Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Knights plan to buy Manchester United receives Ferguson boost

By Paul Kelso Published: 1:03AM GMT 06 March 2010

Red Knights Main man: Manchester United physical education instructor Sir Alex Ferguson has since the Red Knights consortium some-more goal Photo: GETTY IMAGES

As sources for the consortium reliable that they had perceived demonstrative pledges of monetary await totalling �1.5 billion, Ferguson declined to conflict their plans, observant they were entitled to criticism opposite the Glazers.

"Ive no issue with the Red Knights. I know a little of them, Im utterly accessible with a integrate of them, and I dont repudiate them their right to protest," Ferguson said. "If they wish to try to buy the club, the wholly up to them."

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The Knights sojourn a little approach from formulating a organisation suggest to the Glazers and demand they will usually compensate a satisfactory cost for the club. They have approached investment landowner Guy Dawson to support with putting an suggest together.