Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alicia Keys delays Beyonc duet to do Un-Thinkable for Drake

Singer Drake is removing a assisting hand, err, voice, in a time of need: Alicia Keys voiced Wednesday that she"ll check releasing her duet with BeyoncĂ© to instead pull "Un-Thinkable" with him — on the heels of the headlines that Drakes entrance manuscript has been delayed."Thank Me Later," that primarily had a May twenty-five recover date, is being pushed behind to Jun 15, fasten the Keys/BeyoncĂ© duet "Put It in a Love Song" on the behind burner.A coincidence? Not from what we hear."It seems similar to a favor," says one strain industry insider, observant that Drake and Keys became friends when Keys" boyfriend, Swizz Beatz, worked with Drake last year. "Drake has usually had a couple of prohibited singles, and I think the accepted that his manuscript needs to do unequivocally well for him to be means to stay a tie in the strain industry."A repute for Drake would contend usually that hes "putting the finishing touches on the album," whilst Keys" flack at J Records says the switch was due to the "publics renouned greeting to the single."But the source insists: "Drake is still unequivocally young, and his initial manuscript is consequential to his career. Luckily, Alicia is peaceful to assistance him out."Indeed, Keys is patently lustful of Drake and his jams. "Hes a great man — I"m unequivocally happy for him," she pronounced in a prior interview. I"m unequivocally unapproachable of all the things hes been means to achieve, and we"re majority expected going to do a little kind of remix for the strain that"ll be unequivocally good. There"ll be some-more of me and Drake."At any cost, apparently. Keys and Queen B had already flown down to Rio de Janiero to movie the strain video for "Put It in a Love Song," one of the marks on Keys" ultimate album, "The Element of Freedom.""That video was rarely anticipated," continues the source. "It seems similar to theres no alternative reason that Keys would carry over that if it wasnt to lend Drake a assisting hand."
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