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Queen to give President Jacob Zuma history lesson tour of private exhibition

By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter Published: 9:00PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Previous of Images Next Jacob Zuma dances during his normal wedding Jacob Zuma dances during his normal marriage Photo: REUTERS Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret equine roving in South Africa in 1947 Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret equine roving in South Africa in 1947 Photo: AP

Scores of gifts, photographs, letters, speeches and alternative artefacts previewed to one side by The Sunday will be on eight tables in the first-floor Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace, where the President of South Africa and one of his 3 wives are staying as guest of the Queen and Prince Philip.

The initial list will have memorabilia, together with personal sketch albums, from the initial revisit by the Queen afterwards Princess Elizabeth to South Africa with her parents, George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, in 1947.

Zuma says contemptible to his wives for fathering kid out of nuptials Queen to cruise atonement for British solider executed during Boer War Jacob Zuma shakes-up South African cupboard Speculation mounts over South Africas financial apportion Cloud of guess over Zuma will never be carried Has Jacob Zuma betrothed as well most to as well most in his bid to turn South Africas subsequent president?

The destiny Queen distinguished her 21st birthday in Cape Town when, in a debate promote on air wave from Cape Town, she movingly dedicated her hold up to the use of the Commonwealth.

Her important address, on Apr twenty-one 1947, ended: "I acknowledgement prior to you all that my total hold up either it be prolonged or short shall be clinging to your use and the use of the great majestic family to that we all belong.

"But I shall not have strength to lift out this fortitude alone unless you stick on in it with me, as I right away entice you to do: I know that your await will be unfailingly given. God assistance me to have great my vow, and God magnify all of you who are peaceful to share in it."

The President, who starts a two-day Stave Visit to Britain on Wednesday, will be shown a sprig of synthetic flowering plants kept and marked down by her grandmother, Queen Mary from Princess Elizabeth"s 21st birthday baked sweat bread in 1947.

The Queen will additionally show her guest a breeze of a handwritten, thank-you minute created by her late father to January Smuts, the-then Prime Minister of South Africa, as George VI was sailing home on HMS Vanguard from the 1947 visit.

The minute enclosed the passage: "If, and I resolutely hold it [the visit] has, changed the source of kingdom to a little South Africans and has since them a new outlook from the personal contacts with them, afterwards the debate has been well inestimable and I for one will have gained immeasurably from my contacts with them."

All the element on show comes from the Royal Collection, the Royal Archive or it belongs privately to the Queen or Prince Philip.

One of the tables is clinging to 1994-6, that enclosed the coronation of President Nelson Mandela attended by Prince Philip in 1994.

The arrangement will embody an exuberant and profitable chess set since as a benefaction to Prince Philip by President Mandela on his State Visit to Britain in 1996.

President Zuma will additionally see a set of the "Great Man buttons" since to the Queen in Cape Town by members of the open in 1995 during her State Visit.

The buttons show 3 phases of President Mandela"s life: dim days (his time in jail), china days (freedom) and bullion days (his time as president).

Moderniser David Cameron: Im not for turning

By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor Published: 9:00PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

David Cameron : Moderniser David Cameron: I David Cameron"s discuss is expected to pull comparisons with Margaret Thatcher"s turning point "not for turning" stipulation in 1980, that was additionally delivered in Brighton Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA

In a discuss to activists at the Tories" open discussion in Brighton on Sunday he will oath to be in advance and exclude to "return to the old days and fool around it safe".

The Tory leader"s speech, billed as his infancy critical prior to the begin of the ubiquitous choosing campaign, is expected to pull comparisons with Margaret Thatcher"s turning point "not for turning" stipulation in 1980 that was additionally delivered in Brighton.

No10 "on rapt for Apr poll" David and Goliath Gordon David Cameron: Thoroughly complicated Dave or the infancy normal Tory personality ever? Gordon Brown to crop up on Songs of Praise Getting to Downing St is the slightest of Cameron?s hurdles All vital pollsters give Tories a infancy

The then-prime apportion used her discussion discuss to highlight her integrity to hang to difficult mercantile policies, notwithstanding attacks from her own side, claiming: "To those watchful [for] the U-turn, I have usually one thing to say: "You spin if you wish to. The lady"s not for turning!""

Mr Cameron has additionally been raid by calls from his own party, quite the Right, for changes in citation and clearer messages as last year"s gentle double-digit check leads have shrunk, with a Daily Telegraph/Ipsos MORI consult on Friday putting the Conservative value at only five per cent.

Right wingers wish Mr Cameron to clear a stronger summary on the need for spending cuts, tax, the significance of marriage, immigration and Europe.

But in a key thoroughfare on a web promote last night, pronounced by Tory aides to be on the same thesis as his discuss today, Mr Cameron pronounced he got a lot of "advice" from his own side and added: "Some contend "Go behind to what you competence call the Conservative "comfort zone" and only crash out the old tunes."

Others say: "Look, Labour are in meltdown so only fool around it protected and you"ll win by default."

"Well I can discuss it you, I have done my preference and it"s for us to be both complicated and radical, not to go behind to the old ways and not to fool around it safe.

"The Conservative Party done that preference when they inaugurated me as personality 4 and a half years ago, and we"re not going back."

The Conservative personality is set to broach his discuss but records in a lapse to the character that helped win him his party"s care in 2005.

He will additionally make use of the residence to go for the jugular conflicting Gordon Brown, identified by Tory strategists as the diseased point in Labour"s armour.

The Prime Minister, who will launch a array of new initiatives on crime on Monday, together with a uninformed crackdown on yobbish and uncontrolled behaviour, used a discuss in Wales on Saturday to take target at the newly voiced Tory choosing slogan: Vote For Change.

Mr Brown said: "Today I feel constrained to advise you about the risk the Tories pose. The risk to the recovery, the risk to front line services and yes, the risk to jobs. The risk to fairness.

"I pronounced last week that people should take a long, tough see at the Conservatives. And right away the time has come for a little simple, candid questions about the risks that they poise to the nation and to the economy.

"Because when they speak about change, only ask them a elementary question: because they cannot discuss it you only weeks prior to their betrothed puncture bill that front line services they plan to cut this year, how most thousands of jobs are at risk and how most they would discredit the recovery."

Mr Brown went on to conflict the Conservatives over their plans to lift the starting point for estate taxation and to mattock free train passes and prescriptions for all pensioners in Wales. He indicted the Tories of display a miss of await for the police, and of entertainment a expostulate to "isolate Britain on the border of Europe".

As pre-election fighting intensifies, the dual main parties were additionally at contingency over proposals for a array of televised showdowns on key subjects together with the economy, health and education.

Senior Labour sources pronounced the Conservatives were "running scared" of holding a discuss on mercantile process in between Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, and his Tory and Liberal Democrat conflicting numbers, George Osborne and Vince Cable.

Andrew Marr"s Sunday sunrise "AM" programme on BBC 1 is accepted to be penetrating to host such a showdown but David Cameron"s celebration is pronounced by Labour to be reluctant to take part.

The same is pronounced to be loyal over plans for debates on education, health and crime. Last night a Conservative orator denied the celebration was using scared.

The mini-debates would be hold to one side the 3 main televised debates, featuring celebration leaders, whose full programme can currently be suggested by The Sunday Telegraph.

Assuming a 6 May choosing date, the initial strife is slated for Manchester on Thursday 8 April, hosted by ITV. It would be followed a week after on Thursday fifteen Apr with a discuss hold in Bristol and hosted by Sky with the last discuss to be on the BBC on Wednesday twenty-one Apr in Birmingham.

The strange plan was to have all 3 90-minute debates on Wednesday nights but ITV and Sky chose to equivocate intensity clashes with almost finals of the Champions League, that could potentially underline English clubs.

Leaked No10 emails put Labour on alert for early poll

By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor Published: 9:00PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

The email trail, from last week, shows Gordon Brown"s key domestic aides in modernized stages of discuss planning.

On Thursday Justin Forsyth, the Prime Minister"s executive of vital communications, demanded from Labour Party staff a list of media bids for interviews with Mr Brown for "the short campaign", the technical tenure for the three- or four-week duration prior to polling day.

Budget: �8 on bottle of intoxicating beverage Catholic Church provides choosing progress to Tories David Cameron: no lapse to Tory joy section European elections 2009: Now the Gordon Browns time to phone a crony Revealed: how Cabinet Blairites plotted to disintegrate Brown MPs expenses: Cabinet meltdown as Jacqui Smith heads resignations

Less than an hour after Nicola Burdett, an additional vital planner at No 10, drew courtesy to a due hour-long talk featuring David Cameron on Channel Five on Mar 15, a date that could be around the time Mr Brown calls the election, if he decides on an Apr poll.

