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M&S wouldnt be invented these days, says Sir Stuart Rose

By James Hall, Retail Editor Published: 6:00AM GMT 04 March 2010

Marks & Spencer Group

Sir Stuart pronounced that M&S should turn an "umbrella brand" offered products and services in the approach that supermarket Tesco does. He combined that it had been delayed to welcome new product areas.

He additionally shielded the intensity �15m compensate package for Mr Bolland, observant the payout will infer "value for money" for M&S"s shareholders if all the expansion targets are hit.

Morrisons drifting Dutchman Marc Bolland hits heights M&S surprises the City with volatile traffic The week forward M&S increase unemployment as credit break bites Can Take That assistance broach Marks & Spencer a Yuletide hit?

Explaining because M&S picked the former Wm Morrison senior manager as the new arch executive, Sir Stuart said: "We do have utterly a difficult business. We have a commercial operation that you probably wouldn"t invent. We have got a mass marketplace wardrobe tradesman and we"ve got a top-end food sell business. We were slipping off the corner behind in 2000, we have put the commercial operation in a place where it can right away grow, and we need the right man."

He pronounced that poignant shift could be on the way, arguing that M&S should move in to product areas such as fight paint and telecoms.

Admitting he could have finished some-more in his 6 years in charge, Sir Stuart said: "There are opportunities. We don"t do anything. Our monetary services commercial operation is a really great commercial operation that we are stretching in to new areas, but things that Tesco proposed to do years ago, we have been a bit delayed in embracing. Our code is able of literally receiving people from cradle to grave and charity all the products and services in the middle. If I was 35 years of age and came in to the code and had 10-15 years at it, that"s what I"d be sharpened for."

He pronounced that Mr Bolland, who joins on May 1, was selected over inner candidates, such as food trainer John Dixon or monetary and operations executive Ian Dyson, as "nobody was utterly ready" internally. He discharged concerns that Mr Bolland has no experience of offered clothing, observant that the inner group is strong."Marc does not need to know the detail. He obviously needs to know what the big vital design is, he needs to know what vegetable patch we traffic in, but he does not need to collect blue, immature or yellow blouses. And he does not need to be concerned as well most right away about the pricing strategy, we have got people who can do that. He is intelligent sufficient to learn," he said.

Sir Stuart was vocalization at the Retail Week discussion in London. He certified that Mr Bolland"s income is "substantial" but pronounced that �15m is formed on share options that will usually be paid if targets are hit: "If he gets that propitious I guarantee you the shareholders will be happy, the association will be happy, the employees will be happy."

Sir Stuart will step down as authority by Jul 31 2011, but conceded he could go sooner. He has been using M&S "for longer than the second universe fight lasted". As for the future, he will be hostile to take on most non-executive purposes as the monetary predicament has done them "onerous tasks". He pronounced capitalism is in risk of apropos demonised: "The origination of resources is good. But people are commencement to subject that today."

Whitbread hires outgoing EasyJet CEO Andy Harrison

By Amy Wilson Published: 6:00AM GMT 04 March 2010

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Mr Harrison, 52, will stick on Whitbread, that additionally owns the Costa coffee chain, in Sep and take over from Whitbread"s stream arch senior manager Alan Parker in November.

Mr Parker has been at the helm for 6 years and will retire on his 64th birthday. He will not stay on as a house member.

EasyJet arch Andy Harrision to step down Harrison ultimate executive to bail out of easyJet Stelios: I ditched my Porsche when I proposed easyJet. Ive had a Smart Car ever given Liberty undergoes vital examination to capture partners for tellurian enlargement Michael Jackson: personal alloy was paid by London unison upholder Glenn Timms to exit as new owners shakes up Esporta

Anthony Habgood, Whitbread"s chairman, pronounced the house was unanimous in the preference of Mr Harrison, who voiced his goal to give up the bill airline in December.

Mr Harrison"s preference to leave easyJet followed the depart of Sir Colin Chandler and Jeff Carr, former authority and financial executive respectively, last year after a brawl in in between the house and the airline"s owner and infancy shareholder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

Mr Harrison perceived a argumentative �1.2m influence reward notwithstanding his departure. He was paid �1.63m at easyJet last year, together with a �1m bonus. At Whitbread, Mr Harrison will be paid a simple income of �700,000 and a reward and incentives "in line" with Mr Parker, who was paid �1.7m in sum last year.

Mr Habgood pronounced there were most similarities in in between the bill airline and the bill road house markets, quite the concentration on costs and on creation certain as most rooms, or seats, as probable are booked. Mr Harrison stretched easyJet"s commercial operation abroad, and Whitbread has plans to take Premier Inn in to new markets, after opening in the Middle East and India. Costa has 1,000 cafes abroad.

Whitbread"s house interviewed "strong" inner possibilities for the arch executive"s job, nonetheless Mr Habgood declined to contend either financial executive Chris Rogers had applied.

Babcock and VT bosses meet to discuss takeover battle

By Amy Wilson and Helia Ebrahimi Published: 6:15AM GMT 04 Mar 2010

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Babcock International Group

VT Group

As suggested on yesterday, the companies" advisers are holding a array of meetings to try to mangle the deadlock over a satisfactory cost for VT. Negotiations stepped up yesterday when Paul Lester, arch senior manager of VT, and Peter Rogers, his reflection at Babcock, met face-to-face after weeks of antagonistic statements.

Insiders pronounced the discussions fell short of grave due industry given Babcock had not nonetheless been postulated full entrance to VT"s books.

Babcock and VT advisers encounter to mangle deadlock Takeover Panel sets deadline for Babcock bid for VT VT stands organisation in face of financier vigour over Babcock bid Babcock says VT bid hinges on Mouchel understanding being forsaken VT Group seeks Babcock takeover deadline VT underneath vigour to open books to Babcock

However, minute government presentations written to explain how Babcock worked out the suggest cost and given VT deserted it will strength out the item of any destiny synergies the dual companies need to reach a compromise.

At the time of the lifted offer, Babcock pronounced it would not tip the �1.3bn bid until it got to see all VT"s trusted monetary documents.

The spontaneous talks this week could outcome in an agreement to open the books fully.

Mr Lester has pronounced the suggest of in between 680p and 715p a share "significantly" undervalues VT, and the association is thought to be holding out for closer to 750p a share.

The financial directors from both companies additionally attended yesterday"s meeting.

The VT trainer is accepted to have the await of the company"s largest shareholder, Invesco, that controls an 11.2pc stake, to hold out for a higher bid. However, alternative large investors together with Scottish Widows and Artemis are penetrating to have VT open the books to Babcock in the goal of removing a improved price. Those shareholders additionally hold stakes in Babcock. The cross-holding is serve difficult given Invesco has a large interest in await services association Mouchel, that VT done a bid for before to Babcock creation the intentions public.

Babcock has been given a deadline of Apr twelve by the Takeover Panel to have a organisation suggest for VT, and the deadline for VT to have a grave bid for Mouchel is additionally appearing it has been set for Mar 8.

Babcock has done 3 offers for VT given last summer, with the lifted suggest deserted last month. It is saved by 0.701 Babcock shares and cash, together with �230m from the sale of VT"s shipbuilding business. That income had been set in reserve for acquisitions to enhance VT"s await services business, but Mr Lester has pronounced the association would cruise profitable it out to shareholders.

VT"s shares rose 3 to 675 yesterday.

Pru shareholders threaten to oppose record rights issue

By Philip Aldrick and Jamie Dunkley Published: 6:30AM GMT 04 March 2010

AIA - Pru shareholders bluster to conflict jot down rights issue  AIA - Pru shareholders bluster to conflict jot down rights issue Photo: Bloomberg

At slightest dual vital institutions have lifted concerns about the $35.5bn (�23.6bn) merger and are deliberation hostile the $21bn rights issue that will financial the bulk of the deal.

"Return on equity seems sincerely far down their list of priorities. It looks similar to receiving five or 10 years to broach worth to shareholders," pronounced one. "Even if you hold in the long-term expansion of Asia, that"s formidable to swallow."

Prudential suffers as Fitch and S&P bluster to cut rating AIG takeover underlines Pru arch Tidjane Thiam"s aspiration Prudential advisers in line for jot down $1.3bn fees AIG to make use of Asian sale deduction to compensate off state debt Tidjane Thiam: Pru difficult man has the appeal to win by Prudential shares plunge on understanding for AIG"s Asian arm

Much will hinge on arch senior manager Tidjane Thiam when he starts an financier roadshow subsequent week, they added. Mr Thiam is right away on a three-day debate of Middle East to win over the hearts and minds of staff and government in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He will additionally be on vacation internal regulators to find capitulation for the deal.

The concluded bid got off to the misfortune probable start, with Prudential"s shares acrobatics 20pc in the initial dual days. They recovered twelve to 500p yesterday, but are still off 17pc given Monday"s agreement.

Bankers are right away perplexing to drum up seductiveness in Prudential shares at stream prices to column up the flagging stock. As most as thirty banks are additionally thought to have been lined up to sub-underwrite the rights issue.

