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Controlling an iPhone with a sausage: a buyer"s guide

Nigel Kendall, Technology Editor & , : {}

If you follow the Tech Central blog, you might have beheld a rather extraordinary essay last Friday, Feb 12, connected with mountainous sales of sausages in South Korea.

It turns out that Korean iPhone/iPod hold users wearing gloves to fight the winter cold could not get their dear gadgets to work. Cue an inventive solution: sausages as remote controls.

This set us thinking: could a preference of British and European sausages lift off the same trick? And if so, that one would do it best?

Our Technology Editor dons his lab cloak to find out.

"Microhoo" poke understanding since go-ahead

Mike Harvey, San Francisco & , : {}

Microsoft and Yahoo! have won regulatory capitulation for their poke partnership to plea Google, the pen leader.

Under the conditions of the ten-year "Microhoo" partnership, Yahoo! will make use of Microsoft"s new Bing poke engine record on the own sites, whilst Yahoo! will action as the disdainful tellurian sales force for the companies" reward poke advertisers.

The agreement in between the struggling internet portal association and program organisation will run for ten years, giving them an event to yield advertisers with a viable opposition to Google"s money-making online promotion platform.

The understanding was authorized but restrictions by both the US Department of Justice and the European Commission. The companies pronounced they plan to proceed the partnership shortly and have it finished by early 2012. Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft arch executive, pronounced the regulatory approvals were an "exciting milestone".

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The Bing poke engine will routine poke requests and drive search-related advertisements on Yahoo! renouned websites whilst Yahoo! will still carry out the user experience. Yahoo! is due to get 88 per cent of the income generated from the advertisements placed to one side the poke formula on the sites. Yahoo! has pronounced it stands to benefit about $500 million in annual handling income and $200 million in collateral output assets from the deal.

Carol Bartz, the Yahoo! arch executive, said: "This new thing poke fondness equates to Yahoo! can concentration even some-more on the own innovative poke experience."

Since Microsoft launched Bing in June, it has solemnly gained marketplace share among in all certain reviews. But it stays a faraway third at the back of Google and Yahoo! that has been losing marketplace share. In the US marketplace Google has about two-thirds marketplace share, with the total share of Microsoft and Yahoo! at about twenty-eight per cent.

Worldwide, Google is even serve ahead. Google has about 70 per cent of the tellurian poke marketplace compared with around 10 per cent for a total Yahoo! and Bing. Google deserted the own promotion fondness with Yahoo! in 2008 underneath vigour from the Justice Department. Microsoft had against the due tie-up after unwell in a $47.5 billion takeover bid for Yahoo!

Analysts pronounced how the dual companies hoop the programmed passing from one to another will be consequential to the partnership"s success in tackling Google"s dominance.

The companies pronounced in a corner statement: "Yahoo! and Microsoft will each paint and yield patron await to opposite advertiser segments. Yahoo!"s sales group will to one side paint and await high-volume advertisers, poke engine optimisation and poke engine selling agencies, and resellers and their clients. Microsoft will paint and await self-service advertisers.

"Once the passing from one to another is completed, the companies" one poke marketplace will broach softened creation for consumers, improved volume and potency for advertisers and improved monetisation opportunities for web publishers by a height that contains a incomparable pool of poke queries."

Microsoft and Yahoo! pronounced they go on to work with regulators in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan to yield all applicable report required for them to weigh the contract prior to the understanding is launched in those countries.

Celtic compare a tonic for smashed St Mirren after crater last disappointment

By Ewing Grahame 1000PM GMT twenty-two March 2010

Celtic compare a tonic for smashed Saints after crater last disappointment So near, but so far St Mirren captain John Potter (left) in movement opposite Rangers" Kenny Miller Photo PA

However, St Mirren captain John Potter is assured that an doubtful win over Tony Mowbray"s side could heal the open wounds inflicted by the 1-0 better to nine-man Rangers and that self-pity is a oppulance they can"t afford.

The Paisley bar are right afar but a win in 10 matches and have scored usually eight goals in their last eighteen SPL games both those annals contingency urge if they are to tarry in the tip flight.

St Mirren 0 Rangers 1 Rangers begin three-way bid St Mirren fans are "true supporters" St Mirren strike by reward row Sport on radio Dundee United 0 Rangers 3 Match Report

Celtic revisit Greenhill Road on Wednesday night and, with the Buddies usually 3 points transparent of bottom bar Falkirk, Potter, 30, realises that liberation contingency be both fast and sustained.

"People contend that after a reversal similar to Sunday the majority appropriate thing you can do is to get at the back of personification again so it"s great that we"ve got Celtic.

"Of course, we won"t be means to usually dont think about all about what happened at Hampden but we won"t think about it again right afar until the finish of the deteriorate since staying in the SPL is the majority critical thing for St Mirren.

"If we can furnish performances similar to Sunday"s in the joining and begin receiving the chances afterwards we should get the points we need."

Manager Gus MacPherson and his players had the day off yesterday. Potter, who found condolence with his family, certified that Kenny Miller"s late leader at the inhabitant track was a blow to the solar plexus.

"It was a tough place to be," he said. "It was so unsatisfactory for us after personification so well. We were unapproachable of how we"d played but, obviously, we should have taken something from the game.

"Unfortunately, we didn"t take value of them being down to 9 men and they finished up conflict us on the opposite attack.

"It"s a golden event longed for to get a little silverware, a large disappointment. But Rangers are really great at removing men at the back of the round and they don"t get sufficient regard for it.

"To be means to urge similar to that and give zero afar when you"re dual men down is really formidable to do. As a section they were plain and fought for each alternative and that"s an art."

Olympics might have to raid strait account again as costs spiral

Fiona Hamilton, London Correspondent & , : {}

The Government faces the awaiting of carrying to raid the shrinking Olympic strait account nonetheless again, with officials announcing serve cost increases yesterday in the smoothness of the 2012 Games.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) warned that the subsequent twelve months would be the toughest nonetheless as the gait of building a whole took off to encounter venue execution deadlines in early 2011.

The authority, that is obliged for the infrastructure at the Games, disclosed that the costs had increasing by �21 million in the past quarter.

ODA officials pronounced that the increase, that is mostly due to the monetary downturn, could be engrossed in to the altogether bill for the Games, that they emphasised was on track.

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The ODA additionally warned that one more supports competence need to be expelled from the Governments strait account to cover up to a serve �160 million in variable costs relating to the government of the Olympic Park in East London.

The management pronounced that it hoped that the one more requirement, that it expects will range in in between �110 million and �160 million, could be lonesome by assets in alternative areas. If not, however, strait income will be needed.

The strait fund, that was creatively �2.7 billion, has already been raided multiform times to encounter shortfalls in the bill for the athletes encampment and media centre. The dual venues were dictated to be primarily saved by the in isolation zone but the deals collapsed since of the recession.

Hugh Robertson, the Shadow Sports Minister, pronounced that the need to account Olympic Park operations should have been identified in 2007 when the Government initial summarized the bottom budget.

He said: Whether it in the future formula in a call on the strait or is met from assets elsewhere, this is a intensity �150 million inapplicable designation that should not have occurred.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport pronounced that there was still some-more than �800 million in the strait account that had not been allocated to projects. Other estimates range as low as �500 million, withdrawal really small room for error.

The increasing costs were suggested in the Governments annual inform on preparations for the 2012 Games. The inform emphasised that they were on lane and that smoothness of all infrastructure would come inside of the overall, �9.3 billion budget.

John Armitt, the authority of the ODA, said: We are stability to have clever swell opposite the project. There are, however, still big hurdles forward as building a whole accelerates opposite the site and the workforce peaks. This will be the toughest year. We take zero for postulated but I am assured that the foundations for success are right away in place.

The Olympic programme is right away median by the Big Build proviso and the inform pronounced that the main projects the Olympic Stadium, velodrome, nautical centre, athletes encampment and media centre were all proceding on schedule. Some of the venues will be finished by early subsequent year.

Tessa Jowell, the Olympics Minister, said: As we come in the busiest and majority sparkling proviso of the Olympic plan so far, this inform shows we are still on time and still on budget.

The new costs that might come from the strait account outcome from a decision, after a Government review, for the ODA to take on one more shortcoming by handling the play ground and venues in in between 2011 and 2013.

A serve �13 million from the strait account has already been expelled to the ODA so that it can get on with early work indispensable this year.

The inform said: This new range for the ODA is expected to need one more appropriation to be allocated to the ODA, from inside of the existent �9.325 billion budget.

Any strait appropriation can be expelled usually after capitulation has been since by a cabinet of comparison ministers, together with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

British swimming star Jo Jackson confronting hearing of strength forward of Commonwealth Games

By Jacquelin Magnay 1038PM GMT twenty-two Mar 2010

Joanne Jackson-British swimming star Joanne Jackson confronting a hearing of strength forward of Commonwealth Games Happier times But British swimming star Joanne Jackson has had a difficult time with seizure Photo PA

Jackson has suffered critical asthma attacks, flu, sinus difficulty and a chest infection given prior to Christmas. She toldSport she even underwent an MRI indicate in a bid to order out anything some-more serious. "The doctors only longed for to check around my chest, ribs and spine. The asthma has been so bad my ribs are inflamed, she said.

