Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hundreds of AK-47s blank after weapons taken by Blackwater from U.S. and Afghan governments


The usually thing droll about this story is that Blackwater assumingly sealed for the guns utilizing the feign name "Eric Cartman," the repulsive small brat from South Park. Spencer Ackerman explains:

Employees of the CIA-connected in isolation security house Blackwater diverted hundreds of weapons, together with some-more than 500 AK-47 attack rifles, from a U.S. weapons fort in Afghanistan dictated to supply Afghan policemen, according to an review by the Senate Armed Services Committee. On at slightest one occasion, an particular claiming to work for the association apparently sealed for a weapons conveyance utilizing the name of a South Park animation character. And Blackwater has nonetheless to lapse hundreds of the guns to the military.

Sen. Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, plans hearings currently on the matter. Ackerman will cover the conference in a live blog for The Washington Independent.

Yesterday, Levin told Ackerman that Blackwater wasnt revelation the law about the weapons.

Not all of the guns perceived from Blackwater have been returned to the Afghan supervision and, according to cabinet staff, most usually began to be returned after staff approached the company...

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