Thursday, July 8, 2010

British girl, 4, killed in Florida beach accident

1143AM GMT twenty-one Mar 2010

The child, who sources declared as Ellie Bland from Nottingham, was on Daytona Beach in the south-eastern US state when the situation happened yesterday afternoon.

She is believed to have been on legal holiday with her family.

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Florida Highway Patrol pronounced it was questioning the situation but that no arrests had been made.

A Foreign Office mouthpiece pronounced ""We can endorse the genocide of a British inhabitant in Florida on Mar 20.

""The subsequent of family have been sensitive and we are on condition that them with assistance.""

Driving is authorised on the sands of Daytona Beach but motorists are suggested to watch for pedestrians, sunbathers and wildlife.

A Highway Patrol mouthpiece pronounced it was not unheard of for people to be harmed by cars on the beach.

Too many laws have created a climate of fear, bishop warns

By Richard Savill 345PM GMT twenty-one March 2010

Rt Rev Peter Price, Bishop of Bath and Wells, pronounced that majority well definition laws were destroying multitude and that whilst particular rights had increased, homogeneous shortcoming has decreased.

Speaking on Sunday to the annual authorised use in Wells Cathedral, Somerset, the bishop pronounced the General Election would be hold at the finish of one of the majority legislative parliaments in history, in that about 4,000 new laws had entered the government book.

Rev Michael Nazir-Ali Britons humour informative absentmindedness about Christian art The Vatican turns on Williamson. About time, too. Archbishop of York claims tumble of Empire and stand of multiculturalism has broken Britains big thought Olympic mosque could emanate tact belligerent for extremists, says comparison Anglican Archbishops of Canterbury and York censure capitalism excesses for monetary predicament

"It can be argued that the means of most of this legislation is as a outcome of the loss of community, the viewed relapse of family life, and the decrease of a clarity of particular responsibility," he said.

"The outcome of majority of these new laws is to place shortcoming for cleaning up the disaster of multitude on educationalists, doctors and health workers, amicable services, the military and alternative institutions and structure.

"Paradoxically, legislation on the rights of the particular has increased, heading to something of a plant society, as well as a censure culture.

"A enlightenment of suspicion, accompanied by a meridian of fright that to rivet with strangers, even those apparently in need, is stultifying both inherited amicable virtues and usual good."

He combined "Most of us will have seen the adverts from a little of the less tasteful inside of the authorised contention advising, "Had any accident. Not your fault. You could have money".

"This is not to contend that there are not victims, afar and collectively. But what they need is the genius to redeem energy over their own lives. The wider shortcoming of multitude is to inspire and maintain self confidence, self determination, will energy and the genius for action."

The bishop pronounced that whilst the rights of the particular had increased, homogeneous shortcoming had decreased.

"There is regularly someone or something to blame, either it is background, amicable standing or environment," he said. "Fault and burden for one"s own actions has been significantly diminished.

"Rights are no longer an people counterclaim opposite the state; they have turn a explain by the particular on the state."

The bishop pronounced that most of what combined encampment was in the use of amicable virtues giving to people in need, on vacation the sick, comforting the bereaved, charity condolence and assistance to a next door neighbour who has lost a job, with regard to the grace of the "other."

"Historically, churches, synagogues, mosques, gurdwaras supposing places where elementary human virtues of support, care, as well as conversation, common standards, consideration and consideration were practiced," he said.

"These are underneath hazard now from most well meant, but in conclusion communally mortal legislation that has seen risk in each human wake up from home done sandwiches being served in encampment halls, to the rather ridiculous precision day I listened of not long ago for military officers of training them to stand a small step ladder.

"When churches, where smoking has not been a vital issue are defaced with notices saying "It is bootleg to fume in this building, and where booze served to "gladden the heart" can no longer be served but looseness at a encampment function, we have to consternation what we are you do to ourselves."

The bishop pronounced it was critical to find to strengthen immature kids and exposed adults but combined "Much of the stream legislation right afar in force, is branch people afar from a eagerness to rivet with the immature in particular, as well as others who are exposed in the society."

He combined "There is a perception, and notice is mostly all, that the element of "innocent until proven guilty" is effectively being topsy-turvy by most of the forward registration and monitoring now enshrined in law."

Travel book reviews: A Winter in Arabia and City Breaks Oxford

By Clover Stroud 1216PM GMT fifteen March 2010

Previous of Images Next A Winter in Arabia - transport book reviews "Freya Stark has justly warranted a place between the biggest transport writers of the 20th century" Travel book - Great Breaks, Oxford - Insight Guides For the new caller to Oxford, this book would infer useful

A Winter in Arabia by Freya Stark (�11.99)

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As a lady who travelled, mostly alone, in to Arabia to exhibit a place definitely outlandish and different to majority Europeans, Freya Stark has justly warranted a place between the biggest transport writers of the 20th century. Publisher IB Tauris is releasing this conspicuous comment of Stark"s tour to the Hadhramaut in Yemen, in 1934, to one side 7 alternative works, as The Freya Stark Collection.

Part of Stark"s query in Yemen was the poke for Shabwa, Hadhramaut"s unequivocally old capital, and it"s by this tour that she examines the the country, the landscapes and the people. Stark"s essay has a splendidly extended appeal, infused with an enchanting reduction of enlightenment and a pleasant courtesy to the not as big made at home sum of her own circumstances.

Drawing on these identical tiwn strands, she conveys a startlingly clear clarity of her chronological and informative landscape, all rendered in the majority musical and entertaining prose. A timely sign of an unusual lady and a excellent writer.

