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My perfect weekend: DJ and television presenter Lauren Laverne

By Anna Tyzack Published: 6:46PM GMT 05 March 2010

My undiluted weekend: Lauren Laverne would love a villa in the ease north of the island Ibiza rocks: Lauren Laverne would love a villa in the ease north of the island Photo: ALAMY; REX FEATURES

Im not a large person arriving but if I were to follow my heart and arise up anywhere in the universe it would be Ibiza. Ideally Id be teleported there given who wants to go to an airfield with a two-year-old? My father (DJ Graeme Fisher), son (Fergus) and I would arrive to find the bags already unpacked.

With my Celtic pallor, I wouldnt need it to be the tallness of summer; a comfortable open day would be perfect. We would be staying on the north side of the island, that is sensuous and green, and on the approach from the airfield marry stop and buy huge, fat tomatoes.

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The villa would be cool and � la mode with extraordinary views and genuine fireplaces. Wed arise up late and find the approach to an off-the-beaten-track marketplace for a bit of browsing. Then it would be behind to the villa for a little lazing, celebration of the mass and thinking. Im a bit of an old woman at heart, and in my perspective theres no larger oppulance than a unequivocally great mull.

The boys could perform themselves with lizards (which contain 99 per cent of the Ibizan legal holiday snaps) until dinner.

Ideally, the complete week end would be abandoned of alternative humans, but packaged with great music, food and free time. It would be the kind of place where you could close your eyes and attend to the sea and a notation feels similar to an hour. In the evening, once Fergus is asleep, marry have the undiluted glow and lay outward on the terrace. Wed eat one of Graemes heading Ibizan feasts, the list heaped up similar to a Gothic banquet. Food, booze and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Told you I was an old lady.

If we did go out, I disbelief it would be to a nightclub. I love going down to the old locale but theres additionally something kind of shining about going to San Antonio and selling an ice thickk cream sundae and examination the crowds come in off the boats. I do a lot of people-watching.

Most of the weekends, though, are outlayed in north London, where we live. I work in the West End utterly a lot during the week, so when it comes to unresolved out on a Friday night, we lend towards to stay in the metal cover and catch up for a punch to eat with the funniest friends. It competence be somewhere similar to The Drapers Arms in Islington.

I get up early with Fergus on Saturdays and plead whatever is on his mind. The relations merits of Thomas the Tank Engine and his cohort, the aplomb of frogs, and ducks who wish to be monkeys are all topics we have debated recently. We watch a bit of Toy Story and thereafter we go to Spitalfields Market for lunch. Last week end we had a little stellar blueberry pancakes and did a bit of used book-buying.

We do a lot of walking. Exploring, really. We live in a unequivocally arboreal area and have to contend hello to the assorted trees to that Fergus has ascribed personalities: the Dinosaur Tree, the Magical Tree. Plenty of duck-feeding.

My father cooks. Im learning, but slowly. Last Saturday afternoon Fergus and I done soup that concerned me chopping things and him receiving rabbit nibbles out of the carrots prior to they went in to the saucepan. Saturday night is takeaway night the a religion. There are a integrate of unequivocally great Thai and Indian places nearby.

We competence get people around and watch a little DVDs. I presented the Baftas, so Ive been sent a lot of movies recently.

The alternative week end we watched The Hurt Locker and it unequivocally blew me afar to such an border that we had to decompress thereafter by examination the selling channel. Until one of the presenters had a live, on-air relapse that culminated with her cheering "I cant do this any more" down the lens and on foot off set.

We love carrying people over for a Sunday lunch. Graeme cooks a meant fry duck and veg but when it starts removing warmer we do barbecues. In summer we live in the garden. The kids run in and out of the residence and it can last all day.

Sunday nights are customarily still as I have a unequivocally early begin on a Monday. I outlay the dusk listening to song and going by a mail bag of CDs from pluggers, listeners and budding musicians, determining what to fool around on the show the subsequent day. I additionally see by my own jot down collection.

Ill watch a little telly I love a bit of Antiques Roadshow but Im additionally perplexing to carve out time for dusk reading. Ill get in to bed with a book. At the impulse the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, that is fascinating. I interviewed him years ago and have desired him ever since.


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