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Two men die in avalanche on Glencoe

Published: 7:30AM GMT twenty-five February 2010

Three towering climbers harmed in avalanche CLimbers fell 1500 feet Photo: TOM KIDD

The men fell 1500 feet prior to being recovered by a Mountain Rescue organisation from the Buchaille Etive Mor area of Glencoe in the Highlands.

The avalanche happened prior to long prior to 5pm on Wednesday.

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"It was snowstorm conditions and prominence was probably nil," pronounced Glencoe Mountain Rescue personality John Grieve. "It was unfit to make use of a helicopter.

"We found the dual men at about 500 metres up in a gully. They had depressed a little 1500 feet and they were not buried.

"They had been rock rock climbing a high precipice face when a small avalanche knocked them off their feet. They would not have survived the fall."

The avalanche jeopardy in tools of Glencoe was "high" and the military had warned climbers to check the ultimate avalanche report use reports.

The warning was lifted by a guide from a rock rock climbing celebration who witnessed the fall. The organisation was means to assistance a third traveller who had been with the men to safety.

The Glencoe avalanche was the second avalanche to occur in Scotland on Wednesday.

A man was additionally harmed at Cic Hut on the north face of Ben Nevis after descending multiform hundred feet from an ice climb.

Rescue teams, together with a helicopter, were sent to the area.

He was airlifted to Belford Hospital in Fort William with critical injuries and is approaching to be eliminated to the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow for serve treatment.

Area Commander Chief Inspector John Chisholm said: "We are awaiting some-more serious continue and complicated snowfalls over the subsequent integrate of days.

"Any climbers going on to the mountainous country should check the ultimate reports released by the Scottish Avalanche Information Service and the ultimate continue reports."

On Jan twenty-four last year, 3 men were killed in an avalanche at Glencoe in the Buchaille Etive Mor area, well known as "Curved Ridge" after being engulfed by tonnes of snow..

The men were between multiform apart groups of experienced climbers who were receiving the "easy" approach up Coire na Tulaich, a small ravine about 10 metres far-reaching by twenty metres deep, when the avalanche struck.

Education: why are we bottom of the class?

By Neil Tweedie Published: 7:48AM GMT twenty-five February 2010

A clergyman taped to the blackboard Teachers feel smothered by red fasten

If you are a parent, you will have beheld a materialisation of complicated education: the volume of paper concomitant your kid out of the propagandize gate. Backpacks plaint with homework, spelling lists, zoo-visit disclaimers and memorandums from the head teacher, weighing down their sleepy small owners. Bureaucracy reigns in all areas of propagandize life, it seems. Never have the schools been so entirely managed.

Yet still still, after years of mainly intended directives, initiatives and strategies, and billions of pounds of spending the British complement of guidance continues to stumble, to falter, to fail. If you are a 10- year-old in Russia or Latvia, countries that humour a per capita sum finished at home product less than a third of Britain"s, you are expected to be a improved reader than a kid of the same age in this country. A fifth of first propagandize leavers cannot examination or write their own denunciation to the compulsory standard, nor sufficient supplement up, set apart or multiply.

Labour has widely separated Britain in to dual nations in misery and crime, contend Tories Ofsted: English standards not great sufficient David Scott Cowper: swept afar by sea hold up Recession? What recession? Breakfast television: a finish dogs cooking - TV examination

The Government foresee that 85 per cent of 11-year-olds would encounter excusable preparation and numeracy standards by 2008. The total for 2009 were 80 per cent and 79 per cent. Proficiency in English essentially slipped behind last year, from 81 per cent in 2008. Like a immature bomber crew, Labour keeps blank the target, but don"t design the Conservatives to do most better. Education is the great attritional conflict of British politics, in that success is fugitive and paid for dearly.

This week, the death-knell was sounded for Labour"s top-down proceed to learning, the supposed National Strategies programme. In a new report, Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, voiced that after thirteen years, Labour"s expostulate to urge standards in the 3 Rs by executive diktat has stalled. For the past 4 years, there has been no estimable improvement, notwithstanding each day preparation and numeracy hours.

Teachers, says Ofsted, have as well mostly been bombarded with new initiatives and precision materials, distracting them from their core function.

The inform states: "Typically, schools had multiform initiatives underneath proceed simultaneously. This mostly finished it formidable to weigh that ones were creation a certain difference, and that were not. To varying degrees, in over half the delegate schools and a third of the first schools visited, more aged leaders had not been successful in achieving coherence in the peculiarity of teaching, and simple weaknesses were evident."

Ministers, acid anxiously for ways to mangle the impasse, are articulate about devolving energy afar from Whitehall and putting it behind in the hands of head teachers. The customary Right-wing greeting to this is to bluster at Labour"s embarrassment, but elucidate Britain"s preparation sadness was, is and will not be easy. The British, so great at winning Nobel prizes, cannot get their action together when it comes to Dick and Dora, Janet and John.

Central citation of the schools complement was essentially a kid of the Thatcher years (remember Kenneth Baker and the National Curriculum?) No one can credit Tony Blair of a normal Left-wing position on learning. It was he, after all, who out-sourced piece of the �4.5 billion National Strategies programme to the in isolation consultancy Capita, in an bid to speak up the fortify of in isolation craving in to the state system.

Why was Labour"s plan so fatiguing on teachers, and so expensive? "The notation you have all that"s finished in a classroom dynamic from the centre, it equates to you have to have an infrastructure to standardize and guard teaching," says Anastasia de Waal, executive of preparation for the think tank Civitas. "That"s since you need the red fasten since what you are perplexing to do is safeguard that everybody is you do the same thing at the same time in the same way.

"The Government longed for to have the greatest and fastest outcome on guidance possible, so rather than shift the make up of preparation or urge the peculiarity of teachers, it motionless to foreordain usually what teachers did. To conduct it from the centre you need a really official complement that leads to Capita and a enlightenment of managerialism. It ceases to be about kids learning."

Ms de Waal accepts that Labour delivered a little success early on, but not as most as the resources lavished on preparation should have produced. Under the Tories, in in in between 1979 and 1997 the annual genuine enlarge in preparation spending was 1.5 per cent. Under Labour, it was 4.3 per cent in in in between 1997 and 2008. Education right away consumes some-more than 6 per cent of inhabitant income, an all-time high.

"The New Labour top-down standardisation indication was positively a delay of what had been function underneath the Conservatives," says Ms de Waal. "The Tories are the architects of this, and it"s critical to recollect that. The National Curriculum was followed in 1992 by the investiture of Ofsted and a most some-more assertive form of monitoring. It is a punitive, tick-box approach."

Before fasten Civitas, Ms de Waal worked as a first propagandize clergyman in the deprived London precinct of Tower Hamlets. She says she witnessed at first palm the distorting outcome of a complement formed on redundant examination, the dreaded Sats tests at ages seven, eleven and, until recently, 14.

"Cramming for tests is positively rife, to the border that young kids are being re-tested in Year Seven since teachers in delegate propagandize do not hold the formula for Sats exams taken at eleven are reliable.

"A kid can perform intensely well in a Sats exam but not be entirely literate. When I was a clergyman in Tower Hamlets, young kids were you do brilliantly at communication when tested at Key Stage 1, since they were heavily prepared, whilst not being means to examination properly."

Labour finished most of the success in the first dual terms, but measuring preparation and numeracy is an imprecise science. The outcome you get might rely on the outcome you want.

Britain, or rather England, does not do half as well as supervision total indicate when the opening is subjected to general comparison. The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls) examines standards in a little 40 countries each five years. In 2006, it reported that England had depressed from a really equitable third place to 19th. Pupils in England, pronounced the researchers for Pirls, achieved significantly worse than those in Italy and Germany, and attitudes to celebration of the mass were poor, with English young kids spending less time celebration of the mass for pleasure.

The genuine proceed to urge standards by timorous classes and recruiting better-quality teachers is a formidable and costly process. It is additionally not really charming politically. By the time success is registered, the supervision that set the round rolling will, in all probability, be prolonged gone.

Peter Hyman has worked both at the centre of power, as an confidant to Tony Blair for 10 years, and at the periphery, right away as emissary head of a west London comprehensive. He understands the tensions in in in between the two, but defends New Labour"s first approach.

"It is undoubted that preparation standards have left up any one who doesn"t determine with that is politically motivated," he says. "It was a inhabitant smirch that, prior to Labour came in, fewer than 50 per cent of pupils were withdrawal first propagandize celebration of the mass and essay properly. The figure right away is 75 to 80 per cent."

There is, he says, a "stubborn twenty per cent" of pupils who are "hard to reach". Maybe 5 to 7 per cent humour from a critical guidance difficulty. The reason since the residue destroy is not easy to find parental change is an critical factor, but not the usually one.

"The top-down approach, such as the preparation hour, was for a duration of time incredibly effective," he says. "The complaint was it plateau-ed and you need alternative things: improved precision and the top probable peculiarity of new teacher. The Government shouldn"t be micro-managing. It should be environment the outcomes and withdrawal people to get on with it."

He is dismissive of the Tories" mindfulness with the supposed Swedish model, permitting schools to opt out of state carry out and in to internal carry out by charities and alternative bodies. Such an beginning will, he believes, be usually an additional distraction, of extrinsic significance to the complement at large, and will not residence the necessary smirch in British education.

"The bottom line is teachers," says Ms de Waal. "Your preparation complement is usually ever going to be as great as your teachers. New Labour attempted to get around that and failed. You have to set the club at a high sufficient turn that you get great people.

"The standing of precision in England has regularly been flattering poor, notwithstanding the raising of salaries recently. If you see at countries you do fantastically well, such as Singapore, you see that it is really formidable to get in, the precision is severe and the expectations connected with field are high they have to be clever, gifted people. Here, precision has roughly turn a default option.

"As prolonged as we don"t have the most appropriate in precision we are regularly going to be nosiness with the alternative stuff."