Jackson, the reigning universe hold up china medallist and Beijing Olympic Games bronze medallist in the 400 metres freestyle, anticipates she will onslaught by the trials in Sheffield, that take place from Mar 29-April 4.

�50,000 for twenty-one seconds" work Medal hopes pinned on swimming Carlin pips Jackson twice in a row Odds are built opposite you winning Olympic lottery London 2012 organisers aim UK sheet sales Sport on radio

"I have been going to the pool but I havent been means to do much, routinely I can do five or 6 tough sessions a week but at the impulse Im propitious to get one in. While Im you do a lot of gym work, Ive longed for so most training.

She pronounced the trials proposed with the 200m freestyle and she would consider either to go on racing her most appropriate event, the 400m, and afterwards the 800m. She says she has "no expectations on [her]self.

She has to finish initial to pledge a place in the Games group in New Delhi in October, but there is a second hearing in August.

Her three-month conflict has stirred a revised plan in the lead-up to 2012. She has requisitioned a three-month army in Australia in 2011 to equivocate the pre-Games winter.

Amy Fearn will need aplomb in a competition that does not unequivocally wish her | Football

Alyson Rudd: Commentary & , : {}

Golly, at this unusual rate there could be a womanlike arbitrate in assign of a Premier League compare by 2025.

History competence well have been done when Amy Fearn took assign of Coventrys home diversion opposite Nottingham Forest but because has it has taken so long?

The answer is simple. The pursuit of a football arbitrate is incredibly difficult and majority tougher still if you are a woman. The inhabitant necessity of officials could be solved right away if women restrained up to the pitch, whistles at the ready. However, even the majority football-crazy woman would be tough pulpy to say her unrestrained for a competition that needs womanlike refs but does not unequivocally wish them.

I was the usually woman on the march when I took my arbitrate pinned token not prolonged ago and the instructors were welcoming enough. Older and wiser than most of the lads, I was assured that I would be tip of the class, may be fast-tracked to take assign of Chelsea v Liverpool if I dazzled them with my reason of when a scissor flog constitutes dangerous play. The illusion did not last long.

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Much as the Football Association is enlivening women in to the game, there is small point in glossing over the actuality that they will be subjected to some-more vitriol than their masculine counterparts. And so, even though I was the star of the role-play inside the classroom Your denunciation is unacceptable, I sternly admonished a rude, hypothetical physical education physical education instructor the march physical education instructor sadly sensitive me that I, some-more than any of the alternative students, would need the capability to hoop confrontation.

It is not a candid box of sexism, nonetheless there are most football fans who do not hold that women assimilate the game. With referees, it is all about aura. You are all the time told on the arbitrate march that the arbitrate is regularly right. Always. If you, the official, dont hold that, afterwards who else will?

If Fearn is to one day find herself heading the teams out at Old Trafford she has to find that aura. It will come by avoiding any vivid errors, by aplomb and confidence. Most of all, she will need to say her love of the game.

Presumably she has listened all the insults by right away and the small actuality that she is still penetrating creates her remarkable. After the John Terry scandal, it would be acquire to have females concerned in football for the right reasons.

Ancient Hindu wake rite brought a clarity of togetherness and serenity

Andrew Norfolk: First chairman & , : {}

In a dilemma of a field, far from any highway or building, a human remains was noted down to remains as abandon used up the initial alfresco wake inferno illuminated in Britain for 72 years.

The Times was the usually inhabitant journal invited to declare the very old Hindu ceremony, that noted the genocide of a 31-year-old Indian man found drowned in a London canal.

Davender Kumar Ghai, who was winning at the Court of Appeal yesterday, organised Rajpal Mehats healthy cremation in tip 4 years ago, in rebuttal of Newcastle City Councils statute that human pyres were unlawful.

Mr Mehats mom and sister had flown from India to attend the wake and were between about thirty mourners who watched as his coffin was placed on the wooden inferno in a margin privileged of crops.

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When it was set alight, the pathetic mom and sister were hold behind from the flames. Flowers were thrown on to the wood, and H2O from the Ganges was sprinkled around the pyre. A Brahmin clergyman led a intone of Vedic scriptures. There was small smoke. From time to time the timber was practiced to safeguard that the remains burnt evenly. The mood was solemn, deferential and to a publisher with no prior experience of alfresco cremation surprisingly intimate.

We live in a Protestant republic that prefers to put a lid on death. At a British crematorium mourners record out, withdrawal the coffin to a mechanised furnace.

To mount in that field, with the sights and sounds of nature, was to watch behest farewell turn a holistic experience. There was a clarity of unity, roughly of serenity; it was as though the physique was going behind where it belonged.

Yesterdays statute does not emanate the awaiting of motorists crashing as they pass human bonfires at the side of the M1.

It does meant that British Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists have the possibility of a funeral, on a wooden inferno inside an reasonably located structure, that honours their eremite and informative traditions.

Rio Tinto China hearing will be political, warns lawyer

By Malcolm Moore in Shanghai 743PM GMT twenty-one March 2010

Police officers keep a throng of reporters and extraordinary onlookers at the back of military fasten as a car enters the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People Police officers keep a throng of reporters and extraordinary onlookers at the back of military fasten as a car enters the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People"s Court on the initial day in the hearing of 4 Rio Tinto employees. Photo Getty

Stern Hu, 47, the former head of Rio Tinto in China, faces charges of hidden blurb secrets and reception bribes to one side 3 of his Chinese colleagues Wang Yong, Ge Minqiang and Liu Caikui.

A two-day hearing will open in Shanghai today, with the piece of the hearings connected with blurb secrets being hold at the back of sealed doors. The Rio Tinto employees will face 3 Chinese judges who will consider the evidence. The employees could face up to twenty years in prison.

Rio Tinto hearing opens in China Rio staff have initial assembly with Chinese lawyers Australia says Rio Tinto apprehension sends vigilance to investors in China Rio Tinto senior manager arrested in China was protester in Tiananmen Square? China says it has plenty justification opposite Rio Tinto 4 Australia stairs up vigour on China over Rio Tinto workers

The stakes for Rio Tinto, Australia and China, are high. Kevin Rudd, the Australian budding minister, has warned China that the "world is watching" the outcome.

Lawyers for the men have been tight-lipped forward of the hearings, but referred to that the result of the box rests on some-more than only the authorised merits. Zhang Peihong, representing one of the Chinese employees, Wang Yong, pronounced "As his fortifying lawyer, I am confident, but this is some-more than only a authorised issue.

"I cannot discuss it how the hearing will go and what chances my customer might have. The majority serious judgment could be twenty years imprisonment."

Nanping Liu, a owner of a Shanghainese law firm, combined "Will governing body fool around a role? Of march it will."

Chinese judges plainly contend that Communist celebration governing body change their decisions. The boss of the Supreme People"s Court, Wang Shengjun, pronounced last year that jurists should take comment of the "causes of the party" to one side the "constitution and laws".

The Chinese constitution does not club judges from domestic connection or courts from domestic interference. Li Shicheng, the vice-president of the High People"s Court in Sichuan range pronounced that "outstanding" judges were means to juggle domestic and authorised concerns simultaneously. "Practising law and governing body together is not regularly bad," he combined at a authorised precision programme in Hong Kong last January.

Rio Tinto pronounced it hoped that the hearing would be a "transparent and swift process". The Australian supervision has warned China that "the universe is examination this sold case", but has pronounced that the result of the hearings will not change family in between Australia and China.

A orator for the Chinese unfamiliar ministry, meanwhile, denied that governing body would change the result of the box and warned Australia not to have the hearing a domestic matter.

Mr Hu, who was innate in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, became an Australian adult in 1994. Authorities in Shanghai seized him and his colleagues only one month after Rio Tinto deserted a bid from Chinalco, the state-run Chinese aluminium giant, to stand in the interest in Rio to 18pc. A stacker in movement at a Rio Tinto operation. The mining group"s Chinese management team were arrested after it deserted a bid from China"s state-run aluminium association to stand in the interest in Rio Tinto

Independent schools begin to get difficult with relatives over delinquent fees

Nicola Woolcock, Education Correspondent & , : {}

Independent schools are stealing difficult with relatives over delinquent fees and utilizing surprising strategy such as hosting weddings in an try to have ends meet.

Bankers and lawyers who indicate eccentric schools are revelation them to merge, cut out perks, sell or rent gangling land, have staff part-time and aspire to unsettled debts. Schools are employing lawyers to follow fees as the goods of the downturn are felt, and unctuous combined extras on to relatives bills.

While heading open schools have coped so far, a small even charging jot down fees, multiform not as big schools have had to close since of relatives stealing their children. Experts envision that worse is to come. There was a loiter after the last recession, with student numbers holding up primarily but disappearing for years afterwards. Advisers indicate that a small of the schools right afar struggling invested heavily in sporting and song comforts in some-more abundant times, as piece of an arms competition with alternative schools.

A new consult of eccentric schools in the South of England found that 85 per cent were environment up strait plans to cope with a marked down income in the subsequent dual or 3 years. The respondents were heads, bursars and governors at a convention hosted by Wilsons law firm.