Credit Suisse, Prudential"s lead adviser, additionally suggested AIA on a probable Hong Kong inventory prior to AIG supposed the bid. Bankers are right away propelling the emperor resources supports and Asian institutions who had programmed to deposit in AIA to buy Prudential stock. Those supports are approaching to assistance branch the fall in Prudential"s shares by fighting off the conflict from short-sellers.

Hedge supports are pronounced to be shorting Prudential since they design a big rump. In alternative large rights issues, the posterior has been in between 3pc and 10pc of the whole. Hedge supports are pronounced to be anticipating to cover their positions by shopping the rump. The rights might be labelled as low as 140p, earnest them a sizeable profit.

However, insiders pronounced they would know who had been shorting Prudential and "the last people we"d place the posterior with would be the sidestep funds".

Interest from Asian institutions would revive certainty in Prudential"s shares and well-spoken the rights issue process.

UK institutions are livid that the issue will not close until early June, giving shorters 3 months to conflict the batch with small antithesis from buyers. They additionally sojourn unconvinced by the price, that they contend is far some-more costly than the understanding former arch senior manager Mark Tucker pulled out of early last year. Prudential sources forked out that AIA"s change piece has been spotless up and Philippines enclosed this time round.

However, one establishment said: "This association has not warranted the right to come to shareholders for the largest rights issue in UK history."

UK faces struggle to find site for £12bn nuclear waste storage

By Rowena Mason Published: 6:30AM GMT 04 March 2010

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Sellafield Nuclear appetite plant in Cumbria Sellafield Nuclear appetite plant in Cumbria Photo: PA

EDF, the French application company, and Centrica, the owners of British Gas, plan to set up the initial new chief appetite stations in the UK by 2017.

The 10 new appetite stations will need a low "geological ordering facility" to store the 200 tonnes of high-level rubbish due to be constructed each year.

Britain"s sea appetite projects face �200m shortfall The chief greeting - A debate of Britains chief appetite stations Mixed greeting to new era of chief appetite stations Carbon constraint is not here nonetheless Households face climb in bills given of Government disaster on renewables Save the world tongue soars to funny new heights

However, an eccentric committee, set up by the Government in 2003, has pronounced it was still "unclear" what will occur to the rubbish in the long-term, and "insufficient attention" has been paid to open certainty in ordering of hot material.

The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) additionally resolved that whilst "some plans exist" to understanding with the UK"s high-level waste, either they are in effect is "a make a difference of judgment".

It additionally lifted fears that the Government might try to levy a hulk rubbish storage trickery on a antagonistic community, if no UK segment agrees to take on the waste.

So far, usually Cumbria has submitted an "expression of interest" in potentially receiving on the waste.

In the short term, rubbish might be hold on the sites of chief reactors for a series of decades. Lack of distinctness over short-term storage could means delays to the chief programme, but it right away appears probable that EDF and Centrica"s plants could begin generating but plans for long-term rubbish ordering in place.

The Government has additionally nonetheless to tell plans on just who will be probable for the costs of long-term disposal.

The committee"s critique came in a reply to a Government conference on the new formulation legislation for chief appetite stations.

A orator for Ed Miliband"s Department of Energy and Climate Change said: "The Government has set out the rough end that we are confident that in effect arrangements will exist to conduct and draw up of the rubbish from new chief appetite stations."

It is "talking to multiform communities" about either they would cruise receiving on the waste.

The Government"s new formulation system of administration has been written to speed up capitulation for chief facilities.

Utility companies penetrating to set up chief plants in the UK, together with EDF, RWE npower and E.ON, are been called unfortunate for fortitude in the formulation system of administration given it takes up to 7 years to erect a station.

The 10 sites underneath care are often places with a clever chief history, together with Sizewell in Suffolk, Sellafield in Cumbria, Wylfa in Anglesey and Hinkley Point in Somerset.

However, industry experts have lifted doubts about either the chief plants will be built on schedule.

We have to learn from Japans lost years

By Edmund Conway Published: 6:31AM GMT 04 March 2010

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Reuters We have to sense from Japan Tokyo"s batch marketplace is value frequency a entertain of the value at the rise in 1989 Photo: Reuters

Here in Japan, one of the initial things everybody wants to discuss, once they find out that you"re from the UK, is the awaiting of a hung parliament. The second is the tumble of the pound. The third is the mess in Greece. They ask their questions in a sensitive tinge not to ridicule or crow, but to have a elementary point: we know where you"re heading, since we"ve been there ourselves.

When Japan"s predicament proposed customarily over twenty years ago, the ubiquitous arrogance was that prices would tumble for a integrate of months. A year on, and they were still going down. Everyone was assured that at a little point things would spin around, but they never did. Today, Tokyo"s batch marketplace is value frequency a entertain of the value at the rise in 1989.

Nile Gardiner: Dont cry for Argentina, Hillary Adam Posen: Japan consultant is new man on the MPC Rates competence penetrate to lowest since 1694 Alistair Darling pulls out of World Economic Forum in Davos Prince Charles warns of meridian break Mortgages and bank accounts to be since health-style warnings

There are a little key differences. In Japan, the suffering and play were widespread out over months and years, withdrawal investors in a strange, Zen-like mood of disappointment. In the UK, the shocks have come tough and fast, the ultimate being this week"s play over the probable choosing formula and a terrifying tumble in the pound. But Britain"s problems still resemble Japan"s in so most ways: a mercantile crisis, a fast ageing population, a supervision incompetent to have wilful reforms to the damaged monetary sector.

Japan, in alternative words, has turn a exam box for how the economy competence go. The same British and American economists who used to fly in to harangue the Japanese on how to run their economy right away come to sense what is in store for their own nations. I came here on a identical event customarily to find that everybody is keener to speak about the predicament behind home.

This is frequency a surprise, for events have positively been dramatic. The banking and debt markets have had such a jumpy week that it has looked as if Britain could disintegrate in to the endless hole it has skirted so close to via this crisis.

By itself, the pound"s tumble on Monday to next $1.50 was mediocre it has been far reduce before, and the speed of the fall, nonetheless rapid, fulfils the text clarification of a banking crisis. But such comparisons to prior banking movements are misleading. The tumble in the bruise in the past integrate of years was a good fortune rather than a mess to the border that a comparison central in the Ministry of Finance here essentially congratulated me when I told him how far the bruise had fallen. It reflected the approach that investors were effectively re-pricing the UK.

We can think of the turn of a banking as a magnitude of how tasteful markets think that sold nation is: the ubiquitous arrogance over the past decade was that Britain was in good health, so the markets deemed that the bruise should be strong; when that apparition was shattered, the markets responded by obscure the value of the bruise by a quarter. There is a immeasurable difference, however, in between this kind of devaluation an even-headed reassessment by general markets of your competitiveness, that has already increased Britain"s fortunes by fattening margins and ancillary exports and what happened this week. The pound"s surge downwards reflected not mercantile considerations, but a chill fright that supervision and policymakers have simply lost carry out or have no idea.

As we nearby choosing day, design serve turmoil in the banking markets. One thing you can be sincerely certain of is that there will not be a full-blown crisis, with the Government anticipating it unfit to sell any of the debt, prior to the dust has staid after polling day. Instead, the markets will broach their outcome on the new supervision once it becomes transparent either the bill plans will essentially get a hoop on the deficit.

Contrary to a little new reporting, a hung council would not order out such an outcome. Clearly, the stronger and some-more wilful the government, the better. But one shouldn"t creed that a bloc supervision could not cut the deficit. Indeed, story suggests that governments of inhabitant role are mostly most appropriate matched to you do customarily that. The customarily catch is that they customarily usually do so after there has been a genuine predicament to pull them in to it.

So, as we have well known for most months, it is the markets rather than the adults that will in conclusion have the larger contend over Britain"s fate. And if you be insulted this idea, it"s value remembering what happened in Japan. Due to a peculiarity of the assets system, the supervision was means to go on borrowing and spending for dual decades, since the debt was paid for roughly wholly by the own citizens. The outcome is that it has been means to wand off the suffering of bill cuts but at the cost of dual lost decades, and the rising odds that Japan will face a predicament of debt and demography that is indeed inescapable.

Britain, whose down payment prices are buffeted about by investors from around the world, cannot do this. The pound"s poise this week was a sign that the time for borrowing is over, and that the time to compensate the debts has come. Instead of panicking or moaning, we should be grateful we have been since due warning.

Greece must make £4.4bn cuts before EU bail-out

By Bruno Waterfield, in Brussels Published: 6:45AM GMT 04 Mar 2010

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Greece contingency have �4.4bn cuts prior to EU bail-out Greece contingency have �4.4bn cuts prior to EU bail-out

A plans to assistance Greece and to strengthen the "financial fortitude of the euro area as a whole" will be discussed in the run up to a assembly of EU monetary ministers on Mar sixteen and is approaching to be concluded prior to an mercantile limit of Europes leaders 10 days later. However, Greece has indicated that it could be rebuilt to go to the International Monetary Fund for await if a understanding is not agreed.

News that the EU will step in to rescue the nation saw the euro climb opposite the dollar after the proclamation to about $1.37, after it had depressed to $1.34 on Tuesday, that was the lowest turn given May 2009.

