Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gerry Adamss brother Liam hands himself over to police

Published: 2:36PM GMT 04 Mar 2010

Previous of Images Next Liam Adams gives himself up to police Liam Adams presented himself to An Garda Siochana officers in Dublin city centre. Photo: PA Gerry Adams and Liam Adams It was not long ago suggested that Gerry Snr, the father of Gerry and Liam Adams, was an abuser Photo: PA / ALAN LEWIS

Liam Adams, who is longed for in Northern Ireland on guess of aggressive Aine Tyrell in the 1970s and 1980s, presented himself to An Garda Siochana officers in Dublin city centre.

He was primarily incarcerated at Bridewell Garda Station after the High Court authorised a European Arrest Warrant from the Police Service of Northern Ireland on Wednesday.

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Mr Adams, who is approaching to competition the extradition, has steadfastly denied the allegations.

A short conference on his extradition is approaching to take place in front of the President of the High Court Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns on Thursday.

Detective Sergeant Jim Kirwan told the justice 54-year-old Liam Adams arrived at the Bridewell by appointment where the catch aver was executed.

He is confronting eighteen charges of abuse opposite his daughter Aine, who waived her right to anonymity, from Mar 1977 to Mar 1983.

The comparison military officer told the justice Mr Adams replied when arrested: "I usually wish to contend I"m not guilty of that."

Mr Adams, ready to go in intelligent dim suit, dark blue shirt and striped tie, spoke quickly during the short conference usually to endorse his name.

A bail conference is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Liam Adams had presented himself to officers in the Republic in Dec but they did not have the management to catch him.

Last month the PSNI suggested that, whilst the central writings indispensable to hold Mr Adams in the South had been perceived by the Irish Department of Justice, a series of technicalities still had to be resolved.

After the support issues, the catch aver was permitted by Dublin"s High Court.

The sex abuse claims became open in Dec when Ms Tyrell waived her right to anonymity in a radio documentary.

Her father was due to crop up in justice in Belfast in Nov 2008 to face charges relating to the purported crimes, but did not show up.

The claims piled vigour on Mr Adams"s high-profile comparison hermit Gerry at a vicious connection in the domestic routine in Northern Ireland.

The comparison republican has called on his kin to palm himself in to military to face the allegations.

Gerry Adams has additionally faced questions about what he did to forestall his hermit from operative in politics.

And the Adams family has been rocked by revelations that his own father, Gerry Snr, was an abuser, something with that the Sinn Fein personality pronounced he was still entrance to terms.