Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rose Prince recipes: baked spinach gnocchi

Published: 3:42PM GMT 05 March 2010

Baked spinach gnocchi serves 4

This is a version of Elizabeth Davids soft, abounding gnocchi verde (from Italian Food) but done with a poetic tough cheese from East Sussex, Lord of the Hundreds (from, in place of Parmesan. The gnocchi can be done in advance, afterwards oven oven baked with butter and cheese only forward of supper.

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350g baked spinach (buy about 600g fresh)*

225g skimmed divert thickk cream cheese or ricotta

50g Lord of the Hundreds, grated

2 eggs, knocked about

3 tbsp solid flour

1 tsp malleable butter

2 pinches grated nutmeg

To serve

175g unsalted butter

4-6 tbsp grated Lord of the Hundreds**

*Frozen spinach can be used but the gnocchi will not have utterly the same great essence and colour.

**British Tala (available from, Berkswell and Somerset Rambler are befitting for this dish, as well as Parmesan.

Squeeze all the H2O out of the baked spinach, receiving small fistfuls and clenching them until each dump is gone. Combine with the cheeses, eggs, flour, butter, nutmeg and a splash each of excellent sea salt and belligerent white pepper. Refrigerate for about thirty minutes.

Dust the worksurface with flour, take a dessertspoonful of the reduction and hurl in to small lozenges. Handle them easily hurl in a small some-more flour if they are really soft and gummy but be reassured that these dumplings will not tumble detached when boiled, however frail they appear at this stage. Bring a large vessel of pickled H2O to the boil. Drop the gnocchi in to the simmering water, about 10 at a time. Wait until they climb to the aspect (2-3 minutes) afterwards lift out with a slotted spoon. Drain on a cloth, afterwards place in a gratin dish.

Melt the unsalted butter and flow over the gnocchi. Scatter the superfluous grated tough cheese on top, afterwards place underneath the griddle until the cheese melts and is easily speckled with brownish-red but really lightly. Serve immediately.

Wine choice: 2008 Jim Barry "The Lodge Hill Riesling, Clare Valley, South Australia �8.95, The cheese you make use of will assistance establish your wine. With noisy Parmesan I competence plump for a crunchy, easily cold red. But the bleached patience of Lord of the Hundreds has me unscrewing this uninformed riesling with the gloomy sniff of wild flowering plants and the sea.