Extract "We have been to lunch with the oldest man in Hureidha. I found him sitting in the dust of the kitchen floor, left there by Qasim, who is in love only right away and utterly unreliable… His shoulders bob underneath a oily cloak of silk; his cheeks are sucked in with age; his eyes, detailed with kohl, are dappled immature and blue similar to the sea on a breezy day, and his brave is painted with henna. There is zero left of him but a sort of ghost-like bombard of unequivocally old gaiety, the flutter of a candle roughly dead."

City Breaks Oxford (Insight Guides, �5.99)

It"s unequivocally formidable to collect up a manual to a city as well well known as Oxford and find anything alternative than a hurl call of the delightful, if predictable, sights that have it famous.

So it is that this neat, silken guide struggles to contend anything unequivocally new about Oxford there will be no surprises for any one who already knows the city and her forgetful spires. But for the new caller to Oxford, vigilant on interesting the informative hold up of the city over the march of a week end or day-trip, this book would infer invaluable, on condition that a sprightly but extensive general outlook of the hold up of both locale and robe (the former mostly ignored when Oxford is underneath the magnifying glass). Arranged around a array of referred to on foot tours, the guide takes in culture, history, eating out, party and excursions, and is peppered with lovable sidebars about what creates Oxford so idiosyncratic. It additionally casts the net wider than the evident city, out to Port Meadow, Boar Hill and Woodstock.

Extract "Completed in 1505, the [Magdalen] Bell Tower is important for the Latin beauty sung from the tip by the choristers each May morning. The convention probably dates behind to the tower"s inauguration…During the Civil War, the building was used as a vantage point by the Royalist forces who had determined themselves in the city after the Battle of Edgehill in 1642. But whilst Magdalen, along with the rest of the university, lent the full await to Charles I, it did not await James II, who attempted to have the college a Catholic seminary."

Scottsdale, Arizona: My kind of town

By Karen Benhamou Ruimy 337PM GMT sixteen March 2010

Previous of Images Next The Arizona dried - Scottsdale, my kind of town The locale is in the center of the Arizona dried The area is well well known for the cowboy enlightenment Photo Alamy Scottsdale, Arizona "Watch the landscape shift from a pleasing balmy American locale to the�real dried with overwhelming views" Photo Alamy

Why Scottsdale? It"s a pleasing city in the surrounded by of the Arizona desert, humming with high appetite and filled with impassioned light. Known for the important cactus saguaros and with a illusory monumental perspective of the mountains, it is still an American city with all the extremes. I am new here and I love it.

What do you miss majority when you"re away? The appetite that comes from the pristine light of the desert. It regularly nourishes my physique and soul.

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Where is the most appropriate place to stay? The Sanctuary Hotel, Camelback Mountain (001 480 948 2100;; doubles from �112), an extraordinary contemporary-style road house sticking onto the dedicated Camelback Mountain. It"s lush and sleek, with monumental views, and has the most appropriate sauna in the valley. It additionally has a fun club and restaurant, and is well well well known for sketch in musty people.

Where would you encounter friends for a drink? The Sanctuary Hotel bar; or the grill and club Cowboy Ciao, 7133 East Stetson Drive (946 3111;, in the old locale centre, that has been remodelled with low-rise buildings and slight streets. It has turn a centre for complicated and � la mode humanities and for good galleries. You can additionally buy all kinds of cowboy and American Indian pieces and artefacts there, together with a little fanciful bluish trinket and belts.

Where is your prime place for lunch? North of the city, in Cave Creek, is El Tonto Bar and Grill (488 0698;, a terraced grill on a golf green, where you can eat extraordinary taco sandwiches with a perspective towards the dried mountains.

And for dinner? I have 3 favourites The Roaring Fork, 4800 N Scottsdale Road (947 0795;, an glorious brew of cowboy-style food and complicated cuisine; a good Japanese grill called Roka-Akor, 7299 N Scottsdale Road (306 8800); and Tarbells, in circuitously Phoenix 3213 East Camelback Road (602 955 8100), that is the most appropriate bistro.

Where would you send a first-time visitor? I"d discuss it them to expostulate north on Scottsdale Road and watch the landscape shift from a pleasing balmy American locale to the genuine dried with overwhelming views, plants and animals and genuine cowboys. Continue up the I-17 to Sedona. Sedona is "Red Rock Country", with an startling series of hulk red sandstone formations, one of that resembles a cathedral, an additional a coffee pot. As you enter, you only feel your heart and eyes fill to the brim. It"s a unequivocally emotive place, a dedicated land for American Indians.

What would you discuss it them to avoid? Any of the viewable touristy ranches, with traveller play ground attractions.

Public ride or taxi? You are in the dried and nonetheless cabs exist they are not unequivocally practical. Rent a car, with or but a driver.

Handbag or moneybelt? This is unequivocally protected nation but you wish to be ready to travel at anytime, so go for the moneybelt.

What should I take home? Indian crafts/artefacts from Old Scottsdale, Sedona, or North Scottsdale, or Indian kachina, stylised eremite icons, forged from cottonwood base and embellished to paint total from Hopi mythology, from the American Indian Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue (602 252 8848;, in downtown Phoenix; bluish or changed rocks; blazing virtuoso to transparent your mind.

Karen Benhamou Ruimy is the writer of "The Angel"s Metamorphosis" (Quartet Books, �12)

Baroness Deech: English law no longer has clear concept of marriage

By Martin Beckford 725AM GMT sixteen March 2010

Baroness Deech English law no longer has transparent judgment of marriage Baroness Deech is the Chairman of the Bar Standards Board and highbrow of law at Gresham College, London. Photo JULIAN ANDREWS

Baroness Deech, the authority of the Bar Standards Board, claims that normal Christian picture of a lifelong kinship of man and lady is no longer correct given of the becoming opposite inlet of relations and the key of authorised rights for same-sex couples.

