Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Zealander tries to sell two ghosts on internet

By Paul Chapman in Wellington Published: 6:30AM GMT 05 March 2010

She claims the ghosts, one of an old man and the alternative a immature girl, were private from his residence by a spiritualist and are right away prisoner in vials of holy water.

Avie Woodbury, who signs herself as Melvin S from Christchurch, says on the website that the intoxicating beverage combined massacre in her residence prior to the exorcism, switching lights on and off, branch an electric kettle on, and terrifying the dog.

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"One suggestion we hold is a man by the name of Les Graham, managed to lane down a photo," she pronounced on the website. "He died in the residence in the 1920s.

"The alternative suggestion came from when me and my partner stupidly did a Ouija board."

The second suggestion is a small lady "who likes to move things", she said.

"Exorcist says she is unequivocally clever and if left will get stronger.

"We have had no wake up given they were bottled on Jul 15, 2009, so I hold they are in the bottles."

She pronounced the holy H2O has altered from transparent to a blue colour given the intoxicating beverage were bottled and "sort of puts them to sleep".

"To revitalise the spirit, I have been told that you flow in to a small plate and let it soak up in to your house.

"I only wish to get absolved of them as they shock me. But someone competence similar to these to fool around with."

She pronounced that the bottles were away labelled.

Bidding has upheld the NZ$1500 symbol (�680).

The sale has incited in to one of the auction website"s majority renouned attractions, sketch some-more than 70,000 hits so far.

It has additionally annoyed clever feelings from viewers, with one describing him as "absolutely sick" for offered someone"s family members.

Another warned her that she risked almighty damnation.

To a doubter, she said: "All I can go on is the actuality that the wake up in my residence has given gone.

"The ghosts were messing with me to the point where I could not nap or eat, so I unequivocally only wish these gone."

One impending customer asks what would occur if he poured the essence in to a shot potion and drank them.

"I don"t know but you competence have friends for life," she replied. "Multiple personalities competence show up you."

Another spectator wants to know if the "beverages" enclose any dangerous additives.

But the majority caustic criticism comes from the chairman who says: "I have dual intoxicating beverage in bottles at home.

"I think they are called Jim Beam and the alternative is Johnny Walker."