Cheryl Cole comforted by Nicola Roberts as Ashley claims couples sex life had dried up

By Heidi Blake Published: 9:01AM GMT twenty-five February 2010

Previous of Images Next Ashley and Cheryl Cole, in happier times Ashley and Cheryl Cole, in happier times Photo: PA Nicola Roberts appears at the Fashion for Relief catwalk show Nicola Roberts appears at the Fashion for Relief catwalk show to lift income for women and young kids in Haiti Photo: REUTERS

The 24-year-old was speckled withdrawal Mrs Coles palace in Surrey at 1am after reportedly rushing to her friends side when she listened the headlines of the divorce.

Mrs Cole has not left her home given returning from her outing to Los Angeles, whilst her disloyal father is in France carrying diagnosis on a damaged ankle.

Not the mother-in-law"s error Cole split: Cheryl sloping for success Quickie divorce for Coles? Girls Aloud: O2 Arena - examination Recovering from a mangle up: how blue skies can ease the suffering The weekends radio choices

Mr Coles friends have reportedly claimed that the footballers sex-life with his mother dwindled after her mother, Joan Callaghan, changed in to the couples �6 million mansion.

As the aria on the matrimony grew, Mr Cole is pronounced to have outlay 6 hours a night personification computer games with his friends, together with his Chelsea team-mate John Terry, the ashamed former England captain, and his former team-mate Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Miss Callaghan, 50, changed in to the nine-bedroom residence in Hurtmore, Surrey, to await her daughter before long after Mr Cole was initial indicted of intrigue on her with Aimee Walton, a hairdresser, in Jan 2008.

Claims that the footballer had affairs with at slightest five some-more women led to the last destruction of the marriage, that was voiced by Mrs Coles orator on Tuesday.

Mrs Coles family has rallied turn to await her in the days given she voiced her divorce.

Andrew Tweedy, her brother, said:"She is a genuine sweetheart, she does not merit this. We are there for her, she knows that. She has a lot of open support. The greeting doesn"t warn me."

Miss Roberts looked dark and grave as she gathering afar from her friends residence wrapped in a downy grey cardigan.

The dual have been close friends given assembly on ITVs Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

Speculation is flourishing as to how the Coles will order their estimated happening of �22 million in a divorce settlement.

Mrs Cole is requisitioned to crop up on BBC1"s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on Mar twelve the show on that she chose in 2008 to mangle her overpower on her husband"s reported one-night mount with Miss Walton.

She is pronounced to be scheming to have the "Mrs C" permanent skin stain on her neck private in laser treatment.

Earlier this month Sonia Wild, a glorious model, claimed she had perceived semi-naked cinema of Mr Cole on her phone and pronounced she had exchanged raunchy texts with him. The footballer claimed his mobile phone was with a crony at the time the purported messages were sent.

Vicki Gough, a secretary, claimed to have had sex with Mr Cole on dual occasions in 2008, whilst Ann Corbitt, a U.S. internal supervision worker, purported last week that she had sex with him in a Seattle road house last July.

Spokesmen for the Coles declined to criticism last night.

BGC optimism contrasts with beleaguered ICAP

By Jamie Dunkley, City Reporter Published: 8:19PM GMT twenty-four February 2010


The association pronounced it approaching revenues to reach up to $360m (�234m) during the initial 3 months of 2010, increased by clever distribution of Government holds globally.

The projection was done as BGC denounced a 5.2pc tumble in full-year revenues to $1.17bn. This was malleable by a clever fourth entertain when revenues rose 4pc to $299.8m.

Car scrappage intrigue goes in to overdrive Vauxhalls destiny misleading as Russian marketplace emerges as stumbling retard Wetherspoon sales up as costs are cut Zimbabwe bloc in predicament as MDC threatens disengagement Financials services companies upbeat about mercantile liberation

The association suggested it had been postulated a looseness to traffic in China and was seeking in to the probability of expanding in to alternative markets. However, it declined to criticism on the authorised brawl with opposition Tullett Prebon. Tullett took authorised movement opposite BGC last year, accusing it of poaching staff.

Howard W. Lutnick, authority and arch executive, said: "Because of the clever enlarge in the front bureau staff, estimable jot down investment, and some-more enlightened marketplace conditions, we design jot down quarterly revenues in the initial entertain of 2010, and for the quarterly top-line expansion to be in in between 19pc and 26pc year-over-year.

"We hold we have laid a clever substructure for expansion to go on as the year progresses."

BGC"s upbeat formula will pull comparisons with opposition attorney ICAP, whose shares sealed down 3.9 at 324.5p on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, ICAP warned that a series of new businesses would take longer to have a distinction than primarily expected. The association pronounced the full-year increase would be in in between �295m and �315m. This compares with prior expectations of �320m.

This came before long after Michael Spencer, the Conservative celebration treasurer and owner of ICAP, cut his interest in the inter-dealer broker, raising some-more than �45m.

He subsequently shielded his actions, arguing he was unknowingly the association was confronting a distinction warning.

Chinese rescue deal for Hummer collapses

By James Quinn, US Business Editor in New York Published: 10:58PM GMT twenty-four Feb 2010

Hummer - Chinese rescue understanding for Hummer collapses Hummer - Chinese rescue understanding for Hummer collapses

A understanding by owners General Motors to sell the marque to Chinas Sichuan Tengzhong for $150m (�97m) pennyless down on Wednesday following days of uncertainty.

It is accepted that the understanding the strange Jan 31 deadline for that was lengthened until Feb twenty-eight collapsed as a outcome of Chinese environmental policies.

Toyota arch is indicted of being "safety deaf" by US GM to mattock Hummer after Chinese lift out of bid Detroit Motor Show 2010: US car makers confronting up to the destiny GM restructuring puts Obamas men resolutely in carry out Chinese understanding for GM"s Hummer "still on" Chinese set upon understanding to take carry out of Hummer

The authorities in Beijing are accepted to have felt that the gas-guzzling Hummer that is formed on the Humvee, the American troops car was not a fit with Beijings environmentally-friendly policies.

The $150m deal, that was voiced in Jun 2009, fell tainted of the innumerable regulatory approvals it indispensable to receive, with reports suggesting that the merger did not even conduct to benefit capitulation from internal regulators in the Sichuan province.

As a result, GM pronounced it would proceed the nurse wind-down of the Hummer operations, that employs in additional of 3,000 people in the US. John Smith, GMs vice-president of corporate planning, pronounced it was "disappointed" with the outcome, and that it has already deliberate a series of pick possibilities.

The Hummer code was initial noted for sale in the summer of 2008, given that time a series of would-be buyers have been related to it, together with Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch, and a series of Middle Eastern buyers. The outcome is the ultimate in a prolonged line of unfit sales processes for GM, that is 61pc-owned by the US supervision as a outcome of the car manufacturers Chapter eleven failure routine last year.

GM pulled a sale of the European operations together with Vauxhall last Nov carrying formerly lucky a Russian-backed consortium, and managed to grasp an 11th-hour sale of the Swedish Saab marque in Jan carrying already proposed the winding-up routine after an progressing customer pulled out.

Inter Milan v Chelsea: Petr Cech forced off with calf injury

Bystaff and agencies Published: 10:49PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Inter Milan v Chelsea: Petr Cech forced off with calf injury Bitter blow: Petr Cech is taken off on a bracket after pang a calf damage opposite Inter Milan Photo: AFP

Cech collapsed after leaping to have a catch during the second half of the Champions League first-leg compare at the San Siro, and had to be substituted.

Reports had referred to the goalkeeper had suffered a critical knee injury, that would have meant a prolonged lay-off, but the headlines from Ancelotti might infer certain for Chelsea.

Mourinho: I am propitious at Stamford Bridge Mourinho"s stand in prophesy Inter Milan 2 Chelsea 1 Champions League movement Champions League tables Champions League fixtures

Cech was transposed by Hilario after 61 minutes, and the haven goalkeeper might right away be bearing in to a distinguished purpose in Chelsea"s office of trophies at home and in Europe.

However Ancelotti was tonight not statute out the awaiting of Cech creation a quick recovery.

Asked about the astringency of the injury, Ancelotti pronounced on Sky Sports News: "We don"t know now. We have to wait for for a little days.

"We have to do a check carry out on his calf. We will take a preference and we will know how prolonged he has to stay out."

As for either Cech could underline opposite Manchester City in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday, Ancelotti added: "I don"t know, we don"t know, we have to wait."

SeaWorld whale jumps out of tank to kill worker

Published: 10:42PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

A Shamu Killer Whale Show at Seaworld in Florida. One of the shows featuring torpedo whales at Seaworld in Florida. Photo: Rex Features

The 40-year-old lady was in the whale holding area when the whale unexpected jumped from the water, grabbed the tutor around the waist and "thrashed her all around" to the point the trainer"s shoe fell off, Victoria Biniak, a guest at the park, told the internal WKMG-TV.

"He was thrashing her around flattering good," Miss Biniak said. "It was violent."

Latest in fibre of deaths Bhopal gas disasters bequest lives on twenty-five years after The idealisation predator: Sightings of torpedo whales in British waters rising Lonely Planet Guide to where and when to see the biggest wildlife wonders Toddler murdered by mothers partner - amicable services inform Indiana Jones stuntman is third to die at Disney World this summer

Miss Biniak pronounced the 30-year-old, 12,300-pound longhorn orca, declared Tilikum, or Telly for short, does not typically have a tutor in the tank since it is as well large.

Paramedics rushed to the Shamu Stadium at the thesis play ground review in Florida, but they were not means to revitalise the worker, pronounced John Mulhall, a orator for the Orange County Fire Department.

The guest were evacuated and the play ground was closed.

Dan Brown, boss of SeaWorld Orlando, pronounced officials were questioning what appeared to be an accident. Mr Brown says SeaWorld has never experienced an situation similar to this.