She believes human rights law competence shortly order that it is discriminatory to anathema homosexuals from marrying in the same approach that heterosexual couples do.

Two million couples could divorce this year Google book repository plan prompts flourishing antithesis Favorite Recorded Scream at last, a jot down that?s unequivocally value cheering about Bhopal gas disasters bequest lives on twenty-five years after Microsoft says Bing boosts singular users by 8pc

However Lady Deech adds that a little differences in in between polite partnerships and marriages should be preserved, and criticises new Labour laws that concede same-sex couples to be declared on bieing innate certificates with no discuss of a father.

The crossbench counterpart will have her comments in the ultimate of a array of open lectures as highbrow of law at Gresham College, London. She has formerly deliberate the thought that family groups could be forced to see after grandparents in their old age, and claimed that usually "the bullion digger" would good from manners giving cohabiting couples the same rights as spouses.

In Tuesdays lunchtime lecture, Lady Deech will cruise magnanimous changes in multitude and in law over new decades and ask either the judicious end is that same-sex couples should be authorised to marry, given that the differences in in between polite partnerships and normal weddings have been "eroded".

She will point out that only 50 years ago homosexuality was still illegal, but right away same-sex couples can take piece in polite partnership ceremonies that give them the same estate rights as spouses.

Homosexuals can additionally adopt children, be declared as the relatives young kids innate by synthetic insemination and, in an legislative addition right away being deliberate by ministers, competence shortly be authorised to hold polite unions in places of worship.

At the same time, attitudes to adultery, divorce and singular mothers have been loose whilst fewer people are removing tied together and taxation breaks for married couples have been removed.

Lady Deech will allude to a important authorised clarification of matrimony as the "voluntary kinship for hold up of one man and one woman, to the ostracism of all others."

She will go on to contend "Such is the mutation of family law and family hold up that not one word of this stays true."

Lady Deech will contend that the series of weddings has depressed to the lowest turn given 1895 given "religion is a loss force, women have monetary independence, there is state await for sole parents, young kids are no longer personal as illegitimate, divorce is easy and there is no recrimination over sex and bieing innate out of wedlock".

She concedes that dual attempts to make use of the Human Rights Act to explain that same-sex couples should be authorised to wed have failed.

But she will go on "In the thoroughfare of the couple of years given this judgment, it is probable that governmental views have shifted amply so that an interest on the same drift competence have a opposite outcome.

"Whatever competence be held, one still concludes that English law has lost any transparent judgment of marriage."

But she will interpretation that "civil partnerships do still talk about from matrimony a little, and this is an area where the disproportion ought to be recorded with justification".

This is given she disagrees with supplies of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, that concede same-sex couples to be declared as relatives on bieing innate certificates with no anxiety to a father.

"This is not a dignified issue; it is about disguising loyal facts, and it is about treacherous biological parenthood, authorised and amicable parenthood."

She additionally criticises Labours preference to remove the need for doctors to bear in mind a childs "need for a father" when deliberation flood diagnosis for a woman.

"I bewail the downgrading of the father as a chairman of significance the legislative exclusion of the grant of half the race to the upbringing of the subsequent generation."

She concludes "The extent to same-sex relations is that they cannot be a reproductive section in a approach that is most appropriate for the gratification of the kid if they cut out all hit with members of the alternative sex or reproduce the bieing innate registration. Tolerance of both sorts of parenting has to be ensured."

Trader banned for hiding $100m of losses

140PM GMT sixteen March 2010

Alexis Stenfors, a former Merrill Lynch trader, has been criminialized by the British monetary regulator for on purpose mis-marking positions to censor $100m (�67m) of trade losses. Alexis Stenfors, a former Merrill Lynch trader, has been criminialized by the British monetary regulator for on purpose mis-marking positions. Photo SKY NEWS

His actions forced the investment bank to have a $456m (�304m) writedown, the Financial Services Authority said.

City merchant in £85 million "loss" exploration pledges to stay in Britain Merrill Lynch investigates "$120 brute trader" FSA charges tip landowner and mother with insider traffic Merrill Lynch investigates $120m brute merchant Merrill Lynch investigates trade anomaly in London Fallen policeman Eliot Spitzer sits down with blogger Henry Blodget

Margaret Cole, FSA executive of coercion and monetary crime, pronounced "We have criminialized Stenfors since his bungle was deliberate, visit and steady over a one-month period.

"He was a comparison and experienced merchant who hold a on all sides of certitude at the firm. He tricked the certitude placed in him by the organisation and demonstrated that he is not fit and correct to be authorized by the FSA."

Mr Stenfors is barred from any duty "in propinquity to any regulated activity". However, his co-operation and agreement to solve at an early theatre equates to the FSA could devaluate his breach sequence after five years.

The mis-marking occured in between mid-January 2009 and mid-February 2009.

Honda recalls US cars over brake fault

By Sean Farrell 734PM GMT sixteen March 2010

Honda recalls US cars over stop error Honda is recalling 344,000 Odyssey models. Photo EPA

Japan"s second-biggest carmaker is recalling 344,000 Odyssey models and 68,000 Element vehicles in the US that were done in between 2007 and 2008.

Another 41,000 were sole in US territories and alternative countries but the association pronounced the stop did not affect cars sole in Europe. The cars in subject were made in Ohio and Alabama.