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Nick Lowe, a landowner from Handelsbanken, that advises eccentric schools, told the convention that schools should see closely at all the perks they gave to teachers, and cruise slicing staff hours. He said: Spend it similar to the your money, cut out any desert culture. Increase income from weddings, legal holiday schools, conferences and sports facilities. Sell or rent gangling land and buildings, or cruise doubling your marketplace by going co-educational. Chase delinquent fees hard.

Mr Lowe pronounced that schools in grand premises could not means to slight their buildings in the prolonged term. He told The Times: This retrogression has been distinct others. Schools should plan for the misfortune and goal for the best. The greatest costs are premises and staff, with a small stealing houses or free dishes at the school. In the retrogression weve seen a lot of industries creation people work part-time rather than redundant.

Some schools have determined advance-fee schemes to inspire relatives to compensate multiform years of fees upfront at a discount, whilst others are aiming to keep young kids from cradle to student, by receiving them in pre-prep propagandize creches and educating them until the age of 18.

Mr Lowe added: Independent schools are mostly in pretentious premises and are increasingly stealing marriage bookings, or employing themselves out as summer schools.

Heads and teachers find it offensive to think of incompatible a kid since his or her relatives have not paid the fees, and have been operative tough to make use of bursaries to await families. But infrequently you have to get a small harsher since aggregation outrageous amounts of delinquent bills can put the propagandize in danger.

At slightest a dozen eccentric schools have sealed in the recession. Last week, the rarely rated Cliff School in Wakefield voiced it would close this summer since of descending student numbers.

Ian Oakley Smith, an penury practitioner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, that advises charities in monetary difficulties, pronounced the retrogression would have an stroke on student numbers. The accord is that liberation will take a small time. Planning should begin immediately, as schools should not blink the time taken to determine potentially without a friend decisions. They should cruise new options, such as targeting the flourishing general market. Extreme solutions embody mergers, or utilizing land, pot or alternative assets.

He pronounced a small schools were confronting problems since they had left themselves exposed by overborrowing prior to the downturn. Some households havent felt the goods of the retrogression yet, quite with seductiveness rates down. I think that will shift in the subsequent dual to 3 years.

The Good Schools Guide warned relatives to be rapt to extras combined to fees. It said: Scrutinise your bill. We have beheld an augmenting bent to cocktail in equipment with a footnote, observant that unless you forewarn the propagandize and concede the amounts mentioned, it will automatically be charged. Insurance needs sold care.

Great Britain"s Amy Williams in stick on all sides for bullion in women"s skeleton

Rick Broadbent, Whistler & , : {}

Amy Williams, the British structure of the body incline racer, stands on the fork of an ancestral win at the Winter Olympics after a criticism over the pattern of her steel sheet was thrown out.

The 27-year-old leads the approach after dual runs, environment a new lane jot down of 53.83 seconds at the Whistler Sliding Centre, the theatre of such debate over the past week. She has dual serve runs, tonight at 11.45pm, and afterwards again an hour later, but is in hang on all sides for the bullion medal. Germany"s Kerstin Szymkowiak is 0.30 seconds adrift and afterwards comes the pre-race prime and Canadian icon, Mellissa Hollingsworth.

It has been thirty years given Britain last won an particular Winter Olympic bullion award - Robin Cousins in 1980 at Lake Placid. In the 3 decades since, Britain has won dual bullion medals around the women"s curling in 2002 and Torvill and Dean"s ice dancing in 1984.

"I seemed to be drifting and it"s a good feeling," Williams said. "Today the lane was my friend. You can do good steers and, if they work out right afterwards you feel the speed entrance out of the corners and it"s good fun."

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Williams has form on the Whistler lane before, but knows she is usually median home and anything can happen. That was valid when the United States team, upheld by five alternative federations claimed she was utilizing an bootleg steel sheet to give her an aerodynamic advantage.

However, it came to zero and the jury of the International Federation of Bobsleigh and Tobogganing (FIBT) threw out the protest. "After an investigation of the steel sheet by the jury, it was dynamic that according to the steel sheet manufacturer, spoilers were an constituent piece of the helmet," a orator said. "Article 10.12.A of FIBT general structure of the body manners says a reserve steel sheet has to be but any in addition trustworthy aerodynamic elements or glue fasten (except that used to repair the visor and the goggle strap) and has to be but any spoilers or edges that hang out."

Japan"s Nozomi Komuro was unfit after forgetful to put a plaque on her sled to show that it had undergone a pre-race inspection. Hollingsworth, meanwhile, raced with a steel sheet with a horse"s skull design airbrushed onto it, and will design to make use of her own head to revelation outcome today.

Yesterday she rammed a dilemma on her initial run and afterwards done an additional blunder on her second descent. "I was unhappy for sure," the World Cup hold up said. "I didn"t have the cleanest of initial runs but I hung in there and my second run was improved nonetheless it was frustrating entrance out of the last bend and attack the wall. But it"s usually a integrate of tenths and on this lane in structure of the body that"s unequivocally nothing."

The 27-year-old Williams, who is a penetrating artist with plans to open a art studio one day, pronounced she would hope for for the greatest day of her sporting hold up by "switching my brain off" and celebration of the mass her prime chick-lit. "It will only be an additional day at the office," she pronounced but nobody was convinced.

Shelley Rudman, who did get a china in the structure of the body 4 years ago, was seventh after dual runs, and obviously is not in love with the track. By contrariety Williams set the fastest ever time at Whistler on her initial run. Rudman"s partner, Kristan Bromley, is fifth at the median theatre of the men"s foe that concludes at 3.30am tomorrow.

If Williams took the bullion it would be a outrageous progress to the British group that has had churned fortunes so far. Zoe Gillings was eighth in the snowboard cross, but that competence have been improved but for a bad knee damage suffered in her semi-final. Chemmy Alcott is mending and, after finishing 13th in the women"s downhill, was 11th in yesterday"s super combined. Eve Muirhead has been personification well as jump over of the women"s curling team, whilst David Murdoch"s men have had a staccato begin with dual wins and dual defeats.

Standings after dual slides:

1 Amy Williams (Gbr) 1 min 47.96 secs (53.83 secs 54.13 secs), 2 Kerstin Szymkowiak (Ger) 1:48.26 (54.15 54.11), 3 Mellisa Hollingsworth (Can) 1:48.35 (54.18 54.17), 4 Anja Huber (Ger) 1:48.38 (54.17 54.21), 5 Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA) 1:48.51 (54.30 54.21), 6 Emma Lincoln-Smith (Aus) 1:48.69 (54.28 54.41), 7 Amy Gough (Can) 1:48.92 (54.14 54.78), 7 Shelley Rudman (Gbr) 1:48.92 (54.66 54.26), 9 Katie Uhlaender (USA) 1:49.04 (54.51 54.53), 10 Marion Trott (Ger) 1:49.06 (54.53 54.53), eleven Melissa Hoar (Aus) 1:49.21 (54.73 54.48), twelve Maya Pedersen (Swi) 1:49.36 (54.53 54.83), thirteen Michelle Kelly (Can) 1:50.22 (54.73 55.49), fourteen Costanza Zanoletti (Ita) 1:51.11 (55.48 55.63), fifteen Elena Yudina (Rus) 1:51.48 (55.42 56.06), sixteen Desiree Bjerke (Nor) 1:51.76 (56.48 55.28), seventeen Tionette Stoddard (Nzl) 1:51.78 (55.85 55.93), eighteen Svetlana Trunova (Rus) 1:51.79 (56.47 55.32), nineteen Maria Marinela Mazilu (Rou) 1:54.13 (57.10 57.03)

Roberto Mancini plays down mad row with Craig Bellamy | Manchester City

Ben Smith & , : {}

Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City manager, has played down a precision belligerent row with Craig Bellamy and reliable his inconstant striker will be fit to face Liverpool on Sunday.

Reports this sunrise claimed Mancini had screamed at Bellamy, revelation him to stay afar from the bar for 3 months and nonetheless the Italian denied this, he did endorse he had hold a assembly with the Wales brazen in that they had "spoken face-to-face".

Bellamy, who assimilated City for �14 million in Jan last year, is recuperating from an harmed right knee and claimed that usually he and the sports scholarship staff knew the scold approach to provide the problem.

"Today Craig is here, operative with the physio. It was the same yesterday," Mancini said. "These things [an argument] can occur in a job. I don"t have problems with Craig.

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"I spoke with him in the bureau and review that I announced at him. But I didn"t. We only spoke face-to-face. He is carrying diagnosis at the precision belligerent and if the knee is OK, he will be accessible for Sunday."

Meanwhile, Mancini voiced his beating with Patrick Vieira, after the FA reliable the French midfielder"s three-match anathema for a flog on Glenn Whelan during City"s 1-1 pull with Stoke on Tuesday.

"Patrick done a inapplicable designation as far as I am concerned," Mancini said. "He will right away miss 3 critical matches. It is a big complaint for me, as he is experienced, and for Patrick as he needs games."

