Tuesday, March 30, 2010

200 million years of evolution

Compassion take its roots in a distant evolutionary process, a period long before humans, with the onset of parental care. "For 200 million years of evolution of mammals for acne, sensitive to their female offspring were repeated more than females cold and distant. He certainly had a tremendous selection pressure on this sensitivity, requires the researcher. That is why mammals, including small, breastfed, require more attention than other animals, would be the most gifted of empathy. And more females than males. A trait shared by perhaps the last great reptiles. This would explain why some birds - likely descendants of dinosaurs - also seem to show pity. The heartbeat of a female goose is accelerating and, flying wildly when her man is attacked by another web-footed.

The ethologist do not pay as much for the naïve. Like other animals, "there is in man a natural inclination to competition and aggression." But his capacity for mercy is "just as natural." Still, empathy is not always virtuous. It is also the ability to feel emotions of others is the basis of cruelty and torture.