More car recalls to come, contend engine industry experts Toyota car stop some-more than 350,000 UK vehicles called behind in a week GM failure Q&A Toyota cuts prolongation as car makers plead Government bail-out Mitsubishi pulls out of Dakar and cross-country rallying Honda pulls out of Formula One

Honda pronounced multiform crashes and 3 teenager injuries related to the stop complaint had been reported to the US ride authorities.

Customers had complained that stop pedals felt soft or progressively indispensable some-more vigour to work. Honda found that air was leaking in to the stop system.

The stop proclamation is Honda"s second this year. The association suggested last month that airbags in 437,763 vehicles indispensable modifying since they competence be as well pressurised. That proclamation combined to a prior recall.

Honda"s movement follows the hugely deleterious stop of eight million cars worldwide over reserve fears by Toyota, Japan"s greatest car manufacturer.

Japan"s cars had turn increasingly renouned in the US since of their potency and repute for trustworthiness compared with models constructed by US giants Ford and General Motors.

Toyota"s sales fell 16pc in Jan as the association was outsold by Ford and GM in the US.

In a statement, Honda pronounced "While usually a diminutive volume of air can come in the complement during each check, over a duration of months or years, the air will amass and can outcome in the "soft stop pedal" or "low stop pedal" condition symptoms compared with this issue.

"Although not all vehicles being removed are influenced by this issue, we are recalling all probable units to assure all business that their vehicles will perform correctly."

Prince Charles is a hit in the pop world

By Tim Walker 958PM GMT sixteen March 2010

Shingai Shoniwa the Noisettes will perform at the Prince Noisettes lead thespian Shingai Shoniwa Photo PA

The group, most appropriate well well known for their strike Dont Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go), will perform on Thursday at the Princes Trust Spring Ball, sponsored by St Tropez, at the Hurlingham Club, in Fulham.

Dan Smith, the guitarist, tells me that the gig by the band, whose lead thespian is Shingai Shoniwa, is an action of thankfulness after the Prince of Waless gift helped their drummer, Toby Couling, set up his studio.

Tom Conti says BBC is fearful of poshness Topshop creates bespoke outfits for V Festival Music clergyman admits tip lesbian event with student Edinburgh Festival 2009 Exhibitions Europes Tragedy by Peter H Wilson examination Dreamboats and Petticoats, at the Savoy Theatre - examination

"Anyone that says they dont get star-struck when they see the Queen or someone from the Royal family is articulate out of their bum," he says.

Trouble in store

Believed to be the impulse for Tom Wolfes asocial impression Peter Fallow in The Bonfire of the Vanities, Anthony Haden-Guest feels that he has right away turn a plant himself.

The author, 73, has lost a lifetimes value of valuables, that he put in to storage in New York when he changed behind to London. The storage organisation sole all after he unsuccessful to compensate a check on time. "Papers, books, art, furniture, clothes, thirty years of everything," says Haden-Guest, who is the brother-in-law of Jamie Lee Curtis.

His art pick up alone is pronounced to have been value some-more than �694,000. "I due them $1,350 [�938]," he says. "I have been kidnapped in Lebanon and I have been stabbed 50 times in my apartment, but this is worse."

Seriously funny

Television producers no disbelief thought that they were being extremely counter-intuitive by selecting Al Murray, who is most appropriate well well known for the xenophobic impression the Pub Landlord, to benefaction a documentary about the "real" Germany.

Amusingly, however, the comedian, who review story at St Edmund Hall college, Oxford, has come to informed conclusions the Germans are aspiring and great timekeepers.

"They are on time and they are really serious, but that doesnt meant they are not droll as well," he told Mandrake at a celebration at the Grosvenor House road house in Mayfair. The programme will be promote shortly by BBC Radio 4.

Gianluigi Trovesi and Gianna Coscea, Kings Place, review

By Ivan Hewett 657PM GMT nineteen March 2010

What would the multiple of squeaky Italian locale bands, Renaissance dances, wild folk dance and the free jazz of Eric Dolphy receptive to advice like? A dog"s breakfast, competence well be one"s initial response. But in the song of maestro Italian jazz clarinetist Gianluigi Trovesi all these things come together in the majority healthy and desirable way. Trovesi has been a vital figure in European jazz given the 1970s, but he"s never lost his roots in the folk song of the Bergamo region, where as a small child he played clarinet in encampment bands.

Andre Kertesz at the Photographers Gallery - examination Israels TV King Dudu Topaz found hanged in cell Edinburgh Festival 2009 Mendelssohn Elijah / Bejun Mehta, examination Opera L?Elisir d?amore at Glyndebourne, examination Ministers U-turn over Afghanistan apparatus exposes executive miss of firmness

Trovesi"s majority new recording assembles a normal locale rope seeded with jazz players to fool around uproariously sexual arrangements of Italian aria operas. |But here he was in the association of only one alternative musician, the noble accordeon player Gianna Coscea. These dual white-haired gents have been on the highway together for so most years they"ve turn similar to those aged couples who finish each other"s sentences. As Trovesi told us about his Shakespeare-inspired plan to jot down Renaissance dances Coscea incited to us and lifted his eyebrows as if to contend "Oh no, he"s not braggadocio about that again".

What this meant musically is that though the dual musicians hardly exchanged a see all evening, they were ideally together at each moment. The receptive to advice they done was a poetic and intimate, mostly rising and vanishing from overpower by inaudible degrees. It"s a receptive to advice that can all as well simply trip in to sentimental sentimentality, and there were times in the second set when Coscea and Trovesi seemed to be coasting on the medium"s inherited charm.

