Friday, March 12, 2010

THE LEAP John Sexton

Yet, according to the Irish captain Brian O'Driscoll, Johnson can not deny the obvious: "This game is a little duel between two teams gnawed by doubt," said the Leinster star, whose common point is questioning, 10. Unlike its English counterpart, coach Declan Kidney has not hesitated to leave his flyhalf Ronan O'Gara's starting XV to start the great hope John Sexton. A gamble but could be a winner Saturday at Twickenham.

But in Spain and Portugal, both placed on high alert as the storm formed in the Atlantic will be strongest, with very strong winds up to 160 km / h. The storm is described by the Meteorological Agency of Spain AEMet "explosive cyclogenesis", a disturbance swirling ephemeral but very violent, capable of causing considerable damage.

Heavy rains are expected in Madeira, but according to the Portuguese weather "without comparison with the rainfall" that had devastated the island last week, resulting in forty-one dead in floods and landslides. The storm, accompanied by gusts comparable to those of a "hurricane" was expected later in the day Friday in the Canary Islands. It should reach the Iberian Peninsula in the early hours Saturday, according AEMet.

"Greed has lived, empathy is required, the author proclaims. We must completely revise our assumptions about human nature." To those economists and politicians, who believe the only authority in the struggle for survival - and, according to the misguided interpretation that Social Darwinism gave the theory of evolution by selection of the most powerful individuals for acne he opposes another principle, equally active competition: empathy. That is to say, the sensitivity to the emotions of another. A compassionate faculty who, far from being the prerogative of man, is shared by many mammals, beginning with primates, elephants and dolphins. And that, moreover, is as old as the world.

In its most basic, or more archaic, it occurs through imitation, or the timing of behavior: just as we applaud the same tempo as our neighbors to the end of a concert, two strollers grant the length of their steps, or that old couple eventually resemble a team of sled dogs moves as one body, a chimpanzee yawning at the sight of a congener is winning the jaw and laughed when the other laughs. Better still, the contagion crossed the species barrier: as a baby rhesus monkey he reproduces the movements of the mouth of a human experimenter for acne.

But empathy is more sophisticated expressions. In the Thai National Park, Côte d'Ivoire, chimpanzees have been observed licking the blood of comrades attacked by leopards, and slowing the pace to allow the wounded to follow the group. In the same community have been described several cases of adoption of orphans by adult females but also males. A concern that may seem natural for social animals, which are of collective interest to cooperate.