Greece secures €5bn down payment sale forward of Merkel assembly Germany says Greece should sell islands to revoke debt Greece passes new necessity cuts to turn aside "catastrophe" Greek thespian offers her grant to assistance finish predicament Paris, Berlin competence find Greek bail-out essential Greece contingency sense from this predicament not censure the EU

The "additional" Greek purgation measures were drawn up after weeks of negotiations in between Brussels, Frankfurt and Athens, following heated vigour from Germany on Greece to step up the debt rebate efforts prior to it could equate on any EU support.

Officials, from both the European Commission in Brussels and Central Bank in Frankfurt, told Greece that the initial purgation package amounted to usually half of the compulsory 4pc cut to the Greek annual bill necessity of 12.7pc.

The new cuts, effectively commanded by the EU prior to they were voiced by the Greek supervision yesterday , volume to the blank dual commission points indispensable to move Greece behind in to line with eurozone bill necessity rules.

George Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister, done it clear, as he told his countrymen of new taxation rises and grant cuts, that the traffic off would be an EU understanding charity Greece a little remit from flighty emperor debt markets.

"We are right away justifiably awaiting EU solidarity. That is the alternative side of this agreement. So Europe faces a ancestral responsibility," he said.

Tomorrow, Mr Papandreou is due to hold talks with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, in Berlin to finalise the conditions of EU await for Greece, or any alternative struggling country. He is additionally approaching to encounter Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, in Paris over the weekend.

Jos Manuel Barroso, the Commission president, reliable that following the new cuts, "solidarity" with Greece EU formula for monetary await was behind on the agenda.

"Greeces desirous programme to scold the mercantile imbalances is right away on track. Regarding the altogether issue of oneness with Greece, Greece can equate on this," he said.

Greece is the initial nation in eleven years of European monetary kinship to need a oath of EU await after regard over the wicked spending levels caused marketplace turmoil that shop-worn the euro and carried Greek down payment yields, creation debt servicing even some-more formidable for Athens. The predicament has additionally in jeopardy to rip the euro detached after marketplace jitters widespread to take in alternative rarely gladdened eurozone countries, such as Spain and Portugal.

Mr Barroso concurred that officials were tough at work to pull up "a horizon for addressing approaching threats for the monetary fortitude of the euro area as a whole".

"We are operative on that issue now," he said.

"There are right away heated debates since of the incident in Greece. We have to have oneness in the EU. The petrify instruments, we will benefaction them in due time."

Using identical language, Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg and boss of the eurogroup, praised the Greek cuts as "important for the altogether monetary fortitude of the euro area".

"Euro area members mount ready to take dynamic and mutual action, if needed, to guarantee the monetary fortitude in the euro area as a whole," he said.

Virgin Media attacks BBC Trust over Project Canvas

By Rupert Neate, City Reporter (Media) Published: 6:45AM GMT 04 March 2010

Neil Berkett, Virgin"s arch executive, will inform the Trust"s discussion on Project Canvas as a "shameless whitewash" that calls in to subject the really life of the BBC"s eccentric ruling body.

The Dailyunderstands that Mr Berkett will contend "the BBC Trust"s discussion has been a shameless varnish that contravenes roughly each element of great regulation."

Five signs up to Project Canvas broadband radio try BBCs Project Canvas internet-on-TV plans pounded BBC Trust delays Project Canvas BBC Trust set to tell Project Canvas inform tomorrow Microsofts MSN Video site goes live

The BBC Trust is approaching to accede to last capitulation for the BBC-led plan to total video on direct services, such as the BBC"s iPlayer and 4oD, prior to the finish of the month. The corner venture, that is corroborated by ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT and TalkTalk, has already been postulated subject to approval.

Mr Berkett objects to proposals to force all broadcasters to make use of a singular "Project Canvas" code tranquil by the BBC and the partners, that he claims will penalize blurb rivals.

"The BBC Trust has stubbornly abandoned all requests to residence the concerns by commanding safeguards to forestall the BBC rising as de facto gatekeeper of the digital world." he will contend at the Cable Congress discussion in Brussels. "This is a obvious proof that the Trust is unqualified of controlling the BBC"s activities in an design way."

BSkyB has already pounded the consultation.

John Whittingdale, chair of the Commons enlightenment committee, pronounced the plan might have to be referred to the Office of Fair Trading.

Questor share tip: Avoid ITV restructuring plans remain too vague

Published: 7:00AM GMT 04 March 2010



55p -0.1

UK housing slack will be worse than in 1990s, Redrow warns Only a rough highway map of Digital Britain Unilever has all in place to obscure cynics ITV investors pull for ex-Sky trainer to be arch Balls cost for relocating to ITV meets with shareholder advance booking

Questor says Avoid

Television advertising, down 9pc last year, has bounced behind 7pc over the past couple of months.

It done �25m in pre-tax profit, opposite a �2.7bn loss the prior year, and the organisation is set to good from additional income that comes with the World Cup after this year.

Many of the analysts reckon this is sufficient to have the batch attractive, with Numis, Citi and Goldman Sachs all slapping a buy or supplement rating on the shares.

But Questor believes that there is still as well most doubt around what the new government proposes to do with the association and the turn of investment indispensable to revoke the bearing to cyclical downturns.

Archie Norman, the new chairman, yesterday affianced in advance movement in the face of low constructional problems in the normal media industries.

"ITVs plea is to revoke the coherence on a free-to-air indication in jeopardy by digital media and besieged by bequest regulation," he said.

However, his "platform for change" plan stays vague, with the obvious-sounding key aims of "sustaining promote performance, regenerating calm capability, deploying opposite platforms and building new regulatory consensus".

Questions sojourn over either the broadcaster will ask consumers to compensate for a little channels and how it plans to ramp up investment in strange calm as the BBC is you do and what the outcome will be on revenue.

Lorna Tilbian of Numis said: "The monetary implications are now unclear, but we note Archie Normans comments that he will not run ITV for near-term profit."

Credit Suisse analysts note that typically "media bonds underperform 25pc to 30pc in to a new arch management team plan examination display on concerns of investment and rebased gain expectations".

The promotion dejection might be over for the moment, but bigger concerns sojourn for ITV. Avoid the shares.

How would you change M&S?

Published: 8:30AM GMT 04 March 2010

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Previous of Images Next Marc Bolland will stick on Marks & Spencer as arch senior manager in May Marc Bolland will stick on Marks & Spencer as arch senior manager in May Sir Stuart Rose, the senior manager authority of M&S Sir Stuart Rose, the senior manager authority of M&S

In an strong vigilance that there could be a little big vital changes for the sell company, he argued that M&S should turn an "umbrella brand", charity a wider range of products and services to the constant customers. He even went as far as suggesting that Tesco had shown the tradesman he chairs a purify span of heels when it came to most areas of product and use development.

The subject is, by fluctuating the range of what you do are you in risk of diluting the quality? What are retailers for now, and how should they develop? As Sir Stuart pronounced in his debate at the Retail Week discussion on Wednesday, M&S is an peculiar amalgam of high-end food and mass marketplace clothing. So, what else should it do (if anything), and what is it removing right and what is it removing wrong? Sir Stuart has oral about a "cradle to grave" offering. Could or should M&S do all from maternity annuity bags to wake services?

Michael Parkinson becomes ultimate voice of M&S M&S surprises the City with volatile trade The week ahead: association results, trade updates and economics announcements Ex-M&S exec Esom gets equity pursuit at Langholm Capital M&S tip job: less tough sell, some-more padded cell

The retailer"s AGM in Jul is moulding up to be a flattering sharp-witted affair. The vital citation will obviously be a big issue. Another will be the compensate of the new arch executive, Marc Bolland. As we reported in February, Sir Stuart will dynamically urge Mr Bolland"s package that could be as high as �15m if he hits all his targets.

Some M&S shareholders are removing twitchy - observant that the multi-million bruise "golden-hello" offering Mr Bolland is not a great fit for these stern days. If you are a shareholder in M&S, what do you think - both about where the tradesman is going and the compensate of the man who is going to lead it there?

I see brazen to your comments.


Albania 1 Northern Ireland 0: match report

Bystaff and agencies Published: 6:10AM GMT 04 March 2010

Albania 1 Northern Ireland 0 Celebrations: Albania"s players applaud after Ervin Skela"s glorious idea for the hosts in the 25th notation valid sufficient to better Northern Ireland Photo: AP

Northern Ireland physical education instructor Nigel Worthington saw his side"s awful afar jot down go on but lauded the opening of rookie Corry Evans.

A glorious free-kick in the 25th notation from Ervin Skela on a rough and murky representation was sufficient to give Albania a 1-0 feat in this accessible in Tirana.

Evans withdraws from Northern Ireland patrol Worthington to stay as NI physical education instructor Czech Republic 0 N Ireland 0 Clingan dares to mental condition Sport on radio Sport on TV: The week forward

It equates to Northern Ireland have right afar won usually 3 games in twenty-two on the road.

However they softened as the diversion went on with Stephen Craigan twice saying efforts come behind off the woodwork.

Manchester United midfielder Evans, 19, was introduced at the mangle and staid in well after assisting the under-21s better San Marino last night.

Worthington said: "It was a great honest opening in the second half, some-more similar to Northern Ireland

"The reason that was the box was immature Corry Evans. He came on in midfield and had energy. He longed for the round and upheld well.

