Monday, October 18, 2010

Auxiliary patrolman Rafael Jimenez indicted of overhanging heroin deal

An auxiliary patrolman offering to attorney a heroin conveyance - and brought in a late military officer as the muscle, prosecutors pronounced Tuesday.Rafael Jimenez, an auxiliary given 2006, allegedly bragged that he could partisan NYPD members to ride 10 kilos of coke.He set up an assembly in between late maestro patrolman Alfredo Rivera and a man he thought was a big-time drug play - but was unequivocally an informant."I never have difficulty when the cops stop me," Rivera bragged during the sting operation, according to justice papers."I will show my ID, I will show my defense ... and they regularly let me go," pronounced the ex-officer, who was make-up a 9-mm. handgun.Rivera concluded to move the bucket from a Long Island room to a customer in the Bronx for $12,000, FBI agents charged. He after told an additional adviser he would be armed and ready to shoot.Rivera gathering to the room last month and private a duffel bag pressed with what appeared to be heroin packets, that he afterwards delivered to the Bronx.He and Jimenez were charged with swindling and face a smallest of 10 years in jail if convicted.Rivera was in the NYPD from 1986 to 2006. and Jimenez worked in the Manhattans 30th Precinct.
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