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Everton v Manchester United - as it happened Scott Murray Football

Brian Moore

BRIAN MOORE: Doyen of Video Collection football compilations

For some, this tie will move behind memories of Apr "07, when United were dual down, won 4-2, and effectively won the league. For others, Februrary "95, when Duncan Ferguson"s second-half leader derailed United"s pretension plea and after gave Everton certainty to win that season"s FA Cup final. Seeing you ask, I regularly think of Robbie Wackenshaw, rattling one in as the teams drew 1-1 in May 1984. Robbie Wackenshaw.

The reason for this: Video Collection and Thames Video"s glorious VHS fitba extravaganza: Race for the Championship 83/84.

Race for the Championship: It was a good video, constructed behind in the days when the media didn"t provide football fans as mypoic tribalistic morons. Liverpool won the pretension that year, but didn"t underline as well majority - Ian Rush"s hat-trick at Aston Villa was the highlight. Instead, the movement was widespread around the multiplication - with about thirty mins of the 90-minute show set in reserve for the graduation follow in the Second Division, featuring Howard Wilkinson"s Sheffield Wednesday, the Chelsea of Dixon and Speedie, and a Newcastle group starring Waddle, Keegan and Beardsley, the latter scoring the biggest thought of all time opposite Brighton. Brian Moore presented. God I miss him.

Anyway, today"s game: Gary Neville"s playing, cocktail kids. Gary Neville. Kick off is at 12.45pm.

Everton: Howard, Neville, Heitinga, Distin, Baines, Donovan, Osman, Arteta, Bilyaletdinov, Pienaar, Saha.Subs: Nash, Yobo, Vaughan, Gosling, Yakubu, Rodwell, Coleman.

Manchester United: Van der Sar, Neville, Brown, Jonathan Evans, Evra, Valencia, Fletcher, Carrick, Park, Rooney, Berbatov.Subs: Foster, Owen, Vidic, Scholes, Rafael Da Silva, Obertan, Gibson.

Preening, self-regarding, risible referee, usually be grateful this pretentious jester can"t spoil any of England"s matches at the World Cup: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

The teams line up in the tunnel. "Neville vs Neville. I couldn"t BE some-more excited," writes Damian Wims, who should probably take the integrate of mins prior to kick-off to have a diminutive think about the citation his hold up is heading. The dual captains signally destroy to sell glances as they wait for to lead their teams onto the pitch, dismally sanctimonious they"re unknowingly of each other"s existence. But usually as the thesis to Z Cars starts to carillon over the PA, Gary can"t assistance but take a discerning loving peek in Phil"s direction, and concede a unapproachable grin to fool around opposite his face. Aw!

And we"re off! United set the spin rolling, kicking towards the Gwladys Street finish in the initial half. Everton will be happy sufficient with that.

2 min: It"s a harum-scarum start. Trap it, someone!

4 min: A smashing run down the right by Osman, who cuts inside, swans past Evans as though he wasn"t there, afterwards gives Brown the same treatment, and reaches the area. Finally 3 red shirts chaperon him a bit as well far-reaching right, and though he gets a low shot in, directed for the left-hand bottom corner, it"s well far-reaching from a far as well formidable angle.

6 min: Berbatov wins a dilemma down the right. Valencia takes, but Heitinga nuts transparent in the no-nonsense fashion. "Speaking of Video Collection classics," writes Scott W, "I was wondering if any of your readers could assistance me lane down an additional lost classic. The video in subject is Brian Clough"s Greatest Ever England Team where Ol" Big Head assesses a prolonged list of England legends, being as typically unflinching/frank/cruel/self-absorbed in his comment of the greats as you"d design (I think he laughs at the thought that Geoff Hurst was a good player). As you can imagine, I"d love to watch it again - though the lessons learnt from my childhood viewings appear to have dimmed with time, I still vaguely stop Cloughie job Kevin Keegan an "arrogant bastard". And, yes, Brian Moore was you do the talk and voice-over."

7 min: United win an additional dilemma down the right. Again Valencia takes, Brown removing his head to this one. The attempt"s weak, well far-reaching left with no pace, but Everton are going to feel a universe of suffering in the future if they keep vouchsafing United hurl balls in to the box.