May 6 stays the prime for polling day, but comparison Labour sources reliable to The Sundaythat plans for an Apr choosing were being drawn up should Mr Brown select to call one.

"You"d think us a bit foolish if we didn"t," one said. "Anything could happen."

In an email timed 10.10am last Thursday Mr Forsyth, reacting to a ubiquitous list of talk bids rebuilt by No10 staff, final of Jo Green, a Labour Party official: "I wish a identical one for the short campaign."

At 11.00 Ms Burdett intervenes: "So Justin you have Jo"s bids that I primarily combined to and right afar have a little additional bids that came in over the last couple of weeks.

"Just so we know where we are. FYI DC [Mr Cameron] is requisitioned onto C5 on Mar 15th for an hour prolonged tv debate."

Ms Burdett afterwards urges at 11.11 for them to "look at C5 again" and in transparent signs of a "turf war" about who should confirm about entrance to Mr Brown during the discuss asks Mr Forsyth: "Can u greatfully have a think?"

The route is justification of the heated engrossment between Downing Street and Labour Party staff with formulation for the election, that would still be some-more than dual months afar if it is hold on 6 May.

If Mr Brown went to the nation earlier, fifteen Apr is the lucky alternative.

This would be at the finish of the propagandize holidays and a week prior to consequential mercantile census data that will show either Britain"s frail mercantile liberation is continuing.

Gordon Brown makes light of bullying allegations

Published: 6:10PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaks at the Welsh Labour Party Conference in Swansea In Swansea, Mr Brown told the celebration true that he and his mother Sarah were happy to be between friends, observant a crony was "someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway". Photo: PA

And after a week of potentially deleterious stories about his character, the Prime Minister joked that he had been indicted of all short of murdering Archie Mitchell in EastEnders.

""I promise, I didn"t even lay a finger on him,"" he said.

Tories plan tax-cut bill Downing Street bullying allegations: as it happened Gordon Brown "named in bullying email" Brown "bullied staff and undermined ministers" Mandelson defends Brown opposite bullying explain Brown denies "malicious" explain he mistreated staff

This week Downing Street was forced to repudiate claims that Mr Brown had mistreated staff.

Extracts printed by The Observer last week a book by domestic writer Andrew Rawnsley minute a array of purported mad outbursts that left staff fearing violence.

In Swansea, Mr Brown told the celebration true that he and his mother Sarah were happy to be between friends, observant a crony was "someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway".

"And I think you do know me. I know that I will regularly concentration on the big questions and I goal you all know that I will regularly concentration on what matters."

He additionally pounded the Conservatives" suggest of shift at the ubiquitous election, observant a Tory supervision would ""short-change"" families.

As David Cameron voiced his celebration would debate for the choosing underneath the aphorism Vote for Change, Mr Brown pronounced the Tories clung to the same policies that tangible them a century ago.

Mr Brown shielded the Government"s jot down on rebellious the recession, observant it had done the right preference to take carry out of unwell banks and to nationalise Northern Rock.

He attempted to poke fun at the Conservatives" pronouncements on rebellious the UK"s jot down �178 billion deficit.

"So far their greatest explain to be the celebration of shift is that they are the celebration that keeps becoming different their minds," he said.

The Prime Minister was vocalization the day after softened central total were published on the state of the economy.

Despite claims about Mr Brown in a book by the domestic writer Andrew Rawnsley, Labour officials contend they approached the weekend"s discussion buoyed by a abating Conservative lead in perspective polls.

His debate contained no hints about when he competence call the ubiquitous election, that contingency be hold no after than Jun 3.

He pronounced "doing nothing" during the retrogression was not an preference for Labour since stagnation "is not a cost value paying".

"And right away we have a preference in the entrance days," he said.

"The Conservative Party regularly against the mercantile stimulus, they wish to cut right away the await we are giving to jobs, homes and businesses."

Attacking the Conservatives" choosing slogan, Mr Brown said: "They would have the wrong changes at the wrong time for the wrong reasons to good the wrong people."

He pronounced the Tories would find �200,000 for the 3,000 richest estates, whilst stealing taxation credits from some-more than a million families.

Their position on estate taxation and on bringing behind fox sport - "their top priority" - were "the really policies that have tangible the Conservative Party for 100 years".

"And let us be in no doubt; they are not the celebration of shift for families, but the celebration that would short-change families."

In a word suggestive of Tony Blair"s oath to prioritise education, Mr Brown pronounced his priority for the economy would be "jobs, jobs, jobs".

Chile earthquake: Hawaii braced for tsunami

By Philip Sherwell in New York Published: 9:21PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Previous of Images Next Ron Dubois fills a enclosure with uninformed H2O prior to receiving his vessel afar from seaside in Hawaii Boaters at the harbour in Honolulu installed up with reserve and sailed their vessels offshore where they would be improved means to float out the waves Photo: AP Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii The PTWC released a tsunami warning, the top alert, for the complete Pacific segment Photo: AP

Reports have come in that H2O proposed to lift afar from a small beaches on the Big Island the closest bit of the sequence to Chile.

Water decrease from the seashore is the common predecessor to a array of tidal surges.

Chile earthquake: genocide fee passes 200 First tsunami waves strike New Zealand Powerful trembler rocks Chile Chile declares state of disaster Tonga trembler triggers tsunami melancholy Tonga, Samoa and Fiji Tsunami notice in New Zealand after undersea trembler

Beaches were forlorn and all low-lying roads on the islands had been evacuated. Roads on higher turf were utterly clogged with motorists who had changed their vehicles and as majority skill as probable out of the approach of the approaching damage.

Nerves were quite moving in Hilo locale on Big Island where the largest waves up to 8 ft were likely and drawn out repairs was feared.

On May 22, 1960, a 9.5 trembler - the largest ever available - strike southwest Chile, generating a tsunami that struck the Hawaiian Island about fifteen hours later.

Hilo Bay area was strike afterwards by a 35-foot wave, that killed 61 people broken or shop-worn some-more than 500 homes and businesses. Damage was estimated at $75 million.

The 1960 tsunami caused small repairs elsewhere in the islands, where call heights were in the 3-17 feet range.

Sirens blared in Hawaii to rapt residents to the intensity waves. As the waves approaching attainment drew near, roads in to the tourist-heavy Waikiki were sealed off. Police patrolled main roads, revelation tourists to get off the streets.

On multiform South Pacific islands strike by a tsunami last autumn, military evacuated tens of thousands of coastal residents.

Waves strike New Zealand"s eastern Chatham Islands and officials have warned bigger waves are to follow.

New Zealand"s complete easterly seashore was thought to be at risk with waves up to 3 metres (10 feet) approaching to strike the Chatham Islands and Banks Peninsula, nearby the main South Island city of Christchurch.

"It is approaching that the biggest call heights will start in in between 6 and twelve hours after the primary arrivals," the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management pronounced in a statement.

Residents on the Chatham Islands were changed to higher belligerent multiform hours prior to the primary call struck and residents in low-lying areas of Banks Peninsula had been told to be rebuilt to evacuate.

The biggest tsunami notice in story was noted by notice sirens, be scared shopping and mass evacuations opposite the Pacific, eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Chilean trembler triggered a tsunami that radiated opposite the Pacific dish and swamped the island sequence that desirous the story of Robinson Crusoe.

The warnings came hardly five years after the 2004 Asian tsunami sparked by an underwater upheaval off Indonesia inundated coastal communities with waves up to 100 ft high, claiming an estimated 230,000 lives.

Chile"s Juan Fernandez islands, about 400 miles off the coast, were the primary to feel the full force of the tsunami and "serious damage" was reported.

The sequence includes Robinson Crusoe island, declared after Daniel Defoe"s protagonist, and an additional declared after Alexander Selkirk, the Scottish soldier on whose genuine hold up practice the novel is pronounced to be based.

Michelle Bachelet, the Chilean President, pronounced an depletion of coastal areas on Easter Island, the Chilean domain important for the staggering statues, was launched as the tsunami approached.

Unlike during the harmful December 2004 tsunami, puncture officials opposite majority of the Pacific had multiform hours to hope for for the stroke and hope for evacuations.