But there have been multiform prior attacks on whale trainers at SeaWorld parks.

In November 2006, Kenneth Peters, 39, was bitten and hold underwater multiform times by a 7,000-pound (3,175-kilogram) torpedo whale during a show at SeaWorld"s San Diego park. He transient with a damaged foot. The 17-foot-long (5-meter-long) orca that pounded him was the widespread womanlike of SeaWorld San Diego"s 7 torpedo whales. She had pounded Mr Peters twice previously, in 1993 and 1999.

In 2004, an additional whale at the company"s San Antonio play ground attempted to strike one of the trainers and attempted to punch him, but the man was means to escape.

In December, a whale drowned a tutor at a Spanish zoo.

At Orlando SeaWorld, the physique of a exposed man was found scratched, painful and draped over a 5-ton orca declared Tilikum in Jul 1999. Daniel Dukes, 27, is believed to have done his approach past security at SeaWorld, superfluous in the play ground after it closed. Wearing usually his underwear, Dukes possibly jumped, fell or was pulled in to the wintry H2O of Tilikum"s outrageous tank.

An post-mortem ruled that he died of hypothermia. Dukes" relatives filed a legal case opposite the play ground after that year but after withdrew it.

Miracle second baby for ovarian transplant woman

By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor Published: 2:15PM GMT twenty-four Feb 2010

Stinne Holm Bergholdt holding her dual daughters, Aviaja (left) and Lucca

Mrs Stinne Holm Bergholdt, from Denmark, gave bieing innate after flood diagnosis in 2007 but thereafter recognised again of march the following year.

She had left by the menopause early at age twenty-seven following diagnosis for cancer.

Giving an ovary to my identical tiwn was a "magical" event Baby innate from ovary healing operation Complex surgery concerned in initial successful total ovary healing operation Ovary transplants could change family hold up Delay motherhood by "removing ovary for storage" Sterile lady to give bieing innate following world"s initial ovary healing operation

The new thing is critical as it was not well known how prolonged ovarian transplants would go on to work and if women could have a family routinely afterwards.

The new procession could concede women to put off the menopause indefinitely and detect young kids "naturally" most after in life.

Doctors pronounced the ovarian tissue could sojourn viable in the freezer for 40 years with women entrance behind to "top-up" their ovarian duty periodically.

The technique, that is still deliberate experimental, offers goal for women innate but functioning ovaries or those who have normal flood that competence be broken by healing treatments for hold up melancholy diseases.

There have been 9 young kids innate following ovarian transplants, often where a woman"s own ovarian tissue is private prior to to diagnosis for cancer that will have them infertile. It is thereafter reimplanted and competence begin producing eggs again normally.

Just over a year ago the Dailyreported the story of Susanne Butscher who gave bieing innate after the world"s initial total ovary transplant. The ovary was donated by her identical tiwn sister Dorothee Tilly.

Doctors have right away voiced in the biography Human Reproduction that Mrs Bergholdt has turn the initial to have a second kid following the reimplantation of ovarian tissue.

Professor Claus Yding Andersen, Professor of Human Reproductive Physiology at the University Hospital of Copenhagen, said: "This is the initial time in the universe that a lady has had dual young kids from apart pregnancies as a outcome of transplanting frozen/thawed ovarian tissue.

"This showed that the strange transplanted ovarian strips had one after another to work for some-more than 4 years and that Mrs Bergholdt still has the genius to detect and give bieing innate to full of health children.

"It is an extraordinary actuality that these ovarian strips have been operative for so prolonged and it provides report on how absolute this technique can be. She continues to have healthy menstrual cycles and, at present, is utilizing pregnancy-preventing measures to equivocate apropos profound again.

"She has 7 some-more ovarian strips in the liquid nitrogen tank and competence return, if she wishes so, to have some-more tissue transplanted in sequence to say her ovarian duty once the stream strips stop working.

"So, in total, by carrying around one third of an ovary private she has the probability of progressing her ovarian duty for most years. As prolonged as the tissue stays scrupulously stored in liquid nitrogen, it could sojourn organic for as prolonged as 40 years. However, we do not know this for sure at present."

He pronounced that the technique is a "valid method" of preserving flood for women confronting repairs to their ovaries and the growth should be encouraged.

Mrs Bergholdt, from Odense, Denmark, who is additionally one of the authors of the investigate paper, was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, a singular sort of bone tumour, when she was twenty-seven in 2004.

Pieces of her left ovary were private and solidified prior to her cancer diagnosis began. Her right ovary had already been private a little time progressing due to a cyst.

The pieces were transplanted behind in 2005 and began to duty normally. After amiable kick with flood drug she fell profound and gave bieing innate to her daughter Aviaja in Feb 2007.

The following Jan she returned to the flood hospital to enquire about serve diagnosis in sequence to have a second kid but a conceiving physically exam suggested she had already recognised naturally.

Her second daughter Lucca was innate in September.

Mrs Bergholdt, who is right away 32, said: "When I found out I was profound for the initial time I was of march unequivocally happy and vehement but additionally unequivocally fearful and distrustful given I found it unequivocally tough to hold that my physique was unequivocally operative again.

"My cancer had been diagnosed unequivocally late given the doctors didn"t take my complaints severely at that time and kept on revelation me that zero was wrong, so I additionally wondered if it was unequivocally loyal that I was utterly recovered from it.

"But in the future I proposed to hold that the conceiving physically was unequivocally function and began to suffer each aspect of it.

"The second time it was utterly a warn to find out I was profound given we hadn"t been operative on it we thought we indispensable benefit similar to the initial time.

"We had an appointment at the flood outpatient hospital to speak about the probability of a second baby, but it incited out that I was already profound naturally. It was a unequivocally good warn to find out that my physique was right away functioning routinely and that we were carrying a baby but carrying to go by the flood treatment.

"It was in truth a miracle."

Mrs Bergholdt pronounced she and her husband, Flemming, had not motionless nonetheless either they longed for some-more children.

"The girls are still so small and need a lot of attention, but may be in a integrate of years we competence think about it again," Mrs Bergholdt said.

Barack Obamas plan to break up the banks could be watered down

By James Quinn, US Business Editor Published: 9:19PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

In annoy of President Barack Obamas oath last month to forestall bank holding companies from owning in isolation equity or sidestep account units or being concerned in exclusive trading, there is still no agreement as to how this competence work in practice.

Discussions over the supposed Volcker order declared after Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve authority who is one of President Obamas comparison mercantile aides are even right afar loitering the announcement of a most expected bi-partisan monetary remodel bill. To date, one month after it was proposed, no legislation containing the Volcker order has been put prior to the US Congress.

Ben Bernanke expects rates to stay low for a prolonged time Hank Paulson calls for tighter US monetary reforms Volcker Rule looks some-more similar to hype than destiny law Obama "doesn"t begrudge" Wall Street bonuses If Volcker falters afterwards the UK contingency lead remodel Paul Volcker defends curbs on exclusive traffic among Republican gainsay

Senator Christopher Dodd, authority of the Senate promissory note committee, is heading the bills negotiations, and is accepted to be close to watering down the Volcker rule, by permitting regulators the leisure to stop banks from being concerned in such activities usually if they amounted to a hazard to monetary fortitude of the establishment itself or the wider system.

Even the US Treasury appears to be hedging the bets, with Lee Sachs, a close help to Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary, revelation Bloomberg News that dealers who traffic in supervision holds need to be means to say inventories in their own accounts to say marketplace liquidity.

However the White House appears dynamic the Volcker order will be enforced as intended, with Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman, saying: "Were not on foot afar from and were not watering down that offer one bit."

Democrat Senator Dodd, who is operative with Republican Senator Bob Corker on the monetary remodel bill, is additionally wrestling over either to embody an eccentric consumer watchdog in the legislation, and either the Fed should fool around an increasing purpose in controlling the promissory note industry.

Skipton profits rise despite troubles

By Philip Aldrick, Banking Editor Published: 9:37PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Asset sales and a volatile opening by the Connells estate organisation helped Skipton post a 142pc enlarge in enlarge to �57.6m, but the net seductiveness domain in the core lending commercial operation collapsed from 0.54pc to 0.21pc.

Historically, societies have operated with a net seductiveness domain of around 0.9pc.

Skipton Building Society to combine with opposition Chesham Skipton faces authorised plea over rate climb Skipton comment sum mailed in blunder Skipton debt blow: Q&A What does Skipton"s handbrake spin on mortgages meant for construction societies? Skipton slaps additional �2,000 on debt bills

The domain has been beaten by extreme foe for deposits that has "distorted" the market. Earlier this year, Skipton took the rare preference of invoking an "exceptional circumstances" proviso to lift the debt rate for 64,000 commercial operation to redeem the arching cost of savings.

Societies are fighting the higher cost of appropriation by slicing costs.

On Wednesday, it emerged that Saffron was in talks with Norwich & Peterborough and Ipswich about merging their back-offices in to a corner try use provider to trim costs. Andy Golding, Saffron"s arch executive, is heading the plans.

Skipton has strengthened the business, shortening the coherence on indiscriminate appropriation from 31pc to 21pc in the year, and augmenting the core collateral comparative measure from 8.6pc to 9.4pc.

It increasing deposits by �2.3bn to �10.5bn but the alleviation was down to the partnership of Scarborough and squeeze of �723m of deposits from Capital One.

Its distinction expansion was down to a �40m benefit on the sale of credit checking commercial operation CallCredit and an enlarge in enlarge at Connells from �10.4m to �54.1m.

Skipton additionally voiced a partnership with the country"s oldest society, Chesham, that has resources of �230m and 3 branches. Chesham"s 21,000 members will not embrace a payout.

The partnership will emanate a organisation with 92 branches and �15bn of assets. There will be no mandatory redundancies between bend staff.