Brian Moore: Martin Johnson contingency set up on intensity England showed opposite France

By Brian Moore 730AM GMT twenty-two March 2010

Comments nineteen |

Brian Moore Martin Johnson contingency set up on intensity England showed opposite France Whistle happy Bryce Lawrence calls time on England"s confront with France but his interventions were not regularly so uncontroversial Photo GETTY IMAGES

However, though your auto-suggestion trickery competence have formerly proffered the word "England", on Saturday it was the Grand Slam champions France who did not entertain, notwithstanding securing a deserved purify brush of wins in this year"s Six Nations and being absolutely the most appropriate side in the Northern Hemisphere.

There is an additional reason for djà vu; in likewise unfortunate resources in the autumn, Martin Johnson"s group managed a slight loss to the All Blacks and thereby were since a duration of respite, during that they were at heedfulness to highlight that great strides were being done at the back of the scenes.

There was zero grand about this impact Six Nations 2010 examination Dallaglio RFU let England down Ieuan Evans Ireland unprotected by miss of round England dismay France - but still miss a slicing corner Sport on radio

Fans, being fans, approaching a usually mending team, severe strongly in this Six Nations. The definitely despicable inlet of a little of the fool around delivered therein and the disaster publicly to recognize it as such, equates to that however clearly enlivening was their display opposite France, most people are heedful of being let down again. It is for this reason that they go on to be distrustful about where Johnson is heading his team; anticipating he is right but refusing to put up with in an additional potentially unrequited love event until they get to see some-more of the goods.

Johnson and his players competence wish supporters to get at the back of them, but they cannot severely design unquestioning acclamation when they see at the last eight games as a whole; and by the approach they didn"t essentially kick France. Moral victories are for people rebuilt to accept second best.

Yet it contingency be concurred that England were improved than France in most facets of the diversion and as such the players comparison are means of personification with round in palm and you do so dexterously. Few teams, together with a little from the Tri-Nations, have been means to cope with France"s slingshot pour out defence; nonetheless inside of fifteen mins of the kick-off England had knocked about it twice with great lines and fast hands, scoring a overwhelming try.

It would be engaging to listen to Johnson"s in isolation views on the referee, Bryce Lawrence, since "Mr Fastidious" gave a opening right out of the bottom drawer. England did not lose since of Lawrence"s refereeing; they lost since they could not govern possibly of their dual brilliantly fashioned chances in the second half.

Nevertheless, Lawrence"s demonstrably lunatic concentration on players wearing white at and around the breakdowns and in the set pieces done England"s charge some-more difficult. Anyone dismissing this as whinging should scrupulously inspect the footage and review the array and sort of warnings since to possibly side.

Able to mark extrinsic infringements of indeterminate materiality, Lawrence was incompetent to see a host of some-more viewable and some-more applicable offences. Although the latter concerned both sides, the French some-more mostly benefited from these failures.

This was no improved demonstrated than by a thoroughfare of fool around in the early piece of the second half when an England pushing beat was stopped and topsy-turvy by the bootleg entrance of a French forward, 3 times in discerning succession. A unbroken turnover afterwards saw Louis Deacon of England on the wrong side of the round but nothing of the offences were punished.

You could contend thus they cancelled each alternative out but all were obvious and element and should have been spotted; furthermore, as the French offences came initial and were in their own 22, England were denied a kickable chastisement chance.

Of course, any point done in better is characterised as a whinge, but those who have that indictment should answer this can they name an additional chosen central whose opening in 3 unbroken Test matches, as arbitrate or as an partner referee, have been a vital articulate point (the others being the initial and second Lions Tests in 2009)?

Differences of perspective on a referee"s opening will regularly be there but they do not finish up being a bona fide means for debate, nonetheless this is so with Lawrence and any arbitrate should not be a vital articulate point after a singular game, let alone three.

It is tantalizing to have the point that the infancy of the successful newcomers have been accessible to England formerly and their key is an acknowledgment that their non-inclusion was a inapplicable designation in each case, but it does not make a difference either Johnson stumbles opposite his most appropriate XV by collision or force of circumstance; what counts is that, carrying shown, intensity it is built upon.

The subsequent array of fixtures is severe to contend the slightest Australia 3 times, Samoa, New Zealand and South Africa and practically England competence win usually one of those games. However, supposing we can see course of both players and settlement it will have to be enough, but forgetful that after 2011 the constructional flaws in English rugby need obligatory attention.

Regrets but no lapse date for Tiger Woods

Peter Dixon & , : {}

It had been touted as the impulse that a shamed Tiger Woods would have his assent with the universe and have known when he would lapse to the competition he has come to rule.

But whilst Woods answered a little questions in his really open defence for redemption in Florida yesterday, the No 1 golfer in the universe still kept everybody guessing as to when he will come in the sporting locus once more. There had been clever conjecture that Woods would fool around in the Tavistock Cup in Florida subsequent month and the Arnold Palmer Invitational as credentials for the Masters. Not so.

I do plan to lapse to golf one day, Woods said. I only dont know when that day will be. I do not order out that it will be this year.

In what was probably a presidential residence Bill Clinton came simply to mind a weeping Woods pronounced that he had been in diagnosis for 45 days for his insane and greedy poise in intrigue on his mother and pronounced that he would be returning for some-more care this weekend. He done a curtsy in the citation of his peers, a little of whom have criticised him for his greedy behaviour.

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When I do lapse I need to have my poise some-more deferential of the game, he said. By this, does he meant he will stop spitting, tossing clubs and irreverence on the course? Or admit the fans some-more and, perhaps, pointer some-more autographs? Only time will tell.

Tim Finchem, the government official of the PGA Tour, said: Theres annoy in a little quarters, but especially there is a clarity of dolour that hes an American favourite and hes had these issues. We all have mistakes.

Graeme McDowell, the Europe Ryder Cup player, voiced warn at how common and low he seems right now. But similar to majority concerned in the game, the Northern Irishman wants Woods behind and personification again. It is not for zero that purses on the US debate rose from $80.5 million in Woodss initial full year in 1997, to $280 million by 2009.

Put simply, he has been everybodys dish sheet and they need him back.

Flavio Briatore quits as authority of Queens Park Rangers | Football League

Tom Dart & , : {}

The authority scandalous for becoming different managers on Friday motionless to reinstate himself. Flavio Briatore quiescent from his post at Queens Park Rangers last night, bringing an finish to one of the majority scandalous tenures in English football.

The pursuit of QPR physical education instructor became the Death Valley of prohibited seats during the Italians time in charge. Managers arrived and left with dizzying speed: ten, together with caretakers, in two-and-a-half years, as the Coca-Cola Championship bar chased a top-flight mental condition that seems as far afar right away as it was when Briatore initial appeared at Loftus Road.

The former principal of the Renault Formula One group became authority of QPR Holdings, the clubs primogenitor company, when the bar was taken over in Aug 2007 by a consortium together with Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One empresario, and Lakshmi Mittal, the billionaire, who is one of the worlds richest men.

QPR pronounced on Friday that the Mittal family have increasing their interest in the bar and that Briatore and Ecclestone sojourn shareholders. Ishan Saksena, the existent QPR arch senior physical education instructor and handling director, is the new chairman. He has a credentials in finance.

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My 3 years as authority of QPR have been an sparkling and implausible experience, Briatore pronounced in a statement. Im unapproachable to have helped save this chronological bar and to have contributed in paving the approach to the destiny success. Although my joining to the bar stays unchanged, I right away feel the need to concentration my energies in to alternative fields as well.

Incredible would appear an great approach to report Briatores tenure. Accusations of extreme division in group affairs have stubborn the Italians reign, whilst scarcely 50 players were signed, together with loan deals, during a army that featured 6 permanent managers.

The 61-year-olds picture was really bad tarnished in Sep last year when he was given a lifetime anathema from engine competition for his purpose in the Renault Crashgate race-fixing scandal. That called in to subject either he was amply fit and correct to sojourn as a executive of QPR but his anathema was overturned on interest last month by a French court.

QPR enjoyed a great begin to the debate underneath Jim Magilton, but he split association with the bar in Dec after 6 months as physical education instructor after a dressing-room situation involving Akos Buzsaky, the midfield player, at a diversion opposite Watford. Magilton was transposed by Paul Hart, who quiescent after usually five games. A matter by the League Managers Association expelled on Harts interest pronounced that he was really unfortunate with sure situations.

This week, Mick Harford, the caretaker manager, called on the house to have a permanent managerial appointment in sequence to hindrance the teams slip towards relegation. Promotion had been the pre-season aim but Briatore was booed by fans at half time last week as QPR lost at home to Ipswich Town and did not re-take his chair in the directors box for the second period. The better by Coventry City a week ago was QPRs fifth unbroken loss and they distortion a point outward the bottom three. They host Doncaster Rovers on Saturday carrying won once given Nov 7.

