Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010: England have semi-finals as the carrot against India

By Patrick Rowley in New Delhi Published: 7:03PM GMT 05 March 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010: England have semi-finals as the carrot opposite India On the ball: Ben Hawes (left) and the rest of the England organisation will fool around for a place in the World Cup semi-finals opposite India on Saturday Photo: GETTY IMAGES

They are certain of creation the tip 4 if they better hosts India. Only one alternative nation in their organisation would be equates to to next to their points total.

England have reached a World Cup semi-final usually once, at Willesden in 1986 when Australia kick them in the final.

England catch Mantell blow England sights on Pakistan India 2 Australia 5 England 3 Australia 2 Spain 4 South Africa 2 Sport on radio

It used to be each English players mental condition to fool around opposite India, once the worlds greats, in India. England had a ambience of the special ambience they can design when they kick Pakistan 5-2 on Thursday.

India have unhappy their large home await here by giving the sense that they are still glorifying in their first-day 4-1 feat over Pakistan. They have given lost 5-2 to both Australia and Spain.

These days India are all particular ability and appear utterly incompetent to fool around as a mutual aggressive force.

Professionalism and certainty should see England, the European champions, to their fourth unbroken feat even though Richard Mantell has had to go home after violation and dislocating an ankle. Late haven Dan Fox will reinstate him in the squad.

The third matches in Group A were played on Friday. Holland were hold goalless by Canada in the initial half but came by 6-0 in the end.

They tip Group A, similar to England with limit points, but have still to fool around Germany and Korea and their semi-final place is by no equates to assured.

Holders Germany had difficulty jolt off Argentina but won 4-3. Martin Haner, late of East Grinstead, scored the consequential fourth German goal.

But Koreas last-four ambitions took a drop when they lost 2-1 to New Zealand.