Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gossip Girl Blake Lively MIA on Victoria Secrets Sexy List in preference of Amber Heard?

Forget Maxims Hot 100. After they picked Katy Perry as the Hottest Star for 2010, they lost all credibility. But Victorias Secrets fifth annual "What Is Sexy? 2010" list picks are a small some-more on the money. And their up-and-comer is quite interesting.Taylor Swift got Sexiest Hair. Carrie Underwood won for the Sexiest Legs. Scarlett Johansson won Sexiest Lips. Christina Hendricks perceived Sexiest Curves honors. And Zoe Saldana got Sexiest Style.Ho-hum. But heres the engaging part. Wheres Blake Lively? And hey doesnt Amber Heard -- who was voted the "Sexiest Up-&-Coming Bombshell" see so most similar to Blake that she could be her immorality twin?Amber pennyless by in CWs "Hidden Palms," wowed us in "Pineapple Express," only stole scenes from Demi Moore in "The Joneses" and is starring with Johnny Depp in "The Rum Diary."& We"re kinda meditative Amber might be the new Blake. What do you think?Heres the total damn VS Sexy List:&Sexiest Actress - Olivia WildeSexiest Style - Zoe SaldanaSexiest Legs - Carrie UnderwoodSexiest Hair - Taylor SwiftSexiest Smile - Lea Michele (not pictured)Sexiest Eyes - Ashley GreeneSexiest Lips - Scarlett Johansson Sexiest Curves - Christina HendricksSexiest TV Cast - True BloodSexiest Mom (Momshell) - Camila AlvesSexiest Songstress - Katy Perry (Again, really?)Sexiest Beach Body - AnnaLynne McCordSexiest Sense of Humor - Ellen DeGeneresSexiest Chef - Padma LakshmiSexiest International Import - Emily Blunt Sexiest Athlete - Lindsey VonnSexiest Up-&-Coming Bombshell - Amber HeardFollow Zap2itdishrag for the ultimate luminary headlines and buzz.More voluptuous stars dish:Everyone looks cuter with puppies print gallery!Blake Lively sleeps with a 75-year-old manBlake Lively busts out on Marie ClaireTaylor Swift donates half a million dollars to Nashville Flood ReliefPhoto credits: Getty Images
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