"He was neat and tidy. These are the elementary things that can assistance shift games.

"I have a lot of time for Corry. I have worked with him the last dual and a half years. I have watched him closely and that was a standard Corry Evans performance.

"I contingency confess it was lovely to have him here and see what he has completed tonight."

Albania fast took carry out and it was no warn when they went ahead, Skela promulgation an unstoppable free-kick over Maik Taylor.

Worthington was undone at the approach his group were delayed out of the blocks.

He said: "We never got started, the dash was slow, the flitting was poor, the dire was poor. It was a million miles afar from what we came to watch.

"The Albanians blending from the initial minute. There are no excuses per the pitch. The incident is there.

"You get unexcited surfaces all over Europe. It is a mental thing and we didn"t understanding with it well in the initial half. We had a opposite perspective in the second half."

Worthington had difference of joy for Motherwell defender Craigan, who went in to the compare but a idea in 45 internationals.

He said: "Stevie doesn"t go up on a unchanging basement but with a small players blank he got his opportunity.

"He was a handful. He went and pounded the ball, that he is great at. He was hapless but I thought he played really well."

Worthington added: "I was really tender with Albania. They played really well initial half, upheld the round well and combined chances.

"But in the second half we gave them a small of what they gave us in first."

England v Egypt: Enigmatic Theo Walcott leaves us wondering if he can make the grade

By Alan Smith Published: 7:30AM GMT 04 March 2010

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England v Egypt: Enigmatic Theo Walcott again leaves us wondering if he can have the grade Heads up: Theo Walcott still has most to infer to Fabio Capello after a diappointing deteriorate for Arsenal Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Mind you, the England manager didnt have as well most choices on Wednesday night.

Aaron Lennon, certainly the Italians initial preference on the right wing, has been systematic to rest his groin for a serve 6 weeks, while David Beckham possesses conjunction the legs nor the diversion to fit Capellos mandate ie a genuine far-reaching man sanctified with genuine gait to opposite shift the narrower character of Steven Gerrard on the left.

England 3 Egypt 1 John Terry left out in compare programme Pearce defends Ryan Shawcross Capello unmotivated about John Terry form Rooney fans" prime Sport on radio

This criteria doesnt most assistance James Milner possibly given the Aston Villa midfielder, as good as hes become, isnt that sort of unmitigated winger. Shaun Wright-Phillips, on the alternative hand, is - but some-more of that later.

Which leaves Capello with Walcott an conundrum of a player who betrothed so most with that hat-trick in Croatia but who has roughly left retrograde in the eighteen months since.

Not usually that, during the 4 years he has been unprotected to the Premier League at Arsenal, Walcott doesnt crop up to have schooled unequivocally much.

At worst, he resembles an fervent schoolboy with small bargain of the game. At best, he looks identical to a stirring awaiting who usually needs to lose one or dual severe edges.

So thats the bad news. More promisingly, Walcott put in a shift opposite Egypt that, while being far from fantastic, was an improvement, at slightest on the things hes been producing for Arsenal recently.

Having done no tip of being formally underwhelmed, Capello was patently anticipating for a shift of happening at Wembley.

And that looked quickly on the cards when Walcott proposed brightly. A good run and hold roughly took him to the byline prior to his second impasse incited out even better.

A detonate in between dual defenders finished with him picking out Frank Lampard for a possibility the Chelsea man should unequivocally have buried.

That was Walcott coming his trenchant most appropriate - committing opponents to broach an finish product.

But as England faltered on the behind foot, Walcotts form followed. He proposed branch in to difficulty and over-running the round in the approach he has so mostly for Arsenal.

When the equaliser in the future came, it did come from the right but not from the foot of Englands No 7. A droll game, football.

Had Lampard converted Walcotts progressing pass identical to Peter Crouch did Gareth Barrys, Walcotts increased certainty would probably have led to improved things.

As it was, Wright-Phillips transposed Walcott true after the idea and went on to stir by scoring one and creation one to may be put him forward in Capellos World Cup thoughts. If so, Walcotts tumble from beauty has been indeed spectacular.

In explanation, a little contend hes as well good to flower at the top, that his enchanting consideration gets in the way.

Well, as someone who usually got requisitioned once in his complete career so was indicted in a little buliding of a identical trait, I can sympathise with Walcott. I can additionally endorse that the not about being nasty.

Yes, you have to show a bit of demon but next in football is some-more about guidance to request your bent week after week. If you cant do that, afterwards you have problems.

Having pronounced all this, it contingency be emphasised that Walcott is still usually 20. He has time to rise in to the player we saw flashes of in Zagreb on that noted night.

Not everyone, after all, matures at the same rate as the exquisite Wayne Rooney. Some need some-more time to scrupulously bloom.

You never know, Walcott competence be one of those. If so, great. Unfortunately, that doesnt most assistance Englands means in South Africa this June.

World Cup 2010: Former Chelsea coach Guus Hiddink in frame for Ivory Coast job

Published: 8:41AM GMT 04 March 2010

World Cup 2010: Former Chelsea physical education instructor Guus Hiddink in support for Ivory Coast job Golden Guus: Guus Hiddink has World Cup extraction as physical education instructor Photo: AP

The Dutchman is engaged to the Russian Football Union until the finish of June, and is afterwards due to turn physical education instructor of Turkey in August.

The Russians have insisted he will work to one side for them for the residue of his deal, however Hiddink might be tempted by a possibility to the Ivorians at the finals in South Africa.

Ivory Coast 0 Burkina Faso 0 Ivory Coast can gleam at African Cup World Cup 2010 draw: Group G greeting Brazil contingency find proceed by minefield Gullit: Africa to explain centre theatre Slaven Bilic in support for Chelsea pursuit

Ivory Coast football organisation boss Jacques Anouma told BBC Sport an proceed has been done to Hiddink, and he is their main target.

Anouma said: "Guus is one of the people we have contacted about apropos coach.

"Probably in the center of subsequent week something will be concluded."

Ivory Coast sacked Vahid Halilhodzic after a unsatisfactory African Nations Cup debate and were underneath the superintendence of behaving physical education instructor Kouadio Georges when they lost 2-0 to South Korea in a accessible at Loftus Road yesterday.

Hiddink is not the usually physical education instructor on Anouma"s list.

Sven-Goran Eriksson was in the throng to watch yesterday"s friendly, and has additionally been related with the job, as he was with the Nigeria cavity that was filled last week by his associate Swede Lars Lagerback.

Anouma pronounced he has not approached Eriksson.

"Sven has not been contacted but there were a lot of coaches at Loftus Road for the compare and a little have contacted me," combined Anouma.

"Of the 3 or 4 in row to turn the subsequent coach, Guus is the chairman we wish but we are still articulate to him.

"Talks are ongoing but zero has been decided."

The Elephants might need to see elsewhere if employing Hiddink proves as well difficult.

However, Hiddink would be open to the purpose if something can be worked out.

The 63-year-old told reporters in Holland: "I have a little counts to finalise prior to I reach my decision."

Hiddink has formerly coached Holland, South Korea and Australia, as well as multiform clubs, majority not long ago Chelsea, where he worked with Ivorian striker Didier Drogba.

Ivory Coast will face Brazil, Portugal and North Korea in their World Cup group.

Bolton lose Stuart Holden for six weeks to leg injury

Published: 10:45AM GMT 04 March 2010

Bolton lose Stuart Holden for 6 weeks to leg injury Sidelined: Stuart Holden fractured his right fibula personification for USA Photo: AP

Holden, who assimilated Wanderers in Jan on a short-term understanding until the finish of the season, postulated the repairs during USA"s 2-1 accessible better to Holland last night.

Holden had proposed Bolton Wanderers" last dual matches, impressing physical education instructor Owen Coyle, who currently reliable the 24-year-old"s stipulate has been lengthened by to the finish of subsequent season.

Holland 2 USA 1 Sport on radio European Challenge Cup Review: Saracens stop extreme Bayonne opening Arsenal embrace repairs progress over Samir Nasri Newcastles Danny Guthrie escapes serve low mark over Craig Fagans damaged leg Premier League Transfer Talk

"It"s unsatisfactory for Stuart given he has come in to the organisation and finished ever so well," pronounced Coyle.

"What we do know is he will come behind bigger and stronger, but it is unhappy for him to miss out at this impulse in time.

"He"s come in with a genuine craving and enterprise to do well for the club, and in the dual games he"s played, we"ve seen his quality."

Coyle is carefree the repairs will not repairs Holden"s prospects of personification in the World Cup, with the United States" opening organisation diversion opposite England on Jun 12.

"Only time will tell," combined Coyle. "We"re imperfect on the side of 6 weeks, and if that is the box afterwards he will be able of personification the last piece of the deteriorate for us and putting himself in the support for the World Cup."

With courtesy to Holden"s lengthened deal, Coyle feels he has already proven himself in the short space of time he has been with Bolton.

The Scot added: "We"ve already oral with him and his deputy to assure him he will be here for longer given of the idea I have in him, and the peculiarity he has shown given he came to the club.

"When we sealed him, inside of the stipulate there was the choice there to magnify it further, that we will do.