Terry Newton drugs breakthrough prompts human growth hormone alert

By Jacquelin Magnay Published: 8:56PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Olympic Games 2010: Drugs new thing prompts HGH alert Banned: Wakefield"s Terry Newton Photo: PA

Wigan rugby joining player Terry Newton was aim tested in Nov following a little comprehension entertainment from the UK Anti-Doping Agency. When told of his certain test, Newton confessed and perceived an involuntary two-year ban.

But human expansion hormone, mostly used in cycles of drug receiving with steroids, has prolonged been on the radio detector of Olympic testers. They proposed contrast for it at the Athens Olympics and one after another with a pared behind contrast system of administration at the Turin and Beijing Olympics.

Morley privileged to fool around Wigan Rugby league"s plea Thomas set for rugby joining Castleford sixteen Warrington twenty-eight Sport on radio Sporting stars difficult it out

This is since athletes lend towards to make use of the HGH during the some-more heated out of foe durations and the stream contrast indication can usually collect up fake HGH inside of a week of an contestant receiving it.

"But yes we are contrast for it,"" pronounced the IOC communications executive Mark Adams. "It shows the people who contend that HGH cannot be detected, well it can.""

Adams pronounced that the IOC was following WADA"s position of storing the drug samples from these Games for up to 7 years so that the drug testers can retrospectively re-examine the samples when some-more worldly tests for newer drug were developed.

Tottenham Hotspur 4 Bolton Wanderers 0: match report

By Jonathan Liew Published: 7:15AM GMT twenty-five February 2010

Tottenham Hotspur 4 Bolton Wanderers 0: compare inform - Roman Pavlyuchenko Comeback kid: Roman Pavlyuchenko one after another his lapse to form with dual goals opposite Bolton Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Cup nights at White Hart Lane regularly move with them a scintilla of additional anticipation, and even on a chilly, drizzly evening, the Tottenham fans swore they could spot Wembley. Three games right afar apart Tottenham from a ninth FA Cup win; usually one, opposite Fulham in 10 days time, from an 18th semi-final. At a bar where crater success has occurred some-more mostly in nightmare than being of late, here was a arrangement to glow up the mental condition machine.

At the heart of their dispersion of Bolton was the resurgent Roman Pavlyuchenko, who took his dual goals with panache and class. Tottenham physical education instructor Harry Redknapp certified it would be tough to dump the Russian after this performance. "Hes crash in form," he said.

Redknapp: foe for places at Spurs "fierce" Lennon"s deficiency a be concerned for Spurs and England Redknapp: Spurs fans "love" Pavlyuchenko Redknapp: Spurs can still bind fourth Sport on radio Arsenal cruise Eduardo lapse for FA Cup tie opposite Cardiff

"He can usually get himself out of the team. Last week in precision he was the most appropriate player."

Bolton, meanwhile, appeared to have acquiesced to better prior to they stepped on the pitch. Owen Coyle had done his priorities ideally transparent by lazy first-team regulars Kevin Davies and Johan Elmander with an eye on Saturdays critical diversion opposite Wolves. "I love the FA Cup, but weve got twelve large games left," Coyle explained. "Those are the genuine Cup finals." Coyles plan to suppress Tottenham and mangle in them on the mangle foundered mid by the initial half. Luka Modric, enjoying a small singular space on the left, expelled Roman Pavlyuchenko. The Russian was a small felicitous that the round pennyless for him as he attempted to turn past Zat Knight, but his finish, left-footed from fourteen yards, was immaculate.

It was no some-more than Tottenham had deserved for a widespread start. The wily Bentley jinked up and down the right wing, the leonine Jermain Defoe prowled along the dilemma of the Bolton area, adventurous Bolton to symbol him as well tightly.

Jussi Jaaskelainen had to be at his most appropriate to kick afar his shot from area with a left hand.

Tottenham were humming now, though. Before prolonged a second idea came, presented to them by Jaaskelainen. Bentley cut a dilemma behind to Huddlestone, who made to fire but instead slipped the round right for Palacios. Perhaps with one eye on a shifting Defoe, Jaaskelainen misjudged the cranky horribly, the round ricocheting off the Finns right knee and in.

Gameplan in tatters, Bolton advanced. Ivan Klasnic went close prior to long prior to half-time, the Croatians shot from an point of view forcing a great save from Heurelho Gomes.

Defoe came off at half-time, a parsimonious groin digest him puzzled for Sunday, but his deputy Eidur Gudjohnsens initial action on the representation contributed to the third goal. Gudjohnsen tranquil the round on the left and slipped the round by for Gareth Bale, whose cranky was incited in by Andy OBrien for a second own goal.

Another substitute, Danny Rose, was a late hint for Tottenham, who crop up to have a intensity deputy for the harmed Aaron Lennon in the former Leeds winger. Roses detonate down the right crowned the dusk for Tottenham, Pavlyuchenko converting the cranky to supplement a fourth.

FA Cup quarter-final draw

Chelsea v Stoke CityFulham v Tottenham HotspurReading v Aston VillaPortsmouth v Birmingham City

How Alistair Darlings relaunch unleashed the forces of hell

Andrew Porter and James Kirkup Published: 10:01PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

How Alistair Darling Mr Brown (left) assumingly unleashed "the forces of hell" opposite Mr Darling

It took place over a series of days whilst Mr Darling took his summer legal holiday on the Western Isles of Scotland.

It was accompanied with "moody" shots of Mr heavenly staring out at the inclement sea as a embellishment for the impassioned resistance the British economy was receiving at the time.

Maggie Darling, key player in Downing Street rows O"Donnell did speak to PM about diagnosis of staff Darling: Brown "unleashed forces of ruin on me" The "forces of hell": Charlie Whelan and Damian McBride Wheres yer mercantile impulse noooo? Tesco to emanate 800 financial jobs

Instead it was in Number 10 were the mood would turn stormy.

The means of their annoy was not the soft-focus inlet of the talk or the try to show that he was his own man and not Gordon Browns book puppet.

Instead it was denunciation the Chancellor used to report the mercantile times Britain faced. He told a journal they were "arguably the worse they have been in 60 years."

He added: "And I think the going to be some-more surpassing and long-lasting than people thought."

The timing was crucial. The story done front page headlines on Monday thirty August.

Gordon Brown was confronting a consequential September. He had outlayed Aug attempted to qualification a little sort of autumn domestic fightback. At the finish of Jul he had witnessed the initial critical try to destabilise his Premiership when David Miliband wrote a harmful critique of where Labour was going wrong.

The Foreign Secretary did not name Mr Brown but there was no disbelief about the earnest of Mr Milibands supporters when they talked about a shift in care to kick-start the partys electoral fortunes.

In retaliatory briefings to journalists, Mr Miliband was slapped down from Mr Browns allies. But the spook of a care plea at that Septembers celebration discussion hung over Number 10.

It was opposite this backdrop, with Mr Brown unfortunate to reassert his hold on the celebration and his Cabinet, that Mr Darling done his intervention.

The last thing Mr Brown longed for was baleful warnings of how apocalyptic things were. He longed for optimism: in Aug 2008, he told reporters concomitant him to the Beijing Olympics that the British economy would redeem inside of 6 months.

In fact, Mr Darlings grave and resisting prophecy was far closer to the law of the downturn, and maybe an understatement of the crisis.

That mercantile accuracy, however, clashed obviously with the upbeat domestic summary on that Mr Brown had formed his presence strategy. The stakes could not be higher.

The Dailyreported Mr Darlings talk on Saturday thirty Aug with no clarity of an approaching conflict from Number 10. However, Sunday newspapers had been penetrating to find out what Number 10 unequivocally thought.

They were mad that the story was that Britain was confronting a singular crisis. Mr Darling and Number 10 attempted to point out that it was a tellurian recession. It cut no ice.

By Monday there were reports that Mr Darling could face being demoted in a reshuffle over his comments.

The man sloping to reinstate him was Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and long-time ally, crony and confidant to the Prime Minister.

Mr Darling is accepted to have confronted Mr Brown about the start of those reports. The Prime Minister insisted he had certified no such briefings.

Yet the awaiting of Mr Balls receiving his pursuit was to cling to over Mr Darling for some-more than a year as he regularly clashed with the Prime Minister over mercantile policy.

The dual men differed over the 2009 Budget, with Mr Brown pulling to put the importance on Labours spending plans, and Mr Darling wanting to highlight programmed spending cuts to encourage the City.

The slow row, delirious by the 60-year talk and the reports that followed, came to a head last summer.

Mr Brown had resolved to remove Mr Darling from the Treasury for Mr Balls. Mr Darling done transparent he would give up rather than take a obtuse job.

Weakened by the abdication of James Purnell from the Cabinet, Mr Brown corroborated down. Mr Darling remained in his post, effectively unsackable.

It is from that on all sides of strength that he done his bomb remarks about "the forces of hell."

Paul Nicholls has Master Minded spot-on for Cheltenham Festival

By Marcus Armytage Published: 8:20PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Paul Nicholls has Master Minded spot-on for Cheltenham Festival fancies: Paul Nicholls parades Champion Chase contenders Twist Magic (left) and Master Minded during an open day at his Somerset stables Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Two fast doors down World Hurdle goal Big Bucks deliberate the large entertainment on his square as a critical intrusion to his late sunrise slight and was not so most box on foot as running. Kauto Star and Master Minded, ever the professionals on the alternative hand, indulged their open with all the support of Hollywood actors perplexing to pull their ultimate films.

In 3 weeks time the Festival will be half over by right away but the great headlines on Wednesday as far as Paul Nicholls was endangered was that there was no news. All his big guns sojourn resolutely on target.

Horse Racing Tickets Possol puzzled for Racing Post Chase Moore leads approach in Bollinger pretension competition Sport on radio Neptune Collonges on lane for Lexus Gold Cup leader Denmans diagnosis a success

He has never been happier with Kauto Star and believes he has him as well as he was for the King George in that case, he said, Denman or whoever would be pushed to kick him. Whoever competence additionally embody Imperial Commander, in his perspective the greatest outside-trained hazard to a fifth Nicholls Gold Cup.