"We"ve got a lot of things going for us," pronounced Charles McCreery, executive of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) in Hawaii. "We have a in accord with lead time. We should be means to rapt everybody in harm"s approach to move out of depletion zones."

In Hawaii, supermarkets were packaged during pre-dawn hours as people nude the shelves of bottled water, simple foodstuffs and alternative essentials such as water. Cars lined up fifteen low at motor fuel stations.

Locals and tourists began to leave beachfront communities and hotels as the primary notice sirens were sounded at 6am internal time, five hours prior to waves of up to 6 feet were approaching to hit.

Boaters at the harbour in Honolulu installed up with reserve and sailed their vessels offshore where they would be improved means to float out the waves rather than risk being smashed at shore.

Nervous journey boat passengers were additionally positive that whilst tsunamis can spin in to gigantic waves nearby land, their stroke out at sea is limited.

The PTWC released a tsunami warning, the top alert, for the complete Pacific region, together with countries as far afar as Russia and Japan.

California and Alaska were released a apart tsunami advisory.

New Zealand additionally released a tsunami alert, notice of a wall of H2O up to 10 feet high. The National Crisis Management Centre notice pronounced the biggest call heights were approaching in in between 6 and twelve hours after the primary arrivals.

Waves up to 6 ft high struck tools of French Polynesia and residents were warned to sojourn observant as tsunamis can include of multiform surges and the primary is customarily not the strongest.

Several Chilean coastal towns were battered by waves up to 9 feet high during a legal legal holiday week finish when majority people are on legal legal holiday at the beach for the central finish of summer.

Residents and tourists on Ecuador"s Galapagos archipelago - where Charles Darwin conducted investigate that led to his speculation of expansion - were changed to high belligerent prior to scarcely clever waves struck the shore.

Dr Brian Baptie, British Geological Survey"s Head of Seismology, explained because majority of the Pacific segment would have time to prepare. "Tsunami waves in the low sea transport at about the same speed as a jet craft and would take about fifteen hours to reach Hawaii and about twenty hours to reach the alternative side of the Pacific," he said.

Dr David Rothery of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Open University, said: "A bulk 8 upheaval is a singular event. On normal there is usually about one of these per year, globally. This one was caused by the building of the Pacific Ocean being pushed next South America. Because the epicentre was underneath the sea, the remarkable jerking of the sea-floor replaced H2O and triggered a tsumani."

Additional stating by Fiona Govan in Madrid and David Barrett in London

Shes our Cheryl, not his

By Jemima Lewis Published: 6:36PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

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Happier times: Ashley and Cheryl Cole prior to the separate Photo: PA

Just as no volume of air-freshener can erase the smell of a cab-driver"s armpits, there was no disguising the horrible sniff of joviality that accompanied the headlines last week of Cheryl Cole"s subdivision from her unreliable husband. Partly, it was usually out-of-date schadenfreude. The implausibly abounding and coarse Coles with their OK! wedding, National Lottery adverts (right) and occasional brushes with the law (in 2003, lest we forget, Cheryl was convicted of assaulting a shower in attendance in a Guildford nightclub) are not the sort of integrate that we Brits instinctively base for.

Cheryl on her own, though, we love generally right away that she has ceased battering the reduce orders and remade herself in to the moist-eyed Venus of The X Factor, outdoing the majority sensational contestants with her displays of empathy. For a little time, her father has been over-abundance to the public"s requirements. She is "Our Cheryl" now, not his.

Take arms opposite a sea of balderdash

She was authorised to pardon him one event (with a hairdresser, usually months after their wedding) on the drift of wifely devotion. But the ultimate allegations of sequence philandering (and, maybe worse, the "sex text" cinema of him in a saggy span of Y-fronts) tested open calm as well far. "Dump him!" thunders Heat magazine. "Cheryl shouldn"t quarrel for her matrimony to Ashley any longer," opines the Daily Mirror. On the summary boards, all are agreed: "Once the certitude is gone, it"s gone."

One gets the feeling, though, that the republic had some-more than usually Cheryl"s interests at heart. The stridency with that we reject luminary infidelities, and the integrity that they should be scrupulously punished, has at slightest as majority to do with the own anxieties about monogamy.

"Wise tied together women don"t difficulty themselves about doubt or unfaithfulness in their husbands," counselled Samuel Johnson, and he had a point. All of us know from experience that it is probable to love unequivocally love some-more than one chairman at a time: your siblings, your parents, your children. Why should regretful love (let alone passionate attraction, that majority rudimentary of feelings) be any different? Anyone who marries in the expectancy that their alternative half will usually ever have eyes for them is, frankly, deluded. The majority appropriate that majority of us goal for is that we, and they, will conflict by the agonies of enticement but wrecking the connubial ship.

What that means, of course, is opposite for everyone. Some adulterers are some-more excusable than others. Some are infamous or indiscreet; others are worried by their own disloyalty. There are copiousness of true spouses who find alternative ways to corrupt a marriage: by violence, bullying or wordless retreat. And there are most women who would rather grow old with a kind, droll rou than with a man who has sum carry out of his hormones but not majority to contend for himself over dinner.

The Jerry Springer-style dignified absolutism that says you should never pardon a intrigue associate is a form of dignified abdication: it removes the need to have nuanced decisions about the lives. The same internet sages who couldn"t wait for for Cheryl Cole to bail out her father are full of disregard for her associate WAG Toni Poole for giving John Terry a second chance. Would it unequivocally be wiser and stronger, then, to automatically give the father of her three-year-old twins the heave-ho salving her honour at the responsibility of their happiness? How most less advantageous young kids have been put by the mishap of divorce simply since of the complicated habit that to pardon is weak?

There is a infamous round here: for the ubiquity of divorce is one reason we feel so concerned about adultery. In Dr Johnson"s day, the tricked mother competence have felt upset, angry but she would be doubtful to see it as the finish of the road. Most people were stranded in their marriages, either they favourite it or not.

Today, the ties that used to connect us monetary dependence, amicable pressure, eremite idea have frayed, and all we are left with is an unfit preferred of regretful love. Celebrities, whose wealthy weddings epitomize the impractical expectations about marriage, are approaching to follow the new habit to the letter. If we"re not authorised to have abnormality work, afterwards conjunction should Cheryl be.

Englands Nick Matthew sets up Ramy Ashour final in North American Squash Open

Bystaff Published: 3:47PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Malaysia Focus: Ramy Ashour is universe squish No 1 Photo: PATRICIA LYONS

World No 1 Ashour sealed in on the head-to-head jot down opposite his shining Egyptian associate citizen Amr Shabana by violence the reigning and four-time World Open squish hold up in a 76-minute marathon in that he twice had to come from behind.

Shabana, the thirty year-old third seed, led in the initial 3 games, though the 22-year-old tip seed pegged it behind each time, banishment in a little implausible energy forehand crosscourt nicks.

Waters lands second pretension in character Willstrop sets up Matthew showdown Barker seeking to spoil celebration Valentine last expected for rivals Sport on radio Ramy Ashour earnings to form as Nick Matthew knocked about in epic

The former universe No 1, who degraded his younger associate citizen in last year"s World Open, looked to have it sewn up after he breezed by the third game, though let Ashour behind in the fourth. It was not until the decider diversion that both players played at their full potential.

It was Ashour who changed in to his 24th PSA Tour last in only over five years and a repeat of the 2009 final.

In the alternative all-English semi, universe No 2 Matthew faced seventh seed James Willstrop, his Yorkshire opposition opposite whom he boasted a 12-8 head-to-head advantage.

Willstrop, leader of the last Super Series eventuality at the JP Morgan Tournament of Champions in New York, never unequivocally looked gentle for the total of the match. The twenty-six year-old from Leeds did take a lead in the initial dual games, though he was half the player of the prior round.

Matthew was attack a some-more accurate length and bringing the round short sufficient on the bombardment dump to have Willstrop lunge, intercepting the subsequent round to finish the convene at the behind of the court.

It was a settlement that was steady by the match. Willstrop quickly looked in carry out in the third game, though Matthew leveled the measure and went on to win 11-8, 11-9, 12-10 after 62 minutes.

The leader of the Richmond last will tip the PSA Super Series 2010 rankings but, if it were Matthew, he would share the lead with associate fellow citizen James Willstrop.


