Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hidden Galaxy Photographed by Peeping Space Telescope


A turn universe that is customarily dark at the back of the ownMilky Way has come out of stealing in a new infrared picture from NASAs latestspace telescope.

The new print reveals a leggy vast appearance called IC342, infrequently well known as the dark galaxy, and was snapped by the WidefieldInfrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The WISE space telescope is mapping the sky inunprecedented item to find formerly unseenasteroids and alternative objects.

Stargazers and veteran astronomers typically have a difficulttime saying this universe by the Milky Ways splendid rope of stars, dust andgas, but WISEs infraredvision penetrates by this veil, charity a frail view.

In a turn universe similar to IC 342, dust and gas areconcentrated in the arms. The denser pockets of gas trigger the arrangement ofnew stars, that is represented in immature and yellow in the photo.

The core, shown in red, is additionally ripping with immature stars,which are heating up dust. Stars that crop up blue reside inside of the MilkyWay, in between us and IC 342.

This universe has been of good seductiveness to astronomers becauseof the relations vicinity to the planet. Yet, last the expect distancefrom Earth has proven formidable due to the inserted Milky Way.

The famous late astronomer Edwin Hubble, after whom theHubble Space Telescope is named, primary thought the universe competence go to ourown Local Group, a area of about 40 galaxies that includes the MilkyWay and Andromeda.But stream estimates right away place it over away, at about 6.6 to eleven millionlightyears.

This picture was done from observations by all 4 infrared detectors aboardWISE. Blue and cyan paint infrared light at wavelengths of 3.4 and 4.6microns, that is essentially light from stars. Green and red paint light at12 and twenty-two microns, that is essentially glimmer from comfortable dust.

NASA launched the WISE space telescope in Dec 2009. Itis approaching to finish the primary consult of the sky in the primary 6 monthsof the mission.

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