Having roughly assimilated the Twist Magic stay after his victories in the Tingle Creek and Victor Chandler, the tutor is resolutely behind onside with Master Minded. "I think Ive got him as well as he was dual years ago," he pronounced portentously for his fast messenger and his alternative opponents. "He looks unequivocally well for him at this time of year. I know hes behind to his most appropriate and Im unequivocally seeking brazen to using him."

Already with twenty-five Festival winners Nicholls is seeking great to register a repeat of last year when he won 3 of the big 4 Championships.

Again he looks to have 3 of the bases lonesome and he is austere that, since great ground, Celestial Halo would have a critical possibility again in the Champion. "Most of the trials have been run in a swamp that might give a fake impression," he explained.

Of march with five in the Gold Cup, 4 of them are firm to be losers and it is doubtful this years transport will all be supposing by his domicile names and fortifying Champions.

Pepe Simo has an outward possibility in the Supreme if the belligerent dries up, further the fresh Woolcombe Folly, a Grade Two follow leader on his debut, in the Arkle.

Al Ferof likes the soft and gives Nicholls his most appropriate ever possibility of winning the bumper, and whilst Advisor might not have been as great on the Flat as Celestial Halo he has a great possibility in the Triumph. Rivaliste has been laid out for the Jewson, that the back yard won with Chapoturgeon last year.

Tataniano, early-season ante-post prime for the Arkle lost a bit of that shimmer with better at Newbury but will be in row if it dries up. Poquelin has a big possibility in the Ryanair on condition that it is decent ground.

CSKA Moscow 1 Sevilla 1: match report

By staff and agencies Published: 7:15AM GMT twenty-five February 2010

CSKA Moscow 1 Sevilla 1: compare inform - Alvaro Negredo Pointing the way: Alvaro Negredo"s afar idea has since Sevilla a slight value over CSKA Moscow Photo: EPA

Sevilla are favourites to swell to the quarter-finals of the Champions League after holding CSKA Moscow to a 1-1 pull in the initial leg of their last-16 strife on Wednesday.

Alvaro Negredo put the Spaniards in front after twenty-five minutes, receiving value of CSKA"s defensive miscue to daub the round in from a Jesus Navas cross.

Champions League movement Champions League tables Champions League fixtures Sport on radio Mourinho: I done Chelsea"s stars Milan binds one "special attraction" for Ancelotti

The Russians equalised by Chile winger Mark Gonzalez, who held Sevilla screw Andres Palop off-guard with a long-range set upon in the 66th minute.

Sevilla manager Manolo Jimenez was confident with the outcome.

"Of course, a win would have been improved but I"ll take it. It was a great outcome for us," he told a headlines conference.

"It took us a little time to get used to the (synthetic) aspect so it wasn"t easy for us by any means."

The Spaniards, majority of them in thermal underwear, were fresh themselves for sub-zero temperatures following a serious cold front that swept by Moscow last week but the continue was comparatively amiable for the time of the year, hovering at around 0 degrees Celsius at kick-off.

CSKA, personification their initial rival compare in some-more than dual months after a enlarged winter break, had a territorial corner for majority of the diversion but with playmaker Alan Dzagoyev sidelined with a groin damage they lacked the last pass.

Japanese visitor Keisuke Honda was one of the majority active players for the home group in the initial half, contrast Palop with multiform long-range drives. Honda additionally came close with a header before long after the restart.

Sevilla, blank striker Luis Fabiano and winger Diego Capel with injuries, were calm to lay behind but capitalised on their initial genuine chance, Negredo display his lethal finish.

He scarcely scored again mid by the second half when CSKA screw Igor Akinfeyev spilled his low free flog from twenty metres.

But a integrate of mins later, Gonzalez leveled the measure interjection to Palop"s fumble to give his group a fighting possibility in the lapse leg in Sevilla on Mar 16.

Palop afterwards incited from knave to favourite when he done a automatic flog save from CSKA brazen Tomas Necid with time using out.

"Overall, I"m happy with the team"s performance, receiving in to comment that it was the initial diversion in the new season," CSKA manager Leonid Slutsky said.

"It"s a two-legged tie and so far we usually played one. The conflict is not over, we"ll quarrel to the really end."

Six Nations 2010: ignoring Frances Yannick Jauzion could be very costly to Wales

By Brendan Gallagher Published: 7:00PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Six Nations 2010: ignoring France Dream pair: Mathiueu Bastareaud and Yannick Jauzion have valid to be a smashing multiple in midfield for France Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Which would be a big inapplicable designation given nonetheless the Toulouse man is no longer the centre of attention, he shows each pointer of being behind to something coming his grand best.

With so most midfield bent around in France, Jauzion, 31, seemed to be fast vanishing out of the design and streamer towards general early retirement after the 2007 World Cup.

France on the cot Fall on wing opposite Wales Gatland turns to TV to compromise Wales damage predicament Dusautoir proves a big set upon Team of the contest so far Sport on radio

Suddenly, however, he has reinvented himself in a behind multiplication of immature dashers such as Morgan Parra, François Trinh-Duc, Bastareaud and Benjamin Fall. Mentally he has take the step behind from being the main set upon curtain and "go-to" man in midfield and is multiplying in his new "secondary" role.

Not that Jauzion has taken his feet of the pedal entirely. Indeed, carrying strew a mill of neglected flesh in the summer he is using with genuine threat again this season.

It"s only that right away he is happy in his mind what his initial purpose underneath France manager Marc Lièvremont is the comparison pro relaxing things down when compulsory and revving up the power when it all goes quiet. Calling the shots at the suitable moment.

"I am enjoying this contest unequivocally most and unequivocally happy mixing with Mathieu in midfield. He is a great bent not only a clever curtain but a gifted all-round rugby player and I am enjoying the combination. So far it has been great for all the group but we face a big charge in Cardiff."

Jauzion is aware of just how dangerous Wales can be in Cardiff, nonetheless he additionally has lustful memories of a 37-33 win there in France"s Grand Slam deteriorate of 2002, and an additional win, 21-16, in 2006 when they took the championship.

"The Welsh mostly finish a compare unequivocally strongly, generally when they are trailing," pronounced Jauzion, who done his Test entrance in 2001 opposite South Africa.

"They appear to be energised by their supporters, as they showed this year opposite Scotland. We know that they can come behind at any moment, as everyone saw opposite Scotland in the last game. And it is even harder when you fool around them and they are heading given they have the bit in between their teeth.

"Ireland were already a some-more formidable competition than the initial opponents, Scotland, and Wales will be nonetheless an additional turn on top of the Irish. Every time the French group has left to Cardiff, it has been unequivocally tough. It will be a compare packaged with quality.

"It"s needed that we don"t concede them to pour out at us, that we"re observant in counterclaim and hold the line, given the impulse the Welsh see a fissure in the armour, they will take advantage. These are players who have a unequivocally plain temperament."

Jauzion"s main summary to the immature men around him has been the same as that of Lièvremont consistency, subsidy up and removing absolved of that rarely unsuitable statistic of not carrying won 3 consectuive games given the new manager took over.

Hitherto France have scaled the heights opposite New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland but thrust behind to sameness at an shocking rate.

"We are flattering assured after the proceed we have achieved in the dual matches so far," Jauzion said. "But we know this will be a unequivocally formidable match. We contingency fool around again with the same dynamism, the same aspiration and the same enthusiasm.

"Everyone is all concerned and focused as we proceed the match, as we unequivocally wish to go as far as possible."

TGH James

Published: 6:40PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Previous of Images Next Harry James Harry James at the British Museum Harry James Harry James in Egypt Harry James Harry James, who was additionally cabinet authority of the Freud Museum, on the cot on that Sigmund Freud used to place his patients

James was of the era whose work was at the back of by the involvement of the Second World War, and the duration that followed was one of rare enlargement and increasing professionalism in a traditionally penetrating bend of learning.

There were additionally new challenges: the need to settle a uninformed attribute with Egypt, whose own scholars were increasingly efficient and confident; and the need to shake up off the ruins of past colonial attitudes, as well as to redefine the purpose of the theme in the West.

Harry Hammond Harold Pinter: the majority original, in vogue and puzzling bard in post-war British entertainment January Krugier Gustav Holsts trombone done sheep lamb early, repository show Philip Curtin

Thomas Garnet Henry James, well known to friends and colleagues as Harry, was innate at Neath, West Glamorgan, on May 8 1923. Having attended Neath Grammar School, he served during the fight with the Royal Artillery, attaining the arrange of captain, prior to going up to Exeter College, Oxford, to review Classics and Oriental Studies.

At Oxford he encountered dual of the biggest total in 20th-century British Egyptology: the philologist Sir Alan Gardiner, and the hilt of the chair of Egyptology at Oxford, Professor Battiscombe Gunn, one of the majority strange thinkers in the subject. Both men were to have a surpassing change on him.

Initially James deliberate an educational career, captivated by the (in those days) total leisure of investigate of the sort that gimlet ripened offspring in his announcement The Hekanakhte Papers (1962).

In the event, however, he was to turn a lifelong British Museum man. In 1951 he assimilated the dialect of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, as it was then, as partner keeper. In 1972 he helped the Keeper, Eiddon Edwards, to organize the hugely successful Tutankhamun exhibition. Two years after he succeeded Edwards as Keeper.

James was the impulse at the back of the in advance revolution of the Egyptian cut with a chisel arrangement in 1981, whilst his name appears on a array of publications about objects in the British Museum. These publications could be renouned and accessible, or rarely specialised (as in his volumes in the Hieroglyphic Texts from Egyptian Stelae array in 1961 and 1970).

As a scholar, James was unselfish, regularly rebuilt to give easily of his time and knowledge. He was in visit association with alternative scholars, with the upsurge of report roughly wholly from his side, consisting of copies of texts, readings and alternative necessary interpretation connected with Egyptian objects in the British Museum.