[1] Ramy Ashour (EGY) bt [3] Amr Shabana (EGY) 12-14, 13-11, 7-11, 11-7, 11-8 (76m)[2] Nick Matthew (ENG) bt [7] James Willstrop (ENG) 11-8, 11-9, 12-10 (62m)

Razor Royale hangs on to win Racing Post Chase despite slip at final fence

By Marcus Armytage Published: 5:32PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Razor Royale - Razor Royale hangs on to win Racing Post Chase notwithstanding trip at last blockade Quick recovery: Razor Royale, ridden by Paddy Brennan, on his approach to feat in the Racing Post Chase Photo: PA

Two lengths up and commencement to claim his management over the grey going in to the last fence, Razor Royale launched himself at the barrier a walk as well shortly and crashed by the birch roughly bringing himself to a standstill.

Trotting afar from barrier and with A P McCoy baring down on him carrying been since a second punch of the cherry, Brennan threw all at his mountain even throwing afar the reins in the process. In the end, he scrambled home by a neck. "The winning post could not come discerning enough," he said, "he was all out."

Kauto Star v Denman A P McCoy: Nacarat has the knack King eyes Kempton stand in Curran"s Iris de Balme fits the check Sport on radio Riders can right afar miss out National fences

His tutor was at Chepstow so the articulate was left to his commercial operation partner Carl Llewellyn who said. "He"s frequency run a bad competition all season. He wasn"t the easiest to sight but he"s holding on to his form improved now. He jumps a bit improved on improved belligerent and he could be a National equine but he"ll expected go for the William Hill at Cheltenham first."

He has 10st 7lbs in the National and should scratch in to the competition but he would not get afar with receiving as majority liberties at Aintree.

Tom George was gay with Nacarat who will bypass Cheltenham in foster of Aintree. "He copes with that belligerent but he"s only not utterly so electric on it. Making a inapplicable designation at the fourth last was only what he didn"t need at that theatre too, but he"s run a big competition with a big weight."

With Cheltenham fast approaching, Kempton supposing a little of the last recognized trials. Punjabi had a certainty boosting jog spin in the Racing Post iphone App Champion Hurdle Trial, winning similar to you would design a 1-6 shot. It should put him mark on for his pretension counterclaim in sixteen days.

His trainer, Nicky Henderson, astounded himself when French import Soldatino, conjectural to be a bit wild, showed a great spin of feet from the last to win the Adonis Juvenile Hurdle in the deficiency of the Triumph Hurdle prime Mille Chief who was lame.

Ladbrokes took Mille Chief out of the betting and introduced Soldatino at 20-1, the sort of cost - since how tender Barry Geraghty was - to lure the majority iron-willed punter behind in to a betting shop. "He"s been in the back yard five weeks and I haven"t galloped him," Henderson said. "We were anticipating it would discuss it us what to do subsequent and I think it has."

Ruby Walsh"s wasting to do 10st on Fistral Beach, prime for the Racing Post, valid a rubbish of time when he clouted the second and they fell. But the rest of his day was better. The Nightingale could well head for the RSA Chase after a well-spoken 18-length success in the Pendil Novice Chase, the second leg of a stand in for Walsh and Paul Nicholls.

Italy v Scotland: match report

By Alasdair Reid in Rome Published: 3:27PM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Italy sixteen Scotland 12: compare report Crunch: Italy"s Josh Sole is tackled by Mike Blair but Rome was celebrating at last alarm Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Scotland are confronting a Six Nations varnish - their initial in 6 years - after this dispiriting better in the Stadio Flaminio.

Showing nothing of the quick mind or coercion of their opening opposite Wales dual weeks ago, they struggled to claim themselves, unsuccessful to carry out domain and deservedly fell to an Italy side that managed those aspects of the diversion quite well.

Scotland ready to front up Brotherly love for Evans Italy v Scotland: compare preview Thom Evans earnings to Scotland Quick round is essential, says Brown Carry on jumping

As moving as it might have been, there was no mistaking that this was anything but a wooden ladle decider, as both sides responded to the stately conditions with a tide of errors. As a consequence, conjunction group could carry out the patterns of fool around in the initial half, as they all as well mostly surrendered hard-won receive and domain with schoolboy mistakes.

Scotland slipped at the behind of early, as dual Mirco Bergamasco penalties gave Italy a 6-0 lead in the opening fifteen minutes. However, Andy Robinson"s side regrouped, sketch turn with a prop of kicks by Dan Parks only after the half-hour mark. It was additionally around that point that the Scots began to fool around with the management they had lacked progressing in the game, with raking kicks from fly-half Parks and full-back Hugo Southwell winning them the domain positions they had formerly struggled to gain.

Scotland"s most appropriate possibility of a try came only prior to half-time, but a stately mangle by Johnnie Beattie was stopped by a little asocial ball-killing by Italy flanker Josh Sole.

The corruption deserved a yellow card, but Sole transient with a harangue from arbitrate Dave Pearson, and Scotland did not even have the satisfaction of an additional 3 points as Parks sent the following chastisement wide.

Bergamasco nudged Italy behind in front with his third chastisement only after the break, but the Scots responded with a absolute move that finished with Allan Jacobsen being bearing over the line. The radio central ruled that he had been hold up, but after a integrate of scrums Parks struck a elementary forsaken idea to turn the scores again.

A fourth Parks chastisement put Scotland forward for the initial time in the 63rd, but Italy dumbfounded the Scots with a try 3 mins later, Pablo Canavosio diving over after a sizzling mangle by Gonzalo Canale. Bergamasco"s acclimatisation brought up the four-point winning domain and burnished tainted indignity in Scotland"s wounds.

Death toll reaches 78 in Chilean quake as scientists issue tsunami warning

By Fiona Govan, in Madrid, and David Barrett Published: 11:32AM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Previous of Images Next Locals take to the streets of Santiago after an trembler of 8.8 on the Ritcher scale set upon Chile: Death fee reaches 52 in Chilean upheaval as scientists issue tsunami warning Locals take to the streets of Santiago Photo: EPA Video grab shows cars flitting by a territory of a highway shop-worn by a vital trembler in Santiago: Massive trembler hits Chile Video grab shows cars flitting by a territory of a highway shop-worn by a vital trembler in Santiago Photo: REUTERS Chile Chile"s President Michelle Bachelet declares a "state of catastrophe" Photo: AP Earthquake victium: Massive trembler hits Chile: The trembler struck at around 3.34am internal time. Its epicentre was usually 75 miles from the coastal city of Concepcion, south of Santiago

The quake, purebred at bulk 8.8 on the Richter scale, caused buildings and bridges to fall and led to power-black outs in tools of the Chilean capital, Santiago, 200 miles from the epicentre.

British experts pronounced a tsunami was right afar radiating from the epicentre towards Hawaii and alternative settlements on the Pacific Ring of Fire. The tsunami"s ferocity is not nonetheless known.

Decade"s lethal earthquakes Easter Island depletion as tsunami hits the Pacific Chile earthquake: tsunami warnings trigger evacuations opposite Pacific Huge trembler hits Chile, tsunami feared Massive trembler off Chile triggers tsunami rapt Earthquake off Honduras triggers tsunami rapt in Caribbean

Images promote on air wave in Chile showed waste had damaged off buildings in Santiago and crashed in to the streets below, as the city was plunged in to dark by energy failures.

Thousands of people fled their homes when the trembler struck at 3.34am internal time, entertainment in the streets with majority still dressed in pyjamas. Images showed a highway overpass that had collapsed trapping cars underneath it.

The vital upheaval lasted one notation and was quickly followed by a array of aftershocks trimming from 5.6 to 6.9 on the bulk scale.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet reliable that at slightest 47 people had lost their lives.

An puncture executive after lifted the fee to 52. Five of the victims died in the Maule segment and one in Araucania, in the south of Chile.

"But with the upheaval of this magnitude, we cannot order out alternative casualties," Bachelet said.

One man told internal a air wave headlines channel in the city of Temuco: "Never in my hold up have I experienced a upheaval similar to this, it"s similar to the finish of the world."

Dr Brian Baptie, the British Geological Survey"s Head of Seismology, said: "This is largest trembler to set upon executive Chile given a bulk 6.7 trembler in 2001.

"A 1.3 metre tsunami call was noticed at Valparaiso, 200 kilometres north of the epicentre about twenty mins after the earthquake.

"Tsunami waves in the low sea transport about the same speed as a jet craft and would take about fifteen hours to reach Hawaii and about twenty hours to reach the alternative side of the Pacific."

Dr David Rothery, from the Open University"s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, said: "This morning"s bulk 8.8 trembler close to the Chilean seashore has caused a tsunami that is right afar radiating afar from the epicentre and travelling at multiform hundred kilometres per hour opposite the Pacific ocean.