At alternative times, though, it generated genuine heat. "The Carousel of Piazza Navona" was similar to a stage from a Fellini film; you could suppose bosomy ladies and small boys all whirling giddily, and underneath the wild gaiety a idea of melancholy. Their version of the Whisky Song from Kurt Weill"s "Rise and Fall of Mahagonny" held the recklessness and yearning of the original, and gave it a erotically appealing new colour.

Soaring over Cascea"s urgently accented accordion was Trovesi"s beautifully modulated clarinet sound. He indeed is a noble player, who never creates an nauseous noise. Even when he blew an Eric Dolphy-like multiphonic chord a receptive to advice that typically is the auditory homogeneous of paint-stripper it sounded dull and musical. There"s an ignorance about him, that notwithstanding the immeasurable cove of time and place reminds one of jazz"s trusting beginnings a century ago.

Sale v Wasps: match preview

By Gavin Mairs 745AM GMT nineteen March 2010

Head to head

The vigour is ascent on Sale Sharks after eight unbroken defeats in all competitions - five in the Guinness Premiership - so this is a diversion manager Kingsley Jones simply cant means to lose. There is a opposite kind of vigour on Wasps manager Tony Hanks, whose side will move in to the tip 3 with a win on Friday night.

Leinster twenty Glasgow fourteen Northampton 31 Saracens twenty Cardiff eighteen Gloucester twenty-nine Northampton target to overpower Saracens Ambitious Nottingham put up for sale Sport on radio

Pitch battle

There is small love lost in in between the dual sides after Wasps concerns at the state of the representation in the strange tie last Nov led to the postponement, so there should be a series of feisty contests opposite the pitch. The conflict of the relapse in in between Luke Abraham and Serge Betsen will have a vital temperament on that side secures sufficient peculiarity round to win the game.

Talking tactics

Both sides have not been fearful to fool around far-reaching this deteriorate but since the vigour on Sale, dual points at the back of Worcester at the bottom of the table, their diversion plan is expected to be some-more conservative. Wasps will goal to strike Sale on the counter-attack.

Polish women encouraged to come to UK for free abortions on NHS

By Matthew Day in Warsaw 730AM GMT fifteen March 2010

Polish posters enlivening people to transport to Britain for a free abortion Polish posters enlivening people to transport to Britain for a free stop

Posters and flyers design a lady in her hoop skirt with the difference "My Choice" scrawled opposite her go by in English. Around her is the report "plane sheet to England special suggest 300 zloty", and "abortion in a open hospital 0 zloty".

At the feet of the print is the aphorism "For all you compensate less than an subterraneous stop in Poland".

Germanys strategy with the Northern powers - May 4, 1939 Family of infirm sue NHS for prejudicial bieing born Premiers Danzig oath to Poland - July 11, 1939 Multi-million bruise Government intrigue could have increasing teenager pregnancies Polish air wave hire protests with 24-hour bird strain

SROM, a feminist organisation, hopes the debate will pull courtesy to ostensible "abortion tourism", a make make use of of that pro-choice groups explain has flourished given Poland introduced a little of the majority formidable laws ruling stop in Europe seventeen years ago. With the UK right afar possessing a outrageous Polish race that can yield a await network the nation is right afar seen as a budding end for profound women looking a termination.

The Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning estimates that each year thousands of Polish women wanting an stop transport to Britain, that has a in spin agreement with Poland for the sustenance of free healing caring underneath EU regulations. The smallest support a studious needs is a European Health Insurance Card, that can be systematic by the post office.

Pro-choice campaigners disagree the actuality that people are rebuilt to transport demonstrates the failings of the Polish stop law, which, they say, rather than curbing the practice, usually drives it abroad or underground.

But the SROM debate has already captivated the courtesy of the Polish prosecutor"s office, between claims it has damaged a law opposite helping abortion.

"An review is being carried out, to establish possibly the corruption of helping a profound lady who wants to stop her conceiving physically has occurred," pronounced Krzysztof Kopania, a orator for the prosecutor"s bureau in the executive city of Lodz, where the posters initial appeared.

Yet Isabella Desperak, a sociologist from Lodz University and behaving mouthpiece for SROM, discharged the need for an investigation. "The thought of the prosecutor"s bureau questioning is absurd," she said. "The usually probable crime committed is that of adhering up posters but permission." Legal experts have forked out that it would be roughly unfit to infer that any lady motionless to transport to the UK for an stop after celebration of the mass the poster.

The SROM debate comes as a opposite punch to a new anti-abortion print advertisement debate featuring an picture of Hitler and a ripped foetus. That print has additionally depressed tainted of the law with prosecutors questioning possibly the make make use of of of Hitler pennyless Polish laws prohibiting the graduation of total systems.

Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative MP and former shade health secretary, pronounced "When the stop action was liberalised I pronounced it would spin Britain in to the stop collateral of Europe and that seems to be just what"s happened.

"The laws here are far, far as well lax. Abortions on the NHS are ostensible to be for UK adults only, but there are regularly ways to get around that by claiming it is an emergency."

Kevin Barron, a Labour MP and authority of the Commons health name committee, pronounced "The NHS should positively not be appropriation terminations for Polish women.

"This would be opposite all the regulations and if a lady who is not British attempted to get a stop here I would goal they would be incited away. I have listened that most women from southern Ireland come here for that purpose, but to my believe it is to revisit in isolation clinics and not the NHS."

Joyce Robins, co-director of Patient Concern, pronounced "This is disgraceful. When you cruise the disaster the NHS is in at the impulse we can"t means to provide the people who have been profitable in to it all their lives, let alone women from abroad who wish to make make use of of it to get absolved of neglected pregnancies.

"I goal they will be incited behind at the hospital doorway but the approach the NHS operates, zero would warn me."