The hot-seatQueens Park Rangers managers given Aug 2007John Gregory Sacked on Oct 1, 2007, with QPR bottom of the Coca-Cola Championship. Mick Harford took caretaker charge.Luigi De Canio The Italian, before manager of Napoli and Siena, took assign on Oct twenty-nine but left the subsequent May for personal reasons.Iain Dowie Lasted usually fifteen games, withdrawal in Oct 2008. His depart sparked rumours that Briatore had interfered in group selection. Gareth Ainsworth transposed him as caretaker until mid-November.Paulo Sousa Manager for five months but proposed authorised record after his exclusion in Apr last year for, the bar said, divulging "confidential and supportive information". Ainsworth again took proxy charge.Jim Magilton Left "by mutual consent" last Dec after twenty-three matches, after a dressing-room situation with Akos Buzsaky.Paul Hart Magiltons inheritor give up in Jan after usually 4 weeks and five matches. Harford again became caretaker-manager.

The free marketplace is heading in egg donation

By James Le Fanu 700AM GMT twenty-two March 2010

Donor eggs are in short supply Donor eggs are in short supply Photo ALAMY

The prospects for women wishing to have young kids but incompetent to do so given their ovaries cannot furnish eggs are compromised by the boundary of human generosity. People competence be usually as well happy to yield for (virtually) zero their red red red red blood or spermatazoa for the good of strangers, or present a gangling kidney to a relations in need, but the practicalities of donating eggs that competence need receiving drug and a laparoscopic procession to collect them is a call as well far.

This is one of the couple of situations in that the marketplace offers a improved (or in truth the only) approach to compare supply with direct by profitable impending donors a inexhaustible total for their eggs highlighted by the preference of the Genetics and IVF Institute last week to "raffle" a human egg as a approach of sketch pleasantness to the use that it provides.

Doctors Diary How hold up has recorded the poser James Le Fanus Doctors Diary Older British women head abroad for IVF Dr James Le Fanu wheat-free diet

There are multiform practices cloning, experiments on human embryos and the similar to that are implicitly rarely quarrelsome but on condition that women with the event to conclude the joys of motherhood they would differently be denied can perceptibly be described, as claimed, to be "a cruel exploitation of the vulnerable".

The "mystery syndrome" of episodes of catarrh with revulsion and diarrhoea, as not long ago featured in this column, could be due to a wheat allergy.

"I have a crony with the same complaint who was enormously helped by slicing wheat out of her diet," writes a lady in north London. "If she cooking even a small amount, her nose runs and she suffers cramps and diarrhoea".

It is some-more usual for dairy products to be concerned as a means of additional catarrh, as in the normal proverb that "milk thickens the phlegm". This, too, competence be related to bowel problems but for a rather opposite reason. It is not surprising for those abjuring dairy dishes to "make up" for the blank calories by eating some-more carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta and vegetables. And these dishes competence have the side goods of causing intestinal annoy and bowel disturbance.

This weeks oddity comes pleasantness of Mrs EM from Warwickshire who finds herself woken in the early hours of the sunrise by bouts of hiccuping. "I have to wait for until they are accomplished prior to I can get behind to sleep". This, as can be imagined, is not usually really perplexing but leaves her exhausted, and she wonders either any one competence have a solution?

Further to the new comments in this mainstay on the set of symptoms of "medication-induced collapse", Dr Emma Ormerod of the University of Sussex argues that the over-treatment of lifted red red red red blood vigour is a vital contributory factor. This causes orthostatic hypotension the bent to feel drunken or gloomy when becoming different position.

This turns out to be most some-more usual than formerly supposed, as suggested by a new investigate of scarcely 4,000 women. Over a entertain remarkable that their red red red red blood vigour fell precipitously on standing, rather than (as it should) superfluous constant.

This has turn a sold jeopardy given GPs are right away rewarded for diagnosing and treating as most patients as probable with lifted red red red red blood pressure. The "target of achieving parsimonious blood-pressure carry out for all, irrespective of their specific circumstances, will enlarge the occurrence of orthostatic hypotension" Dr Ormerod writes.

Budget 2010: Relentless impetus of state spending

By Martin Beckford and Robert Winnett 700AM GMT twenty-two March 2010

The total will feature vigour on Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, to cut open spending The total will feature vigour on Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, to cut open spending Photo REUTERS

Official total prior to the Budget on Wednesday divulge that open spending creates up 52 per cent of the sum done at home product.

When Labour came to energy in 1997, the states share was 40 per cent. However, it has risen steeply over thirteen years in that Government spending and the distance of the open zone workforce have increasing significantly, paid for by higher taxes.

Brown super-fast broadband for each home There are only dual options superfluous for Labour purgation or acceleration David Camerons initial priority contingency be pursuit cuts in the open zone Abbey aids UK economy with �2.3bn of lending British economy shrinks at fastest gait for thirty years during initial entertain of 2009 David Cameron promises Tories will not handle similar to turbo-charged accountants

At the same time, industry and in isolation custom have suffered in the recession. The total from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) divulge that executive and internal supervision spending done up 52.1 per cent of Britains GDP last year.

The OECD foresee that this suit would go on to climb over the subsequent dual years as some-more Britons became reliant on the gratification state.

Only a couple of grown countries, such as France and Sweden, right afar have a higher rate of open spending.

The total symbol an critical branch point for Britain, that historically has prided itself on being a republic of in isolation craving and endeavour.

They do not embody the costs of part-nationalising unwell banks - that could pull the levels close to that of comrade countries.

Henrik Braconier, who studies Britain for the OECD, pronounced the total "definitely" signified that something was wrong in the economy.

"This wouldnt go afar by itself," he said. "There need to be cuts in output or rises in taxation to change this incident over the longer term."

New research expelled yesterday showed that Britain already has the top income taxation rates in the G8 organisation of the worlds greatest economies. Overall, the normal Briton right afar pays twice as majority taxation as when Labour came to power.

Despite this, the nation is confronting a jot down open necessity estimated at some-more than �150 billion.

The OECD total will feature the vigour on Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, to cut open spending.

Philip Hammond, shade arch cabinet member to the Treasury, pronounced last night "We cant means five some-more years of Gordon Browns waste.

"While majority alternative OECD countries managed to revoke open spending as a share of the economy whilst mending services, Gordon Brown has right afar left us with the greatest necessity in the grown world. The preference at this choosing is in between the Conservatives oath to lift the in isolation sectors share of the economy in each region; and five some-more years of Labours debt-driven model."

Although Mr Darling insisted in an talk yesterday that there would be "no giveaways" on Wednesday, earnest a "sensible, workmanlike" Budget, any poignant cuts are unlikely.

The votes of polite servants and alternative open zone workers could be wilful in the stirring election.

Britons will face a array of taxation rises to account new projects. The new 50p rate of taxation for high-earners will be introduced subsequent month. Next year National Insurance will additionally increase.

However, there are flourishing calls for due increases in fuel avocation and ethanol taxes to be behind or scrapped. Discussions over frozen fuel avocation are continuing.

The Conservatives affianced that their declaration would embody a joining to enlarge the in isolation sectors share of the economy.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development provides minute census data about the economies of thirty heading countries.

The OECD comment of supervision output at 52.1 per cent of GDP was up from 47.5 per cent the prior year.

This is the top suit given the total began in 1970. The prior jot down high was 49.4 per cent in 1981 as Britain recovered from nearby failure in the 1970s.

Government spending accounts for only 40.9 per cent of GDP in America.

The OECD estimates that the suit will sojourn on top of half, with state spending likely to climb to 53.4 per cent of the economy this year and 53.2 per cent in 2011.

Ben Williamson, an economist at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, a City think tank, pronounced "It [state spending] is unsustainable right afar that income levels from the City have collapsed. It should have been tackled prior to the retrogression but right afar that has pushed it in to a crisis."

Last week, Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, assumingly pennyless ranks inside of the Cabinet to indicate that taxation rises might be required in further to spending cuts.

Mr Darling yesterday ruled out a climb in Vat but refused to be drawn on alternative taxation rises.

The CBI, that represents businesses, will currently advise that the British mercantile liberation will be indolent and is doubtful to collect up "much pace" until mid-2011.

Harry Potter and the college of music of fire

730AM GMT twenty-two March 2010

Harry Potter books The college of music is filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the impulse Photo PA

The glow at Leavesden Studios in Watford, Hertfordshire, took hold of an outside set on Friday night.

It took some-more than half an hour for firefighters to put out the ""reasonably big"" fire, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

Harry Potter movie set reopens after stuntman collision Harry Potter fan keeps burial for movie purpose Stunt stand in for Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe severely harmed in college of music collision Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a kind of sorcery Emma Watson might give up behaving after Harry Potter

A mouthpiece pronounced ""We were called at 8.27pm. The side of the set had held fire.

""The repairs to the side that held glow was sincerely extensive.""

There were no casualties and the glow was pronounced to be accidental.

The stirring movie about the child sorceress is the initial half of the last movie in the series.

Private lives should never go to the open | David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch & , : {}

A crony of cave who functions in psychotherapy has seen politicians as patients. He tells me that they are in a consistent perplexed inner discuss about what to show to the world; in that of the 3 boxes to place the tools of their lives, the public, the in isolation and on top of all the public/private.

You have to be human or easy in your skin so you arrangement to the electorate your family in gobbets, you share your amiability a little, demonstrate a disbelief or dual (but not three).

Keep something back. Just enough, and no more.