"The initial waves are approaching ot Hawaii at 11:19 Hawaii Standard Time but are additionally travelling along the South America seashore and will reach Colombia and Costa Rica after 1300 GMT.

He added: "A bulk 8 upheaval is a singular event. On normal there is usually about one of these per year globally."

The US Pacific Tsunami notice core released a tsunami notice for Chile and Peru, and a tsunami watch for Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, all of Central America and French Polynesia.

Japan"s meteorological group warned of a tsunami risk opposite large areas of the Pacific, as far afar as the Antarctic, and in the Philippines officials warned low-lying coastal areas to hope for for a probable evacuation.

The trembler struck 60 miles north-west of the Chilean locale of Chillan, a orator for the US Geological Survey said, and 70 miles north-east of Concepcion, a city of about a million people.

Concepcion is expected to be the majority exceedingly influenced city and there were air wave reports of collapsed churches and alternative damage.

Teams of firefighters and military marched by the streets of Santiago propelling ease and arising instructions by megaphones.

Initial reports prove that the upheaval could be felt opposite Chile and additionally sent tremors to multiform provinces in executive Argentina together with tools of the capital, Buenos Aires, 1,000 miles afar from the epicentre.

In 1960, Chile was set upon by the world"s greatest trembler given annals dating behind to 1900.

In that disaster, a 9.5 bulk upheaval ravaged the south-central city of Valdivia, murdering 1,655 people and promulgation a tsunami that smashed Easter Island and one after another as far as Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines.

Today"s bulk 8.8 upheaval is personal as a "great" trembler that can means "tremendous damage," according to the US Geological Survey.

The trembler that ravaged Haiti"s collateral Port-au-Prince on Jan twelve was rated at bulk 7.0, whilst the one that struck Indonesia on Boxing Day 2004 totalled bulk 9.2.

Novak Djokovic overcomes slow start to book place in Dubai final

Bystaff Published: 11:34PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

Novak Djokovic overcome delayed begin to book place in Dubai final Desert domination: Novak Djokovic celebrates his semi-final feat over Marcos Baghdatis in Dubai Photo: GETTY IMAGES

In what has valid a wily contest for seeds, the universe series 3 was on the margin of rejecting in the second turn opposite fellow citizen Viktor Troicki and again in the buliding opposite Ivan Ljubicic.

He was again once some-more in a wily mark on Friday when Baghdatis claimed the opening set of their semi-final.

Murray blames exit on miss of credentials Andy Murray falls to Janko Tipsarevic Federer out of Dubai Open Querry stuns Roddick Murray withdrawal provokes French Sport on radio

But the Serbian strike behind to sign a 6-7 (2/7) 6-3 6-4 win and a place in the last opposite Russia"s Mikhail Youzhny.

Djokovic struggled for stroke in the opening set, portion five stand in faults, and was a mangle down in the second, but took carry out from there to progress.

Seventh seed Youzhny progressing kick Jurgen Melzer of Austria in dual difficult sets to book his last place.

The key impulse came at 5-5 in the initial set, when Melzer slipped to 0-40 on offer and, nonetheless he saved dual mangle points, Youzhny converted at the third attempt.

He went on to take the second on a tie-break for a 7-5 7-6 (7/4) win.

"It was a difficult match," he said. "It was unequivocally close for both players.

"I think Jurgen played unequivocally well today. He was aggressive. He won a lot of great points. So for me it was unequivocally tough."

John Terry will attempt to shake hands with Wayne Bridge at Stamford Bridge

By Jason Burt Published: 11:59PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

John Terry and Wayne Bridge will Reunion: John Terry and Wayne Bridge will face off in Premier League strife Photo: AFP

The Chelsea captain, according to friends, will "man up about the situation" and believes that the span should comply the pre-match law - nonetheless it is not requisite for Premier League matches of jolt hands with each part of of the opposition. Its doubtful to happen.

With Chelsea physical education instructor Carlo Ancelotti on Friday dogmatic he is "fed up" with the courtesy over the affair, Terry is himself believed to be angry at how it has been portrayed, indicating out to friends that the full story has not been told.

The kid finished bad: John Terry meets Wayne Bridge on the football representation Chelsea v Manchester City: preview Mancini: Wayne Bridge will face Chelsea Alan Smith: Wayne Bridge faces his longest day Capello refuses to bonus Bridge wholly Terry lands Bridge in the neglected spotlight

Terry has oral quickly to Bridge on dual occasions that together with Bridges own reassurances had speedy England ubiquitous physical education instructor Franco Baldini to hold that the latter would have himself accessible for ubiquitous football. However, on Thursday Bridge released a make a difference withdrawing from the England patrol and the World Cup, nonetheless Fabio Capello has stressed that "the doorway stays open" for him should he shift his mind.

There are reasons, the understood, since Terry has not rigourously apologised to Bridge for his control and the actuality that he had an event with Vanessa Perroncel, Bridges former partner and the mom of his child. It has, undoubtedly, turn an increasingly disorderly tale that is deleterious the careers of both players and inspiring Chelseas deteriorate and Englands World Cup preparations.

Ancelotti showed his disappointment on Friday, during his pre-match press briefing, when he pronounced at one theatre that he would verbalise usually in Italian if he one after another to be asked questions about Terry and Bridge. "It usually flared up again since of you people," Ancelotti said, blank the point that Bridge had released a open statement.

Earlier in the press discussion he was asked either he feared Terry - who achieved erratically in the Champions League tie afar to Inter Milan on Wednesday - would be distracted. "No, I think John Terry is a veteran and he doesnt have a complaint to see brazen and stay focused on the match," he replied.

"He has a great genius and will stay focused. Hes the same John Terry. The same. He is veteran and he knows really well when he has to be professional."

Asked either he was astounded at Bridges decision, Ancelotti added: "Im not astounded since the his personal decision. I approaching that decision. Its not my problem."

That competence have sounded unduly harsh, since the personal inlet of since Bridge has cold but, in fairness, it had far some-more to do with how worried Ancelotti felt deliberating the matter. After all, he said: "I have never had anything similar to this [story] in Italy. I have never been meddlesome what happens outward the pitch. Its never happened before."

He is paid well enough, however, to understanding with such matters. Personal issues are as critical as crew issues in management, football or otherwise.

"I dont know how most people are meddlesome in this," Ancelotti protested. "For sure, not the players, no players." So what has the mood been similar to in training? Is there any possibility of lightness, supposed banter? "John Terry is still the same in training," Ancelotti. "He knows when to fun and when to be professional." Are there any jokes at his expense? "Never," Ancelotti shot back.

It was a curved briefing, with the usually service entrance when Ancelotti discussed the pursuit Roberto Mancini - a former team-mate of his with the Italian inhabitant group at the 1990 World Cup and a manager he faced most times in Serie A - has finished at City.

"To go to a new group during the deteriorate is not easy," Ancelotti said. "Hes perplexing to put his genius in to the squad. Up to right away he did a great pursuit and I goal we will do the most appropriate for Man City." The ubiquitous notice as to how Mancini has fared at Eastlands is not so charitable, however, with Ancelotti claiming it was a "good time" to fool around City.

Mancini is struggling and needs to benefit a certain outcome to brace matters. Having on-field problems competence come as a service to Ancelotti at the moment. Though he will be anticipating he doesnt find out after on Saturday.

Reformed armed robber jailed for raids

Published: 7:30AM GMT twenty-seven February 2010

Terry Smith, 51, of Canvey Island, Essex, was found guilty of conspiring to rob and conspiring to retain firearms with vigilant to rob after a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court.

His hermit Len, 52, of Dagenham, was found not guilty of the same charges by jurors. Both men had denied any offence.

Robber convicted of murdering Pc Sharon Beshenivsky Life judgment for pirate who shot policewoman Body builder locked up for �1.7 million spoliation of LS Lowry paintings Man who wrote The Art of Armed Robbery on hearing over armed robberies Retrial for pirate indicted of murdering Pc Sharon Beshenivsky

Prosecutors purported that the brothers were concerned in attacks on security guards delivering money to hole-in-the-wall machines in easterly London and Essex in between 2006 and 2008.

Detectives estimated that �250,000 was stolen and during one raid, at Rayleigh, Essex, in May 2007, commuter Adam Mapleson was shot and injured.

Jurors were told that Terry Smith had prior philosophy for armed spoliation and had created a array of books in prison.