James co-wrote dual critical publications formed on his own epigraphic work in the field: The Mastaba of Khentika called Ikhekhi (1953) and Gebel el-Silsilah. The Shrines (1963).

Epigraphy (the investigate of texts and inscriptions) remained his prime occupation, and an model initial volume of a Corpus of Hieroglyphic Inscriptions in the Brooklyn Museum appeared in 1974.

From 1960 to 1970 he was editor of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, the majority critical Egyptological usually at certain time of year published in Britain, and his ability in placating formidable contributors was consummate.

After timid from the British Museum in 1988, James was means to persevere even some-more time to the Egypt Exploration Society, a London-based physique determined in the late 19th century to organize the fieldwork of British scholars in Egypt. His long-standing joining was to the announcement side, and he had formerly been authority of the committee. He became the society"s vice-president in 1990.

James wrote most books in retirement, together with a thoroughly-researched autobiography of Howard Carter, the precursor of the burial ground of Tutankhamun (Howard Carter: The Path to Tutankhamun, 1992). This is James"s personal perspective of a hulk figure in the story of Egyptian archaeology who was filled with well-developed contradictions.

In his last years, James was operative on a autobiography of Sir Alan Gardiner (1879-1963), observing: "I am probably the usually Egyptologist who still knew Gardiner personally." Sadly, it seems that he did not finish this task.

James was additionally a reputable part of of the Griffith Institute"s government committee; boss of ASTENE (Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East), a purpose to that he brought a ethereal change in between the needs of veteran scholars and penetrating amateurs; and, in an wholly opposite field, authority of the cabinet of the Freud Museum (19862003).

He was inaugurated a Fellow of the British Academy in 1976 and allocated CBE in 1984.

A man of virtuoso temperament, James enjoyed good French wine, good food (he was an glorious cook) and a small amiable gossip.

Harry James died on Dec 16. He married, in 1956, Diana Margaret Vavasseur-Durell, whose genocide in 2002 was a good blow to him. He is survived by their son.

Russia warns West against crippling economic sanctions on Iran

By Our Foreign Staff Published: 5:34PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

A comparison Russian shrewd person warned the West opposite perplexing to dull Iran by targeting the Islamic Republics appetite and promissory note sectors with crippling sanctions.

Russia has in new weeks signalled flourishing disappointment with Iran over the chief programme, nonetheless Moscow has since couple of indications about what sanctions it competence be rebuilt to pointer up to in the United Nations Security Council.

Russian diplomat: Iran not nonetheless means to set up chief explosve Analysis: North Korea puts Barack Obama to the exam Russia final Nato call off exercises in Georgia Iran should seize possibility for talks with US, David Miliband says Iran rejects Barack Obamas palm of loyalty

The United States has pronounced it hopes to see sanctions opposite Iran in a have a difference of weeks and Israel has pulpy Russia to behind mercantile ones.

Oleg Rozhkov, the emissary executive of the Russian Foreign Ministrys security affairs and disarmament department, pronounced Moscow would usually cruise sanctions destined at strengthening the chief non-proliferation regime.

"Call them what you wish crippling or paralysing we are not got going to work on sanctions or measures that could lead to the domestic or mercantile or monetary siege of this country," Mr Rozhkov said.

When asked what sanctions Russia competence be means to support, he said: "Those that are destined at solution non-proliferation questions related to Irans chief programme."

"What propinquity to non-proliferation is there in ominous promissory note activities with Iran? This is a monetary blockade. And oil and gas. These sanctions are destined usually at paralysing the nation and paralysing the regime," he said.

Iran binds sixteen per cent of the worlds proven gas pot and eleven per cent of the worlds oil reserves, but desperately needs investment to rise them.

The United States, vital European Union nations and Israel think Tehran is utilizing the municipal chief programme as cover for the growth of a chief weapon.

Tehran denies it is looking to have an atomic weapon. The UN chief watchdog, the IAEA, combined to the vigour on Iran last week, observant it feared the nation was actively posterior chief weapons capability.

Russian officials this month for the initial time lifted critical doubts about the loyal inlet of Irans chief activities, though diplomats contend the call on sanctions lies with Russias peerless leader, Vladimir Putin.

Mr Putin, who serves as budding apportion after stepping down as Kremlin chief, frequency comments on Iran, nonetheless he last year warned the West opposite pulling Tehran in to a corner.

On Wednesday, Baroness Ashton, the EUs unfamiliar minister, pronounced she hoped Russia would await UN sanctions.

Russia has traffic ties value $3 billion annually with Iran and weapons contracts that Israel has urged Moscow to renege on, together with a understanding to sell Tehran S-300 air counterclaim systems.

Human behaviour 93 per cent predictable

By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor Published: 4:51PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Comments 3 |

Mobile phone interpretation can be used to lane locations Mobile phone interpretation can be used to lane locations Photo: Getty Images

Location interpretation from mobile phones has indicated that 93 per cent of human transformation is predictable. A investigate published by peer-reviewed biography Science carefully thought about anonymised interpretation culled from mobile phone use providers and found that it was probable to fairly envision transformation and place up to 97 per cent of the time for the infancy of people, and 93 per cent of the time for the complete set of data.

The investigate additionally found that the infancy of people did not wandering outward a 6 mile radius for the bulk of the duration investigated, and that at any one time people were 70 per cent expected to be at their most-visited location.

Japans sewers paved with bullion Websites utilizing mobiles and GPS to be success in 2009 Google launches Latitude apparatus to assistance you lane friends and family The TV play that wrote the book for Obama Spotify close to securing additional $50m appropriation

The investigate used date from mobile phones that were logged by networks at slightest once each dual hours, and gave place report an correctness of dual block miles. Even for callers who trafficked continually over areas of hundreds of miles, interpretation showed that their movements were predictable, indicating the transport patterns lend towards to be utterly formulaic. Each user was found to revisit an normal of 63 places regularly.

Although the interpretation competence crop up to endorse what people intuitively hold that majority days, majority people go to work, go out and come home again, for example the researchers, from Boston, USA and China, hold that it could be utilitarian for mobile networks interpretation bucket management, city formulation and expecting the widespread of viruses.

Video: Worlds strongest boy breaks push-up record

Published: 3:24PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010: complete tournament guide

By Emily Benammar Published: 1:54PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

What: The 2010 World Cup will be the 12th complement of the contest and the second to be hold in India. The initial was in Mumbai in 1982. Where: Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi, India When: February twenty-eight - Mar thirteen

Twelve nations (Australia, Argentina, Canada, England, Germany, India, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Spain, South Africa) are drawn in dual Pools (A and B) and fool around each side in their organisation once prior to the sequence matches take place.

England patrol Hockey World Cup squads Bodh Gaya, India: a Buddhist site underneath hazard England to face Spain in Seville Kevin Pietersen: England will not lapse to India until it?s protected F1 2009: Complete Grand Prix circuit guide

Germany are the stream holders and a win in New Delhi will see them turn the initial side to win the prize for the third uninterrupted time.

England accomplished fifth in 2006 but as reigning European champions have targeted a semi-final berth in India.

Pool A: Argentina, Canada, Germany, Korea, Netherlands, New ZealandPool B: Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain

Who to watch:

Cup holders Germany will be seeking to infer themselves estimable of being ranked No 1 in the universe after blank out on the European pretension and the Champions Trophy last year.

Champions Trophy holders and award winners at the last 4 Olympics, Australia are favourites to stick on Germany in the 1st v 2nd place compare on the last day of the tournament.

England"s hopes?

After violation England"s 21-year precious metal dry weather opposite Germany last August, head manager Jason Lee is confident of his side"s chances in India.

Before withdrawal for a pre-training stay in Doha, Lee said: "We are really able of reaching the semi-finals.

"We are the European champions. England had not won the championship for 85 years. We were regularly outsiders in vital tournaments. The win in European Championship has given certainty and we can do well at the World Cup."

Confident of his side"s chances in their opening diversion opposite Australia, who they have not knocked about given 1987, he added: "Australia are by far the favourites but they have been well known to throw it afar when it comes to the big games. Maybe we can have certain they do. And I contend this as a pessimist; there are others out there who hold we can means an dissapoint and we can."

Who"s observant what?

Australia manager Ric Charlesworth: "We"re able of winning. That"s been the box for a prolonged time in these competitions, given I was playing.

"You"ve got to put together a plain contest and you"ve got to win the main games at the finish of the week opposite flattering great teams.

"Yesterday India kick Holland in a use compare and they"re ranked most reduce than Holland and they"re in the pool and they"re personification at home, and Pakistan are radically personification at home and are in the pool, that creates it flattering tough.

"There are regularly ups and downs in a contest similar to this."

Germany manager Markus Weise: "I hold Australia have an corner right now.

"But there are utterly a couple of teams able of winning. I would go so far to contend that at slightest seven, eight teams have a chance. It depends on what kind of a begin India get and how consistently they play."

Pakistan hockey manager Shahid Ali Khan: "Our compare report doesn"t concede us most respirating space. It"s flattering transparent that we cannot means to have a delayed start.

"We have India in the initial compare and afterwards it"s Spain and we have to win both the games to keep ourselves on lane for a place in the semi-finals since things will get tougher for us opposite England and Australia,"


With India hosting not only the hockey World Cup this year but additionally the Indian Premier League and Commonwealth Games, security levels have been maximised among a array of threats opposite the 3 events.

In early February, following a explosve conflict in Pune, the 313 Brigade, an associate of al-Qaeda, warned that athletes and spectators in attendance the events in India would face "consequences".

In reply to these threats, India sought to encourage the twelve competing nations that they would do all in their energy to safeguard a protected tournament.

Home Secretary G. K. Pillai said: "We are in close hold with security relationship officers of all countries that are entrance here to participate. So far, all of them have seen the preparations finished by the Delhi Police and the MHA (Ministry of Home Afffairs). They are utterly satisfied."