"It augurs well for his destiny and that of the football club."

Scandalous maternity unit under fresh scrutiny over failures

By Murray Wardrop Published: 7:30AM GMT 04 March 2010

Milton Keynes Hospital underneath uninformed inspection over maternity services Amanda McCall: the genocide of her baby daughter, Ebony, led to critique of maternity services at Milton Keynes Hospital Photo: PA

A group of clinical advisers is being sent in to guard services at Milton Keynes General Hospital among concerns that it has been as well delayed to finalise problems that led to the childrens deaths.

Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust was heavily criticised last year following the genocide of Ebony McCall.

"Scandalous" midwife shortages led to baby genocide Shortage of midwives still a risk at "scandal" sanatorium Fiona Phillips condemns Government over Alzheimers disaster Barack Obama: conceited US has been dismissive to allies Secret bulletin to measure adoptions Gordon Brown appeals for Labour fortify

An inquisition listened that Ebony would probably have survived if her mother, Amanda, was since a Caesarean territory when she asked for one. But staff were as well bustling and told her they would usually lift out the procession in an emergency.

The liaison came notwithstanding carrying already been investigated over the genocide of Romy Feast in the same section in 2007, who died after her heart condition was misinterpreted.

The health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), released a ban inform last month observant the section still had as well couple of midwives and beds.

Monitor, the eccentric regulator of NHS substructure trusts, has right away intervened by promulgation in an movement patrol to guarantee that services are improved.

A orator for Monitor said: "Our target in receiving this regulatory movement is to guarantee quick swell to guarantee destiny entrance to high peculiarity maternity caring by the Trusts patients."

Monitor pronounced the certitude had unsuccessful to residence twelve recommendations by the Healthcare Commission in 2008. Its disaster to partisan a consultant midwife and a enough series of one some-more midwives was quite worrying, Monitor said.

It warned that serve sanctions would be imposed if the certitude does not take "rapid and in effect movement to broach the required improvements".

Dr Nicholas Hicks, arch senior manager of NHS Milton Keynes and executive of open health, said: "We acquire the preference voiced by Monitor that requires the sanatorium to designate outmost consultant clinical advisers.

"The reserve and peculiarity of the caring supposing by all NHS organisations in Milton Keynes is of peerless significance to us all and we thus acquire the stairs taken to assistance accelerate the smoothness of improvements inside of the hospitals maternity service.

"NHS Milton Keynes will go on to await and work with the hospital, the CQC, Monitor and alternative partners to guarantee patients embrace the peculiarity of caring they deserve.

"We goal this involvement will urge open certainty in the service."

Dr Walter Greaves, the trusts chairman, added: "We are gratified that Monitor has carefully thought about the plan with such caring and we see brazen to operative with these experts.

"We will be operative as tough as we can to guarantee the really most appropriate of caring for internal people via the hospital.

"Our maternity dialect provides a protected and peculiarity use for internal mothers, most of whom enrich us on the caring they and their babies receive. I would similar to to encourage internal women they can feel wholly protected entrance to Milton Keynes Hospital to have their babies."

At an inquisition in December, Thomas Osborne, emissary coroner for Milton Keynes, pronounced "systems failures" that were "nothing short of scandalous" contributed to the genocide of Ebony McCall.

Miss McCall, who suffered a fibre of healing complications together with cardiac arrest, went in to labour, but by the time a Caesarean was ordered, it was it was as well late to save Ebony.

She was innate with a gloomy and haphazard heartbeat that had allegedly been formerly undetected, and died mins after by miss of oxygen.

The inquisition listened that in between Jan 2007 and Oct 2009 there were 2,114 incidents reported on the work or maternity wards and of those, some-more than twenty-five per cent associated to staff shortages.

Children killed by carbon monoxide leak after catalogue of errors

Published: 9:52AM GMT 04 March 2010

Link to this video

Christianne Shepherd, seven, and her six-year-old hermit Robert, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, died after being overcome by smoke whilst on a family legal holiday in Corfu, Greece, in Oct 2006.

Their father, Neil Shepherd, and his partner, Ruth Beatson, both fell in to a deep sleep and were certified to hospital, but survived the poisoning.

DIY advice: installing a multi-fuel stove and problems with thermostatic radiator valves Thursdays BBC iPlayer choices Couple die from suspected CO monoxide poisoning on Yuletide Day Buy-to-let: Better safety-conscious than contemptible How most appetite does your domicile use?

Richard Carson and Nicola Gibson, who worked for Thomas Cook when the situation occurred, will crop up in Corfu Town building to face charges of killing and negligence.

They are indicted of causing killing by loosening in propinquity to the children, and of causing corporeal damage by loosening to Mr Shepherd and Ms Beatson.

Harry Rogers, a late automatic engineer, investigated the one-story dwelling at the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel in Gouvia only after the tragedy.

He told the justice the trickle was caused by a wired-out gas valve, a bypassed thermostat, the miss of a exhaust pipe and chimney, and a opening in between the family"s one-story dwelling and the latrine where the boiler was contained.

Gaps in unprepared air conditioning pipes additionally contributed to the tragedy.

Mr Rogers described the boiler as in a ""distressed state"" and pronounced tools were missing.

""The tools that should have been propitious were on the building - the exhaust pipe that should have been propitious in the tip of the boiler was on the floor.""

Mr Rogers told the justice that a thoroughness of less than 1 per cent of CO monoxide in the air can be deadly inside of mins and tests carried out in the one-story dwelling with the boiler dismissed up showed a "large volume" of gas in the property.

"The inner tape deck totalled up to 2,000 tools per million inside of the initial fifteen mins and was recording CO monoxide levels that were deadly inside of a minute."

When asked what caused such a extreme error in the boiler, Mr Rogers replied: "It"s fundamentally due to bad upkeep and the installation."

He was additionally asked by the justice what shortcoming he thought Thomas Cook had in conditions of progressing the appliance.

"I don"t know how the debate user operates," he said, "but if any in accord with chairman that had any in accord with believe that could check that boiler - they did not need to be a space station scientist to know something was wrong."

Calcot�Manor, Gloucestershire: family-friendly hotels

By Judith Woods Published: 11:13AM GMT 04 March 2010

Comments twelve |

Previous of Images Next Calcot�Manor, Gloucestershire: family-friendly hotels Double bedrooms are in the manor; family bedrooms disremember the outward pool; suites are in a prolonged construction with in isolation gardens Calcot�Manor, Gloucestershire: family-friendly hotels There"s copiousness to keep young kids of all ages assigned Photo: NIALL CLUTTON

The lady at the subsequent list in the beer hall lifted a cosmetic ladle in one palm and a large potion of merlot in the alternative by approach of a sisterly salute. I returned the gesture, a grin personification about my lips even as my infant daughter blew a mischievous hiss and spattered me with Cheeky Tally"s Pretty Pink Organic Fish Pie. Did I lose my cool and throw a humourless ma strop, as associate diners expel disapproving glances? No, I did not, since the usually alternative adults benefaction were all stuff oneself their babies as well and segueing in to the eve forward with a relaxing potion of something or other.

Knoll House, Dorset Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall Britain legal holiday guide The National Trust opens some-more doors More UK road house reviews Ideas for family holidays

And so, as 13-month-old Tabitha messily congested Auntie Anne"s Sweet Sticky Pud-Pud in to her mouth and surrounding areas, I was spiritually buoyed by the hold that inside of the hour I would be handing her and her elder sister, Lily, over to a babysitter, prior to immersion off the patches of salmon, popping on a span of heels and wafting along to a gloriously grown-up grill full of frail white napiery.

Family-friendly hotels: Bedruthan Steps, CornwallFamily-friendly hotels: Knoll House, Dorset

We had come to Calcot Manor nearby Tetbury in Gloucestershire for the sort of family mangle we naively illusory we"d be enjoying each week end prior to we had a family; resting sauna sessions, wraparound childcare, courteous afternoon tea in the loll subsequent to a resounding log fire, the stirring peal of ice in the initial G & T of the evening.

In the fantasy getaway there would be no 3am tears or low-pitched beds, no whingeing or crybabying (from adults or children), usually a book from Disney with interiors by Ian Schrager and costumes from Mini Boden. Needless to say, it right away seemed so remote a mental condition that we set off from London some-more in goal than expectation.

Calcot advertises itself as family-friendly; whilst it"s easy to be accessible to a respectful 7 year-old, I wasn"t so sure how they would conduct a crawling baby with a gusto for yanking electrical wires and hurling her crater à la Andre Agassi at compare point.

How wrong I was. Calcot was stylish, comfortable and, though rather pricey, offering top-of-the-range combined worth since and this isn"t regularly a given, hold me They Actually Like Children.

My daughters, I was positive by staff at each turn, even as they leapt opposite the room to rescue objets d"art toppling off side tables, were enchanting! In the Ofsted-registered Playzone (think Hamleys, usually a lot some-more toys), the diminutive one was handed over to be coddled and cuddled but so most as a behind glance. The big one, meanwhile, outlayed the sunrise the upper story in The Mez, the cool passageway building of this converted barn, thrashing her father on the Wii and messing about with PlayStations and various alternative record Mummy is as well meant to let them buy.