9 min: Donovan flings a prolonged spin in to the United box from an Everton free flog out on the left. It"s as well deep, and Van der Sar comes out to explain easily. Saha stands with the radge on; with the box loaded, that was a distressing delivery. "I regularly desired the approach that United played when Saha was in the team," sighs Nick Marchant, "as his back-to-goal hold up fool around was ideally matched their opposite aggressive style. The actuality that he suspended outpost Nistelrooy from the group says it all. You"d additionally have to subject how Everton"s healing group have kept him personification whilst United"s couldn"t get him fit for some-more than a integrate of games at a time. And finally, majority as I suffer examination Everton, I can"t work out since they need to wear those blue cardigans over their poetic white shirts." Is that a cardigan? It looks some-more similar to the sort of V-neck merino sweater Darren from Bewitched would wear whilst personification golf with Larry.

13 min: United let a meat-and-potatoes pile brazen from Everton to miscarry twice in the area. It allows Bilyaletdinov to dig out a cranky from the right, forcing Evans to head over the bar. Corner! "Duncan Ferguson"s thought in 1995 and his celebratory beyond shirt-twirling as he ran up the touchline reminds me of being in the honestly frightful General Smuts beer hall nearby Loftus Road usually prior to Everton"s diversion with QPR a month or so later," recalls Gary Naylor with a shudder. "In the huge, windowless behind room were rank and file of Evertonians who were going by the Everton songbook and, on starting the Duncan Ferguson strain (to the balance of the stay anthem, "Go West"), hundreds of shirts were swung on tip of right afar unclothed torsos. It was a small bit homoerotic, a small bit moving and utterly a lot terrifying. We won 2-3 with a last notation Hinchcliffe special and I got home in one piece." Yeah, yeah, Naylor. Anyway, what about Robbie Wackenshaw"s goal?

14 min: From the corner, Rooney shoves Heitinga in the behind as the dual go up for a high ball. That"s a chastisement - solely it"s not, Howard the Risible Clown adding an additional section to his story, shortly to be told in a pop-up book with buttons you can press.

14 min: Saha, as if livid at the non-penalty decision, unleashes a low, tough shot from thirty yards out, usually to the right of goal. It"s a screamer, but Van der Sar dives to douse splendidly well. He"s such a good keeper.

16 min: WHAT A SUPERLATIVE FINISH!!! Everton 0-1 Manchester United. Valencia functions himself a little space down the right and whips in a dangerous low ball. An Everton foot tries to slip it clear, but can usually poke it to Berbatov, station usually in front of the spot. He cushions the spin with one touch, afterwards unleashes a screaming shot in to the top-right corner, one of those that rushes right spin the support inside the net. That"s a little strike.

19 min: WHAT A SUPERLATIVE FINISH!!! Everton 1-1 Manchester United. Oh my God. This is something else. What a goal. Evans can"t get majority on a clearing header, a prolonged spin going down the inside-right channel. Bilyaletdinov takes up the spin 35 yards out, nudges it inside, and skelps a simply stately set upon in to the right-hand side of the net. Van der Sar doesn"t even worry to move, he knows all is lost.

22 min: Phil Neville sends a distressing cranky in from the right. It"s far as well deep, but instead of vouchsafing it cruise out of play, Brown heads it behind out. Pienaar looks to collect the bouncing spin up on the dilemma of the area, but is nudged in the back, Rooney-style, by Valencia. That"s a free kick, usually to the right of the D, for the home side.

23 min: And it"s wasted, Pienaar attempting to reconstruct his heroics from the same mark of the Goodison representation opposite Manchester City, but usually next in slapping a distressing bid true in to the wall.

25 min: Baines goes after a prolonged spin down the left and whips a dangerous low bouncing spin in to the United area. Saha can"t connect, but Bilyaletdinov rushes in. However, eight yards out, he can usually shin extravagantly over.

26 min: This is breathless, shining stuff. The ball"s slipped down the inside-left channel towards the dilemma of the Everton area, Rooney violation transparent of the Everton behind line. He rounds the some-more advanced Howard on the left, but his hold is uncharacteristically heavy, permitting Phil Neville to come behind and dispatch him off the ball. That"s good last-ditch defending, since Rooney"s not the sort to concede receive easily, generally with the thought gaping.

28 min: United had been rocking for a integrate of minutes, but they"re fast behind in to the compare now. Rooney carrying scarcely scored a integrate of mins ago, right afar Park sails in from the left and belts a decent shot towards the bottom left corner. Howard claims well. "I consternation if Brian Moore ever commentated on himself whilst out pushing or you do the shopping," wonders Ian Copestake. I"m blissful you"ve kept it to outward piece for one person pursuits, I can discuss it you that for nothing.

