Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moroccan mosque shaft collapses, murdering 36

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At slightest 36 people have been killed and 71 harmed after the shaft of a ancestral 18th century mosque collapsed in the executive Moroccan city of Meknes during Friday prayers. Local officials pronounced the fee could worsen.

The shaft and piece of the roof tiles fell on the assemblage that had collected for the weekly prayer, a proprietor told the AFP headlines agency.

The mosque was packaged with worshippers at the time of the collapse. Apart from the Friday prayers, the true were additionally charity wake prayers for a defunct chairman whose physique was inside the mosque, one worshipper said.

According to Morocco"s interior ministry, the shaft defeated at 12.45 GMT. Rescuers primarily had difficulty sifting by waste as the mosque was in the congested and busy Old City and surrounded by high walls delineating the quarter.

The easily harmed were hospitalised in Meknes whilst those with critical injuries were taken to Fes, 60 kilometres (37 miles) north of the town. Fes is deliberate the devout collateral of the kingdom. The interior and eremite affairs ministers were at the site to manipulate rescue operations.

The tragedy at the Bab Berdieyinne mosque was the misfortune of the kind in the north African kingdom, whose cities and towns have very old buliding with buildings dating behind multiform centuries.

The mosque, built at the beginning of the countrys initial lady minister, Khnata Bent Bakkar, was assembled with rammed earth. Its soaring shaft was one of the landmarks of the town. King Mohammed VI has duration systematic the reformation of the shaft keeping to the strange form."