Mummy, meanwhile, roughly sprained her ankle, so fast did she jump over off for a Rose Indulgence Facial in the spa, where she was softened, hydrated and smoothed to the point of acupuncture bliss. Then she snuck off to the loll and sat leafing by the glossies well, admittedly it was Sainsbury"s Magazine, but the undiluted vulgar oppulance of celebration of the mass anything cover to cover done even "How to Unblock a Drain" appear similar to a Man Booker contender.

After a lush 3 hours of me-time I was reunited with my family, and I have to inform that I was unequivocally definitely gratified to see them. We headed off to the Gumstool, Calcot"s normal nation gastropub, for lunch. There were endless adult, kid and baby menus, that was a godsend and meant I could have the parched scallop salad with pancetta, Lily could tuck in to free-range pig sausages and crush and Tabitha could allegation Rosy Posy Pasta in her hair and eyebrows with impunity. Daddy had the rib eye steak, that all men instinctively sequence at your convenience they leave the house, nonetheless either it"s an atavistic reversion to hunter-gathering, or usually a bona fide forgive to eat chips, I unequivocally couldn"t say.

After digesting lunch we went for a float the sauna pool opens at sure times for family groups and, as eve fell, we gazed longingly at the glamorous adults-only outward prohibited tub, with the eternal-flame glow set in to the wall.

But after personification a integrate of house games borrowed from the crèche it was behind to the Gumstool to feed the children, put the baby to bed and deliver Lily to her babysitter, who worked at the Playzone by day and had 3 adult young kids of her own.

We had requisitioned a family apartment rather than a room, that done all the difference. As we were on the belligerent floor, the French windows non-stop onto the grass and an outward fool around area. Moreover, the girls had their own space and weren"t uneasy by any comings and goings well goings, mostly, since on the initial night we dined in the Conservatory restaurant, that is obviously environment the sights on a Michelin star.

The food was fanciful grilled cower on toast with pear and raisin chutney, fry posterior of Duchy organic beef with braised shin faggot. Then it was a half-minute travel to bed, where the young kids were sleeping soundly and the babysitter had pleasantly rebuilt Tabitha"s divert bottle. In a courteous hold that highlights Calcot"s marketplace knowledge, family bedrooms were supposing with a bottle warmer, steriliser and washing-up liquid. Similarly, breakfast in the Conservatory saw it remade from candlelit cognisance in to a sea of highchairs and sufficient cosmetic beakers and cutlery to open a bend of Ikea.

The subsequent day Tabitha went behind to the Playzone for a integrate of hours and Lily was unfortunate to go on a computer with a new friend, withdrawal my father and I to have a resting travel around the grounds, disguising the respective, tacit hangovers as useful silence. Then I packaged him off for a low rub the body whilst the girls and I watched a DVD in the room.

That eve we had the same babysitter �8.50 an hour, money who obligingly came at 6pm as the baby staid down. Then we took Lily for repast in the Gumstool, that was bustling and convivial, nonetheless she remarkable disapprovingly that there were younger young kids present, notwithstanding the revelation her that staying up was "a big girl"s treat".

After we"d eaten, we strolled outward and paused prolonged sufficient to watch bats lively around the outbuildings and listened owls hooting and responding in the distance. Settling down in the king-size bed, my father and I concluded that the week end had been a undiluted physic break.

Until that is, the baby woke up at 3am, wondering (very loudly) where she was, pushing Lily in to the bed. Twenty mins after Tabitha was yelling again, so we took her in to the bed, promulgation Lily behind to hers. But then, of course, Lily couldn"t get to nap since she was lonely, so she came behind in. There was copiousness of room until Lily"s arms proposed to stretch, and Tabitha"s corpulent small legs starfished. So my father bailed, the traitor, and slept in Lily"s bed.

In the sunrise I was definitely exhausted, but perked up heroically after an Arbroath smokie omelette and clever coffee. All the same, as we reluctantly took the leave the thought occurred that Calcot Manor was blank a pretence by not going far sufficient with the family-friendly facilities.

Organic baby food is all unequivocally well; bottle brushes and becoming different mats are a boon; but what"s unequivocally called for isn"t children"s rooms, but a children"s wing!


Calcot Manor (01666 890391; family rooms, sleeping four, begin at �285 per night (Sundays-Thursdays) with adult breakfast included. A �30 addition per kid covers their breakfast, High Tea from the children"s menu, make use of of the Playzone and swimming in Calcot Spa"s indoor pool.

One in four drug addicts commit more crimes when they come out of rehab schemes

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor Published: 7:02AM GMT 04 March 2010

The sum were suggested in a National Audit Office inform in to the �1.2 billion of taxpayers" income outlayed each year to plunge in to Class A drug addiction.

They showed that twenty-eight per cent of the 4,500 complaint drug users who went on the Government"s Drug interventions Programme "showed a pointy enlarge in their volume of offending" notwithstanding their treatment.

Ex-councillor guilty of laundering drug income Action on heroin as well soft but celebrities additionally to censure German arrested after snorting drug off military car Labour contingency facilitate jail sentences and urge reconstruction to compromise overcrowding Two-thirds of prisons packed Give jail officers bonuses to rehabilitate criminals, says Jonathan Aitken

The programme, that costs �150million a year, is directed privately at pushing down drug-related offending by assisting people in to drug diagnosis programmes.

The inform additionally criticised the miss of a correct horizon for measuring the success or disaster of the Government"s ten-year Drug Strategy.

Barely one in twenty of the 195,000 drug addicts who entered drug diagnosis last year came out clean. A sum of 9,300 addicts accomplished the �580 million programme free of drug in 2008/9.

A apart �150 million anti-crime programme helped half of those addicts concerned to revoke the volume of crime they committed.

But there was a "sharp increase" in offending by one in 4 criminals after they accomplished treatment.

Edward Leigh MP, authority of the Public Accounts Committee, pronounced swell on rebellious drug obsession had been delayed and expensive.

He said: "Problem drug make use of costs multitude around �15 billion a year and in perplexing to plunge in to it, the Government spends around �1.2 billion a year on a range of initiatives.

"Progress has been made, but either it has been worth the volume of income outlayed is open to question."

The inform additionally showed that fewer than one in 10 of the heroin and crack users who assimilated a Progress2Work intrigue both cumulative paid work and managed to stay in it for at slightest thirteen weeks.

At �13 million in total, the intrigue cost �11,600 for each user found a pursuit in 2008/9. An adult operative full time for the smallest salary would consequence about �12,000 a year.

The inform called for the Department for Work and Pensions to examination Progress2Work to safeguard improved worth for money.

London 2012: future use of Olympic Stadium should be decided by the end of this year

Bystaff and agencies Published: 8:12PM GMT 03 March 2010

London 2012: destiny make use of of Olympic Stadium should be motionless by the finish of this year Painful legacy: the London Olympic Stadium might not be financially viable soley as an entertainment venue Photo: GETTY IMAGES

"This is a �540 million open item so it goes but observant that we are not only going to have a little review off theatre left and someone is going to take over the stadium," Baroness Margaret Ford, authority of the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC), told lawmakers at a parliamentary cabinet hearing.

"I am utterly assured that we can get to a great preference on the lane but we contingency do it this year since it cannot be left to only draw towards on."

Zola hits out at Sullivan over compensate hazard West Ham players asked to take 25% compensate cut West Ham lane plans dealt blow Wilson raises Olympic doubts British open wish exemplary thesis Britons face conflict for 2012 tickets

Part of London"s bid to win the 2012 Games centred around a oath that a Grand Prix customary entertainment lane would be left in place after the event.

Under benefaction plans, the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium in Stratford, easterly London, is due to be marked down in distance to a 25,000 genius venue finish with an entertainment track. But there are concerns an entertainment lane alone will not be economically viable, withdrawal taxpayers to collect up the check for using costs years after the 2012 Olympics have ended.

David Gold and David Sullivan, the new co-owners of the circuitously West Ham football club, have voiced an seductiveness in relocating the Premier League side to the Olympic Stadium.

However, it is puzzled if they would, ideally, wish to keep an entertainment lane that would forestall football fans being as close to the movement as they are at West Ham"s Upton Park ground.

"We know that the volume of times that entertainment will be used in the lane will not be a outrageous volume of times, may be a integrate of dozen times a year, but for me premier entertainment contingency be piece of the brew since that was piece of the bid commitment," Ford said.

She combined that, as happens at Berlin"s Olympic Stadium, it was probable for football and entertainment to co-exist at the same venue.

"Technically the representation inside of the lane is positively FIFA (the universe football ruling body) compliant, from the point of perspective of distance and steer lines, and apparently the lane is IAAF (International Association of Athletics" Federations) compliant.

"These things could technically co-exist, it is either people would wish to co-exist.

"Ed Warner (UK Athletics arch executive) I know is utterly happy to share with football and it is right away for football to discuss it us, if they wish to come in to the stadium, how they would wish to keep their piece of the discount in conditions of the bid."

Child directs planes in JFK air traffic tower: transcript

Published: 6:38PM GMT 03 March 2010

Link to this video

Child: JetBlue 171 privileged for takeoff.

Male pilot: Cleared for taking flight Jetblue 171.