He had denied being concerned in the robberies and told military that he was ""reformed"" and operative as a bard and expert for radio crime programmes.

The Art Of Armed Robbery, that publishers billed as the ""true story of Britain"s majority barbarous armed robber"", went on sale in 2003.

Cover content pronounced Terry Smith had ""participated in and programmed a little of the majority adventurous robberies ever seen in the UK"" and had done an ""audacious"" jail shun prior to spending dual years on the run. It pronounced Smith ""decided to remodel for the consequence of himself and his immature family"".

Hockey World Cup 2010: England suffer second setback with Simon Mantell injury

By Patrick Rowley Published: 8:10PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010: England humour second reversal with new damage Injury misery: Simon Mantell (left) has been sent home from the World Cup with a feet damage Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Striker Simon Mantell has been sent home after pang a regularity of a feet damage that had put an finish to his World Cup dream. That comes after an additional striker, Matt Daly, was additionally lost to injury.

Mantell went over heavily on the feet during a use compare opposite New Zealand, a diversion played about twelve hours after England arrived here in the early hours of Thursday from their acclimatization stay in Doha. At slightest England won the use diversion on the World Cup representation 3-1.

Hockey World Cup 2010: Watch England live Mantell ruled out of World Cup Tournament guide Hockey World Cup squads England patrol Fixtures and formula

An obligatory call summoned Hampstead"s Simon Fox to reinstate Mantell.

Fox, similar to all the alternative seventeen members of the England squad, has big-tournament experience. But a World Cup in India is something else again and this one, in particular, has a outrageous security participation following al-Qaeda threats.

One of the greatest problems for England and the alternative teams, will be to say focus.

England go in to the contest carrying never accomplished higher than fifth in a World Cup abroad and carrying had an peculiar preparation, with switches from outside to indoor, and as well small compare preparation.

First off on Sunday they encounter Australia, the favourites.

Jason Lee, England"s coach, says it will be a really fast game. England have not knocked about Australia for twenty-five years but Lee and his organisation crop up to hold that they are right away able of competing with them and any alternative team. This was something that was positively not the box prior to they were warn winners of the European Cup last year.

England right away fool around refreshing aggressive hockey and have superb match-winning players, similar to the captain, Barry Middleton, Ashley Jackson Ben Hawes, and Simon Mantell"s brother, Richard.

England have a tougher pool than at the "96 World Cup but contingency finish in the tip dual of their pool of 6 to have the semi-finals.

The genuine plea should be to get some-more points in the organisation than possibly Australia or Spain, or both.

That equates to that they contingency endorse their category opposite the alternative pool rivals, hosts India, Pakistan and South Africa.

Form suggests holders Germany and possibly Holland or Korea, will validate from the alternative group.

Bombers lawyers have no shame, morals or heart

By Simon Heffer Published: 6:37PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

Comments nineteen |

How scornful to the mental recall of the 52 people slaughtered in the London bombings of Jul 7, 2005 that lawyers deliberating how to ensue with an inquisition in to their deaths should speak about the "apparent bombers" who did this immorality deed. Where does this ridiculous denunciation come from? How on earth can it be justified? What disbelief is there about what the 4 fanatics were you do that day, or about what they had dictated to do? Are these deeply descent lawyers, in utilizing this term, perplexing to indicate that the 4 murderers all had a little sort of collision that caused the deaths of so majority people a bad conflict of wind, perhaps? Or that they were not the authors of this snub at all? In that case, what justification would they adduce? Who did blow up the train and the Tube trains?

I know that a little lawyers are, by definition, over shame, but these people are cowardly to have pronounced such a thing. Perhaps even in their inhuman and depraved middle world, something will right away stir, but I disbelief it.

The stupidity of Little George Osborne Mixed messages on how to heal this extremist poison in football Its red blood income ? indeed the salary of sin Britain at War: Life in the Womens Royal Naval Service Britain at War: A wartime childhood Britain at War: All right, chaps. Off you go

You can share in British Gas profits

Energy companies, particularly Centrica, that runs British Gas, are underneath conflict for creation so majority money. We have, notwithstanding the predictions of the thermomaniacs who contend there is prevalent tellurian warming, only had the coldest winter for thirty years. People have use of some-more appetite to keep comfortable when it is cold. Profits thus rise. Energy companies are not amicable services. They are quoted on the batch sell and are in commercial operation to have money. Those people in majority need get state handouts in cold continue to compensate higher bills. Other people have to change their priorities. And if any one wants a cut of an appetite firms profits, the answer is simple. Buy a little shares in it: the dividends will equivalent your bills when the frozen outside.

Ian McGeecghan knighted

Published: 1:59PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

McGeechan, 63, is one of the majority flashy coaches in the diversion who won a host of competitions at bar turn and steady that success on the general stage.

He had a renowned career as a player winning some-more than thirty caps for Scotland and played for the British and Irish Lions prior to heading them from the touchline in 4 Test series.

Lions 2009: South Africa and Lions yield constrained philharmonic Lions 2009: Lionheart Phil Vickery on rapt as Test vigour builds Lions 2009 Debate: Who contingency the Lions collect to crack Springbok line-out? Ousted Ian McGeechan to give up Wasps Mike Blair called up in to British & Irish Lions patrol

The 63-year-old right away joins England"s World Cup-winning manager Sir Clive Woodward in being celebrated as a rugby horseman in approval of his services to the diversion at each level.

Speaking after the Windsor Castle investment ceremony, McGeechan said: ""There"s a lot of great people in rugby and to be picked out and celebrated in this approach is I feel really special.

""I think I"ve been propitious since I"ve been means to fool around and manager a little great teams and great people.

""In the finish that"s what you remember, that a lot of great people have authorised things to occur and helped you grasp a little of the results, Test compare wins, whatever it is.""

He coached the Lions to a noted array feat opposite South Africa in 1997 and managed Scotland to a Grand Slam in 1990.

The 63-year-old has served on 7 tours of avocation with the Lions since 1974, when he played in all 4 Tests as the ""Invincibles"" swept dominant on a 22-match debate by South Africa.

McGeechan warranted 32 caps for Scotland and done 4 some-more Lions Test appearances opposite New Zealand in 1977, prior to apropos one of the majority successful coaches in the tellurian game.

In 4 Lions tours as head coach, McGeechan masterminded array victories over Australia in 1989 and South Africa in 1997.

At bar level, McGeechan"s biggest success came at Wasps where he won a full residence of trophies - the Anglo-Welsh Cup, the Heineken Cup and the Guinness Premiership - in a coaching dream-team with Shaun Edwards.

McGeechan was awarded the OBE after heading Scotland to the 1990 Grand Slam with feat over England in the Five Nations pretension decider at Murrayfield.

The manager took the helm of the Lions again for a fourth time last year and led them opposite Rugby World Cup champions South Africa but were knocked about 2-1 during the conspicuous series.

The 63-year-old described the Lions jersey as the majority critical jersey a player from the UK and Ireland could wear.

He added: ""I"ve had the payoff of privileges to have been since the event to be compared with the Lions on 7 opposite occasions, for me that"s really special.""

Speaking about the Lions" 1997 feat opposite the Springboks he added: ""It was fantastic, it was opposite the odds, we had great players there and they came together really well in a illusory environment.

""You win Test matches by the narrowest of margins so to do that and get it right opposite the contingency and to see immature men grow up in front of your eyes in a Test compare sourroundings is really special.""

Commenting about the Lions" debate of South Africa last year he said: ""In most respects that"s probably the most appropriate array I"ve ever been concerned with for the peculiarity of the rugby, the drama, and dual really great teams producing a really great Test series.

""And again it"s usually by the narrowest of margins that you lose it.""

Before withdrawal the Castle grounds, McGeechan sloping England to kick Ireland when they encounter at Twickenham tomorrow in the ultimate turn of Six Nations matches.

