Saturday, July 24, 2010

Master of mind games Jose Mourinho could not lose but might nonetheless still Chelsea

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Any disbelief that Jos Mourinho has his heart set on a lapse to English football was private by his last press discussion prior to Inter Milan faced Chelsea, a enlarged event in that he spoke so fondly about carrying been offering the England pursuit and how it had done him the proudest man in the world.

He contingency have enjoyed delivering his lines, home on their twin function, so liberally spooning the visitors sugarine whilst tendering a sour tablet for Fabio Capello, who took the pursuit Mourinho rejected, to swallow if he chose. It was as if, overpowering of the mutual wind-up with Carlo Ancelotti that had carried over from their San Siro rivalry, he had motionless to try the calm of an additional venerable Italian.

While we were idly wondering either Mourinho, had he been in assign of England a couple of weeks back, would have so resolutely private the inhabitant captaincy from John Terry, the Chelsea defender did his former physical education instructor an unconsidered favour, vouchsafing Diego Milito have space in that to give Inter an unfeasibly discerning goal. It seemed that the old sorcery still worked in these black-laced colours. And nonetheless Inter could not relieve Ancelottis Chelsea.

For a typically Italian team, personification at home, this lead had been a godsend. For a Mourinho team, likewise. But the incapacity of the Serie A leaders to carry out their Barclays Premier League equivalents in a colourful compare referred to that Ancelotti might come out on tip this time.

Chelsea knew to whom Inter would see in receive and each time the round went to Wesley Sneijder, at the front of a diamond, John Obi Mikel was on the Dutchman, with Michael Ballack ready to help. Mourinho felt thankful to shift his system.

Defensively, meanwhile, the Portuguese relied on a speculation that if Didier Drogba was not authorised to harm Inter, players such as Salomon Kalou could be less closely policed. For 45 mins it worked, but afterwards Mourinho perceived a large cut of fitness when Walter Samuel, who had been clambering over Drogba to great effect, clumsily brought down Kalou as the Chelsea man rebuilt to shoot.

Instead of a chastisement and a red label it would have been Samuels second in five days Manuel Enrique Mejuto González, the Spanish referee, ran away.

The afar idea afterwards came to Chelsea by Kalous frequency heralded virtuosity. And Inter had a response, Esteban Cambiasso giving Mourinho an value to move to his West London haunt.

Whatever his pre-game opening at Stamford Bridge, it can frequency compare this weeks masterpiece. In the light, he could not lose: if Inter got the top hand, he would be the might who had remade them from sequence Serie A champions to a side who could contest at the top turn in Europe and in the issue of an AC Milan better by Manchester United in the same stadium. If Chelsea had seized the initiative, they would have been pronounced to have benefited from his bequest.

So where will it be if he goes to England? The majority appropriate recommendation is that he wants majority to attain Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United but might have to solve for hostile the maestro Scot at Manchester City. There used to be speak of Liverpool but, until there is a mental condition takeover they cannot means him, or, to be some-more precise, the category of player he would want.

As for Chelsea, they have a fast government structure. For the moment.

Things might see opposite in May and you can gamble that Mourinho, whatever might have happened to Inter, will still be seeking good.