This was certainly the diversion being played by the PM in his Sunday night talk with PM, that was pre-reported as being the impulse of preferred gushing when the mill crumbled and the towering wept. An demonstrative deceit this, since discordant to billing there were no tears streaming down, wearing stream valleys in to the sobbers face, resounding on over the chins watercourse and shower the collar. There was a duration moistness, a hollowing out of the voice, a cutaway to the mother and that was it.

BACKGROUNDShould electorate be the subsequent to subject Brown?Cameron leaves the confessional to BrownInterview could put Brown behind in raceTranscript: the Gordon Brown talk

But wept was the word. And, naturally, this being an age when consolation is some-more talked about than practised, contention rught away focused on dual questions: first, was he politically correct to be so moved? And second, as in the quip attributed to Talleyrand on the genocide of the Turkish ambassador: I consternation what he meant by that?

In alternative words, what was Gordon Brown perplexing to show by being publicly influenced by the mental recall of his daughters death?

Was it a flintily distributed ploy to overcome the notice of him as an romantic dinosaur?

Or had he usually motionless to let the chips tumble where they may, since that people wish to know this stuff, since that they wish to know what kind of chairman you are, since that the kid in us is still greatly extraordinary about what happens in the relatives bedroom?

So, if youre a open figure, you try to figure out what belongs to you and what belongs to them. Except that, right now, you cant. Right right away the all disclosure, from kids preparation to bathplug prices. With todays technology, if the hacks dont get you, the bloggers or the paid whistleblowers will.

And not usually politicians, of course, for this has small to do notwithstanding the protestations with the moral tracking of their have use of of the money. John Terry and Tiger Woods dont take a penny of taxpayers dosh, nonetheless the handling arrogance of usually about everyone is that we have a full right to know the details and outs, as if we were their majority insinuate friends. As if they due us something. We are unembarrassable.

Recently we have been saying a little egghead fact for the thought that we should know some-more about the tip lives of those who oversee us. David Owen, a man of good brilliance, not prolonged ago wrote a book entitled In Sickness and in Power. His argument, fully cooked down, was that there is a prolonged story of universe leaders pang earthy and mental illnesses maladies that compromised their genius to do their jobs.

Dr Owen competence have added, I suppose, that a required seductiveness in the in isolation lives of open total was a underline even of absolute monarchies, where wedding-night realisation was a dynastic issue to be staid with the prolongation of the kind of gloopy justification right away interesting audiences for discuss scholarship TV shows such as CSI and the offshoots.

One of those tender by Dr Owens idea was the own Daniel Finkelstein, who done the torpedo point that historians well accepted the significance of in isolation foibles and conditions in the lives of good leaders, so it was judicious that we should wish to know them contemporaneously.

I had regularly had an premonition that there was a complaint with that argument, but I had difficulty in operative out what it was. I could usually feebly point to Kennedy and Churchill and alternative good total who were found posthumously wanting, but dignified at the time.

Ill come behind to the smirch in a moment, after I have certified that I cannot win the debate. I even think that I know when I lost it. At the finish of 2001 Tony Blair was underneath outrageous vigour to contend either Leo, his youngest child, had been since the MMR vaccine. He refused, on the belligerent that, if he disclosed such information, it would simply action as a basement for the subsequent intrusion. One outcome of his remoteness whatever his intentions was an additional procedure to the roughly rapist debate opposite MMR waged by brute scientists, drifting reporters and foolish parents. I wrote at the time that he should divulge this one fact, and stop there.

But there is no there. Today, if the resources were repeated, any budding apportion would have had to discuss it us just when and where their kid was immunised. Indeed, we would probably find it out anyway. Despite Max Mosleys efforts, the conflict over remoteness for open total is lost and with it, ultimately, the conflict for the own privacy.

The formula in the short tenure wouldnt worry majority of us, consisting as they do of a kind of low-level wretchedness for the family groups of open figures; a wretchedness that will progressively revoke the distance of the gene pool from that we can pull the subsequent generations of leaders. Well regularly have a little flip reply to this awaiting handy, such as well, they couldnt be any worse than this lot! and identical tavern club idiocies.

But wouldnt we good from being means to weed out the bonkers, the cancer-sufferers, the risk-addicts, the people with the flaws that usually historians right away discover?

Mo Mowlam turns out to be the answer. Lord Owens evidence presumes that, in the present, we would know what to do with the report about a politicians in isolation life, if we had it as if there could be a array of true read-acrosses from distress to conduct. As though, if we knew someone had, as François Mitterrand did, prostate cancer, we could have a visualisation on how he was behaving that was opposite from the visualisation we competence have done in ignorance.

Had we well known as we learnt usually a fortnight ago that Mowlam was pang from a virulent (rather than a benign) brain tumour, a condition that competence have a poignant outcome on her visualisation and behaviour, she would have had no pursuit in government, let alone as Northern Ireland Secretary. Yet that would have been a distressing mistake.

Conclusion? We didnt need to know. Yet know we will. Alas.

Budget 2010: David Cameron prepares for 48-hour ditch warfare

By Matthew D"Ancona 900PM GMT twenty March 2010

Comments 34 |

David Cameron might perspective this week David Cameron might perspective this week"s Budget as his last set-piece fight as Leader of the Opposition

When Alistair Darling stands up on Wednesday to broach what will probably be the last Budget of the New Labour era, his principal plea will be to equivocate seeking similar to Roger Irrelevant. With usually 42 days separating his discuss from the reputed date of the ubiquitous election, and the Tories earnest their own puncture Budget inside of 50 days of receiving office, Mr Darling will onslaught to guarantee that his difference are taken seriously. He contingency be statesmanlike. But he cannot, and will not, omit the electoral elephant in the room.

Of course, any Chancellor delivering what he believes will be his last Budget faces an one some-more quandary to strengthen what stays of his personal reputation, or to throw counsel to the breeze with a pre-election excavation that will greatfully No 10 and shaken MPs. In 1996, Kenneth Clarke resisted unfortunate pleas from Tory backbenchers for an electioneering budget, and, alternative than a 1 per cent income taxation cut, focused instead on bringing down open borrowing and keeping a parsimonious rein on spending.

Whatever David Cameron does as PM, he will means suffering and annoy Pre-Budget inform Tomorrow sees the opening conflict of the subsequent choosing David Cameron cant do anything about retrogression but contingency contend the right things The Damian Green event is extended humerous entertainment with a really pointy point Tory celebration discussion David Camerons discuss in Birmingham in full

Fourteen years later, Mr Darling faces a borrowing predicament of utterly opposite proportions. Much was done last week of the actuality that, according to the Office for National Statistics, the Government borrowed �12.4 billion in February, �2.35 billion less than approaching the second month in period that the tangible figure has been revised downwards. Yet let us not get as well vehement the volume of debt taken on in both Jan and Feb was still the top given annals began. It is usually the accurate clarification of "worst ever" that has improved.

After months of tension, a magnitude of togetherness has been forced on Chancellor and Prime Minister both by the imminence of visualisation day and the find of usual belligerent in a enterprise to have jobs, rather than spending and debt, the hint of this last-ditch Budget. Expect to listen to on Wednesday how Labour would guarantee your practice and emanate jobs for your young kids how, it is far from transparent whilst the Tory Party would stamp all over the frail reed of returning growth. The spook of the lot queue, Labour strategists believe, is some-more rught away shocking to adults than the condensation of open debt and the intensity loss of Britains triple-A credit rating. The some-more the Conservatives hang with statistics, the happier Labour is.

David Cameron, meanwhile, regards this, maybe his last set-piece fight as Leader of the Opposition, as an unashamedly domestic event to lay unclothed the big design of "13 years of failure", and to concentration the electorates gawk on the new 50p income taxation rope and (more importantly) the across-the-board National Insurance increases that are additionally on their way. A Budget is similar to a 48-hour artillery conflict in between the trenches. Captain Cameron will have unsuccessful tactically if Labours explain to be the celebration of mercantile renovation creates any advance in subsequent weekends polls.

Pre-emptively, the Tory personality voiced yesterday that there would be a "new bank levy" to get the open behind the income it sank in the good bail-out. No less pre-emptively, Mr Darling spoken in yesterdays Financial Times that he upheld a tellurian taxation on banks and alternative institutions that poise a "systemic risk". The obligatory Chancellor is ready to wait for for ubiquitous agreement. But in spelling out his eagerness to levy a taxation unilaterally, Mr Cameron was signalling nonetheless again that he and his celebration are no longer a wholly- owned auxiliary of the City.

In his discuss in Putney, he returned to a prime thesis of Cameronism namely, that the Tory Party, underneath Margaret Thatcher and right away underneath his leadership, has regularly been at the majority appropriate when facing vested interests, either kinship barons or big business. In private, Mr Cameron grasps ideally well that there will be no mercantile renovation in this nation but a colourful monetary sector, and that as well majority penalties, levies, and high rates of income taxation will have the golden crow take moody to some-more welcoming shores. But he additionally knows that no celebration stands a possibility in this sold ubiquitous choosing unless it takes comment of the publics annoy over the monetary predicament a dangerous tricoteuse fury that will perceptibly have been soothed by the avowal of Bob Diamonds �63.3 million understanding at Barclays.