Coming up: whats on in the world of travel

By Jolyon Attwooll Published: 2:50PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

Previous of Images Next Sculpture at the British Museum Ife head, Ife, 12th-14th century - that will be on arrangement in a new muster at the British Museum Photo: Copyright The Trustees of the British Museum The Manganiyar Seduction - London The Manganiyar Seduction, one of the acts that will fool around at the stirring East Festival in London Photo: Roysten Abel Richard Hamilton art Richard Hamilton, Swingeing London 67, 1968-69, Screenprint on canvas, acrylic and collage Photo: � 2010 Richard Hamilton Bracelet of birds pecking at firm humans - entrance up - what Bracelet of birds pecking at firm humans, Ife, brass, 14th-15th century - the Kingdom of Ife muster Photo: Copyright Karin L. Willis/Museum for African Art/Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments

East Festival, London

This six-day legal holiday celebrates the informative and pleasing melting pot of easterly London. Highlights embody a discuss on easterly London architecture, quirky performances staged at the Barbican, song and dance from the subcontinent, and the East Commonwealth Games in Spitalfields Market, with events trimming from bicycle polo to kabaddi (a cranky in in between tab and wrestling). Participants in the Cycle East eventuality on Mar 7 take in free gigs at assorted locations.

More festivals and events Coming up: what?s on in the universe of transport Armed Forces Day: events around Britain Coming up: whats on in the universe of transport Ireland: Where the territory meets the roller Top 10 places to see Yuletide lights Mar 4-9; assorted venues, easterly London;; acknowledgment fees change

Aldeburgh Literary Festival

In the inventive Suffolk locale of Aldeburgh, and organized by the internal eccentric bookstore, this includes talks by the writer Sandi Toksvig and the naturalist Richard Mabey. Some events have sole out, but earnings might be accessible on the night, according to the organisers.

March 5-7; The Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh;; eventuality tickets �11

AV Festival

This biennial legal holiday of electronic humanities is well well well known as one of the North-East"s flagship events. This year"s thesis is "energy", and there will be movie screenings, exhibitions, performances and talks opposite Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

March 4-14;; acknowledgment fees vary, nonetheless majority events are free Kingdom of Ife: Sculptures from West Africa

Ife flourished as a powerful, rich city state in what is right away south-west Nigeria, maybe reaching the culmination in in between the 12th and the 15th centuries. Besides being an successful trade hub, it was well well well known for the pleasing naturalistic stone, terracotta, coronet and copper sculptures. More than 100 of those are being displayed at the British Museum majority of them on loan from Nigerian collections and being shown for the initial time in Britain.

March 4-June 6; British Museum, London;; adults �8, concessions �7 Richard Hamilton at the Serpentine

New at the Serpentine Gallery in London, this explores the growth of the British artist Richard Hamiltons work. Hamilton, majority well well well known for his portrayal and collage, is mostly deliberate as one of the artists who majority made the early Pop Art movement.

March 3 Apr 25; Serpentine Gallery, London;

Head over Heels

An muster celebrating � la mode head and shoes from British designers. A preference of artists are in residence, so visitors will have the possibility to see their creativity in action.

March 6April 25; New Brewery Arts, Cirencester;; Admission free


Railway Journeys

The statesman incited radio broadcaster Michael Portillo travels the nation by train. This week is Manchester to Bury, and learns how the railways helped to encourage the recognition of fish and chips.

Feb 28, 10.25pm, BBC One


The last part of the third array of Coast (first shown in 2007) papers the initial Channel swimmer, and explores Jersey.

March 2, 7pm, BBC 2


A healthy story mural of a year in Yellowstone. Here the programme covers the sleet warp as the full border of America"s majority important inhabitant play ground is revealed.

March 3, 9.30pm, BBC 2

To contention an event, send sum and your write series to

Sportmax autumn/winter 2010/11Milan Fashion Week

By Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director at Milan Fashion Week Published: 1:01PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

Link to this video

Sportswear with a prim, well-dressed note, dominated the SportMax pick up for subsequent autumn/winter.

Function was offset with quality of being female in hooded, drawstring blousons, suited with multi-zippered, flippy, kilted skirts a repeated direction that featured filigree or board inside the pleats. A flecked, wool-knit blouson was ragged over a immature nylon jacket. Grey and black blanket-check kilts, featured nylon waistbands, or large, extraneous pockets, snap-fastened this thought was quite in effect in a grey flannel schoolgirl-kilt, buckled to the side and featuring large outdoor pockets on snap-fastenings, ragged with a cropped, pinkish angora vest and white shirt.

Funky chalet stylish at D&G for winter 2010 Milan Fashion Week: Moschino Cheap & Chic Milan Fashion Week: Blugirl autumn/winter 2010/11 pick up Fendi autumn/winter 2010/11 pick up Just Cavalli: short, sharp, parsimonious and splendid Milan Fashion Week: Sportmax autumn/winter 09/10 pick up

Other kilts were in a brew of tweed and black or olive leather. The frock thesis led to multi-print plaids and tartans, in sheer and satin, for long-sleeved blouses, detailed with bullion zips, smock-dresses, over little, pleated skirts. The fabric "pot-pourri" something we saw at Fendi yesterday was an ubiquitous underline of the collection, mostly ensuing in 4 or five opposite materials in the one parka, blouson or dress tweed, leather, nylon, weave and fur, for example.

This design echoed additionally in the dusk wear, with sequined tunics, featuring patched epaulettes; sheer blouses with sequined bend patches; or an olive, sequined kilt, with black sheer flashing inside the pleats. The individualist functionalism lengthened to the multi-fabric, high-heeled boots and booties, furnished with ridged, rubber soles similar to a classical on foot boot.

The Mariners Rime was ahead of its time, a tale of dark obsession

Published: 12:47PM GMT twenty-six February 2010

An cast of Coleridge Water everywhere: an cast of Coleridge"s poem by Gustave Dor�

He took drugs, used prostitutes and wrote poetry. Thats majority peoples perspective of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The usually improvement Id have is that a small of his poems are indisputably great, and the biggest is probably "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". A new low-pitched instrumentation of the poem opens tonight on Londons South Bank and a autobiography has usually been published of the man who is ostensible to be the "real" mariner. It is a work that never seems to lose the allure.

There is something deeply obsolete about the derelict sea-dog in the poem. What could be some-more so than a man who commits a careless action usually to be punished for it eternally? "With my crossbow/I shot the albatross," he says, giving no explanation. How mostly do we dedicate careless acts we after regret? Coleridges discernment is that infrequently we can conjunction know nor insist because we handle as we do. We action and afterwards humour the consequences.

William Hazlitt, the initial complicated man Gap year: 100 ways to shun Longest poem in the star combined on Twitter The maids tale: Kathryn Stockett examines labour and injustice in Americas Deep South Fifty good days out in the UK

These, in the Mariners case, are no joke. First he gets trapped in a passed ease "For all averred I had killed the bird / That done the zephyr to blow." Having run out of celebration water, the Mariner and his shipmates see "death-fires", have nightmares and turn dehydrated. Rightly blaming the Mariner, the sailors cling to the albatrosss stays around his neck (an adult albatross can weigh as majority as 26lbs with a wingspan of twelve feet).

Things get worse. Who should come on vacation but the old crony Death and his girlfriend, Life-in-Death, "who thicks mans red blood with cold"? They fool around dice: Death wins the sailors and Life-in-Death the Mariner, who is cursed to watch mutely whilst his shipmates dump dead. "The majority men, so beautiful! / And they all passed did lie." Coleridge is preoccupied by the randomness with that an unfair predestine is meted out to the innocent.

Thats where the bones come in. Its by pointless turns that the trusting are punished for the sins of others, or for no reason at all. This is a profoundly complicated approach of noticing the world. No one else was essay in this approach in 1797. You have to consternation either Coleridge himself longed for to. At the time he stoical the poem he was a Unitarian minister and believed in a star governed by a good God, as described towards the finish of the poem: "He prayeth best, who loveth majority appropriate / All things both good and small; / For the dear God who loveth us, / He done and loveth all."

Its an fortifying thought and Coleridge inserts it there because, after the destruction of the preceding stanzas, he knows how really bad the needed. But the dignified of the story is undercut by roughly all that precedes it. Where is Coleridges "dear God"? He doesnt save the sailors from Death, doesnt save the albatross and, majority tellingly, doesnt save the Mariner from constant punishment.

"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is about a star dominated by accident, in that wretchedness is customarily dealt out to the innocent. Its a star that is recognisably the own. Dont be foxed by the primitive diction, the allegory, or the olde worlde machine of the Gothic ballad whose absolute rhymes are such a piece of the poems appeal. For this work speaks to the clarity of powerlessness in the face of forces incomparable than ourselves.

Why would a Unitarian apportion write something so bleak? Coleridge probably meant the poem to attest his eremite views, but realising that his origination had insincere a second self. This twin inlet mirrors that of the author. Coleridge was a minister who in in isolation was dependant to drug that subjected him to visions of accursed depravity. Trapped in a cycle of addiction, he came to see himself as a pang trusting identical to the Mariner.