Hockey India combined that so far no group has in jeopardy to travel out on the event.

You can watch all of England"s games live here on , with highlights. To watch all the matches from the Hockey World Cup and full highlights, go to the central website - follow this couple .

Debate: should Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney captain England?

Published: 11:05AM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Comments thirty |

Debate: should Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney captain England? Leading from the front: Manchester United and England brazen Wayne Rooney Photo: PA

Just 3 games in to his comeback, Ferdinand was forced to lift out of Manchester United"s win over West Ham, forcing him to miss England"s strife with Egypt on Mar 3.

With Ferdinand presumably apropos the initial England captain to obey the armband prior to receiving it up, the discuss over who should revive honour in the Three Lions has right away lingered for as well long.

Rio Ferdinand out of Carling Cup last Manchester United 3 West Ham 0 Man United v West Ham: preview Owen: Rooney could magnify my England outcast Gill is not the rivalry inside of United players rooting for Newcastle

It is expected that Capello will ask Steven Gerrard to do the job, nonetheless in-form Rooney has a explain since he had the purpose for the better by Brazil in Qatar last November.

If Capello went with Rooney, he could not collect any one in some-more assured mood at present. He took his idea total to twenty-seven this deteriorate opposite West Ham, that is usually fifteen fewer than Cristiano Ronaldo managed in his stellar 2007-08 campaign.

If England gulf dreams of winning the World Cup, Rooney has to sojourn 100 per cent fit.

But would captaining England suppress his stream form? Or would it unfaze the striker and spin him in to a good leader?

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Ben Kingsley gambles on success in Bollywood debut

Published: 1:39PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

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Ben Kingsley and his wife, Daniela, poise at the Taj Mahal. Kingsley will shortly be personification Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, in a movie called Taj, about the construction of the Taj Mahal. Ben Kingsley and his wife, Daniela, poise at the Taj Mahal. Kingsley will shortly be personification Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, in a movie called Taj, about the construction of the Taj Mahal. Photo: Reuters

The 66 year-old plays a shining mathematician, Perci Trachtenberg, in the thriller Teen Patti (Three Cards) who meets a reserved associate academic, Venkat, at a London casino.

Venkat (Amitabh Bachchan) tells him of a find he has done that he believes could redefine ideas about luck and tests his speculation on a debate of Mumbai"s bootleg gambling dens.

Sir Ben Kingsley earnings to India in Bollywood thriller Sir Ben Kingsley no some-more Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel: an loser no some-more Best movie performances of the year Penlope Cruz talk for Broken Embraces

The film, that was destined by Leena Yadav, has an all-star cast, together with Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire, A Mighty Heart), Boman Irani and Tamil-language star R. Madhavan, who were both not long ago seen in the Aamir Khan strike 3 Idiots.

Sushmita Sen, who was India"s initial Miss Universe, and action-comedy favourite Ajay Devgan additionally star in the film, that opens on Friday.

Kingsley"s purpose "is consequential - he is not personification a cameo," pronounced Yadav, who has described the movie as some-more about the unsure decisions people have than tangible gambling, that is bootleg in majority of India.

"I regularly longed for an general star to fool around the purpose of Perci in my movie and I knew there was no one else who could give probity to the movie solely Sir Ben Kingsley. I am happy that I got him on board," she added.

Kingsley, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, is a domicile name in India since of his work of art of the country"s autonomy personality Mahatma Gandhi, that won him the Best Actor endowment in the 1982 Oscars.

The movie is played on Indian Independence Day each year.

Kingsley, whose outrageous physique of work includes the Oscar-winning Schindler"s List, has been behind to India to foster the film, earning plaudits for his professionalism from co-stars.

Bachchan has called him a "wonderful human being," a "considerate and well-prepared actress and additionally a friendly man".

Kingsley - who was creatively namedn Krishna Bhanji and innate to a British mom and Indian-origin father - has pronounced that his love for India is "as clever as ever".

"I am still continuous to Gandhi. It"s a recognition. It"s something memorable and unusual in my bones," he told reporters at the International Film Festival of India last December.

Kingsley is to fool around the Mughal czar Shah Jahan in the movie Taj, about his plan to set up the Taj Mahal monolith for his mother Mumtaz, with sharpened scheduled to begin after this year.

He is the ultimate unfamiliar star to crop up in a Bollywood movie, as the Hindi-language movie industry seeks new audiences abroad and Hollywood increasingly looks for tie-ups with Indian studios.

Yadav pronounced she had "no idea" because Bollywood had not approached Kingsley prior to and indicated that destiny appearances by tellurian motion picture stars in Indian drive-in theatre were likely.

"I sent my book to his representative and he... desired it. He rught away concluded to do the role," she said.

"I feel the universe has turn a small place and it is not formidable these days to proceed agents of Hollywood or general actors."

Smart salad dressing could save Venice

By Stephen Adams, Arts Correspondent Published: 12:01AM GMT twenty-four February 2010

The novel resolution for the in jeopardy Italian city, built on silty islands on the Adriatic coast, uses initial record that they have dubbed "smart salad dressing".

It would work by releasing oil droplets in to the H2O that are chemically automatic to conflict with CO dioxide in the water, precipitating an synthetic limestone carbonate.

Brenta Canal cruise: At home in a flowing background 50 of the most appropriate lunchtime sandwiches Endpaper: Eric Doeringers free books Hotel Josef, Prague: full examination DD724, Venice: full examination

Two British architects at University College, London, are between those at the back of the Future Venice project.

Rachel Armstrong, from UCL"s Bartlett School of Architecture, explained the "protocell" technology.

She said: "This record is formed on the chemistry of oil and H2O and has the special skill of transforming CO dioxide in to a limestone-like substance."

The globules would form "solid pearls" of synthetic limestone that could strengthen buildings from destiny damage, she argued.

Her co-worker Prof Neil Spiller added: "The piles that await Venice are falling in to the firth similar to stiletto heels."

If they could approach the oil to form carbonate deposits at their bases, this would discharge the bucket and delayed or stop the sinking, he said.

The architects disagree it could be an pick to the stream plan to implement a array of steel floodgates to carry out tidal movements in the firth surrounding Venice.

Since being built the city, important for the canals, has suffered from rising slightly wet and the hazard of being swamped by the sea. Scientists fright that rising sea levels caused by tellurian warming will intensify the complaint in entrance decades.

However, Armstrong cautioned that the record was usually at the laboratory theatre and would not be ready for 3 to five years.

The Future Venice plan is being launched at a assembly in London on Friday.

Mervyn King says Bank of England may have to extend QE

By Angela Monaghan and Graham Ruddick Published: 6:15AM GMT twenty-four Feb 2010

Mervyn King says Bank of England might have to magnify QE Mervyn King says Bank of England might have to magnify QE

Appearing in front of the Treasury Committee for the last time this Parliament, the Bank of England Governor pronounced that whilst the economy had embarked on "a routine of healing", most hurdles remained.

Asked possibly some-more item purchases by QE would be necessary, he said: "I don"t know but we mount ready to do whatever seems appropriate. That"s one of the good virtues of financial policy... [it] can possibly be some-more expansionary or some-more contractionary as the incident demands." He combined it was a preference the MPC would take month by month.

UK might meddle on bank debt, says Paul Tucker Eurozone debility worries BoE chief, argent falls Cutting necessity prior to 2011 risks double-dip retrogression MPC 3 who longed for to outlay �200bn Bank of England Governor Mervyn King degraded in bid to speak up �200bn in to economy Bank of England Governor Mervyn King warns UK liberation will be delayed

His comments on QE, together with those from associate MPC part of David Miles, helped to send the bruise neatly reduce as the conference got underway, as investors resolved serve purchases were some-more likely. Sterling recovered a little belligerent during the afternoon but sealed down opposite both the dollar and the euro.

The Governor pronounced that most of the stroke of the item purchases was nonetheless to be felt, and that but QE, a really critical financial contraction would have taken place.

Mr Miles pronounced that for him, the preference to postponement QE at the MPC"s Feb assembly had been "pretty finely balanced". He pronounced a box for some-more purchases could be done given the Bank is raised below-target acceleration for most of 2011, but had judged that progressing the batch of purchases at �200bn this month was "the right thing to do".

Mr King pronounced between the vital hurdles confronting the UK economy was the large deficit, adding there was domestic accord that pointy necessity rebate was required and that ratings agencies would design a minute plan of how the necessity would be marked down possibly in the Budget or after the election. However, he pronounced the discuss about when the routine of slicing should proceed was being "overblown" . He pronounced he would be "immensely surprised" if the ratings agencies downgraded the UK over the deficit.

Mr King pronounced that between his vital concerns was the stalling of mercantile liberation in the eurozone, This, he said, could action as a draw towards on British exports and thus expansion given the eurozone is the UK"s greatest trade partner.

In a pointer of the one after another debility of the UK economy, total yesterday sparked uninformed fears that the housing marketplace could be in line for a second dip. The series of housing exchange slumped last month, with usually 51,000 homes on top of the worth of �40,000 paid for or sold. It was the lowest turn of exchange given last February, according to the HM Revenue & Customs data.

Lucian Cook, a investigate executive at Savills, pronounced the sleet and the finish of the stamp avocation legal holiday were factors, but warned that the housing marketplace is "still usually to some extent open for business".

He added: "It suggests that the cost increases we have seen not long ago might be short-lived. We could simply see a delegate but shallower drop in prices in the mainstream marketplace over the march of 2010."

Six Nations 2010: Wales captain Ryan Jones says Andy Powell has paid for indiscretions

By Brendan Gallagher Published: 7:00AM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Six Nations 2010: Wales captain Ryan Jones insists Andy Powell has paid cost for indiscretions Hands full: Wales captain Ryan Jones prepares for the Six Nations diversion opposite France Photo: GETTY IMAGES

"Everyone knows what is expected," insists Jones. "The case is set out by Warren [Gatland, head coach] and you have to belong to the manners and regulations and responsibilities of what this sourroundings entails. If you let yourself down afterwards you compensate a price. You know what"s at stake.