Abortion tourism is usual between women from Ireland and Northern Ireland where it is bootleg to have the procedure.

It is estimated that scarcely 7,000 women a year transport from there to England to have a termination, possibly in a in isolation hospital or on the NHS.

Marie Stopes, the passionate health specialists, even suggest marked down fees for Irish women in approval of the transport losses they face to get a termination.

However, a orator from the Department of Health stressed that it would be really formidable to get a non-emergency procession such as a stop on the NHS if the studious is not a UK citizen.

A orator pronounced "The NHS is supposing essentially for the good of people rightly proprietor in the UK. There is no sustenance in the UK Immigration Rules for people to come to this nation for the role of obtaining NHS diagnosis and with sure exceptions non-residents are approaching to compensate for any healing diagnosis they embrace whilst they are here.

"We do, however, select to free from assign the residents of a little countries for a little diagnosis needs when they revisit the UK, underneath in spin health caring agreements, definition that UK adults embrace identical benefits when they revisit those countries."

Government broken pledges to make Alzheimers a priority

By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent 730AM GMT sixteen March 2010

Sir Terry Pratchett  Government More than 700,000 people in Britain have dementia, of that Alzheimer"s is the majority usual form, inspiring around 400,000 people. Sir Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with with early conflict Alzheimer"s in Dec 2007. Photo PA

A inform by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) found that as well couple of doctors and caring home staff have been lerned in how mark insanity and assistance patients pang from the condition.

Many are still being inappropriately prescribed supposed "chemical cosh" antipsychotics to keep them quiet.

Elderly "should sight with weights to assistance urge concentration" Crisis in aged caring far worse than feared, inform warns Hospital failures similar to Mid-Staffordshire liaison could be steady contend MPs Hospitals and open services have a arrogant proceed to hog influenza hygiene NHS staff, distinct a little MPs, dont equate on being expensed NHS has �1.7bn unspent in the bank, MPs find.

And around �60 million since to Primary Care Trusts for insanity caring has additionally left missing, the inform found.

Despite steady pledges, insanity caring has since it the same standing as alternative health priorities such as cancer and stroke, the cabinet warned.

Its inform additionally found there were informal variations in how well the disease was diagnosed.

Edward Leigh, authority of the PAC, criticised the Department of Health for a "lack of urgency" over the issue.

He combined "There is a far-reaching cove in between what the Department of Health keeps observant it is going to do about insanity services and what it essentially does."

More than 700,000 people in Britain have dementia, of that Alzheimers is the majority usual form, inspiring around 400,000 people.

However, experts envision that the numbers influenced by the condition will grow fast in entrance decades as the race ages.

Labour looks as if it will end as it began; with a pensions scandal.

By Ian Cowie 939AM GMT nineteen March 2010

Details of the new state-sponsored early retirement fund, that everybody who does not already have a grant will be forced to stick on from 2012 onward, were voiced this week and they are eye-stretching.

Bear in mind that deductions to account the intrigue will be taken out of people"s gain but so majority as a "by your leave". True, the Government has bent to critique that this would volume to nonetheless an additional secrecy taxation if it did not concede people to subsequently opt out. It right away proposes to concede that, whilst quietly awaiting to set up the account on the behind of the greatest force in personal monetary inertia.

Dozens of MPs approaching to retire as outward gain suggested MPs losses Bill Wiggin claimed �11,000 in haunt debt payments Victory for Joanna Lumley as all Gurkhas to be since right to solve in Britain How theinvestigation unprotected the MPs losses liaison day by day FSA head Gordon Brown helped fuel promissory note predicament

But the stream plan still amounts to a estimable prolongation of state sequestration of in isolation property, when you competence really well think that the graph on this page demonstrates that the taxman already has his arm in the pockets utterly low enough.

Perhaps the usually fact for introducing an additional auto-enrolled pension, in further to the Basic State Pension and State Second Pension, was that economies of scale would meant it should be majority cheaper and thus improved worth than anything else on offer.

So headlines that the new grant will have primary grant charges of 2pc and annual government fees of 0.3pc is desperately disappointing. That"s some-more than a third higher than Stakeholder Pensions the Government"s last Big Idea on this front and almost some-more costly than multiform investment trust-based pensions.

For example, annual charges can be as low as �75 at Alliance Trust and the Scottish Investment Trust, with squeeze fees as low as �5 and 0 respectively. Oh, and both these options are Self-Invested Personal Pensions (Sipps) where particular savers have a far-reaching preference of underlying investments despite at varying costs rather than the swamp customary tracker supports everybody co-opted in to the new state intrigue can expect.

No consternation this wheeze has had some-more names than subscribers so far. First it was floated as the National Pension Savings Scheme, but this was forsaken when City wags dubbed it "Nat"s Piss". Then it was quickly well known as Personal Account, until they realised someone had got there first. Now it is to be called the National Employment Savings Trust, or Nest. My thought of the Centrally Regulated Authorised Pension has inexplicably been rejected.

Seriously, though, the worse aspect of Nest is that hundreds of thousands of the people who will be forced to compensate in to it will merely attain in depriving themselves of means-tested benefits to that they would differently be entitled. Workers who do not already have a grant are majority expected to be low-paid and slightest expected to save up the �80,000 or so you would need to beget a higher income than you can get for zero from the state simply for reaching grant age.

You don"t need to be an actuary to see because Nest competence interest to politicians unfortunate to cut deficits. But there is so small in it for savers that the new grant has been structured in such a approach to forestall people claiming remuneration when they realize they have been conned.