As I wrote last week, an choosing discuss is an romantic sell as majority as an egghead exercise. He who seeks energy contingency show himself to be in balance with the nation, to share the red blood type, so to speak. The Budget will, of course, put space station boosters underneath the discuss on spending and cuts. And the Tories are right to put mercantile uprightness at the heart of their campaign, and to monster the Government for spending not usually the money, but the childrens.

The elephant trap for the Tories, however, is simply to list in ever larger item what they would cut, as if such an register were all that the adults hankers after. Those who see governing body as a bend of census data fondly hold that such a list is what is blank from the Conservative process map. "Honesty", it is said, is what is right away compulsory of Mr Cameron.

Well, yes. How could it be otherwise? But, in open policy, probity lies in distinctness about trajectory, not usually in the announcement of swingeing lists. Honesty lies in reason and patience. In private, George Osborne talks about the need to couple destiny cuts to entirely explained "values" and that is mark on. Last weeks Ipsos/MORI check for the RSA showed with shocking force how unconvinced the open still are of the need for big assets usually twenty-four per cent think that there is a need to cut spending on open services to compensate off the inhabitant debt, whilst half do not think that cuts will be necessary. Indeed, 48 per cent still think that some-more could be spent.

It is in to this jungle of open perspective that Messrs Cameron and Osborne right away try initial in office of power, and then, probably, as the majority comparison members of the new Government. To do half of what they need to do, they will have to be teachers, as well as politicians, explaining retrenchment as piece of a broader philosophy, in that the state does not simply repel and leave adults to deflect for themselves, but encourages them to take some-more shortcoming for themselves and for their neighbours.

Spending cuts are usually a small piece of a prophesy in which, as Cameron puts it, the frontiers of multitude are rolled brazen in that we all do some-more for one another, in that decentralisation is genuine rather than cosmetic, in that energy is honestly devolved to village and individual. This is a outrageous and in advance new clarification of citizenship, a new British settlement, a mutation in the approach we live. Do the Cameroons meant what they say? If they do, this weeks Budget will be the last of the kind, in each sense.

Six Nations 2010: France twelve England 10

By Paul Ackford at the Stade de France 900AM GMT twenty-one March 2010

France12 England 10 compare report Focus Morgan Parra takes target as France led from the front with the foot Photo GETTY IMAGES

A Grand Slam for France, even if it was not the jubilant way they had hoped for. Their feat was formed precisely on a glorious scrummaging bid from the starting front row and their replacements that brought England to their knees. At times the French props, Thomas Domingo and Nicolas Mas, marked down the England scrum to rubble, but England had the compensation of scoring the games usually try and, at last, there was a opening from them that would bear examination again on video.

Yet usually a wretchedness courage would nitpick at this French side. They were by a little area the most appropriate organisation in the championship, and if this was not their biggest performance, at slightest they hold on underneath poignant vigour to secure their prize. Imanol Harinordoquy and Morgan Parra were the leaders of this group. Their generalship and the beast force of the front five were as well most for England, and it will be engaging to see if France flog on from here to turn a participation at the World Cup. My gamble is they will.

France v England player ratings England dismay France - but still miss a slicing corner Paul Ackford highs, lows and lessons Will Greenwood England eventually looked similar to a organisation Six Nations transformation Rugby Union fixtures

England proposed as the organisation they longed for to be rather than the reparation of a rugby side they have been in this Six Nations. There was genuine zip to their opening effort. Mike Tindall strike the round at speed, the defensive line was discerning and eloquent and, excellence be, most of the backs showed they essentially had discerning hands. Some of the passing, from Riki Flutey and Tindall in the set up up to Ben Fodens score, was impressive, and of credit, too, to Englands analysts since the speed of the passes took the blitzing Mathieu Bastareaud out of the action.

France were rocked early on. They didnt similar to the England they hadnt approaching to see, and they didnt suffer the corner to the exchanges when Simon Shaw and Dylan Hartley clattered in to the tackles. But this French organisation crop up some-more imperishable than a little of their some-more flaky predecessors. With Harinordoquy commencement to have an impact, France shrugged off the sleet that fell in torrents via the half, and done pointed adjustments to their defensive strategy. Then they tightened the screw.

The big cause in the initial half was Frances strenuous supremacy at the scrum. Dan Cole was incited inside and out by Domingo. Englands scrum wasnt helped when Shaw was forced off harmed after twenty-one minutes, but there was no denying the imagination and the ferocity with that France sucked the punch out of England.

Three times arbitrate Bryce Lawrence, the same central who took such a be vexed to Phil Vickerys technique in that main initial Lions Test in South Africa in the summer, penalised Cole, and Parra kicked the points. Frances scrum-half, fast flourishing in to a figure of genuine stature, landed 3 shots at goal, to go to one side Francois Trinh-Ducs third-minute forsaken goal, and France finished the half 12-7 in front.

Martin Johnson and Graham Rowntree, Englands scrummaging coach, were so endangered at Englands powder smoke bid in the front row that they transposed Cole and Hartley during the interlude with David Wilson and Steve Thompson. Shrewd move? For the initial 10 mins of the second duration there wasnt even a singular scrum to countenance their decision. Instead, England pulpy by their forwards and were crushed behind by inhuman French defence.

Englands most appropriate possibility in a earnest spell fell to new child Chris Ashton, who attempted to thinly slice over French full-back Clement Poitrenaud but overhit the round and lost the competition to the line.

England had an additional noble event when Mark Cueto bust by French defenders. Poitrenaud hauled him down but the move was still alive and really earnest until Danny Care unsuccessful to cling to on to the round in the plunge in to with space outward him. This was the duration when England regained the fluidity with that they started. There was some-more journey about them, some-more risk, but additionally a clarity that they were chasing the game.

The last entertain brought Mathew Tait, Jonny Wilkinson and James Haskell in to the action. By this time the compare had lost all figure as England attempted to rescue their deteriorate with a last wooer effort. There was no disbelief that France were perturbed. There were fewer scrums for them to browbeat and the bigger French forwards began to tumble off tackles as England found some-more movement. The French lead was additionally eaten in to extremely when Wilkinson crushed over a beast chastisement after 67 mins to move England to inside of 2 points of France at 12-10.

Cue an escalation of tragedy as the competition reached the climax. Foden took a discerning line-out usually to throw it brazen to give France a scrum on Englands twenty-two and that is where the French stayed as they sought to run down the last minutes.

The feat wasnt flattering but when Yannick Jauzion discovered the round from a last England conflict the track erupted with acclaim. European rugby has a side of stature. And England? Third is not great sufficient even if they saved their most appropriate til last.

Match sum

France Poitrenaud; Andreu, Bastareaud, Jauzion, Palisson; Trinh-Duc, Parra; Domingo, Servat, Mas, Nallet, Pierre, Dusautoir (c), Bonnaire, Harinordoquy.Substitutes Szarzewski, Poux, Chabal, Lapandry, Yachvili, Marty, Malzieu. England Foden; Cueto, Tindall, Flutey, Ashton; Flood, Care; Payne, Hartley, Cole, Shaw, Deacon, Worsley, Moody (c), Easter.Substitutes Thompson, Wilson, Palmer, Haskell, Youngs, Wilkinson, Tait.Referee B Lawrence (New Zealand).

Tiger Woods issues degrading apology: I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I deceived (includes video)

Joanna Sugden & , : {}

Tiger Woods currently released a degrading reparation for his sequence doubt or disloyalty after 3 months of silence.

"I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I cheated," the world"s series 1 golfer said, "I"m the usually chairman to blame."

"I assured myself that normal manners did not apply. I thought usually about myself... I was wrong."

Woods, 34, pronounced that he might lapse to golf this year but has not set a date for his comeback.

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He has been out of the open eye given crashing his car in to a glow hydrant and a tree outward his Florida home in Nov last year and successive revelations about countless affairs.

Surrounded by a small organisation of "friends, colleagues and close associates" between whom was Arnold Palmer, the golfer gave the matter at PGA Tour domicile in Florida. It was promote on all vital radio networks in the US.

"I would ask for your help, I would ask you to find room in your heart to one day hold in me again," he said.

Since the 14-time vital hold up was suggested to have been dishonest conjecture has raged over either he would lapse to foe and replenish his office of Jack Nicklaus jot down eighteen vital titles

"I do plan to lapse to golf one day I only don"t know when that day will be. I don"t order out it will be this year but when I do lapse I need to have my poise some-more deferential of the game.... I see brazen to saying my associate players on the course," he said.

"Im deeply contemptible for my insane and greedy behaviour.

Reading from a statement, an at times romantic Woods said: Every one of you has great reason to be vicious of me.

"I thought that I had worked tough my complete life... I felt that I was entitled to all the temptations... I was wrong, I was foolish, the same bounds that request to everybody else request to me. I brought this contrition on myself, I harm my wife, my kids my mother."

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Moroccan mosque shaft collapses, murdering 36

Times Online & , : {}

At slightest 36 people have been killed and 71 harmed after the shaft of a ancestral 18th century mosque collapsed in the executive Moroccan city of Meknes during Friday prayers. Local officials pronounced the fee could worsen.