"It seems to be the "in thing", what with footballers and all that is going on. There is a media craving for those indiscretions afar from the field. You usually have to behave.

Sport on radio France on the cot Mike Phillips wins Wales stop opposite France Gatland turns to TV to compromise Wales damage predicament Ken Owens in as contingent lift out Powell vows to win behind place

"Unfortunately, Andy Powell did not and he paid a cost nonetheless I don"t think the doorway is sealed to him."

The twenty-eight year-old Cardiff Blues back-row brazen lost his Wales place after he was charged with pushing a golf cart "whilst non-professional by drink" following Wales 31-24 feat over Scotland on February 15.

Jones has had his hands full as captain recently. Nobody in Wales can recollect a Six Nations deteriorate utterly similar to it and we are still usually dual games in to the 2010 Championship. There has been the 16th man debate and Lee Byrne"s late reprieve, injuries aplenty, Alun-Wyn-Jones and that insane, costly, outing at Twickenham, a joyless better opposite the English followed by the extraordinary late win opposite Scotland.

"Buggygate" was followed by nonetheless some-more injuries particularly to Wyn Jones and Gethin Jenkins countered somewhat by the approaching lapse of Mike Phillips after 40 mins rugby in 4 months. And eventually the headlines that Bradley Davies"s mom Cheryl had died as the immature Cardiff Blues close prepares for the greatest diversion of his life, opposite France on Friday.

Jones has been perplexing to hold all together and keep a clarity of viewpoint as well as say his own form, that dipped opposite Scotland for the absolute No 8. Indeed captaining the Grand Slam winning organisation of 2008 was a doddle in some-more aged but Jones has regularly been one of the saner people on the circuit and a man any organisation would instinctively see to in uneasy times.

"It"s been tough," admits Jones. "We"ve had a roller-coaster of tension as people and as a squad. It"s really difficult. You have to know the people in your organisation and get to know what functions for them. But it is general rugby and it is utterly stressful. Friday is entrance around flattering quick."

The incident connected with Davies has been the majority supportive and has been intensely well rubbed by Wales

"As a patrol we have rallied turn Bradley," continues Jones. "He"s shown illusory impression to stay with the squad. He"s lerned and there has never been any disbelief he would play. We are going to try to do something special for him on Friday."

Jones is well wakeful that the Wales behind row even the routinely exquisite Martyn Williams, who seems bullet explanation from critique came underneath glow following the Scotland diversion notwithstanding the happiness of such a thespian late win.

"Friday is a outrageous diversion for us. To a man you have to be on tip of your diversion and all the units in the organisation have to perform. If we get the own residence in sequence we will do well.

"In the last fortnight the points we have conceded and the mistakes we have done have cost us. The antithesis have combined really small opposite us and it"s the similar to of longed for tackles and defensive line errors that have cost us. If we cut those errors out afterwards we will do really well.

"You can"t means at this turn to give any one a head start. We used the get out of prison free label opposite Scotland but in the finish the outcome was zero some-more than we deserved. The boys showed glorious joining and bravery but opposite France, how we accomplished last week will have to be the minimum."

Which are the coolest cars?

By Colin Goodwin Published: 7:45AM GMT twenty-four February 2010

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young drivers share their thoughts on cars Meet the jury: Rachel Goodwin, Rosie Croft, Kit Rossiter, Jonathan Ashbee and Alex Parkinson Photo: Jeff Gilbert

Seven years ago, we picked up together half a dozen engaging cars and 6 11-year-old schoolchildren. We longed for the immature kids to discuss it us that cars were cool and that they wouldn"t be seen upheld in.

Being young, they weren"t majority worried by code values and the mystique of marques. They usually looked at what was in front of them and finished up their own minds as to what was cool.

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion examination Aston Martin Rapide examination Kia Venga examination Citroën C3 Picasso 1.6 HDi examination Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi examination Toyota Gazoo Racing iQ examination

We presented them with a Nissan Micra, Volkswagen Beetle, Chrysler PT Cruiser, BMW MINI, Renault Mgane and Mercedes Smart car.

They motionless that they wouldn"t be seen upheld in a PT Cruiser but given the unanimous outcome was that it looked similar to a hearse, they wouldn"t be astounded to see someone else upheld in one.

The MINI went down well (the initial BMW version nothing of the kids knew what an strange Mini looked like) and so did Renault"s afterwards eccentric-looking Mgane. The favourite, however, was the Smart.

As we forked out in the 2003 underline (shown left), today"s kids are tomorrow"s car buyers. Manufacturers know this, but it seems that a little of the messages about cleaner, some-more fit cars are not being transmitted to immature ears.

Over the past 7 years the immature box studies have been depraved by advertising, counterpart vigour and the believe that a Ferrari is some-more fascinating than a Kia. Perhaps even by the outspoken opinions of Clarkson, May and Hammond.

They are additionally right away at pushing age. Three have already upheld their test, 3 are guidance and one already owns a car. We brought five of them behind together in front of their alma mater, Andrews Endowed youth propagandize in Alton.

So, with the hurl call taken, what does the immature row have to discuss it us about cars and pushing right away that they"re on the highway themselves?

So, have you all turn petrolheads?

Although majority of the teenagers don"t cruise themselves car nuts, their perceptiveness to enclose the L-plates suggests a high turn of enthusiasm.

Rosie Croft, seventeen in Nov 2008, had her initial pushing doctrine the day after her birthday. "I had a feeling that it competence take me a prolonged time to sense given I"m not really co-ordinated, so I figured I"d majority appropriate begin early." Rosie needn"t have been so pessimistic: she upheld her exam eight months later.

Jonathan Ashbee was seventeen last July, but holidays took welfare and he didn"t begin pushing lessons until September, hasn"t finished his speculation exam nonetheless and claims to be a shaken driver. However, a bit of serve prodding reveals that immature Ashbee has a asleep petrolhead gene given it turns out that he loves Lamborghini Gallardos and has asked for a high-speed pushing experience for his 18th birthday this summer.

Kit Rossiter"s 17th birthday was last Jan and by May he"d set glow to the L-plates. "I enjoyed guidance but didn"t realize how formidable pushing is. Because roughly everybody drives I insincere it was really easy." Kit"s integrity to pass his exam as shortly as possible, and the actuality that he frequency misses an part of Top Gear, puts him precisely in the petrolhead camp.

What car do you drive? Is it your own and is it cool?

Only Rachel Goodwin owns her own car; a immature Peugeot 206 nicknamed Percy. Unfortunately, Rachel is following in her father"s circle marks and has usually unsuccessful her second pushing exam (Rachel shouldn"t be broke her father took 4 attempts).

Small cars get the thumbs up from all the youth highway testers. Car-mad Kit drives his mother"s Vauxhall Corsa. "I similar to it, it looks cool and is easy to drive. One day I"d similar to to own a prohibited hatch."

Alex Parkinson is guidance in a Peugeot 207 but is going to hold off shopping his own car until after university. Seat has an early call on his money: "I similar to the Ibiza, but a Corsa or Renault Clio would do." His exam is subsequent week.

Have your opinions about cars altered in the 7 years given you were 11?

Oh dear, we"ve cooled a bit on the Smart. Alex thought it was cool in 2003, but has had a shift of mind. "It"s not cool now, it"s driven by old people."

Kit adds: "We favourite the Smart given we were kids. It"s small and toylike, that is probably since it appealed to us."

Will your subsequent car have to be in vogue or simply poor to run?

Unsurprisingly, the word word is referred to by all the teenagers.

"Any car will do, as prolonged as it works," Rosie says. "Because we"re all immature and poor, we"ll all be pushing balderdash cars at initial so picture won"t matter. I design that when I"m operative and have some-more income I"ll wish a standing pitch similar to everybody else. A sports car would be nice."

Small and easy to expostulate is a usual denominator. Interior space and luggage genius don"t get a mention.

Speed cameras: a reserve assist or big hermit snooping on us?

For petrolhead Jonathan, speed cameras are stand in bad news. "I similar to being driven quickly. I certitude my friends" driving; it"s my girlfriend"s pushing that scares me, and I similar to pushing fast myself. But I intend to stick on the military when I leave college."

Rachel thinks that cameras are a great thought where speeding is really dangerous but are a unsteadiness on the open highway where "people usually speed up again once they"ve left past them".

Both Rosie and Alex reckon that the stream speed boundary are excellent so drivers shouldn"t need to go any faster.

Would you buy a 4x4 or are you endangered about the environment?

You would pretence that immature adults innate in the early Nineties would certainly be really environmentally wakeful given they"ve grown up with recycling, energy-saving light bulbs and the Toyota Prius.

It turns out it"s not so simple. Most of the organisation have a deceptive thought of what a hybrid car is, with usually Kit the car man carrying an expect definition.

Rosie obeys the speed boundary but isn"t overly endangered about being immature in her motoring life: "Driving isn"t immature anyway. I take open ride where possible, but I don"t be endangered about utilizing the car."

Jonathan isn"t a eco engineer either, and reckons the new thespian continue (which was generally white in Alton) is probably a great reason to buy a 4x4. Alex won"t be shopping an off-roader but wouldn"t go out of his approach to buy a quite immature car either.

Interestingly, it seems to be the well clued-up car left-wing Kit who is the majority environmentally wakeful and open to new technology. "Yes, I"m endangered about the environment. I don"t see the point of 4x4s. As shortly as a unsentimental pick to the required car is accessible I would go for it."

Rachel, who has had new experience of an electric car in that her father would not let her switch on possibly the air wave or the heater, and who has been a newcomer in an huge accumulation of cars via her life, dreams of one day owning her own Range Rover.