Perhaps the majority inhuman aspect of it all is that the victims of this intrigue will be the young, bad and ignorant; in alternative words, those slightest expected to review the monetary pages. So it will probably be multiform years prior to this liaison gets on to the front page or radio and the perpetrators are confronted with their misdeeds.

Just similar to the strange secrecy taxation raid on grant funds" division income, right away I come to think of it. Back in 1997, Britain"s in isolation zone grant assets were larger than the rest of Europe"s total and risk-free last income schemes were the norm. Then Chancellor Gordon Brown claimed pensions could means to compensate some-more taxation and the rest, as they say, is hysteria.

Now, as then, the Government thinks it needs the income some-more than we do. Surely any Chancellor who believes that Nest is a great thought should be penetrating to lead by example. Why not reinstate the Parliamentary Pension Scheme with Nest? Why shouldn"t the leaders be peaceful to eat what they plate up for others?

Tell me your headlines and views at and be initial to listen to from me during the week @iancowie on Twitter

David Beckham wont be asked to give extra support to 2018 World Cup bid during lay-off

By Jonathan Liew 644PM GMT sixteen March 2010

David Beckham won Back chair David Beckham will not take on one more duties Photo GETTY IMAGES

The midfielder, who will be out for about 6 months after ripping his Achilles tendon whilst personification for AC Milan at the weekend, is still approaching to transport to World Cup 2010 in Jun at the ask of Fabio Capello.

But Andy Anson, the arch senior manager of England"s bid, pronounced he would not be approaching to perform any one more duties over those already scheduled.

Beckham receives summary from PM Beckham still has a purpose with LA Galaxy Seedorf questions Beckham"s will to lapse Beckham damage opens doorway for Johnson Fabio Capello offers Beckham World Cup purpose Sport on radio

The 2018 group hold a assembly with Beckham"s member on Monday to plead the player"s purpose in the entrance months in the arise of his injury, on that he underwent a successful operation in Finland on Monday.

However, any one more free time Beckham might suffer as a outcome of his damage is expected to be rarely desired by his sponsors and the media, not to discuss his family in Los Angeles, and Anson was penetrating to highlight that they would not find to gain on his prolonged duration of convalescence.

"We won"t ask for that," Anson confirmed. "His initial priority has to be his rehabilitation. We won"t get in the approach of that at all."

Speaking to commercial operation leaders at a Sports Industry eventuality in London, Anson pronounced that World Cup sheet prices would "reflect" the normal Premier League cost of about �39.

Beckham, meanwhile, pronounced "The operation was a success. I"m feeling certain and right away concentrating on removing behind to full fitness over the entrance months."

His surgeon, Sakari Orava, pronounced the player was in "some pain" after Monday"s surgery but was you do well.

Swansea 0 West Bromwich Albion 2: match report

By Jed Pitman at Liberty Stadium 615AM GMT seventeen March 2010

Graham Dorrans Paying the chastisement West Brom goalscorer Graham Dorrans celebrates after his late chastisement helps better Swansea at the Liberty Stadium Photo ACTION IMAGES

Two late goals put area in between second-placed West Brom and the play-off positions whilst Swanseas own chances of involuntary graduation took a outrageous knock.

Swansea, as they have finished for most of the season, dominated receive but the insistence of their Portuguese manager, Paulo Sousa, not to go seeking for goals valid costly. Only after Roberto Di Matteo, the West Brom manager, had done 3 sure changes that led to his side receiving the lead from the chastisement mark twelve mins from time, did Sousa supplement to his sole man up front. But it was as well late and one of those West Brom subs, Ishmael Miller, done sure of the points a notation from time, scoring on the break.

Championship fixtures Championship list player rater Sport on radio Cardiff City 3 Bristol City 0 compare inform Football Fixtures 2009/2010 Championship

"It was critical to get something out of this game," pronounced Di Matteo. "We know Swansea dont concur most but they dont measure most either, so as prolonged as we stayed in the match, we regularly had a possibility to measure a idea to win it. Swansea are not a really brave side."

Sousa was dissapoint by the chastisement preference that came after an additional substitute, Giles Barnes, was adjudged to have been tripped by Angel Rangel. It prevented what looked similar to a goalless draw, that would have been Swanseas ninth of the season.

"I felt that the arbitrate should have since a yellow label to their player for diving, but he saw it differently," he said. "It is something we are carrying to get used to this season. I am fighting the probity of a little of the referees we have had, that has cost us a little really critical points."

Swanseas studious supporters are enjoying their success this deteriorate but they do not get most party for their money. Once again, Swansea squeezed the hold up out of their opponents in the initial hour but combined couple of chances of their own. Nathan Dyer did set upon a post in the initial half nonetheless that came from a mis-hit cross. Indeed, Scott Carson in the West Brom idea had one of his quieter days.

It was the 3 changes in the second half from the visitors that softened things for them, nonetheless it took the chastisement preference to give them their initial definite possibility of the match.

"They became most some-more absolute and bomb after those changes and they gave us a little trouble," certified Sousa. "But we had no fitness tonight and we havent had most this season, generally with referees."

This was the initial time in 3 months that Swansea had conceded dual goals and West Brom became usually the third group to measure at the Liberty Stadium in the past 4 months. Those alternative dual were high-flying Newcastle and Nottingham Forest. While Sousa knows his chances of involuntary graduation have all but gone, things are seeking really splendid for Di Matteo, whose side are right away eight points transparent of third place.

"Weve right away put ourselves in a really great on all sides and the future is in the own hands," he added.

