Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seen the campaign

But who has actually seen the campaign? Has it been inserted into an advertising page of a newspaper? Has it been posted in the streets? No. Only certain: journalists and bloggers have been, Monday, February 22, a news agency advertising BDDP & Son referring to the launch "a campaign to shock young people" for the association rights of nonsmokers. On the basis of this press release that journalists have reported the information. They were also asked to account Regulatory Authority professional advertising (the ARPP). "There was no advertising campaign. The agency said he was in fact 15 000 cards distributed for acne nightclubs and bars in the Ile-de-France," said Joseph Besnainou, Director General of the ARPP.

But, faced with protests from associations and Nadine Morano, Secretary of State for Family, ARPP issued Thursday a statement calling for "immediate cessation of this campaign." Interference in editorial content as advertising actually existed only in articles that comment.

Friday, Rights of non-smokers and the agency BDDP & Son rubbed their hands, counting the "media effects" beyond their wildest dreams. The campaign was finally released that day in advertising and magazines Shock interview. What to give a minimum of reality if it wants to compete at the next International Festival of Cannes advertising from June 20 to 26, where the presence of campaigns "ghost" is regularly controversy.