March 2010

The series of schools placed in the lowest difficulty by Ofsted has roughly doubled following the key of reforms in September.

At the same time, the suit of state schools in England rated "outstanding" has halved.

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Over the last 6 months, the watchdog has placed renewed concentration on examination formula as the clearest magnitude of propagandize standards.

Schools formerly rated as bad or normal are additionally most some-more approaching to be legalised as the really most appropriate schools go but a revisit for longer.

On Friday, Ofsted stood by the changes, insisting it was critical to have "higher expectations".

But the ultimate avowal raises the probability that dozens of head teachers could be sacked and schools incited in to eccentric academies in an try to expostulate improvements.

John Dunford, ubiquitous cabinet member of the Association of School and College Leaders, pronounced the ultimate total were "worrying".

Speaking at the unions annual discussion in London, he said: "Ofsted pronounced that it was raising the club with the ultimate investigation horizon but we didn"t realize they were going to stand in the tallness that schools had to jump.

"They are really worrying census interpretation and show usually how most some-more exceedingly schools have been graded this term."

Last year, it emerged that a little schools were being noted down for unwell to keep pupils safe. One propagandize was criticised for carrying holes in the range fence.

Dr Dunford added: "Preoccupation with correspondence over defence regulations and extreme faith on interpretation and tender achievement has no disbelief been the means of the enlarge in schools being put in to [low] categories."

Figures formed on 2,000 propagandize investigation reports published since Sep show 9.2 per cent of schools were noted as outstanding, compared with nineteen per cent underneath the old investigation methods.

The series of schools put in "special measures" or since grave notices to urge has left up from 4 per cent to 7.5 per cent.

The total were published by the Times Educational Supplement forward of their central recover by Ofsted subsequent week.

Inspectors right away outlay twice as prolonged monitoring lessons and schools are asked to brand their own strengths and weaknesses forward of their visit.

Schools graded superb are usually legalised each five years whilst weaker schools are visited some-more often.

An Ofsted orator said: "We cannot criticism on the central census interpretation until their recover but it is critical to note that the new inspections have been focusing some-more on weaker schools and this could be approaching to have an stroke on altogether outcomes.

"We have additionally done it transparent that each time an investigation horizon is revised, expectations are lifted too. We hold it is right for Ofsted to have these higher expectations on interest of pupils and parents.

"During the new propagandize inspections we are watching twice as most lessons as prior to and giving some-more minute recommendations on how schools can improve. The greeting from schools experiencing the new inspections has been overwhelmingly positive. Nine out of ten who have responded to feedback surveys contend they were confident with the approach investigation was carried out. Most hold investigation judgements were satisfactory and accurate."