Video: Investing in EuropeYour Money Their Hands

227PM GMT eighteen March 2010

Yahoo! and We7 sign advertising deal and mull content partnership

By Emma Barnett, Technology and Digital Media Correspondent 1210PM GMT sixteen Mar 2010

We7 music Streaming is still comparatively unproven as a blurb operation model, for both the jot down labels and streaming operators - such as We7 and the vital rival, Spotify.

From Mar sixteen onwards, Yahoo! will be obliged for offered We7s complete arrangement promotion register as the song make use of beam up the operations.

Steve Purdham, We7s arch executive, pronounced the move was necessary in ensuring the make use of can grow the userbase, whilst guaranteeing it creates sufficient income from promotion to keep on profitable the artists and labels their royalties each time a lane is played.

We7 launches iPhone app We7 ups the ante opposite opposition make use of Spotify Spotify creates labels income BBC archived shows done accessible around Blinkbox Microsoft delays song streaming make use of Pirate Bay leads Swedish Viking assign on paid calm

"The main good of outsourcing the arrangement promotion to a absolute sales force such as Yahoo! is so we can safeguard we are in a on all sides to be equates to to scale the userbase that will be part-funded by removing vital advertisers on house that are continually shopping promotion campaigns with us."

We7 now has 3 million monthly users with we estimate half of those entrance to the site direct, and the alternative half around their syndication partners such as

The infancy of those users go on to make use of the make use of for free that equates to listening to audio adverts in in between songs and being unprotected to arrangement promotion opposite the site. Last month, in a identical capillary to the vital rival, Spotify, We7 launched a two-tiered subscription make use of that allows users for possibly �4.99 or �9.99 per month to have the adverts incited off. There is additionally an We7 iPhone app accessible and an Android app in development.

Streaming is still comparatively unproven as a blurb operation model, for both the jot down labels and streaming operators. However, progressing this year Rob Wells, the comparison vice-president Digital for Universal Music Group International, spoken that opposition streaming make use of Spotify is proof to be a unequivocally tolerable monetary indication that was profitable out well to the jot down labels.

How most income services similar to Spotify and We7 are equates to to generate, after profitable royalties to the labels, is still misleading and a source of speculation. A comparison song industry senior manager not long ago told The "Streaming services unequivocally need their subscription bases to grow as the ad-supported indication is not bringing sufficient in, post profitable the jot down labels. The concentration for these companies in the entrance year, in sequence to survive, will be flourishing this base."

The conditions of the blurb understanding were not suggested and We7 will go on to sell the own audio advertising. Both Yahoo! and We7 reliable that they are exploring corner calm opportunities. Mr Purdham combined "We are examining calm opportunities with Yahoo! and the probability of permitting entrance to We7 song around multiform Yahoo! locations."

Eigengrau and A Sentimental Journey, review

By Charles Spencer 528PM GMT seventeen March 2010

The clarification of the word eigengrau is the colour seen by the eye in undiluted darkness, customarily a dim grey. I outlayed majority of Penelope Skinners primarily interesting fool around about � la mode immature Londoners, pity flats and agonising about their love lives, wondering because she had selected this title. All becomes unpleasantly transparent towards the end, however, with a horrific action of self-mutilation.

Sentimentality and cruelty are mostly opposite sides of the same coin, in hold up as well as art, and so it proves again here. What starts as a sparky civil humerous entertainment of � la mode manners about dual resisting women in their twenties, the one a bonkers, bubbly lady who believes in fairies, leprechauns and love at initial sight, the alternative a tough feminist activist, progressively curdles in to something majority nastier.

Rhythm Paradise examination Vicky Cristina Barcelona, examination Osborne Premiere, City of London Festival, examination Sugar, examination The bicycle diaries farewell to the Danube

Theres a stage of graphically enacted, indeed unfortunate verbal sex, as the ditzy Rose tries to win behind her boyfriend, that turns the assembly in to confounded voyeurs, and an roughly similarly nasty one in that the feminist betrays all her beliefs at the bold authority of the same rascal of a selling man. The usually alternative masculine impression is an overweight crook who binges on ice thickk cream and is inseparable from the remains of his not long ago defunct grandmother.

However, the the intolerable and dramatically unmerited action of self-mutilation that unequivocally creates the strength creep, along with the unusual idea that it essentially provides a happy finale for the plays dual majority exposed characters. Frankly, the fill rises, notwithstanding a opening of good comic appeal in the progressing territory of the fool around from Sinead Matthews as the perennially optimistic, deeply loopy Rose. Theres clever await from Alison ODonnell as the feminist whose extreme philosophy infer so wobbly, from Geoffrey Streatfeild as the cad, and from John Cummins as the unhappy fatty. None of their efforts can costume the actuality that the fool around is as manipulative as it is unpleasant.

A Sentimental Journey is a reverence to Doris Day still alive and vital with her animals in Carmel, California a star with whom Ive been hopelessly soft given saying her deliciously rational opening in Calamity Jane.

The show takes us by her hold up story with a account presumably delivered by her dear and right away defunct usually son Terry, a clunking device not helped by Ian McLarnons ingratiatingly smarmy performance. He regularly insists that all Doris unequivocally longed for was a happy marriage, but Adam Rolstons plodding book never satisfactorily explains because she regularly done such catastrophic choices in the marital stakes.

However, the dusk is customarily an forgive to revitalise a little of Days majority renouned songs, and Sally Hughes, who bears a flitting if rather corpulent similarity to the star, delivers them competently enough, corroborated by a tidy four-piece band.

I instruct the show offering a smidgen of quick mind among the hagiography and showbiz clichs, and a hold of star peculiarity in the performances. But it passes the time harmlessly enough.

"Eigengrau tickets 020 8743 5050. "A Sentimental Journey tickets 020 7702 2781