32 min: United have outlayed the last 3 or 4 mins overhanging balls in to the Everton box from left and, especially, right. Valencia is enjoying the run of the park. From an Everton perspective, this can"t continue, or some-more goals are certainly going to alarm past Howard at a little point. Meanwhile here"s a little tinder-dry research of the Bilyaletidinov thought from James Tyler: "I"m astounded some-more girl teams aren"t guidance from the master. When Bilyaletidinov brought the spin down, Brown"s initial instinct was to spin his back, lope behind towards thought and watch the shot cruise over his shoulder and in to the net. Impressive that Brown additionally managed to retard his goalkeeper"s perspective of the shot, withdrawal him incompetent to have a move."

34 min: Berbatov attempts a needlessly blow up backheel, 35 yards out on the right, when bringing it down would have left him in receive with 3 team-mates in aggressive positions opposite a sparse Everton behind line. He was perplexing to crack it past Distin and spin him in one apt movement, and he was nowhere nearby creation it. He ends up station still, shoulders slumped, head down, the spin bouncing safely behind to Howard in the area, a design of contemptible defeat. Even his untimely failures have a bizarre beauty. I similar to examination him.

38 min: The spin falls to Donovan in the United six-yard box, as Brown fails to get any beef on his clearance. Again. He conjunction heads nor kicks it, basically, vouchsafing it slap off a multiple of chest and forearm (a chastisement would have been super-harsh, though there are shouts). Luckily for the untimely United defender, the USA general takes a finish fresh-air appropriate with the spin rolling opposite the six-yard line and the thought gaping. What a possibility spurned.

40 min: Now it"s Everton"s spin to pitch balls in to the antithesis area from this approach and that. Despite a lot of dynamic hurdles from Saha and Donovan, the home side can"t get any sort of set upon on goal, Evans and Brown traffic with each spin - but usually just, with a lot of last-ditch hurdles and copiousness of make use of of the eyebrow. United"s centre-back pairing aren"t looking utterly comfortable.

43 min: Valencia and Rooney mix well down the right, and are this close to springing the former clear, thirty yards out. But Rooney sort-of-stands on the spin in an try to pillow it in to space, and Everton purify up. United aren"t utterly removing it together, nonetheless there"s still that consistent hazard of them violation upfield and unequivocally removing on Everton"s end.

HALF TIME: Everton 1-1 Manchester United. That was a rarely interesting half of football in between dual teams with conflict on their minds. What a span of goals.

And we - well, they - are off again! Everton are kicking towards their lucky Gwaldys Street end. Osman rught afar chases after a prolonged spin down the middle, in the future being brought down by Fletcher prior to he reaches the area. Brown was forward of them both, so that"s usually a yellow. But usually outward the D, right in the centre... this is a dangerous free flog for Everton.

48 min: After fannying around for a little time, Baines rises a hilariously bad free flog high in to the stand. This happens so often. I"m elementary folk, but is it so majority to ask for a veteran footballer to get a shot at slightest inside of 10 metres of the aim from twenty-five yards out?

51 min: It"s all Everton in the centre of the park, though they"re not putting United"s behind line underneath any pressure. That"d be an idea, since it"s looking unequivocally creaky today. "While the compare might be good, it seems it"s not going to be the Nevtacular I was anticipating for," writes Damian Wims, who has all abandoned my pre-match recommendation to have a diminutive think about the citation his hold up is heading. If anything, he"s ramped things up. I fright the Nevilles are never utterly going to allow you with the kicks you are seeking. This is how the seeds of dangerous day to day are sown.

52 min: United"s initial suggestive conflict of the half so scarcely ends in a goal. Fletcher heads down to Rooney, with his behind to thought on the dilemma of the area. Rooney lays it off behind to the Scotland captain, who sends a low, hard, curling bid usually far-reaching of the bottom-left corner. Lovely frail play.

54 min: United see the majority expected all of a sudden. Rooney twists and turns on the left, promulgation a low cranky to the far post. Berbatov is on palm to guide a cushioned header usually far-reaching right of goal. An detrimental miss. His head drops momentarily. He"s probably forgetful of smoking a fag whilst listening to Ascenseur Pour L"Echafaud by Miles Davis.

57 min: Donovan snaps in to the plunge in to down the left, and sends a low cranky towards Osman, watchful to mangle in to the United area down the inside-right channel. Evans creates a fantastic interception - and a timely one, since Osman would have been transparent on goal. Lovely fool around all round.

61 min: Heitinga Gerrards a raking 50-yard pass upfield towards the left wing for Pienaar. Where does the spin finish up? The idea is in the verb.

62 min: Park cuts a spin behind from the byline, usually to the left of the Everton goal. Rooney flicks the spin onto the club - and prepares to leather belt the miscarry in to an dull net, Howard and Phil Neville carrying been drawn to the nearby post, when the alarm goes. The spin had sailed out of fool around prior to Park got a foot on it.

