Sunday, March 7, 2010


It is for investigators to carry out a mission that was entrusted to them by their prime minister, Gordon Brown, who demanded that shed light on the alleged use of British passports by men whom the authorities in Dubai suspected of being members of a team of Mossad who killed Mr. Mabhouh. Israel, whose ambassador to London was summoned by the Foreign Office refused to confirm or deny its responsibility in the death of Palestinian leader.


The Soca said that the interrogation will take place at the premises of the British Embassy in Tel Aviv confirmed that "Israeli authorities have been informed" of this procedure. Six other British passport holders also likely, according to Soca, have been "witnessed a crime," will be heard after their names have been mentioned among those fifteen new suspects released by the UAE police.

The Chief of Dubai Police, ensuring that its services have found fingerprints and DNA traces, said he worked ├ętraoite cooperation with European countries, Australia and the United States to investigate the authenticity of passports allegedly used in this case.

Quietly, in the shadow of a domineering XV of France, Britain traces his path for acne. His two victories in two games are the fifteenth of the Rose a Grand Slam contender. However, his game plan challenges at receiving Ireland. Good interviews provisions against Wales have been replaced with an Italian porridge rugby has alarmed the Channel. The tabloids do not hesitate to ask the head of Jonny Wilkinson, author of a performance unworthy of his rank. "Jonny is the custodian of our game and stay until the end of the Six Nations," dropped in retaliation coach Martin Johnson.