Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Supernova Explosion Gets 3D Makeover


A star that died in a supernova blast has been resurrected by a group offorensic astronomers that has built a new 3D perspective of the longdead objectusing echoes of light.

Astronomers were means to arrange one of the initial 3D perspectives of thesupernova vestige Cassiopeia A by watching light that is reflected off ofinterstellar dust scatted via the Milky Way.

The supernova blast that combined Cassiopeia Aemitted light that reached Earth we estimate 330 years ago. But, a little of thatlight encountered astronomical traffic, reflecting off clouds of interstellar dust definition it is only right away reaching us on Earth [howlight echoes work].

This gloomy light is what astronomers rescued and used to emanate the newperspectives of Cassiopeia A from mixed angles.


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