Monday, July 19, 2010

Heroic soldier tells how he braved enemy fire to help his comrades

800AM GMT twenty March 2010

Serjeant Jaime Moncho Serjeant Jaime Moncho was awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his aplomb during the explosions Photo PA

Serjeant Jaime Moncho, of 2nd Battalion The Rifles, was giving justification at an inquisition on the same day it was voiced he had been awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his aplomb during the explosions.

His 2 Rifles comrades lost their lives nearby Sangin, Helmand Province, last Jul during Operation Panther"s Claw, in dual explosions.

Armed Forces Day aplomb in the skies Taliban targeting exposed car as an additional dual killed Australian infantryman awarded Victoria Cross for saving translator Mortally bleeding military officer Capt David Hicks demanded to lead infantry Gurkhas embrace Military Cross for Afghanistan aplomb

They were Corporal Jonathan ""Jay"" Horne, 28, from Walsall; Rifleman William Aldridge, 18, from Bromyard, Herefordshire; Rifleman James Backhouse, 18, from Castleford, West Yorkshire; Rifleman Joseph Murphy, 18, from Castle Bromwich; and Rifleman Daniel Simpson, 20, from Croydon, south London.

Rfn Aldridge, Rfn Backhouse and Rfn Simpson were strike in the initial blast. Cpl Horne and Rfn Murphy went to their assist and Rfn Murphy was carrying Rfn Simpson from the theatre when they were killed in the second blast.

The inquisition at Wiltshire Coroner"s Court, sitting at Trowbridge Town Hall, listened Sjt Moncho braved rivalry glow to go to the assist of his depressed comrades and organize an depletion of the injured.

The infantryman told the conference ""Once we got to the devalue ourselves, we could see by the gap, the casualties and where they were.

""At that theatre I listened a crack and a thump, a probable turn of small arms fire. At that time we had to delineate unequivocally fast a set of conflict orders.""

Coroner David Ridley praised the speed with that he took carry out of the incident and began treating casualties whilst underneath fire.

Mr Ridley told him ""It is comfortless that it (the medal) came out of this incident but you utterly righteously merit it.""

Sjt Moncho"s award reference reads ""His autarchic bravery in the face of the majority contrast of resources was model and his personal actions steadied all those around him.""

Captain Ross Hocking told the inquisition the role of the unit was ""a nod event really, to accumulate as most report as we could and correlate with the locals"".

He pronounced ""As we done the approach by the devalue it drops afar neatly downhill. It was at the bottom of the mountain where we listened an explosion at the behind of us.

""We only listened a large bang and saw the tip of a dust clouded cover from the bottom of the slope.""

The group came underneath small arms glow and pushed in to passed ground, prior to entrance behind to understanding with the initial call of casualties, he said.

Describing the scene, he pronounced ""As shortly as we walked behind by the opening in the wall there were multiform people lying on the building and flattering most everybody was assisting to sort out casualties.

""I could see one chairman not moving, on the floor. The volume of casualties would indicate a large explosion or several. There were dual craters possibly side of the opening in the wall.""

The men who were still able began assisting the casualties and removing them on to stretchers when the second explosion detonated.

Capt Hocking pronounced ""I looked in to the devalue to see a lot of bodies, a lot of people on the building and fundamentally it was something out of a movie really.""

The lamentation mothers of the five soldiers were between kin who were at the inquisition today.

They went on to launch the gift Afghan Heroes, to yield await for alternative family groups who find themselves in the same distressing situation.

The conference is due to finish after today.