Child directs planes at JFK New York state jet crash: Investigators inspect purpose of icy continue Transcript from Hudson River craft pile-up expelled Plane strike by 3 cars after US main road alighting Plane pile-up New York: Audio of air trade controllers poke for cursed jet Plane with shop-worn gears creates puncture alighting

Man: Here"s what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school.

Male pilot: I instruct I could move my kids to work.

Child"s voice: Jetblue 171 hit departure.

Male pilot: Over at depart Jetblue 171. Awesome job.

[New transmission]

Child: 403 transparent for takeoff

Adult: 403 transparent for takeoff. Thank you really most and have a good day.

Child: AirMex 403 hit departure. Adios.

Woman pilot: Contact depart AirMexico 403. Adios.

Child: Contact departure. Adios amigos.

Man: Adios amigos. Over depart JetBlue 195.

Michael Foot: Labours 1983 general election manifesto and the longest suicide in history

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor Published: 7:42PM GMT 03 March 2010

Michael Foot vocalization at the Labour celebration discussion in 1982 Michael Foot MP Photo: Malcolm Gilson / Rex Features

The request - "New Hope for Britain" - was positively extensive (700 pages) and was scarcely as along as both the Liberal-SDP Alliances and Conservatives manifestos.

Compared to today"s some-more discreet manifestos, Labour"s 1983 version did not hold behind - mostly since of then-leader Michael Foots direct that it would contain the resolutions arrived at the partys last conference,

Financial crisis: Were all socialists now, comrade Legal high Spice to be criminialized Lux-Pain examination Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director?s Cut Wimbledon 2009: Andy Murray v Andy Roddick live

The request called for uneven chief disarmament, the extermination of the House of Lords and the re-nationalisation of not long ago privatised industries similar to British Telecom, British Aerospace and the British Shipbuilding Corporation.

The declaration called for the UK to repel from the European Economic Community and an finish to legislature residence sales.

It additionally committed the Labour supervision to five-year inhabitant plan and a new Department of Economic and Industrial Planning.

The desirous scale of the declaration backfired though, with the far left inlet of most of the policies - total with Margaret Thatchers recognition in the arise of the 1982 Falklands War - contributing to a Tory landslide.

Labour"s 1983 declaration noted the last time that Labour would dogmatically aspire to a leftwing bulletin when perplexing to win power.

In following election, the celebration progressively adopted a some-more marketplace orientated set of policies, culminating in Labours 1997 ubiquitous choosing landslide.

Chile earthquake: President Michelle Bachelet failed to grasp scale of devastation

By Andrew Hough Published: 5:30PM GMT 03 March 2010

Previous of Images Next Chilean soldiers unit the streets Chilean soldiers patrolled streets after gangs looted supermarkets, torched buildings and raided homes. Photo: REUTERS Chilean soldiers unit the streets Order was easy after Chile President Michelle Bachelet doubled the series of infantry on the country"s streets. Photo: REUTERS Hillary Clinton meets  Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Hillary Clinton meets Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in Chile Photo: PHOTOSHOT

As the initial reserve began trickling in to the country"s worst-affected areas on Wednesday, the effusive President was subjected to a charge of annoy for her governments unsuccessful reply to the disaster.

Critics pronounced the 58 year-old"s supervision had unsuccessful to learn the loyal scale of the tragedy, had feeble managed law and sequence and rescue efforts and had primarily refused offers of ubiquitous aid.

Chile earthquake: boss reassures nation Moment the Chile tsunami strike Chile earthquake: Rescuers go on to poke ravaged city of Constitucion Chile earthquake: agonise of blank Briton"s kin RSA expects to lose �30m after trembler in Chile Chile earthquake: Clinton arrives with assist

Amid ascent annoy the beleaguered Chilean President, who was sent a summary of upraise from the Queen, denied on Wednesday that there was a risk of fuel or food shortages after the weekends absolute 8.8-magnitude earthquake.

On Wednesday thousands of Chilean infantry appeared to have reliable law and sequence after organized gangs looted supermarkets, torched buildings and raided homes.

It followed a dusk-til-dawn curfew imposed by the government, that additionally doubled the series of infantry struggling to contend carry out in areas that had resembled "war zones", together with Concepcíon.

It came as sum showed assist agencies were looming to onslaught to lift income for service efforts among fears the universe encampment was apropos mess weary.

Officials have certified the extinction was "worse than expected", with majority towns and villages utterly cut off and majority Chileans forced to nap on the streets.

Leading the critique was Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, the mayor of Concepcíon, the countrys second largest city, who indicted the president, of unwell to action fast sufficient to move sequence to the chaos.

She pronounced there weren"t sufficient infantry to revive ease and efforts to discharge food, H2O and proxy preserve have depressed short.

"Help is starting to arrive in the area, but unfortunately the late," she told Chile radio.

"The volume of assist thats arrived is insufficient."

La Terceira, an successful daily, on Wednesday additionally combined to the carol of criticism, observant Mrs Bachelets supervision had shown "incomprehensible debility and slowness" at progressing law and sequence and co-ordinating service operations for thousands of without a country and hungry.

El Mercurio, a regressive announcement majority cruise Chiles paper of record, additionally called on billionaire President-elect Sebastian Pinera, who takes bureau subsequent week, to "restore hope" to Chile.

Local reports pronounced Mrs Bachelets supervision was deliberation reworking the 2010 bill to approach infrastructure supports dictated for northern Chile to quake-hit areas.

The incoming financial minister, Felipe Larrain, pronounced he was study opposite ways to lift appropriation for construction reconstruction.

Quake victims were additionally vicious of the supervision and Mrs Bachelet, whose capitulation rating strike 83 percent late last month.

"No one from the supervision has even showed up to discuss it us what to do, majority less give us any help," pronounced Julio Valle, a fisherman whose trawler was broken in the pier of Talcahuano.

"The supervision has deserted us to the fate. Were on the own."

Mrs Bachelet, reportedly locked up and tortured by the troops persecution of General Augusto Pinochet, denied there was a risk of fuel or food shortages and shielded her governments bad doing of the crisis.

Military trucks and helicopters have starting delivering a little food and H2O for victims in a little of the misfortune influenced areas.

Speaking after she met Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State who had flown in to suggest dignified await Mrs Bachelet certified rescue efforts had been slow, especially due to deformed roads, downed bridges and energy cuts.

"People probably are regularly going to feel that we could have finished things better. You can regularly feel that things could have been finished improved but the law is it will regularly be insufficient," she said.

"There is no shortage, there is sufficient food and thus we contingency sojourn calm.

"There is additionally sufficient fuel, there is no risk of shortages."

She combined that Chiles agricultural, booze and fishing industries have been "seriously influenced by the catastrophe".

Electricity had additionally proposed to come behind on in the cities of the dual majority influenced regions, Maule and Bio Bio.

"That creates the puncture work simpler in majority cases. It allows celebration H2O services to be easy and, majority importantly, it provides people with reassurance," she said.

Defending the president, Mr Pinera said: "This is not the time to weigh the opening of the government. This is not the time to expel censure ... This is the time to yield solutions, and evaluations can come later."

The upheaval has left a sum of 799 people have been reliable dead, a serve dual million people have been influenced and an estimated 1.5m homes destroyed.

There have been no reliable reports of British casualties. A Downing Street orator pronounced 330 British nationals have been located protected in Chile.

Rescue teams, with sniffer dogs, were scouring cities and villages as some-more bodies were pulled out of plateau of rubble.

Mrs Bachelet, whose father was an air force ubiquitous sensitive to the supervision of Salvador Allende who was against to the 1973 troops manoeuvre and died in jail, certified the genocide fee would climb neatly as service teams reach removed areas.

The upheaval triggered a Pacific-wide tsunami and, according to a NASA scientist, probably shifted the Earth"s axis. It has additionally cut off roads, disrupted energy to industry, broken exports and wiped out complete communities.

Admiral Edmundo Gonzalez, from the Chilean navy, certified a little deaths in the tsunami could have been avoided if warnings had been released earlier.

"We were not really transparent in the report that we delivered," he said.

"We werent accurate sufficient in revelation the boss to contend the rapt or lift it. We share the blame."

Reports in the internal media claimed a 12-year-old lady roughly saved an complete race of the small island, Robinson Crusoe, 435 miles off the country"s coast.

She had beheld boats "bouncing" in the gulf and ran to a encampment "gong", that warned of imminent danger.

Meanwhile, Oxfam in America pronounced it had lifted only $4000 (�2655) in the 4 days since the trembler struck, compared to $2.9 million (�1.93 million) over the same duration following the Haiti trembler in January.

Chile has asked the UNs charitable co-ordination bureau for margin hospitals, mobile bridges, communications apparatus and mess comment team. The British supervision is donating �250,000 to Red Crosss assist efforts.

In her summary of upraise to President Bachelet, the Queen said: "I am deeply saddened to listen to of the trembler in Chile, with the comfortless loss of hold up and repairs to houses and livelihoods.

"I suggest my condolences and surpassing magnetism to all those affected."

Concerns are still hold for blank Britons together with Brendan Bostock, 43, a father-of-two creatively from Liverpool, and Tina Cadwallader Lopes, creatively from Litchfield, Staffs, her Portuguese husband, Wallace and their dual children, Isabella, 10, and Joshua, five.