At first, no one favourite the poem. Reviewing it shortly after publication, Coleridges crony Robert Southey wrote: "We do not amply assimilate the story to break down into parts it. It is a Dutch try at German sublimity. Genius has here been in use in producing a poem of small merit." But it one after another to intruigued and the repute grew. As a girl, Mary Shelley hid at the back of the lounge at her fathers residence whilst Coleridge shouted it in front of the fire: it after shabby Frankenstein. Melville could not have combined Moby-Dick but it, nor could Conrad have combined Heart of Darkness. Artists together with Mervyn Peake and David Jones combined visible fantasias on it. And the new low-pitched prolongation of the poem is desirous by it, usually as they were.

In the meantime, academics go on to discuss the poems definition and snippet the sources. In his new book, The Real Ancient Mariner, Robert Fowke writes of a soldier called Simon Hatley dredged up from the guts of nautical history. He isnt the initial to do this. Hatley was identified by John Livingston Lowes in what stays the biggest source-study of the poem, The Road to Xanadu, from 1927.

Whatever the chronological forerunner of this good work, it is transcended by what Coleridge did with it. For "The Ancient Mariner" is the plans for the complicated parable of obsession, eremite disbelief and unfair punishment. As prolonged as those things perturb us, it will keep the puzzling power.

"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is at Queen Elizabeth Hall from tonight until Monday

Google complaint filed to FCC as well as EC

By Rupert Neate, Media Correspondent Published: 9:32PM GMT twenty-five February 2010

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In the acquiescence to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Foundem, a cost more aged site, indicted Google of posing an "immediate hazard to foe and innovation".

Foundem asked the FCC to embody poke engines in the due Open Internet rules.

Is Google unequivocally the new satan? Google"s EU examine is event to transparent the air Google could face $2.4bn excellent in EU anti-trust box Brussels contingency action fast and obviously in the review in to Google EU exploration points the searchlight on Google"s methods Google indicted of breaching EU foe manners

"Search engines have turn the internet"s gatekeepers and are arguably as necessary a member of the infrastructure as the network itself," the filing states. "Google"s strenuous prevalence of poke and poke advertising, joined with the capability to arbitrarily penalize rivals and evenly foster the own services, creates the need for poke neutrality quite pressing."

Google has denied the allegations.

Foundem was one of 3 companies to ask the European Commission to examine either Google abuses the 90pc prevalence of the UK poke marketplace to conceal the rivals.

Google has mounted a serve counterclaim of the poke ranking system, claiming it produces improved formula than those that make use of human intervention.

Arsenal post large half-year pre-tax profits

Published: 10:18AM GMT twenty-six February 2010

Arsenal post large half-year pre-tax profits Money matters: Arsenal are display success on and off the representation Photo: AP

The monetary half-year formula exhibit Arsenal Holdings plc"s sum net debt has been marked down from �332.8m to �203.6m - a rebate of �129.2m.

The bar additionally voiced poignant swell at Highbury Square where the sale of 261 apartments lifted �96.6m - an enlarge of �38.2m on 2008 - with all the deduction used to compensate off the project"s debt. The group"s skill commercial operation available a pre-tax distinction of �9.3m.

Stoke City v Arsenal: preview Injury swell for Robin outpost Persie United and Arsenal will not win Champions League but alleviation Wenger puts Uefa on the mark Wenger gives full await to Fabianski Fabregas reparation to Arsenal fans on craft

In the results, the north London bar additionally exhibit they have finished the initial theatre of investment in the Emirates Stadium and have reiterated their process of re-signing first-team players on long-term contracts.

Non-executive authority Peter Hill-Wood said: "I am gratified to inform that the Group has delivered an additional essential set of formula for the initial 6 months of the monetary year.

"There has been conspicuous swell at Highbury Square over the last twelve months and it is transparent that the subsequent integrate of years will see the skill activities delivering over-abundance cash.

"This is really great news, nonetheless I would not wish to assume on the expect quantum or timing of this.

"How we will make use of this over-abundance stays uncertain but, in further to investing in the team, I think we will inspect investment in bar projects and infrastructure, both in and around Emirates Stadium, that will yield a long-lasting good to the bar and the tremendous, constant supporters.

"Looking ahead, the clever monetary bottom allows us time to take a totalled and committed proceed to last the club"s citation over the move to Emirates Stadium and in to the subsequent proviso of growth."

The Woman Who Shot Mussolini by Frances Stonor Saunders: review

By Freya Johnston Published: 6:15AM GMT twenty-six February 2010

At 10.58am on Wednesday Apr 7 1926, Benito Mussolini paused to salute an overjoyed throng in the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. As a organisation of students pennyless in to song, he station his head in their direction. At that moment, a slight, bespectacled, unfair woman, station less than a feet away, took target and shot him at point-blank range. The initial bullet grazed Il Duces nose, releasing a fantastic swell of blood; the second tangled in the pistol chamber.

The Honourable Violet Gibson, who believed she was behaving on Gods orders, had usually come closer than any one else to assassinating Mussolini. She had, as she would after boast, done story that sunrise though not in the approach she would have liked. Public magnetism and indebtedness for the "saintly" politician exploded in the arise of her attack, one of 4 attempts done on his hold up in less than a year. In fact, Gibson had a conspicuous shun from the mobs fury: when Anteo Zamboni, elderly 15, dismissed his involuntary revolver at Mussolini a couple of months after in Bologna, he was rught afar lynched, strangled, knifed and shot.

Yuletide Charity Appeal: Fighting an additional conflict after the fight

But since on earth would an Anglo-Irish nobleman set out to kill Mussolini, generally at this point? Before his advance of Abyssinia in 1935, the Italian personality was feted by majority of the British press and idolised by the statute class. Evidence of his brutality, imprudence and instability was kindly ignored. Could Violet Gibson, the 50-year-old daughter of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, be the instrument of an general swindling to frustrate Fascism? Or had she acted as a sole madwoman? No one in Britain or Italy appears to have entertained the thought that she competence have been at once politically intent and mentally unhinged maybe since such a speculation would have reflected really bad on the impression of Il Duce himself.

Like Mussolini, Gibson had a fraught, aroused and paradoxical past. Physically fragile, desirous of restraint, dynamic and self-absorbed, she was innate in to a Protestant, Unionist family but grew up to welcome Irish nationalism. She converted to Christian Science, afterwards to Theosophy a mixture of metaphysics, uncanny science, feminism and socialism prior to eventually apropos a Catholic at 26. Throughout her adult life, she took her office of eremite law and her growth of a amicable demur with lethal seriousness. Her sold code of progressive, approved Catholicism, as she accepted it, did not order out killing. Indeed, she regularly in jeopardy to conflict the Pope to her mind, an additional total tyrant who had tricked her heavenly Italy. A year prior to the try on Mussolini, anticipating to die "for the excellence of God", she shot herself in the left side of the chest, but someway constructed to miss her heart; the bullet lodged in her shoulder blade.

Frances Stonor Saunderss book is tender, prudent and punctuated with impediment photographs: the picture of a throw of paper found in Gibsons pocket, usually after the would-be assassination; dual military mop shots, in that her face is distended from punches and her countenance infrequently peaceful and dignified. Beginning with the impulse of attempted murder, it afterwards swerves behind to Gibsons childhood and solemnly plots the march brazen again to the origins and goods of her fatal act. The volume of account clinging on the one palm to Gibsons life, on the alternative to Mussolinis, is subtly offset so as to indicate rather than force a array of parallels in between the two. Both of them believed that actions, not words, counted; both of them chose to adopt, when it matched them, the gestures of stupidity and of Catholic martyrdom.

Pardoned by Mussolini and escorted behind to England, Gibson was interned for the rest of her hold up in a in isolation sanatorium for lunatics. If usually she had been a improved shot, she competence have shabby the march of the Second World War. She outlayed some-more than dual decades of capture in the same haven that had perceived the producer John Clare in 1842 and where James Joyces daughter, Lucia, outlayed the last thirty years of her life. Her grave is a couple of feet afar from Lucias. Gibson had asked to be laid to rest elsewhere, in the Catholic piece of the cemetery; but in death, as in life, she was misplaced.

The Woman Who Shot Mussolini

by Frances Stonor Saunders

384pp, Faber & Faber, �20

Buy right away for �18 (PLUS �1.25 p&p) 0844 871 1515 or from Books