The shaft and piece of the roof tiles fell on the assemblage that had collected for the weekly prayer, a proprietor told the AFP headlines agency.

The mosque was packaged with worshippers at the time of the collapse. Apart from the Friday prayers, the true were additionally charity wake prayers for a defunct chairman whose physique was inside the mosque, one worshipper said.

According to Morocco"s interior ministry, the shaft defeated at 12.45 GMT. Rescuers primarily had difficulty sifting by waste as the mosque was in the congested and busy Old City and surrounded by high walls delineating the quarter.

The easily harmed were hospitalised in Meknes whilst those with critical injuries were taken to Fes, 60 kilometres (37 miles) north of the town. Fes is deliberate the devout collateral of the kingdom. The interior and eremite affairs ministers were at the site to manipulate rescue operations.

The tragedy at the Bab Berdieyinne mosque was the misfortune of the kind in the north African kingdom, whose cities and towns have very old buliding with buildings dating behind multiform centuries.

The mosque, built at the beginning of the countrys initial lady minister, Khnata Bent Bakkar, was assembled with rammed earth. Its soaring shaft was one of the landmarks of the town. King Mohammed VI has duration systematic the reformation of the shaft keeping to the strange form."

Holyrood to cruise handing propagandize government to internal trusts

Lindsay McIntosh & , : {}

The supervision of Scottish schools is to be investigated by a cross-party Holyrood committee, it emerged yesterday.

The Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee is job for justification on the issue prior to it decides either to hold a full inquiry.

The supervision of internal supervision schools has been underneath inspection given last Nov when East Lothian, an SNP-led council, pronounced that it was questioning the awaiting of environment up eccentric trusts to carry out groups of schools in the region. The house of curators would be comprised of teachers, pupils, councillors and experts.

Michael Russell, the Education Secretary, pronounced that the proposals could fit in ideally with the governments goal that councils should be means to give larger coherence and carry out to head teachers.

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The Education Committee has called for justification to assistance it confirm either to hold an inquiry. A orator pronounced that the timing was right in light of the discuss about pick models for handling schools in Scotland.

The cabinet convener Karen Whitefield, a Labour MSP, said: How Scottish schools are, and should be, managed is elemental to the successful smoothness of preparation to nursery, first and delegate turn children. The cabinet would thus acquire submit from any one with a perspective on this matter.

The cabinet has set a deadline for justification of Jul 2. It has additionally commissioned the Parliaments Information Centre to yield a lecture on the make up of state drill opposite the UK and internationally.

The cabinet is additionally receiving justification on the SNP governments class-size process which, initially, was to revoke primaries one to 3 to groups of eighteen pupils.

The supervision of schools has shifted underneath the SNP governments internal supervision concordat. Councils right away embrace a singular cross-portfolio allotment instead of a ring-fenced preparation budget. In sell for this leisure to allot spending they have sealed up to broach set policies.

An Oscars a dangerous thing for a woman

By Wiliam Langley 638PM GMT twenty March 2010

Previous of Images Next Sandra Bullock became the idealisation in a prolonged line of women to apart from a long-term partner after winning the Oscar for Best Actress Curse of the Oscar Sandra Bullock, who picked up this years Academy Award for most appropriate actress, has distant from her long-term partner Photo AP Kate Winslet, leader of last year?s Best Actress endowment for The Reader,  distant from executive Sam Mendes after 7 years of marriage Kate Winslet, leader of last year?s Best Actress endowment for The Reader, distant from executive Sam Mendes after 7 years of matrimony Photo AFP

Shes got the part, shes got the dress, shes got Oscar, but, suddenly, oops, that thespian you thought had it all, doesnt have a husband. As dual some-more big banana marriages bit the dust last week, Hollywoods image-sensitive investiture was perplexing to fool around down speak of a abuse on the award-winning womanlike stars, but the arguments for losing out to someone else looked difficult to refute.

First came the proclamation that Kate Winslet, leader of last years Best Actress endowment for The Reader, had distant from executive Sam Mendes after 7 years of marriage. This was followed by headlines that Sandra Bullock, who picked up this years esteem for The Blind Side, had walked out on her father Jesse James, a one-time difficult steel rope minder, after finding that he had conducted a year-long event with a heavily tattooed ex-stripper, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, described in a little reports as a "leather-dressing Nazi fetishist".

Rachel Weisz talks about starring in A Streetcar Named Desire Jack Nicholson cuts round figure on French beach legal holiday Amanda Redman since the not easy at 50 Is there any goal for a matrimony in that the father has a tip loyalty with an additional woman? Sacha Baron Cohen, the puzzling master of open contravention

Few places are as tougher or stronger to heartbreak as Hollywood. Or as unfazed by divorce. The of doubtful authenticity story goes that agents suggest their clients to wed early in the morning. "Then, if it doesnt work out, you havent lost the total day." Yet the tears that upsurge on Oscar night are not simply dried. Of the last 7 Best Actress winners, 4 shortly separate with their long-term loves. This kind of rubbing rate punishing even for showbusiness has influenced industry speak of a Tutankhamen-type malediction of severe threat on those who brave to pillage the Academys golden treasures.

Why, though, are Hollywoods women quite susceptible? Gwyneth Paltrow, who won Best Actress in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love, describes the experience of winning as "overwhelming, dire and joyless". Shortly thereafter she pennyless up with her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, and her career went in to a tailspin. "Its unequivocally diseased to have that most appetite focused on you," laments Gwynnie. "Overnight I went from being a chairman people were rooting for to a chairman people were ill of."

Admittedly, most of the tellurian Gwynnie-allergy that grown after her win could be attributed to her surreally annoying acceptance debate "Grandpa, sob, I wish you to know that you have combined a pleasing family who loves you, waaahhh, and loves each alternative some-more than anything, and we appreciate you for that." Now tied together to Coldplay thespian Chris Martin, she seems to have refound her balance and, to a little extent, her allure.

Others have not been as lucky. Halle Berry, perpetrator of an additional famously agonizing speech, won the 2003 award, for Monsters Ball, and inside of a couple of months had acrimoniously separate up with her boyfriend, dreadlocked R&B thespian Eric Benet, who, it transpired, had grown a pioneering box of sex addiction. Halle afterwards went on to star in the inauspicious Catwoman, for that she won the annual Golden Raspberry endowment for Worst Actress. "First of all I wish to appreciate Warner Brothers," she responded. "Thank you for putting me in this God-awful, piece-of-s--- movie that was usually what my career needed."

Or cruise the predicament of bad Hilary Swank, hailed as the new Helen Hayes when she won a second Best Actress endowment in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. The following year saw the fall of her eight-year matrimony to singer Chad Lowe, assumingly a effect of a not-so-pioneering box of piece addiction. "When I found out," she told Vanity Fair, "it was such a shock since I never thought hed keep something from me. And yet, on an additional level, it was a acknowledgment of something I was feeling that was keeping us from being utterly solid." Hilary hasnt finished a lot of headlining recently, over a so-so biopic about aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

The list goes on Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich, 2001) pennyless up with beloved Benjamin Bratt 3 months after her win, Charlize Theron (Monster, 2004) separate from her fianc, Irish singer Stuart Townsend, and Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line, 2006) divorced father Ryan Phillippe.

Over the same timespan, according to Hollywoods committed statisticians, usually one masculine Oscar leader Sean Penn (Mystic River, 2003) has damaged up with his wife. Sean, though, has combined a qualitative corner to his abuse quotient by additionally removing himself arrested for assaulting a photographer, and right away faces eight years in jail.

The required reason for all this is that when a beautiful, gifted lady enjoys idealisation success it hurts her husbands ego so unequivocally bad that it sends him using run in to arms of a little back-lot blonde bimbo du jour. Certainly, status-relegation can be difficult for men to cope with. The radio coverage of this years Oscars showed bad Matthew Broderick plodding forlornly down the red runner as his glamorous wife, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, was besieged by photographers. The usually questions any one worried to ask Broderick were about how smashing it contingency be to be tied together to the brilliant, renouned and beautiful Ms Parker.

In this sense, argues a distinguished Hollywood psychiatrist and attribute specialist, Carole Lieberman, the abuse can be seen as the effect of a energy shift. "When a lady edges ahead," she says, "the mans comatose fright is that right away his partner is so most some-more successful she is going to leave him. So what he does is to cheat. Infidelity is his approach of receiving behind control, not vouchsafing the lady leave him, not to let it be her decision."

Yet the Winslet-Mendes separate indicates something some-more complicated. Both are feted as well-developed talents, and nonetheless Sam was reportedly miffed that Kate landed an Oscar last year, whilst his own Revolutionary Road was abandoned by the Academy, veteran possessiveness seems doubtful drift for their descending out. Mendess stay has denied rumours that he enjoyed a dalliance with immature thespian Rebecca Hall, and theres no idea that Kate, as a wife, is anything alternative than the all-round delicious great egg that Britain knows her to be.

When a abuse is cast, it is expel over everybody, and if theres unequivocally one in Hollywood, the most appropriate process might be not to stick on the cast.