Mr Bostock, a forestry manager, had been vital in Santiago but was believed to have been in Concepcíon seeking for work when the upheaval struck.

His ex-wife Cathy Bostock, 49, from Uxbridge, north-west London, pronounced it was "highly unusual" that he had not done hit with his family.

A British titular consul has arrived in Concepcíon and a consular essential element group from the UK embassy in Argentina is on the belligerent in Chile, pronounced a spokesman.

The Foreign Office is utilizing email and Twitter to have hit with UK nationals in Chile, as well as a "Locate" complement on the internet that allows Britons abroad to register their locale with consular staff.

One family was since means to celebrate, as Perran Hall, 32, from Nancledra, Penzance, Cornwall, called his mother, Judith, to contend he was safe.

The surfer had transient to the mountainous country nearby the review of Pichilemu when the upheaval struck.

"He is positively excellent we could not be some-more relieved," his mom said. "He pronounced it was similar to examination a tsunami but pronounced the locals were helpful. Absolutely terrifying."

Relatives of Andre Lanyon and Laura Hapgood, from Guernsey, and Kirsty Duff and Dave Sandercock from Scotland, had additionally oral of their service after their desired ones called to contend they had survived the mess

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Published: 4:25PM GMT 03 March 2010

Surgeon mistakenly removed 90pc of babys bladder

Published: 11:53AM GMT 03 Mar 2010

The actions of Pierina Kapur went over small loosening and crossed the starting point to misconduct, a disciplinary row ruled.

Miss Kapur, 43, could be struck off the healing register given of the botched procession in that she certified causing ""irreparable damage"" to the youngster"s urinary tract.

Surgeon removes womans gall bladder by inapplicable designation Hospital surgeons operated on wrong studious Patients with suspected cancer forced to wait for so NHS targets can be strike Surgeons straighten spinal column of Hunchback lady Baby P: timeline

The child, well known as Baby A, was certified to Manchester Children"s Hospital with hernia difficulties in Oct 2008.

Then elderly 7 weeks, she indispensable surgery on both sides of her go by as Miss Kapur tackled the left side where an ovary was embedded.

The paediatric surgeon was ostensible to remove a hernial weal but unsuccessful to recognize the structure of the body and instead dissected the infancy of the bladder.

She afterwards told the patient"s endangered mom that the operation was a ""complete success"", a General Medical Council Fitness to Practise row listened in Manchester.

The row was told the lady would have to make use of a catheter for the rest of her hold up and that she faced a risk of cancer from destiny operations that she faces.

Miss Kapur apologised by her attorney to the child"s mom for the ""distress"" caused to her family but had denied her actions amounted to misconduct.

Dr Linda Buchanan, row chairman, stated: ""The row records that during surgery you stopped the procession twice in sequence to re-orientate yourself and take batch of the situation. However, in spite of the problems you experienced during surgery you did not find the assistance or perspective of a associate expert surgeon.

""Despite the surgery proof to be formidable you were not wakeful of the inauspicious mistakes you had done and subsequently described the operation as being successful to Baby A"s parents.

""The following day you reviewed the baby and notwithstanding meaningful that the baby had not upheld urine for twenty-four hours, was not stuff oneself scrupulously and had a vacillating heat you unsuccessful to prepare for an ultrasound scan.

""The row has resolved that the valid control in this box goes over small loosening and it is amply critical so as to cranky the starting point and volume to misconduct.""

She combined the row had taken comment of the justification supposing by colleagues at Central Manchester and Manchester Children"s NHS Trust, particularly from a administrator who pronounced she had no reason to subject Miss Kapur"s technical capability during surgery in the primary months after the unfit op.

Her certainty had given increasing and comparison paediatric surgeons reliable they ""had no reservations or concerns in courtesy to your surgical skills"".

Miss Kapur had additionally attended assorted courses together with a ""Hernia Masterclass"".

However, Dr Buchanan concluded: ""While the row acknowledges your efforts of remediation it is endangered that you still sojourn misleading as to how the inauspicious events occurred.""

The row pronounced it could not be confident her control had been ""fully remedied"".

Miss Kapur certified her purpose in the operation was ""inadequate"" and next the customary to be approaching of a pretty efficient expert paediatric surgeon.

She conceded the operation caused shop-worn to both ureters and had cut off the left ureter from the bladder.

The row found she unsuccessful to take stairs to prepare an ultrasound indicate of Baby A"s stomach and urinary tract following the operation but was privileged of not grouping red blood tests to check the youngster"s kidney function.

The row will reassemble on Mar 10 to plead what, if any, sanctions should be imposed.

Englands Nick Matthew closes world No 1 gap on Egypts Ramy Ashour

Bystaff Published: 2:10PM GMT 03 Mar 2010

England Mine"s bigger: Ramy Ashour shows off his PSA Masters prize in India Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The world"s tip dual squish players met for the second time this year in last month"s last of the North American Open.

But this time Matthew emerged jubilant in the second Super Series eventuality of the year in Richmond, Virginia, as the Yorkshireman finished a four-match winning strain by Ashour. Matthew has sealed the opening to only 94 points on his rival.

Trinity player drops out of singles Nicol David set for home lapse How Matthew won nationals pretension Barker seeking to spoil jubilee Valentine last expected for rivals Matthew win continues England hurl

While Egyptian Amr Shabana, who lost to Ashour in a five-game semi-final in the USA, binds onto third place, in-form Englishman James Willstrop rises dual places to take over fourth place after a semi-final berth in Richmond and a pretension delight in the year"s opening eventuality at the JP Morgan Tournament of Champions in New York.

Veteran Frenchman Thierry Lincou additionally has means for jubilee after relocating behind in to the world"s tip eight, leapfrogging David Palmer after violence his Australian opposition en-route to winning the Bluenose Classic in Canada last month to nick up his 22nd universe debate title.

Rising English star Daryl Selby moves up 3 places to No twelve to move forward of fellow citizen Alister Walker increased by an astonishing runners-up berth in the Bluenose Classic.

And Australian Cameron Pilley is rewarded with a career-high universe No14 ranking after reaching last month"s Swedish Open semi-finals unseeded.

Meanwhile, England"s Alison Waters has sealed the opening on the tip 4 players in the universe after winning her second pretension of the year and strengthening her on all sides at No 5 in the Mar rankings.

Australian woman decapitated during freak lawnmower accident

By Andrew Hough Published: 1:52PM GMT 03 March 2010

Previous of Images Next Lawnmower tractor: Australian lady Police pronounced the woman, 42, was struck a square of steel that had been thrown up by the tractor. Photo: TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN Lawnmower tractor and dull retard of land: Australian lady The tractor had been mowing weed on the dull retard of land. Photo: TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN Australian lady The masculine tractor driver, a 48 year-old in isolation contractor, is in sanatorium pang shock following the weird accident. Photo: TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN

The 42 year-old woman, who has not been named, is believed to have been struck by a 60cm square of steel pipe, in what witnesses described as a "freak accident".

Workplace reserve officials have launched an review in to the accident, that occurred on Wednesday sunrise in the north Queensland locale of Townsville.

Teenager "forcibly tattooed" during attack Stuntman breaks universe jot down for motorcycle burst Australia practice impassioned continue Aborigines to sue British Government over chief tests More than 5,000 Australians frame for art plan Australia is amicable networking collateral of the universe

The Dailyunderstands the lady was decapitated and died now at the stage after on foot past an dull retard of land only after 8am.

Police pronounced a tractor pulling a weed knife ran over a steel siren that had been lying in the prolonged grass, that was afterwards sent drifting by the air at good speed.

Initial reports referred to she had been strike by a lawnmower knife edge due to the horrific inlet of her injuries.

Police are questioning either it was a knife edge that struck her.

The masculine tractor driver, an unnamed 48 year-old in isolation contractor, is in sanatorium pang shock.

It is accepted he will be interviewed by military later.

Horrified witnesses have been offering counselling whilst young kids at the internal Townsville Central State School were sent home for the day.

Cheryl Mortenson, a Queensland military spokeswoman, pronounced the tractor lawnmower had been operative circuitously at the time the lady was on foot past.

"She had been on foot along the pavement when she was strike in the head by a square of drifting metal," she told The Daily Telegraph.

"The tractor was handling circuitously and she was struck in the head. We dont know if it was a square of steel or if it was an additional object."

Darren Randall, a internal law enforcemetn officer who attended the scene, combined to the Townsville Bulletin: "She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"She only happened to be in the expect arena of the pipe."

One lady pronounced he had only driven around the dilemma only moments after the accident, where she detected the lady lying on the ground.

"The mower man was in shock, so I sat him down in the shade," she told the paper.

""It was a weird accident.""

Geoff Eales, a internal businessman, additionally told the paper that his staff had been left unsettled by the incident.

""The policewoman pronounced it was the misfortune thing she had seen in fifteen years,"" he said.

""At the finish of the day there is no alternative reason than that it was bad luck.

""It was a one-in-a-million situation. If she had been one second later, or one second earlier, it wouldn"t have happened.""

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have launched an investigation.

Local military are additionally scheming a inform for the internal coroner.