63 min: L"EXISTENTIAL PAIN DE DIMITAR BERBATOV. He takes the spin up, 40 yards out, with his behind to goal. A apt hold and a spin sends him transparent of Arteta and racing towards the box. He drops a shoulder beautifully, cuts inside, advances serve on the area, cocks the trigger, and...

... scuffs his shot five feet in front of him, permitting Distin to bestir transparent with the ball. Does any one have a gangling Gitanes?

66 min: Arteta is requisitioned for pulling behind Park. Falling to the belligerent is the last movement of the compare for the Korean, who is transposed by Obertan. Meanwhile Scholes additionally comes on - and Berbatov goes off to light up and attend to a little tough bop, dad.

67 min: Rooney has a right old strike but his low shot sails right of goal.

70 min: Manchester United carrying bending off their goalscorer, Everton follow fit by removing absolved of Bilyaletdinov and replacing him with promotion fable Dan Gosling.

72 min: Osman, Neville and Gosling mix beautifully down the right, a little frail passing, in the future winning a throw-in right by the dilemma flag. And afterwards a corner. From it, Donovan wins the spin usually to the right of the United area and loops a cranky in to the centre; Gosling gets his head to it, but can usually guide it lamely far-reaching left of the goal.

74 min: Pienaar picks up his every day engagement for a risibly viewable wild condense at Evra"s ankles, in a unsuccessful try to stop the left-back romping upfield. When the conflict peters out, Webb takes centre theatre to develop the card. He usually about stops short of you do a short soft-shoe shuffle.

76 min: OUT OF NOTHING... A GOAL!!! Everton 2-1 Manchester United. It"s so elementary when it comes. Pienaar dances down the left, reaches the byline, and pulls the spin behind in to the centre. Saha misses the ball, but Gosling doesn"t, shinning a shot in to the bottom-right corner, with Van der Sar once again all incompetent to change events. Unlike ITV, Sky didn"t cut to the ads.

77 min: Goodison is rocking. "What"s bread got to do with existentialism?" asks Jim Lewis, of the 63rd-minute curtsy to Franglais and Louis Malle.

79 min: Pienaar once again sails transparent down the left. He cuts the balll behind again, this time for the onrushing Arteta - who takes a uninformed air appropriate as Goodison was daydreaming of a purler from the dilemma of the area arrowing in to the tip corner.

80 min: Saha takes a shot on thought after the alarm had left for offside. Webb somersaults in, juggles 3 fiery batons, tells a integrate of jokes, sings a integrate of standards, and completes his show by brandishing a all unnecessary yellow card.

81 min: With boos that would put Anfield to shame, Goodison greets Michael Owen, who comes on for Valencia.

83 min: A dangerous free flog for United, usually to the left of the area, 35 yards out. Carrick"s smoothness is witless, never expected to kick the initial man.

84 min: Carrick right afar takes a directionless corner, the risk simply cleared. United haven"t forced Howard in to movement at all.

86 min: Gosling, bubbling down the right, tries to free Saha with a raking pass in to the centre, but hits it as well tough and forces the striker wide. That was half a possibility to hang this up for Everton, as United usually had dual men using behind with the Everton pair.

87 min: Osman nudges Rooney off the spin as the United striker races towards the Everton box. That"s a free-kick, and a yellow card, for once delivered but bitch by Webb. The ball"s placed usually to the right of centre, thirty yards out. Rooney stairs up and sends the spin curling towards the top-right dilemma at speed...

88 min: ... but the spin flicks off Distin"s head and misses by this much. It"s deflected afar for a corner, inches past the goalframe.

88 min and a bit: Pienaar is transposed by Rodwell.

90 min: WHAT A GOAL!!! WHAT A SUBSTITUTION!!! Everton 3-1 Manchester United. Rodwell takes the spin up in the centre, usually outward the centre circle. He races true towards goal, promulgation Brown afterwards Evans backpedalling out of control. Rodwell nudges the spin right once, twice, and afterwards a third time, entering the area afterwards shifting the calmest of shots in to the bottom-left corner. That unequivocally is a smashing goal. He"s requisitioned for receiving his shirt off in celebration. Thank you, my Fifa!

90 min + 1: There will be 4 combined mins of this, but, y"know.

90 min + 3: Saha scoots after a spin down the centre, but is knocked about to it by Van der Sar, who races miles from his area to head clear. Well, if Evans and Brown don"t pass muster...

AND THAT"S IT! Everton 3-1 Manchester United. That was a smashing game, and a deserved win for the home team. That thought from 18-year-old Rodwell... oh me, oh my. One for the video collection, right there.